命题人:肖梅 一。单选(每题一分,共三十分)
  1. I can’t remember made the teacher give Mary the permission to leave the class earlier. A. that it was what B. what it was that C. what was it that D. that was it what
  2. He let out an cry, “we’ve won!” A. excited B. exciting C. excite D. excites
  3. ?Is football John’s favourite sport? --Yes. football, baseball is his greatest love. A. Near to B. Except C. Beside D. Next to
  4. Do you think regular exercise good health? A. benefit from B. reach for C. make for D. go for
  5. Have you applied Mr Black the post? It’s worth a try. A. for; to B. with; for C. with; about D. to; for
  6. the loud noise going on in the workshop, I can hardly on my lessons. A. As; put B. As; concentrate C. With; rely D. With; concentrate
  7. , I’ve never seen anyone who’s as capable as Kate. A. As long as I have travelled B. Now that I have travelled so much C. As I have travelled much D. Much as I have travelled
  8. The big fire lasted as long as 24 hours it was brought under control. A. after B. before C. since D. while
  9. The discovery of new evidence led to . A. the thief having been caught B. the thief to be caught C. catch the thief D. the thief being caught
  10. ?Would you have helped her had it been possible? --Yes, but I busy with my work. A. was B. had been C. have been D. am
  11. on the small island, the tower has been seriously damaged by the sea water? A. Being lain B. Lain C. Being located D. Located
  12. In this workshop, the output of July was three times of January. A. that B. this C. one D. it
  13. ?Well, where did you spend your night that day? --At . A. where it is called Grand Hotel B. what is called Grand Hotel C. which is called Grand Hotel D. that is called Grand Hotel
  14. The thief was brought in, his hands behind his back. A. tying B. tied C. being tied D. having tied
  15. The journey around the world took the old sailor nine months, the sailing time was 226 days. A. of which B. during which C. from which D. for which
  16. She stood on a brick to make herself a bit taller. A. looking B. looked C. to look D. look
  17. Did your speech the audience? 做题人:
A. get through to B. get across to C. get through D. get across
  18. A Du’s unique voice especially to young people. A. attracts B. draws C. catches D. appeals
  19. The old woman stood still with her eyes the picture. A. fixing in B. fixing on C. fixed in D. fixed upon
  20. I feel it is you who for the accident. A. is to blame B. is to be blamed C. are to blame D. are to be blamed
  21. ?Have you seen the film? --Yes. I it three times when I was in Tokyo. A. saw B. had seen C. have seen D. was seeing
  22. The thief was caught his hand into the pocket of a passenger. A. to put B. to be putting C. putting D. put
  23. So many students for the traffic jam, the exam had to be put off. A. were late B. been late C. has been late D. being late
  24. Seeing her father come back, . A. tears ran down her cheeks B. Her tears ran out C. she burst into tears D. She burst into crying
  25. Columbus is known for the great discovery a new land?America. A. making up B. making into C. make from D. made of
  26. This photo was taken stands the Eiffel Tower. A. in which B. in the place which C. where D. which
  27. With his money , he couldn’t go home. A. leaving B. missed C. run out D. running out
  28. It’s great fun to talk with you. A. a B. the C. / D. an
  29. I admit that she has shortcomings, I still like her. A. When B. As C. While D. Once
  30. The Internet has brought big changes in the way we work. A. about B. out C. up D. back 二。完形填空(每空一分,共二十分) I grew up in a community called Estepona. I was 16 when one morning, Dad told me I could drive him into a 1 village called Mijas, on condition that I took the car in to be . With several hours to spare, I went to a theater. 5 6 2 at a nearby garage. I readily accepted. I drove Dad into Mijas, and 3 off the car at the 4 movie finished, it was six. I was two hours late! I knew Dad would be angry if he the truth. When I 7 I’d been watching movies. So I decided not to tell him he gave me. there I apologized for being late, and told him I’d 8 as quickly as 10 you have to lie to me, Jason.” Dad looked at me again. “When 12 , and they told me you 13 as I weakly told him the real reason. A 14 passed 15 . I realize I’ve failed as a 16 I’ve gone wrong all these 17 . Dad walked home that to pick him up at 4 p.m., then dropped , when the last
I could, but that the car had needed some major repairs. I’ll never forget the 9 “I’m disappointed you you didn’t 11 , I called the garage to ask if there were any
hadn’t yet picked up the car.” I felt
through Dad as he listened attentively. “I’m angry with father. I’m going to walk home now and think seriously about
years.” “But Dad, it’s 18 miles!” My protests and apologies were
day. I drove behind him, Seeing Dad in so much was 20
  1. A. lonely
  2. A. kept
  3. A. agreed
  4. A. village
  5. A. However
  6. A. realized
  7. A. went
  9. A. word
  8. A. started B. small
18 19
him all the way, but he walked silently. and emotional pain was my most painful experience. However, it C. distant C. watched C. garage D. familiar D. serviced D. promised D. theater D. Still
the most successful lesson. I have never lied since. B. washed B. planned B. community B. Then B. found out B. left C. arrived
C. determined C. Therefore
C. thought D. figured out D. come D. feel D. come out C. mistakes D. faults C. nervous D. surprised C. silenceD. thought D. yourself D. when C. helpless D. worthless C. begging D. following C. personal D. natural
B. ran
C. walked D. hurried D. appearance C. go away
B. face C. look

  10. A. find B. decide C. believe
  11. A. turn up B. drive out
  12. A. questions
  13. A. ashamed
  15. A. you
  16. A. where
  18. A. asking
  20. A. indeed
  14. A. nervousness B. problems B. frightened B. sadness
B. myself C. me B. how C. why B. useless B. persuading B. always

  17. A. meaningless

  19. A. physical B. practical
C. also
D. almost
三.阅读理解(每小题2分,共四十分) (A) When the famous dancer Fred Astaire was interviewed for a job by a Hollyowood producer, the movie "expert"turned him down, saying, "Can't sing. Can't act. Dances a little."Here's another stupid mistake. When the great scientist Albert Einstenin was at school, his teachers considered him rather dull. And a final story ,the famous Polish pianist Paderewski was told by a teacher that he'd never be a success as a performer because the middle finger on each hand was too short. What lessons can be drawn from these three experiences? First, true genius (天才)cannot be suppressed(压抑).For some reason or other it works its way out. Second , early judgments of a person's abilities may be unfair or just wrong . Third , when there is a real determination to succeed , obstacles fall by the wayside. The famous motto "ad astra per aspera "can be translated as "To the stars through hardships ". Astaire, Einstein and Paderewski proved their critics wrong. 2 . When Paderewski's teachers told him he'd never be a success, they were A . being humorous C . some what hesitant A . as a motto for the there men's lives B . to show the value of Latin C . to send the reather to the dictionary B . cheerful though concermed D . seriously mistaken
3 . "Ad astra per aspera "is used in the passage
D .
to point out that genius is always recognized early
4 . the writer of the passage thinks that the reader. A. konow that the three men were successful men B . someday dreams to become like one of the men C . sympathizes with(同情)the poor teachers of the three men D . knows that Fred Astaire was an actor famous for performing Shakepeare's plays ( B ) 136 Crestview Circle Dover, Connecticut January 16,1995 Gander's Funiture Store Stamford Connecticut,09876 Drar Sir. I am writing about your January bill, whichi I am returning with this letter. I am not going to pay this bill. last month I bought a table and four chairs for $
  50. They were sent to me on December
  18. that night one leg of the table broke while my wife was putting our dinner on it. It fell on one of the chair , and that broke, too. Our $
  2.50 steak(牛排)landed on the floor, and the dog ate it. I spoke to the salesmen who had sold me the table and chairs. He told me to write you a letter. I wrote you on december 20, saying that I was not going to pay for the funiture. On December 21 some men came and took it back to the store. Please do something about your records. I do not want to receive another bill for the furtiure which Ireturned. Yours truly Alberts Robbins
  1. From the letter we can conclude that Mr Robbins had actually paid for the table and the four chairs. A . $
  65.50 B . $
  68.00 C . $
  2.50 D . no money
  2. Why do you think Mr Robbins write the letter to the furniture store? A . He had paid for the furniture but was asked to pay again. B . He didn't want to receive a second bill for the furniture he had returned. C . The furniture he bought was badly made ahd he wanted to return it. D . He wanted the manager to scold the salesmen for the bad furniture.
  3. Try to guess the mood (心情)when Mr Robbins was writing the letter. A .He was angry. C.He was anxious. B.He was disappointed D.He was friendly. ( C )
John Wise and his wife Doreen who emigrated to Tasmania
12 years ago, decided to
revisit England and see the world on the way by motor cycle. After driving 10,000 miles overland without even a puncture(停顿),they arrived in England in June. They left Tasmania in January and now plan to stay for two months at Taunton and his wife, who has three daughters , went to Hobart, Tasmania, in 19
  61. Mr.Wise, 46 , once a science teacher at Askwith Middle School in Taunton and his wife , who has three daughters, went to Hobart, Tasmania, in 19
  61. For their return world trip Mr. Wise took a year's unpaid leave. "We didn't have any spares with us ," said Mr. Wise, "We just put our trust in ourselves and the machines." So far the journey on a B.M.W.R50 has gone through Australia, New Zealand, Asia and India, another 14,000 miles . They expect their final bill to be about ? 1,0
  1. The underlined phrase "emigrated to Tasmania " most likely means . A . visited Tasmania B . left Tasmania C . left their own country in order to go and live in Tasmania D . spent their holiday in Tasmania
  2. Their journey to England from Tasmaria. A. was very long and titring C. took about two months B. took about five months D. lasted a year

  3. Their journey to Tasmania from England will be A. more expensive than the journey from Tasmania to England B. quicker than the journey from Tasmania to England C. longer than the journey from Tasmania to England D. more exciting and interesting
  4. The total cost of their journey is expected to be about each A. ? 500 B. ? 750 ( D ) C. ? 1,000 D. ? 250
Mr. Grey was the manager of a small office in London. He lived in the country, and came up to work by train. He liked walking from the station to his office unless it was raining, because it gave him some exercise. One morning he was walking along the street when a stranger stopped him and said to him, “You may not remember me, sir, but seven years ago I came to London without a penny in my pockets, I stopped you in this street and asked you to lend me some money, and you lent me ? 5, because you said you were willing to take a chance so as to give a man a start on the way to success.” Mr Grey thought for a few minutes and then said, “Yes, I remember you. Go on with your story!” “Well,” answered the stranger, “are you still willing to take a chance?”
  1. How did Mr. Grey get to his office? A. He went up to work by train. B. He walked to his office. C. He went to his office on foot unless it rained. D. He usually took a train to the station and then walked to his office if the weather was fine.
  2. Mr Grey liked walking to his office because .
A. he couldn’t afford the buses
B. he wanted to save money
C. he wanted to keep in good health D. he could do some exercises on the way
  3. Mr. Grey had been willing to lend money to a stranger in order to A. give him a start in life C. make him rich B. help him on the way to success D. gain more money

  4. One morning the stranger recognized Mr. Grey, and A. wanted to return Mr. Grey the money B. again asked Mr. Grey for money C. would like to make friends with him D. told Mr. Grey that he had been successful since then
  5. In the second paragraph, “…take a chance” means . A. Mr. Gray happened to meet a stranger B. Mr. Grey had a chance to help a stranger C. Mr. Grey helped a stranger by chance D. Mr. Grey took the risk that the stranger would not give back the money which he lent him (E) Elizabeth Blackwell was born in England in 1821, and moved to New York City when she was ten years old. One day she



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