Cross the word that doesn’t belong. Then write one more for each group. 一. a. busy sleepy buy noisy b. my city sky why c. fly really history easy d. many style geography especially Answer the questions. 二. a. How old are you? When is your birthday? . b. What do you usually do after school? . c. What class do you like? Which is the most interesting to you? . d. Do you like reading books? What books do you like? . e. Do you like sports? Which game is your favorite? . Fill in the blanks. ( 用正确形式填空 ) 三. (
  1) ) (
  2) ) (
  3) ) (
  4) ) (
  5) ) Yesterday Ann, Ken and their family ( move ) to Redrock Bay. Today the they( meet ) some kids in their new neighborhood. First Ann and Ken introduce ( they ). Ken is 12( year ) old. Ann is his ( young ) sister. Ken’s favorite game is badminton. He thinks it’s ( interesting ) game of all.

  6) He usually ( play ) badminton at Sports Center. ) (
  7) Tomorrow Ann and Ken ( go ) to their new school in Redrock Bay. ) Complete the table. 四. Move Moved Live Breathe Believe Meet See Can Have Cut Swim Put Hit
五. 完型填空 What is the best way to study? This is a very important question. Some Chinese students often 1 very hard 2 long hours. This is a 3 habit (习惯), 习惯), (习惯 but it is not a better way to study . A good student must 4 enough sleep, enough food and enough rest. Every 5 you 6 to take a walk or play basketball or pingping-pong or sing a song. When you 7 to your studies, you’ll find yourself 8 than before and you’ll lean more. Perhaps we can 9 that learning English is like taking Chinese medicine, taking effects(效果 效果) we mean that like Chinese medicine, the effects(效果) of your study 10 slowly but surely. Learn every day and effects will come just like Chinese medicine.
  1. A. play B. study C. sleep D. think
  2. A. at B. in C. for D. with
  3. A. best B. better C. good D. bad
  4. A. have B. do C. want D. make
  5. A. month B. week C. hour D. day
  6. A. want B. hope C. need D. wish
  7. A. begin B. return C. go D. are
  8. A. stronger B. weaker C. strong D. week
  9. A. say B. guess C. talk D. know
  10. A. return B. come C. give D. get 阅读理解。 六.阅读理解。 A Stella is our new dog, but Stella doesn’t listen. We say, “ Sit!” but Stella doesn’t sit . She jumps. We say, “Come here!” but Stella doesn’t walk next to us. She just rolls over ( 打滚 )。We say,“Stay!” but Stella doesn’t stay. She runs away. We say, 。 “ ” “Quiet” but Stella barks ( 叫,吠 ) and barks. Finally, Dad says,“Stella must go to ” “ dog school !” ” Then we send Stella to dog school and Stella loves the dog school. Now we say, “!” and Stella sits. We say,“!”and Stella walks next to us. We ” “ ” say, !” and Stella stays. But we say, !” and Stella still barks “ ” “ ” and barks. Answer the questions. Before going to the dog school, what does Stella do when?? ? ? a. we say, “ Sit!” She b. we say, “ Come here!” She c. we say, “ Stay!” She d. we say, “ Quiet!” She 七. Unscramble these sentences. (
  1) always on do chores Saturday father my . (
  2) Sam to has go an English class every Sunday to . (
  3) I bedroom twice a week clean my . (
  4)hardly ever I take a cold shower .
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       本文由尹丽平贡献     doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机 查看。     俞敏洪谈英语词汇记忆法 李:俞老师,您好!很高兴今天能采访您。我们都知 道词汇是语言的基础,在外语 学习和外语考试中,词汇也是重要的突破口,尤其是在  GRE 考试中,词汇是重头戏。所以 外语学习者非常关心单词记忆法的问题。 英语单 词记忆方法多种多样, 您认为在运用这些方 法时要注意什么? 俞:对一般的英语学 习者来说,如果希望达到比较高的英语水平,就不仅仅是一 ...

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