笔试部分(80 分) 一,根据句意及首字母完成单词.(10 分)
  1.What l do you speak?
  2.The boy is from Japan. He speaks J .
  3.W to our school. We are kind to all our friends.
  4. You can borrow all kinds of books from the l.
  5.Look!Your hands are so d . Please wash them.
  6.It is too late now. There is no bus here. You can take a t .
  7.Koalas usually s during the day and get up at night.
  8.--What are you w for? ?For the bus.
  9.Her father is a doctor. He works in a h.
  10.--What does this s sell? --It sells clothes. 二,单项选择.(15 分) ( )
  1. .Can you speak French? Yes, but only . A. some B. little C. much D. a little ( )
  2. Listen! They about Harry potter. Let's join them. A. are talking B. talk C. talking D. are talk ( )
  3. -- --He's a doctor. A. What is he like? B. Where does he work? C. What does he do? D. What does he look like? ( )
  4.We have a boy in our class. A. English B. American C. Australian D. Japanese ( )
  5.I sit Tom and Jackin the classroom. A. bebween B. in C. among D. after ( )
  6.Go straight this street and , you can see the post office. A. turn the left B. turn to right C. turn left D. turn the right ( )
  7. Call Tom 829123
  56. He has a job for you an actor. A. for, for B. at, with C. at, as D. in, as ( )
  8. What Mary and Kate talking? A. is B. are C. does D. do ( )
  9. At the of this term, Tom works very hard. A. begin B. begining C. begins D. beginning ( )
  10. Tom often the cleaning after school. Now he the cleaning, too. A: do, doing B: is doing, does C: does, is doing D: do, is doing ( )
  11.?Do you like giraffes? --Yes, I do. I think they're . A. ugly B. smart C. terrible D. scary ( )
  12.-- does he want to be a police officer? --Because it's interesting. A. Why B. How C. What D. Where ( )
  13. I work and sleep .
A. in the day, at night B. at the day, in night C. in day, at night D. in the day, in the night ( )
  14. Does your uncle wantan actor? A. to do B. to be C. be D. do ( )
  15.-- Are Nancy and Mary books ? -- Yes, they are. A. read B. seeing C. reading D. reads 三,完形填空.(10 分) There__1__three people in my familymy father, my mother, and I. My father is a _2__. And he works in a bank. He thinks it's a __3__job. He wants__4__a policeman. My mother is a teacher. She 5__in a middle school. She thinks her job is very __6 _. She works hard__7__ often comes back home very late. In her free time(空闲时间), she likes __8_stories__9_ a magazine. I study at a middle school. I like__10__. I want to be a singer when I grow up. ( )
  1. A. have B. is C. has D. are ( )
  2. A. doctor B. bank clerk C. waiter D. reporter ( )
  3. A.boring B.interesting C.exciting D.dangerous ( )
  4. A. be B. is C. to be D. being ( )
  5. A. teach B. wants C. work D. teaches ( )
  6. A.dangerous B.difficlt C.interesting D.boring ( )
  7. A.and B. but C.or D.so ( )
  8. A.write B.writes C.writing D.to writing ( )
  9. A. in, B.for C.as D.at ( )
  10.A. dancing B.singing C. writing D. working 四,阅读理解.(20 分) (A) Do you know that man? He is my uncle. His name is David Smith. He is forty-eight this year. He is a worker. He works in a car factory. His factory is not near his home. So he gets up early in the morning and takes a bus to work. At about seven thirty, he gets to his factory. He makes the parts (生产零件) of the car. He makes many parts every day. He works very hard. Everyone likes him and says he is a good worker. He has his lunch in the factory. He often plays basketball after work. In the evening, he usually learns Chinese at home. His Chinese is good, too. Sometimes he helps me with my Chinese. I like my uncle very much. ( )
  1. That man is . A. a teacher B. a bus driver C. a worker D. a player ( )
  2.He . A. teaches Chinese in a school B. works in a car factory C. learns Chinese every day D. helps me with my Chinese every day ( )
  3. He goes to work . A. by bus B. on foot C. by taxi D. by bike ( )
  4. He in the factory.
A. has dinner B. plays basketball C. sleeps ( )
  5. Which of the following is NOT right? A. Everyone likes my uncle. B. My uncle can speak Chinese. C. My uncle is very lazy in the factory. D. My uncle works very hard in the factory. (B)
D. eats lunch
Come and see the Indian elephants and tigers from America. The koalas are waiting to meet you, and the monkeys from Thailand are waiting to throw things at you. The cute dogs from Australia are waiting to laugh at you, and the giraffes from Zambia are waiting to look down on you. Tickets (票) Time: Adult (成人): $ 6 June 1~ June 2 Children: Free 9:00 am.~ 7:00 pm. Keep the park clean! Do not touch (触摸), give food or go near the animals! ( )
  6. How many kinds of animals are talked about in the poster (海报)? A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7 ( )
  7. Mr and Mrs Brown will take their twins aged 6 to the park. How much will the tickets be together (总共)? A. $6 B. $12 C. $18 D. $24 ( )
  8. Visitors can do the following things EXCEPT (除了) . A. giving some food to the tigers B. watching the elephants dancing C. laughing at the dogs from Australia D. taking some photos ( )
  9. From the passage we can know the animal "giraffe" is . A. long B. fat C. tall D. strong ( )
  10. The poster may be made (制作) just . A. on New Year's Day (元旦) B. on Christmas Day (圣诞节) C. after Children's Day (儿童节) D. before Children's Day 五,补全对话(选择正确答案的序号填入横线上).(5 分) A: 1 . B: Why do you like to see pandas? A: 2 . B: 3 ? A: I like to see elephants, too. Because they can dance. B: Really? 4 . By the way, do you want to be an assistant in the zoo? A: Well, to work for animals is interesting, but kind of dangerous. I don't like it. B: 5 ? A: I want to be a reporter. I can meet many famous (著名的) people.
A. What other animals do 六,. 完成句子,每空一词.(10 分)
  1.我的工作很激动人心,但有点危险. My work is exciting, but
  2.在银行对面有一餐厅. There is a restaurant the bank.
  3. 谢谢你的来信. your letter.
  4. 看!人们正在公园里跳舞. Look! The people in the park.
  5. 我喜欢和人们聊天,写故事. I like people and writing stories. 十二,书面表达.(10 分) 假设你是 Betty, 你有一位新笔友叫 Sarah. 请你写信向他介绍一下你的情况. 需包括姓名, 性别,年龄,来自国家,所说语言,喜欢的东西(包括食物,科目,动物等等)以及简单的 原因,职业理想.80 词左右. Dear Sarah, __ __ dangerous.



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   笔试部分(80 分) 一,根据句意及首字母完成单词.(10 分) 1.What l do you speak? 2.The boy is from Japan. He speaks J . 3.W to our school. We are kind to all our friends. 4. You can borrow all kinds of books from the l. 5.Look!Your hands are so d . Please wash them. 6.It i ...


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