All of people are eager to get a happy marriage. Jane Austen ’s novels are always praised as a classical works about love and marriage, especially the novel of Pride and Prejudice. The novel describing several different marriages among young women of the middle class, which reveals that love is the foundation for a happy marriage, and also should be based on a large amount of money. It is perfect for young women to enter marriage if they will get love and money at the same time. What should we choose between love and money when we can’t choose these two things at the same time, and which style of marriage is a more perfect one. what kind of elements are required in a happy marriage. Jane Austen ’s ideal marriage was that we can not marry for money or regard marriage as a game. She advocated the marriage for both love and economic consideration with love playing the leading role.
Love ; money and happy marriage; property ; marital viewpoint ; Key words: Jane Austen; Pride and Prejudice ;Sense and Sensibility ;Emma
江西理工大学 2006 届本科生毕业设计(论文)
每个人都渴望得到幸福的婚姻,简奥斯汀的小说一直被誉为爱情和婚姻的经典作品,尤其是小说 《傲慢与偏见》 。这本小说描述了几段中产阶级女性之间的不同婚姻,表明爱是一个幸福的婚姻的基础, 但也应该以大量金钱为前提的几个年轻妇女的不同婚姻。这是年轻女性进入婚姻的完美状态,如果她们 同时得到爱和金钱。当我们不能同时拥有这两个东西时,我们应该怎样选择情感与金钱之间如何进行选 择,才能使婚姻更完美。一个幸福的婚姻中需要哪些元素才算是幸福美满的湖婚姻。简奥斯汀的理想婚 姻是我们不能为钱而结婚或把婚姻作为一个游戏。她主张既有爱又有经济因素方面的考虑的婚姻爱要发 挥主导作用的结婚。
江西理工大学 2006 届本科生毕业设计(论文)

  1. Introduction
Love,money and marriage is a popular topic since human beings have appared. All of people are eager to get a happy marriage. But not all people can make their dream come true. Sometimes, our dream and hope just like a bubble disappeard in the wind and just leave disappointment in our heart. What should we choose between love and money when we can’t choose these two things at the same time,And which style of marriage is a more perfect one.Jane Austen ,as a novel writer who lived more than two hundred years ago thought about these questions. Jane Austen’s view of marriage expressed in her works is actually a true portrayal of the marital status in her time, especially of women of the gentry. Her novels always praised as a classical works about love and marriage, especially the novel of Pride and Prejudice. It mainly describes the development of the relationship between Elizabeth Bennet, an intelligent young woman and the daughter of a country gentleman, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, a rich and haughty aristocratic landowner. Many people believe that a happy marriage must be based on true love. However, marriage included many things, which were property, personality and rating. Jane Austen had told us that women should insist on independent personality and dignity in their marriages and analyzed Jane Austen’s view of marriage was from sight of culture.
In my opinion, Austen’s view of marriage influenced by her biographical background, her
class, her religion, her love and so on. These elements were very important in her marriage concept. Jane educed her concept of marriage, which is “It is wrong to marry for money, but it was silly to marry without it”. love is the foundation of marriage, while property is the protection of happy marriage. [She expressed well her view of marriage in Pride and Prejudice which considered as a banner that advocated people should get married for love instead of only for money.(15 褚爱平 杨建发) The title of the novel told us Jane Austen’s rational attitude. To a certain extent, Pride and Prejudice was the writer’s hope. The actress Elizabeth was the incarnation of Austen. Elizabeth and Darcy’s marriage was an ideal marriage in Jane’s heart and also in many people’s. Jane described some other styles marriage to show fully us her view of marriage.Jane Austen’s novels such as Pride and Prejudice and so on transferred a message which exist in people’s heart at all time. That’s a hope to get a happy marriage.
江西理工大学 2006 届本科生毕业设计(论文)

  2. Briefly introduce Jane Austen’s whole life and her main works

  2.1 Jane Austen’s whole life and her experience
Jane Austen (1775 - 18
  17) ,who was born in the village of Steventon in Hampshire,was one of the famous nineteenth century British women writers. She brought the English novel to its maturity and her satirical fictions marked the transition from the 18th-century neoclassicism to the 19th-century romanticism in the English literature. Although her novels focused on courtship and marriage, Jane Austen never married and never entered a formal school and well educated by her family at home with her sisters. She did a fair amount of reading and passed her life very quietly,cheerfully.Her lifelong companion and bosom friend Was her older and only sister,Cassandra.Both women never married,but their dozens of relatives and friends widened Austen’s social experiences beyond her immediate family.The Austens frequently staged theatrical amateur and they were devoted readers of novels.They also provided a delighted audience for Jane’s youthful comic pieces,and later for her novels. She began to write at the age of 19 or
  20. Her first novel, Sense and Sensibility, appeared in (18
  11). Her next novel Pride and Prejudice, which she described as her “own darling child” received highly favorable reviews in (18
  13). Mansfield Park was published in (18
  14), then Emma in (18
  16), Northanger Abbey (18
  18), and Persuasion (18
  18).(8 刘炳善) Since the Industrial Revolution in the second half of the 18th century, the English social structure underwent rapid changes. The industrial capitalists began to control not only the economic but also the olitical power and thus the struggle between the workers and capitalists also became more and more sharp. Under such a social and literary environment, Jane Austen exerted her transitional role in English literature. Austen focused on middle-class provincial life with humor and understanding. She depicted minor landed gentry, country clergymen and their families, in which marriage mainly determined women's social status. She was well connected with the middling-rich landed gentry that she portrayed in her novels. In Chawton she started to write her major works, among them Sense andSensibility,the story of the impoverished Dashwood sisters, Marianne and Elinor, who try to find proper husbands to secure their social position. Jane Austen died in Cassandra's arms in Winchester at the age of 41 on July 18, 1817 at Winchester.(1 傅俊 3-
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The main different Marriages of her main works
The marriage in Sense and Sensibility
Marriage of Elinor Dashwood and Edward Ferrars ?based on mutual pure love Jane Austen's heroines are determined to marry wisely and well, Elinor’s marriage-with love and same interests , Elinor, the older sister, whose advice is so effectual, possesses a strength of understanding, and coolness of judgment. She has a gentle disposition and a strong feeling and she is good at dealing with the housework and relationships with other people. When she knows that her lover, Edward, is betrothed, there is anything wrong with her. (3 Cong lin Niu Jijun Yang161-1
  63) “When she is injured, she can try her best to control her feelings in order to let her mother and her sister not knows the truth. With the sober judgment and special view, she knows how to control her feelings.I could not be happy with a man whose taste did not in every pointcoincide with my own. He must enter into all my feelings; the same with books, the same music must charm us both.Reasonable Elinor falls in love with a gentleman already engaged. "I have frequently detected myself in such kind of mistakes," said Elinor, When Marianne likes to read and express her feelings, Elinor prefers to draw and design and be silent of his desires. Elinor is kind and can keep calm when problems arise. She also has good views about love, but has different mode of expression. She is jealous of Edward, because of his good manners and the communication with her sisters. But she never expresses it, which may be thought as to be impetuous or clumsy. She learned a lot from the society and elders, such as being protective towards her sisters and trying her best to balance all of the relations. She held back her emotions and thought of Lucy when Lucy told her the engagement with Edward. We could hardly conceive of the situation if Marianne encountered such a thing. Elinor is sensible personified. She wept for joy when Edward expressed his love. She released her emotions finally for the bitterness of bearing.(10 秦岚 71-
  73) The marriage always establishes close contact with wage, house and poverity. So we should not object the love in the situation which has not Economic base. It’s not so easy to have main good communication between two young hearts. These have been reflected in the two heroines’ marriage views. While romantic Marianne of Sense and Sensibility is sensible and clever, but eager in everything; She is generous, amiable and interesting; she is doing everything perfectly but lack
江西理工大学 2006 届本科生毕业设计(论文)
of prudent. When she meets Willoughby , she can’t help falling in love with Willoughby at the first sight who is a handsome man. When he comes, many people, including Marianne pay much attention to him. she believes in first sight and passionate love, a meeting of tastes and minds; she trusts her feelings to guide her conduct. When she knows that Willoughby will part from her, she is deep in sorrow. Later the social and psychological dangers of showing feelings are excruciatingly dramatized as Marianne insists on claiming intimacy with Willoughby in a crowded ballroom. Marianne doesn’t believe Willoughby will cheat her.(2 池洁 52-
  55) Marianne Dashwood romantically insists on an ideal of perfect self-fulfillment in a love based on mutual feeling and shared tastes, Marianne likes to make friends with this kind of people with charming appearance and perfect personality.while Brandon is much older than Marianne. He is not active or passionate. After cheated by Willoughby, Marianne’s attitude towards love has changed a lot. Looked after by Brandon, Marianne realizes that Brandon is a good person. He has the ability to take care of her and bring her happiness. Marianne’s views on love has changed from sensibility to sense. Sense and Sensibility begins with money and ends with love. At the later of the 18 th century, man has the power while woman is obedient to them. If the women don’t have enough trousseaus, then they will not be happy. When they got married, the money they have will be occupied by their husbands. Many men often choose wealthy women. Just as Elinor said “we must admit that we can’t live a happy life without enough money.

The marriage in Pride and Prejudice
In Pride and Prejudice, her heroines are ultimately married. In the marriage market,they always place in a desperate situation of marrying young and rich landlords or clergymen.During Austen’s time,marriage was an only way for women to live better for her later life and obtained social recognition.Thus money had been taken much more seriously when it comes to marriage.In the novel,money in love and marriage is presented openly or indirectly,which shows that Austen has sharp insight into the aristocratic and bourgeois English society of her time.Critics accuse Jane Austen of being obsessed with money and rich relation.But both money and rich relations were a
江西理工大学 2006 届本科生毕业设计(论文)
necessity in the society to which she belonged. Through five types of marriage,Austen depicts a clear picture of the relation between marriage and money and she puts forward quite advanced views on marriage:property,social status and love are interconnected.Marriage can not only depend on property and social status.She objects to marriage only for money and as well as marriage without consideration for the same background.She stresses the importance of emotional factors and advocates love and economic foundation are the basis of a happy marriage,while love should play the leading role.(10 秦岚 71-
  73).Her views bear progressive color for in Victorian Britain,money and social status were still the decisive elements in marriage selection. Elizabeth’s Marriage?with Both Love and Money,Elizabeth is her father’s favorite daughter, having inherited his wit and intelligence. Mr. Darcy, an extremely wealthy aristocrat, is proud, haughty and extremely conscious of class differences at the beginning of the novel. When he



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