生活英语 He ... tennis since 19
Your answer: hasn't played
With this lovely weather there ... to be millions of people on the beach.
Your answer: are certain
How old are you? - I ... (
Your answer: am sixteen
The worst holiday ... was when we went camping.
Your answer: I've ever had
What do you want ... with all these books?
Your answer: me to do
What's your name?
Your answer: My name's John.
... are you from? - I'm from France.
Your answer: Where
This kind of music is very popular ... young people at the moment.
Your answer: among
No sooner had I opened my front door ... that something was wrong
Your answer: had I realized Correct answer: than I realized
Are you sure we've never met? You ... someone I used to know.
Your answer: remind me Correct answer: remind me of
交际英语 You bump into your best friend at the buffet.
Your answer: How pleasant to meet you. Correct answer: Hi!
You arrive late to a meeting
Your answer: Yipeee! I made it! Correct answer: I'm afraid the train was late.
You introduce your husband/wife to the CEO.
Your answer: May I introduce my...
A client comes to your office.
Your answer: Please take a seat
You want to end an email to a colleague.
Your answer: Regards,
You meet your boss at the coffee machine.
Your answer: Good morning, Mr. Peters.
You want to start the meeting.
Your answer: I suggest we start the meeting.
You want to point out that you had already been introduced to the CEO at another function.
Your answer: Yeah!! We met at that restaurant - what's it's name - you know the one with the singing cook! Correct answer: I believe we met at the AGM last year.
You are at an important dinner party and you are introduced to the CEO of WSI. What would you say?
Your answer: How do you do?
You leave a message for your supervisor.
Your answer: I would like to discuss the new figures. I am available all day at extension 1
This is Ronald. He ... of the company
Your answer: is the chief Correct answer: 's the boss
The HR department is ... for recruitment.
Your answer: responsible
The Finance Manager ... reduce the overheads, but oil costs stopped him.
Your answer: is going to Correct answer: was going to
JBO ... by OBJ, yesterday.
Your answer: was taken over
No sooner had I finished the resource allocation for the project, than the whole thing ...
Your answer: had been cancelled Correct answer: was cancelled
By this time tomorrow, the team leader ... on the project budget for 24 hours.
Your answer: will have been working
I would like to speak to John, but I can't ...
Your answer: get through
How many ... she see every week?
Your answer: customers does
This month's import quota is really difficult to ...
Your answer: figure out
I ... the job, if the perks hadn't been so great.
Your answer: wouldn't have took Correct answer: wouldn't have taken
Carla: Oh, that was delicious! I am full! Jim: So you won't be having a ...
Your answer: dessert?
Waiter: Here are your ...
Your answer: menus
Jim: Good evening. I have a ... under the name Trainer for 8 o'clock.
Your answer: reservation
Jim: I will just have a ...
Your answer: cup of coffee.
Carla: Of course I am having something sweet. You're ..., aren't you? Jim: Hahaha! Yes I am.
Your answer: treating
Carla: I'll have a white wine. Jim: So ... I.
Your answer: do Correct answer: will
Carla: I thought you ... a healthy guy!
Your answer: were Correct answer: are
Jim: Oh this is wonderful! Carla, ... I take your coat? Carla: Yes, please. Thanks.
Your answer: shall
Jim: Waiter, could you bring the check, please? Waiter: Here you are. Jim: Please, keep the ... and thank you for a lovely evening. Waiter: Thank you very much. Good bye.
Your answer: chain Correct answer: change
Waiter: Would you like ... order something to drink?
Your answer: to
Receptionist: ... one moment please.
Your answer: Just
Receptionist: I need some information from you to complete the check-in ...
Your answer: reception Correct answer: process
Receptionist: I will! Hmm, let's see. I also ... a contact number for you.
Your answer: require
Receptionist: Do you have ... form of identity on you?
Your answer: any
Receptionist: What's ... home address, please? Guest: No. 3 Main Street, Washdon, United States of Britannia.
Your answer: your
Guest: ... my driving license do?
Your answer: Will
Receptionist: ... Enjoy your stay.
Your answer: Welcome. Correct answer: You're welcome.
Receptionist: Good afternoon, ma'am. How can I ... you?
Your answer: help
Guest: Thank you very ...
Your answer: much.
Receptionist: Yes, Ms. Rottenmeier, we ... reserved a beautiful room for you.
Your answer: have
购物英语 You: A round shaped root vegetable which is usually white or yellow and is edible when cooked. Vendor: A ...
Your answer: turnip?
You: Thank you! Now I also need some vegetables! It is like a cucumber, but has dark green skin and soft seeds. Vendor: You mean ...
Your answer: a courgette.
You: It is large, round and can be red or white. I like making soup with it but some people like it raw for example in Kebabs. Vendor: You mean ...
Your answer: cabbage.
You: First of all, a large round fruit with dark green skin, watery red flesh and lots of black seeds. Vendor: Oh, you mean ... Here you are.
Your answer: a watermelon.
You: A round, green seed which grows in a pod with several others. Vendor: You're thinking of ... You: Thank you for your help! I've learned many new words.
Your answer: Brussels sprouts. Correct answer: peas.
You: This one looks like a white carrot. Vendor: That's ...
Your answer: a parsnip.
You: Small red fruit with lots of little seeds on its surface. I like eating them with cream in the summer! Vendor: I know exactly what you mean, ...
Your answer: strawberries.
You: No, something smaller than an orange. Vendor: Do you mean ...
Your answer: a tangerine
You: A small peach? Vendor: That's ...
Your answer: a fig. Correct answer: an apricot.
You: A small red fruit from China. It reminds me of a big grape, but sweeter, with white flesh and a harder skin. Vendor: You're thinking of ...
Your answer: a lychee.



   中小学主管教学校长评课比赛获奖名单 小学组 一等奖 姓 黄 艾 名 波 影 单 位 崔惠琴 石嘴山市第二十四小学 石嘴山市第十六小学 石嘴山市第十一小学 石嘴山市第二十小学 杨建彬 二等奖 马学芳 刘春燕 常晓琴 安绍娟 金 林 张惠斌 王进福 张 彦 石嘴山市第十三小学 平罗回小 惠农区燕子墩中心小学 平罗县城关一小 平罗县宝丰中心学校 石嘴山市第九小学 石嘴山市第十二中学(小学部) 大武口区白芨沟小学 三等奖 李 斌 大武口区隆湖二站小学 惠农区庙台小学 惠农区红果子小学 石嘴山市第十五 ...


   红星培训 期中测试 一、听写。 一、 写出下列单词的中文意思。 pen bus eye face eraser car hand foot chalk ship hair ear 二、 根据中文写出单词。 苹果 香蕉 橘子 西瓜 三、 将下列单词与其中文意思连接起来。 arm carrot Thursday leg cabbage beef Wednesday mutton 牛肉 星期三 手臂 卷心菜 羊肉 胡萝卜 星期四 腿 四、 将下列句子写成英语。 我叫(自己的名字 英文写法) 我喜 ...


   “步步高”寒假预科班初二英语结业考试 步步高”寒假预科班初二 (满分 120 分。考试时间 120 分钟) 姓名: 成绩: 姓名: 成绩: 成绩 I.单项选择。(每小题 1 分,计 15 分) ( )1. This is alarm clock. A. a B. an C. the D. / ( )2. We don’t like. A. broccoli B. broccolis C. a broccoli D. broccolies ( )3. . Is this your pen? A ...


   本资料来源于《七彩教育网》http://www.7caiedu.cn 本资料来源于《 七彩教育网》 七年级英语下册期中检测试卷 七年级英语 听力测试( 第一部分 听力测试(共 4 大题 1. A. straight 2. 3. 4. 5. A. short A. He's A. team A. teacher B. thin B. tall B. brother B. tea B. runner C. hair C. she C. father C. baseball C. singer 满 ...


   The Outline of English Language Testing in schools 1 一,语言测试发展概述 它从语言学,语言教学法和学习论 它从语言学, 取得科学内容, 取得科学内容, 从心理测量学获得科学手段,是多 从心理测量学获得科学手段, 种学科的结合体, 种学科的结合体, 语言测试已发展成为一门成熟的跨 学科的综合性学科. 学科的综合性学科. 2 发展的阶段 1,科学前语言测试阶段 (Pre-scientific Period) 2,心理测量?结构主义语言测试 ...


   ……………………………装………………………………订………………………………线………………………………… 小学四年级英语交接班验收测试题 小学四年级英语交接班验收测试题 四年级英语 2010.6 听力部分(15 分) 一、听录音,选图片(5 分) ( ) 1. A. B. C. D. 姓名 ( ) 2. A. B. C. D. ( ) 3. A. B. C. D. (密 封 线 内 不 要 答 题) 班级 ( ) 4. A. B. C. D. ( ) 5. A. B. C. D. 二、听问句, ...


   笔试 下面各组单词 七. 选 下面各组单词 划线 ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. / i: / ) 2. / I / ) 3. / e / ) 4. / / ) 5. / ?: / A. tree A. pig A. get A. plane A. father 读 与给 B. beat B. bike B. me B. cat B. car 标 C. tea C. dish C. zest C. fan C. bank (10 分) 个。 ( D. red D. pin D. seven ...


   浅谈小学英语口语测试 浅谈小学英语口语测试 小学英语口语 晟舍完小 费方斌 小学教学中,英语受到社会和家长的普遍关注:学生学习英语的目的是什 么?是提高语言的交际能力。而口语测试是语言交际能力测试的重要手段,它可 以有效地考察学生运用英语进行口头交际的能力。 但由于口语测试在具体操作上 存在一定的难度,受测试环境、时间和评分手段的影响,组织实施困难,也加大 了工作量。因而,广泛实施受到一定的制约。下面谈一谈本人对口语测试的看法 和做法。 先来说一说为什么要加强口语测试?因为, 加强口语测试有 ...


   六、听录音,根据你听到的对话情节,给下面句子按你所听到的重新 排序,请把标号填在题前的括号中。 (10 分 ( )1、It’s Sunday ( )2、Good morning. ( )3、What day is it today? ( )4、We skate on Sunday. ( )5、Skates. ( )6、Can you skate? ( )7、What’s that? ( )8、Are you okay? ( )9、Oh,Tutu! ( )10、Sure! 第二站:读写乐园 七 ...


   五年级下册英语测 五年级下册英语测试卷 姓名: 姓名: 听力部分(40 分) 一、 根据听到的内容,选择单词。 (10 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1、A. men ) 2、A. make ) 3、A. many ) 4、A. card ) 5、A. hurt ) 6、A. pop ) 7、A. quick ) 8、A. quickly ) 9、A. evening )10、A. camera B. man B. book B. woman B. car B. cle ...



   英语无灵主语句与汉式英语 1, , 2, , ESWIS : English sentences with inanimate subjects (英语无灵主语句) 英语无灵主语句) Chinglish 汉式英语 ESWIS 是英语书面语中的常见句型和独特语言现 象,具有句型多样,结构简练,词汇密度大,表达客 具有句型多样,结构简练,词汇密度大, 观公正&生动活泼等特点。 观公正&生动活泼等特点。 口语化英语与无灵主语句的差异 为不可接受的汉式英语, 代表口语表达, ( 带 *为不可接受的汉 ...


   问学堂右脑王英语学习机官方淘宝店铺地址:点我进入 (为了方便您了解,请下载打开,详细了解) 右脑王英语学习机简介: 无论你是学生、打工仔、还是商人, 无论你的英语水平是初级、中级,还是高级, 你都可以像我一样, 快速学会使用右脑, 躺在软椅上,每天轻松 1 小时, 4 天记住 1000 个单词,20 天托福过 600 分, 30 天随意自在说英语。 命运也从此改变…… 任何人都可以做到,你也可以!!! 我叫习力奇 ,24 岁。 我一直以来有个心结,就是我高考的时候英语很差才需要复读高三的。 ...


   2011 年初三英语考前系统资料归纳 ?? 林晓黎 八种动词时态,有的只要求达到理解层次,有的则要求达到熟练运用层次。至少其中五种时态包括过去进行时是 要求达到熟练运用层次的,而且其考查方式肯定不会以某一时态的独立形式出现,而是时态的综合运用,尤其要重视 各种时态之间的区别。 找出它们之间的不同冠词的用法. 现以冠词为例: 1.John was given orange bag for his birthday but bag was lost just now. A.an,a B.a,th ...


   句式结构 一、祈使句 1.祈使句的否定式是在句首原形动词前加don’t或never。 ’ Please don’t forget to take your medicine. 2.祈使句的反义疑问句是在句末加“will you?”。 “ ” Have another piece of cake,will you? Don’t make any noise,will you? 3.祈使句前加助动词do用来加强语气。 Do turn off the light before you leave. ...


   Background information A. Religions Laity: those members (Laymen) of a religious group who are without the special training of priests or other religious officeholders Clergy: the people (Clergyman) who are members of esp. the Christian priesthood ...