一,单项选择(20 题,20 分)
  1. The light in my room is worse than in yours. A./ B.that C.one D.it
  2. Please keep the windows . A.closing B.closed C.close D.to close
  3. We want some good musicians our band. A. to B.for C.on D.in
  4.It's an interesting place.Some people are on the beach.They are really . A.laying;relaxed B.laying;relaxing C.lying;relaxing D. lying; relaxed
  5. Your glasses over there.This pair of glasses Tony's. A.are;are B.are;is C.is;is D.is;are
  6. lovely day! Let's go for a walk. A.What B.What a C.How D.How a
  7. I don't like dumplings,chicken bananas. A.and B.or C.also D.but
  8. ??What are we going to do on Sunday? ??How about ? A.to go bike riding B.going bike to ride C.going to bike riding D.going bike riding
  9. The foreigners around the school by headmaster just now. A.are shown B.have shown C.were shown D.have been shown
  10. We are going this Sunday. A.boat B.a boat C.boating D.boatting
  11. ??I am sorry ,I forgot the letter for you. ??It doesn't matter.I'll send it by myself. A.to send B.sending C.to bring D.bring
  12. Shall we in the park after lunch?. A.take a walking B.have walk C.take walks C.have a walking
  13.He has friends than I. A.much more B.many more C.very more D.too more
  14. Can you the radio? We can't hear clearly. A.turn on B.turn off C.turn up D.turn in
  15.The school talent show was a great . A.successfully B.successful C.successed D.success
  16. ??Do you think we'll need a coffee pot? ??I don't drink coffee,and .It's not necessary.Why not a tea service? A.so do you B.neither you do C.so you do D.neither do you
  17. ??Where is Mr Black? ??He has to USA. A.gone B.been C.come D.went
  18. This is the pan my mother heats milk. A.where B.with which C.in where D.which
  19. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower thousands of visitors since 19
A.attracted B.attracts C.has attracted D.will attract
  20. Lily told me the film the oher day. A.she has seen B.she had seen C.she would see D.she will see 二,单词拼写(15 题,15 分)
  1. How many (女警察) are there.
  2. I don't like these glasses of Coke.I'd like a (中等的)one.
  3. They had great fun (玩) in the water.
  4. We should brush our (牙齿) every day.
  5. He is from France, so he can speak (France).
  6. No talking ! The children (sleep).
  7. Now people are getting (富有的) than before.
  8. Air pollution has become one of the biggest (问题) today.
  9. Confidence is the key to (成功).
  10. We can't live (没有) water.
  11. I am (相当) certain that you will like it.
  12. In my view, (收集) stamps is fun and interesting.
  13. There are about three (千) people in the concert yesterday.
  14. Have you (归还) the library book?.
  15. My favorite food is (面条). 三,根据中文完成句子(10 题,20 分)
  1. 本和蒂姆在和谁说话? Ben and Tim ?
  2. 他长什么样子? 他中等身材,长着棕色的短卷发而且留着胡子. ??What he like ?. ??He is of .He hair and a ..
  3.你想要多大碗的面条?我想要一大碗牛肉面. ?? would you like? ??I a of noodles.
  4.你去了哪里度假? did you go ?
  5.我的普通话没有提高,这使我感到压力很大. I'm because my Putonghua isn't .
  6. 在日本,最受欢迎的三种去学校的方式是坐公共汽车,坐火车和骑自行车. In Japan, the three of to school are bus, train and bike.
  7. 疲惫的孩子直到 7 点钟才回家. The children home 7 pm.
  8. 此事我亲眼所见. I saw it my .
  9. 与其给他们买礼物不如将钱捐给慈善机构更好. It is better to give money to charity them gifts.
  10. 她演奏了一段优美的钢琴曲.
She a beautiful . 四,补全对话(10 题,10 分) What do young people think (
  1) places in town?We did a survey (
  2) our readers and this is (
  3) we learned. All the movie theaters are good, (
  4) the Screen City is the best in our town. It has the biggest screens and the (
  5) comfortable seats.(
  6), Town Cinema is the cheapest, and it has the friendliest service. The most popular clothing store is Jason's. It has the best (
  7) clothing. It's (
  8) the cheapest. Funky Fashions is the worst. It has really bad service. (
  9)for radio stations, most people think Jazz 1
  07.9 FM is really great. It plays the most interesting (
  10). 五,完形填空(30 分) When I was about twelve years old, I had, I had an enemy, a girl who liked to tell me about my shortcomings(缺点). Week by week her list became 56 : I was very short, I wasn' t a good student, I talked too much, and so on, I tried to stand all of these as long as I could, Finally, I became very 57 . I ran to my father with tears (眼泪) in my eyes. He listened to me 58 , and then asked, "Are the things that she said true or not? Jane, have you ever 59 what you're really like? Now you have that girl's 60 .Go and make a list of everything she said and mark the points that are 61 .Pay no attention to the other things that she said." I did 62 he told me. To my great surprise, I found that about half of the things were true. Some of them I couldn't 63 , like being very short, but a good number of them I wanted to change the bad things in me., and for the 64 time I knew something about myself in a very clear way. I brought the list back to my father. He 65 to take it. "That's just for you," he said, "You know better than 66 else the truths about yourself, but sometimes others'opinions are also important, so you have to learn how to 67 , and not just close your ears in anger and feel hurt. When something 68 is said about you is true, you'll find that it will be of help to you. Our world is full of people who think that they know you. Don't shut your ears. Listen to all of them, 69 hear the truth and do what you think is the right thing to do." I have remembered my father's 70 at many important moments. I have never had a better piece of advice in my whole life. ( )
  1.A. longer B. shorter C. Politer D. fairer ( )
  2.A. dull B. brave C. angry D. happy ( )
  3.A. quietly B. carelessly C. casually D. differently ( )
  4.A. came out B. dealt with C. got over D. thought about ( )
  5.A. strategies B. ideas C. photos D. books ( )
  6.A. crazy B. true C. strict D. simple ( )
  7.A. as B. against C. sine D. for ( )
  8.A. produce B. check C. borrow D. change ( )
  9. A. first B. second C. last D. next ( )
  10.A. described B. needed C. warned D. refused ( )
  11.A. everything B. anyone C. nothing D. anything ( )
  12.A. shout B. teach C. listen D. read ( )
  13.A. that B. why C. where D. who
( (
  14.A. so )
  15.A. advice
B. or B. excuse
C. for C. features
D. but D. promises
六,阅读理解(5 题 15 分) One day Linda saw an advertisement in a magazine. It offered a packet of 100 stamps for $
  10. Linda wanted to start a stamp collection, so she ordered the packet. Linda checked that mail every day for four weeks but the stamps didn't arrive. So Linda decided to write to the company. " Dear sir/Madam," she wrote, " A month ago I sent you a postal order for $10 as payment for 100 stamps. They haven't arrived. Please send them right away." Another month passed. The stamps still didn't arrive and she didn't receive any reply to her letter. She asked her father for advice. Mr Wilson said, " You must write a strong letter. Make the company worry that you will report them to the authorities. " Dear Sir/ Madam," Linda wrote in her second letter, " I am writing to complain about your poor service. Two months ago I send you a postal order for $10 as payment for 100 stamps. I didn't receive the stamps. A month ago I wrote to you to inform(告知) you of this. I still haven't receive them. You gave me no answer. If you do not send me the stamps, I shall report this issue to the authorities." Two days later, Linda received the stamps in the mail. ( )
  51. Where does Linda see the stamps advertisement? A. In a newspaper. C. In a storybook. ( A. Send the stamps right away. ( B. In a magazine. D. In a textbook. B. Send the stamps in a month.
  52. What did Linda ask the company to do in her first letter? C. Send the same more stamps. D. Give back her money. )
  53. What did Linda write in the second letter? A. To thank them for the stamps. B. To say the stamps were very bad. C. To order some more stamps. D. To complain about not receiving the stamps.
( (
  54. What does " issue" mean? A. stamp B. matter C. order D. letter )
  55. What did the stamp company do at last? A. Returned the money to Linda. C. Reported the issue. B. Answered the first letter. D. Sent the stamps to Linda.
单项选择 1~5 BBBDB 6~10BBDCC 11~15 ACACD 16~20 DABCC 单词拼写
  6.are sleeping
  15.noodles 根据中文完成句子
  1.Who are, talking with.
  2.does look, medium build ,has short curly brown hair, beard
  3.What size bowl of noodles,would ;like large bowl ,beef
  4.Where,on vacation
  5.under pressure ,improving
  6.most popular ways ,getting
  7.tired didn't return until
  8.with, own eyes
  9.rather than buy
  10.played piano piece 补全对话
  2. of
  3. what
  4. but
  10.music 完形填空 ACADB BADAD BCADA 阅读理解 BADBD



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