八年级下册英语(满分 120 分)
一、选择题(1 分×39=39 分) 题号 答案 题号 答案 题号 答案
  1.Neither of the books written by the writer. A.is B.are C.have D.has
  2.Neither you or he worried. A.are B.is C.am D.has
  3.?Has she for Beijing? ?Yes,she has there for 3 days. A.gone;gone B.left;left C.left;been D.gone;left
  4.John Disneyland.He is still there. A.has been to B.has gone to C.went to D.goes to
  5.?Would you like a cup of tea or coffee? ?.I’d like a glass of water. A.Neither B.Both C.None D.Either
  6.They are from .They are . A.Germany;Germans B.Germans;German C.German;Germany D.Germany;Germen
  7.?Do you know Huang Ting well? ?Yes.She and I friends since we met in Wuhan last summer. A.have made B.were C.have been D.become
  8.Helen loves to talk about travel.She many places. A.has gone to B.has been to C.has gone for D.has been from
  9.Miss Gao isn’t here.She to the bus station to meet Mr.Brown. A.go B.has gone C.has been D.wuold go
  10. the two buildings there lies a swimming pool which a lot of people are swimming.You can find Peter them. A.Among;between B.Between;between C.Among;among D.Between;among
  11.?I hear your father to Japan once. ?Yes.He there last year. A.went;has been B.has been;went C.goes;went D.has been;has been
  12.Her grandmother in 19
  85.She has been for 25 years. 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
A.died;died B.dead;dead C.dying;death D.died;dead
  13.?I have never been to European countries.What about you? ?. A.So do I B.So have I C.Neither do I D.Neither have I
  14.?How long has he this dictionary? ?About 5 days. A.borrowed B.bought C.sold D.kept
  15.?Where is Jack? ?He London.He there twice before. A.has been to;has gone to B.has gone to;has been to C.has been to;has gone D.has gone to;has been
  16.?Who’s won the first prize in the competition? ?Henry .He has it for a week. A.is;won B.is;got C.has;had D.has;been given
  17.?Have you ever been to Wenchuan? ?No,. A.neither B.nor C.either D.never
  18.The village is the mountians. A.among B.between C.in the middle D.along
  19.He three first prizes since he joined the team. A.wins B.won C.is winning D.has won
  20.?Have you ever been to Beijing? ?.I visited the Great Wall. A.Yes,I have B.No,I haven’t C.Yes,I did D.No,I didn’t
  21.?I’m very tired these days because of studying for physics. ?Why not music? It can make you . A.listen to;relaxed B.to listen to;to relax C.listening to;relax D.listened to;relax
  22.?Are Jim and Bob playing outside ? ?.They are doing their homework in the study. A.Either B.Both C.Neither D.None
  23.There are so many kids of pens here. I can’t decide . A.when to choose B.to choose which C.which one to choose
  24.Money is important in my life. But it isn’t to me. A.everything B.something C.nothing D.anything
  25.The village he lived in is far from here. A.who B.where C.which D.why
  26.They who caused the accident. A.found B.looked for C.found out D.founded out
  27.?Your sister isn’t a nurse,is she?
?.She teaches English in a middle school. A.No,she isn’t B.Yes,she is C.Yes,she isn’t D.No,she is
  28.?Lucy didn’t come to school,did she? ?.She was ill in bed. A.Yes,shi did B.No,she didn’t C.Yes,she didn’t D.No,she did.
  29.She said she wasn’t feeling well, ? A.didn’t she B.shall we C.was she D.did she
  30.Everything is all right, ? A.is it B.are they C.aren’t they D.isn’t it
  31.Be careful to look both ways before you the street. A.across B.through C.walk D.cross
  32.In these years,China has changed . A.lot B.lots C.much D.many
  33.You shouldn’t wait here, you can go and ask Jim why. A.at the beginning B.in the end C.at first D.at least
  34.I’m really happy the tickes. A.having B.have C.has D.to have
  35.Little Tom is too young to clothes himself A.have on B.dress C.wear D.put on
  36.I’m afraid there is not enough in the corner for the piano. A.field B.place C.ground D.room
  37.?Nacy , where’s Mr Read? ?He the library. He will come back in half an hour. A.has been to B.has gone to C.has been in
  38.I’m sorry to say I’m not as as you are. A.luck B.lucky C.luckily D.more lucky
  39.He won’t go out until he his homework. A.will finish B.finishing C.finish D.finishes 二、用所给动词的适当形式填空(1 分×35=35 分)
  1.? you (do) your homework? ?Not yet.I (do) it.
  2.? you (see) the film before? ?Yes,I (see) it last Friday.
  3.A:I’m not feeling well.I (get) a cold. B: you (be) to the hospital yet? A:Yes,I (go) to see Doctor Li this morning and he (give) me some medicine. B: you (take) the medicine? A:Yes,I (take) it just a moment ago. B:Mr Li is a good doctor.I think you’ll (be) all right soon.
A:I hope so.By the way,where is our teacher?I have to ask for a sick leave. B:She (go) to the office.
  4.I have (discover) English is very useful.
  5.?John, you (return) my pen yet? ?Not yet.Don’t worry!I (return) it soon.
  6.?Jim, you (write) a letter to your aunt? ?Yes,I . ?When you (write) it? ?I (write) it last week.
  7.Harvey (go) to the aquarium four times before.
  8.rather than,argue with,get to,for a while,music (
  1)He thinking that she wouldn’t come after all. (
  2)We’re going away . (
  3)Have you ever seen this kind of instrument? (
  4)He would like to play basketball to swim. (
  5)They have already each other for one hour. 三、补充下列反义疑问句(2 分×9=18 分)
  1.She is your sister, ?
  2.I’m your teacher, ?
  3.Tom studies well, ?
  4.I don’t think he can dance, ?
  5.Follow me,please, ?
  6.Don’t be late for class, ?
  7.Let’s play soccer, ?
  8.She may be a doctor, ?
  9.His name isn’t Jim, ? 四、完成句子(1 分×28=28 分)
  1.He is a lucky guy.(改为感叹句) he is!
  2.Yesterday Gina got a letter from her friend.(改为同义句) Yesterday Gina a letter her friend.
  3.小心点别把杯子打碎了。 break the cup.
  4.我的小狗总是到处跟着我。 My little dog always .
  5.那没有问题。 .
  6.把收音机调小。 .
  7.三年半。 .
  8.很抱歉让你久等了。 I’m sorry for a long time.



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