2010 年重庆普通专升本《大学英语》完型填空复习题 二) 年重庆普通专升本《大学英语》完型填空复习题(二
2010 年重庆普通专升本《大学英语》完型填空复习题 二) 年重庆普通专升本《大学英语》完型填空复习题(二

  1. A. suggestion B. context
  1. 选 D
  2. A. such
  2. 选 B B. one
C. abstract
D. information
C. any
D. some
for the sake of 为┄┄好处,出于┄┄之兴趣
  3. A. fun
  3. 选 C
  4. A. collected B. distributed
  4. 选 C assign 分配任务,工作给某人 eg. The teacher has assigned each of us a holiday task. distribute 分发,分配某事物,把┄┄分发给 Many teachers believe that the responsibilities for learning lie with the student. If a long reading assignment is given, instructors expect stude nts to be with the __1__ in the reading even if they don't discuss it in c lass or take an examination. The ideal student is considered to be __2_ _ who is motivated (激发) to learn for the sake of __3__, not the on e interested only in getting high grades. Sometimes homework is returne d with brief written comments but without a grade. Even if a grade is no t given, the student is responsible for learning the material assigned. When research is __4__ , the professor expects the student to tak e it actively and to complete it with minimum guidance. It is the student' s responsibility to find books, magazines, and articles in the library. Pr ofessors do not have the time to explain __5__ a university library work s; they expect students, particularly graduate students, to be able to exhaust the reference sources in the library. Professors will help student s who need it , but __6__ that their students should not be too depend C. assigned D. finished B. work C. learning D. prize
ent on them. In the United States professors have many other duties __7__ teach ing, such as administrative or research work. __8__, the time that a p rofessor can spend with a student outside of class is limited. If a studen t has problems with classroom work, the student should either __9__ a professor during office hours __10__ make an appointment. 2010 年重庆普通专升本《大学英语》完型填空复习题 二) 年重庆普通专升本《大学英语》完型填空复习题(二
  5. A. when
  5. 选 D graduate 在英式英语中是本科生,研究生为 postgraduate students 在美式英语中 graduate students 指的是研究生, undergraduate students 指本科生.
  6. A. hate B. dislike C. like D. prefer B. what C. why D. how
like, hate, dislike 都不能跟宾语从句. prefer 比较喜欢,宁愿,可跟宾语从句. be dependent on sb. 依靠某人 to be independent 独立的 Prefer doing to doing eg. I prefer walking to cycling.
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2010 年重庆普通专升本《大学英语》完型填空复习题 二) 年重庆普通专升本《大学英语》完型填空复习题(二
  7. A. but B. except C. with D. besides
but/ except eg. Isn't there anything but/ except mountains?
  7. 选 D
  8. A. However B. Therefore C. Furthermore D. Nevertheless therefore 因此
furthermore 此外,而且 nevertheless 然而
  8. 选 B
  9. A. greet B. annoy approach 接近 eg. As you approach the town the first building you see is the churc h.接近那座城市的时候,首先看到的是教堂. attach 依附某人
  9. 选 C
  10. A. or
  10. 选 A B. and C. to D. but C. approach D. attach



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