英语试卷( ) 英语试卷(
一.按要求写单词。 to(同音词)four(同音词) don’t(完全式) big(反义词)black(反义词)jog(现在分词) put(现在分词)my(复数)bus(复数) old (反义词)man(对应词 ) Let’s(完全式) I’ll (完全式) these (对应词) who’s (同音词) go(反义词) catch(现在分词) go(第三人称单数) a lot of(近义词vases(单数)family(复数) mango(复数)careful(副词)boy(复数) fat (反义词)sun(对应词)his(复数) worker(复数)cold(反义词)I(复数) city(复数) right(反义词) family(复数) tooth(复数)I've(完全形式) Nancy(所有格) hot (反义词) country(复数) butterfly (复数) same (反义词)good (副词)swim (动名词) they (宾格) she (物主代词) watch (三单) real (副词) brush (三单) up (反义词) 二.句型转换。
  1.The girl is singing in the classroom.(1 改为否定句 2 改为一般疑问句 3 对画线提问)
  2. They are looking for bag. (同上)
  3. I am mending my bike now.(同上)
  4. There are twelve studens over there.(同上)
  5. I can speak English. (同上)
  6. I am writing now.(同上)

  7. I have a desk and a chair. (同上)
  8. She is buying some food in the supermarket. (同上)
  9. I am ill. (同上)
  10. I go to school by bike. (同上) 三:英汉互译:
  3.你弟弟通常什么时候起床? 它通常七点钟起床。
  4.这些衣服是谁的? 我想是玛丽的。 5 她妈妈不教我们英语。 四.将来时理论及练习 同义句:be going to = will I am going to go swimming tomorrow(明天). = I will go swimming tomorrow.
  1. 我打算明天和朋友去野炊。 I have a picnic with my friends. I have a picnic with my friends.
  2. 下个星期一你打算去干嘛? 我想去打篮球。 What next Monday? I play basketball.
What you do next Monday? I play basketball.
  3. 你妈妈这个周末去购物吗?是,她要去买一些水果。 your mother go shopping this ? Yes, she . She buy some fruit.
  4. 你们打算什么时候见面。 What time you meet? 五.用括号内动词的适当形式填空。
  1. He often(have) dinner at home. (be) in Class One.
  2. Daniel and Tommy
  3. We (not watch) TV on Monday.
  4. Nick (not go) to the zoo on Sunday.
  5. they (like) the World Cup? they often (do) on Saturdays?
  6. What
  7. your parents (read) newspapers every day? (teach) us English on Sundays.
  8. The girl
  9. She and I (take) a walk together every evening.
  10. There (be) some water in the bottle.
  11.The boy ( draw)a picture now.
  12. Listen .Some girls ( sing)in the classroom .
  13. My mother ( cook )some nice food now.
  14. What you ( do ) now?
  15. Look . They ( have) an English lesson . 六.阅读理解 (一) My name is Sally White. I am a school girl. My school is far from my home. Every day it takes long time to get there. The road is not flat(平坦). So I cannot go to school by bike. I often go there by bus or on foot. It takes me thirty minutes to get there by bus and an hour on foot. I must get up very every morning. I have no time for breakfast at home. I often eat something for breakfast on the way. I don’t want to be late for school. 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F) 。 The school isn’t near to her home. ( )
  1、The girl can go to school by bike . ( )
  2、It takes her thirty minutes to get to school by bike . ( )
  3、The girl gets up very early every day . ( )
  4、She often has breakfast at home . (二) Jill and Kate are going hiking (徒步旅行) with their class tomorrow . They went to take some fruit with them. Jill likes oranges and Kate likes apples. When they get
to the market, they can’t find any oranges, and the apples are too green. “What are we going to buy now?” asks Kate “Hey ,what’s that big round fruit over there ?” asks Jill .”I don’t know. Let’s ask the sales-girl.” “What do you call this?” “Youzi(柚 子),”answers the girl . “Why don’t we buy one?” asks Jill “OK. We’re going to have lots of fun hiking and eating a new kind of fruit! ”says Kate. 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F) 。 ( )
  1、Kate is going hiking this afternoon . ( )
  2、Jill like apples and Kate like oranges . ( )
  3、They don’t buy apples because the apples are too green . ( )
  4、Youzi is a big round fruit . ( )
  5、They’re going to eat a new kind of fruit tomorrow . 七.完型填空 1 a very useful book in the shop, 2 it was too expensive for him Jim 1 3 . He 4 get it from the library, either. So 5 afternoon, he went there to read 6 at a time. One day, he couldn’t find 7 from the usual place and was leaving the shop when he saw an assistant singing 8 . To his surprise, the assistant pointed to the book 9 , “I put it there so as not to be sold out.” said the assistant. Then he 10 Jim go on with his reading. ( ) 1 A took B bought C read D found ( ) 2 A but B so C or D and ( ) 3 A buy B to buy C bought D buys ( ) 4 A could B couldn’t C will D can ( ) 5 A every B one C this D yesterday ( ) 6 A few B a few C little D a little ( ) 7 A the shop B his way C the book D book ( ) 8 A the shop B to him C to her D to he ( ) 9 A in a corner B in a shop C in his bag D in his hand ( ) 10A let B helped C left D went 八.连词成句。
  1.a, at, the, had, Children, party, Tom’s, house, Christmas (.)
  2.the, very, the, teachers, getting, are, excited, students, and (.)
  3.had, my, big, a, I, lunch, with, family (.)
  4.usually, eat, we, watch, the, moon, moon, cakes, and (.)
  5.at, do, do, people, usually, National, what, Day (?)



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