一,单项选择.(30*1=30 分)
  1. Simon plays football a week. A. once B. two time C. every two days D. sometimes

  2. do you see a film? Three or four times a month. A. How many times B. How often C. How soon D. How long

  3. There is hardly water in the bottle. A. some B. any C. no D. not any

  4. It a big difference to my grades. A. takes B. makes C .gets D. has

  5. Enough sleep is for your health. A. bad B. well C. good D right

  6. I'm not very strong, I often exercise. A. but B. so C. because D. although

  7. His ideas are the same hers. A. from B. for C. as D. to

  8. My dad a lawyer(律师). A. wants me to me be
  9. He goes to the movies with his daughter__ . A. ones a week a week
  10. She has A. cold B. a cold C. bad cold D. colds B. one times a week C. once a week D. two times B. wants me to be C. want to me be D. want to

  11. Judy a high fever yesterday. A. have B. has C. having D. had

  12. What's the matter you? A. with B. about C. on D. of
13 .Why not and rest? A. to lie down B. lie down C. lies down D. lay down

  14. I'm kind of tired. I should . A. work B. rest C. eat something D. see a dentist

  15. Eating too is bad for your. A. many, health healthy
  16. Nancy is not feeling now. A. good B. well C. nice D. right B. much, health C. many, healthy D. much,

  17. You shouldn't eat for breakfast. A. some B. any C. something D. anything

  18. He should to bed early. A. go B. goes C. going D. went

  19. It's easy . A. to stay health health
  20. ? About two days ago. A. When did it start start B. How did it start C. Where did it D. How often did it start B. stay healthy C. to stay healthy D. stay

  21. Everyone tired sometime. A. get B. gets C. getting D, got

  22. We you feel better soon. A. hope B. wish C. let D. make

  23. important a balanced diet. A. It, eat B. It's, eat C. It, to eat D. It's, to eat

  24. His father often helps him his lessons. A. in B. at C. with D. on

  25. What are you doing for vacation? I am __B__ time with my parents. A. staying B. spending . visiting D. taking

  26. The teacher asked the students to stop A. to talk listened to talk listen
  27. Li Lei goes to see his grandpa A. by foot
  28. Thank you A. for, to
  29. Her son is A. the same as
  30. Football game is A. popular popular 二,完形填空.(10*1=10 分) B. on foot C. on feet . B. taking listened
to her. D.
C. talking listen
D. by feet visit next week. D. to, by
your invitation B. to, for his mother. B. same C. in, to
C. the same
D. as the same
in the world. C. more popular D. the most
B. most popular
Henry is a little fatter(胖) than(比) he wants to be. He 41 some weight(减肥). So he is on the diet(节食).He tries not to eat too 42 and he eats very little meat because it will make him 44 . He swims very often, 46 47 45
to lose 43 .
He also does exercise every
he runs
about two kilometers (公里)a day. Now he is sister, Susan, is healthier than Henry. 年轻更瘦)than he. She does for her health.
  31. A. wants
  32. A. many
  33. A. sick
  34. A. day
  35. A. or
  36. A. fatter
  37. A. His
  38. A. exercise
  39. A. drink
  40. A. that B. likes B. less B. fat B. week B. either B. shorter B. He B. buy B. they C. Her B. homework C. eat C. what C. goes C. much C .thin C. month C .but 48
than before. Henry's 49 10 much eat. are better
is also younger and thinner (更
every day, too. She doesn't
But she eats a lot of fruit and vegetables because she thinks
D.want D. more D .happy D. year D. and D. longer D. housework
C. stronger D. She C. shopping D. cook D. them
三,阅读下面短文,选择最佳答案.(10*2=20 分)
Part A It was a Saturday morning in May. When Mrs Green opened her curtains (窗 帘) and looked out, she said,"It's going to be a beautiful day." She said to her son,"Get up, Tom. We are going to the zoo today. Wash your hands and face. We are going to New York by train,"Tom was six years old. He was very happy now, because he liked going to the zoo very much. He also liked going by train. He said,"I dreamed (做梦) about the zoo last night, Mum.""And what did you do in the zoo in your dream? "Mrs Green asked. Tom laughed (大笑) and answered, "You know, Mum! You were there in my dream too."
  41. It was a Saturday morning . A. May B. March C.in May D. in March

  42.They were going to . A. the zoo B. the park C. the street D. the school

  43.They were going to New York . A.by bike B.by bus C by train D by plane

  44.Tom was . A.five B.six C.seven D.eight .

  45.Tom dreamed of going to the zoo with A. his mother B.his father Part B
C.his grandma D.his grandpa
Once there was an old farmer. He had a horse and the horse was almost as old as himself. One morning he set out with his young son to sell the horse before it died. The father and the son walked because the farmer did not want the horse to be too tired(疲劳). They met two men on the road. They said,"Why are you walking, farmer? You have a horse. It's a long way to get to the market."The farmer knew that this was true, so he rode on the horse while his son walked. Then they met two old ladies. "What are you doing up there, farmer? Can't you see how tired your son is? "So the farmer got down, and let his son ride on it. Twenty minutes later, three old men stopped them. One said,"Why are you walking, farmer? Get up. It's too hot for an old man like you to walk today." So the farmer got up behind his son and they went on riding. Some time later, a young woman passed them. "Why aren't you walking? "she asked,"It isn't far to the market. Give your poor old horse a rest. "So the farmer and his son got down once again. It is a fact that you cannot please all the people all the time.

  46.The farmer was
A.nearly the same age as his horse B.almost always older than his horse C.not quite as old as his horse D.a little older than his horse
  47.The two men on the road .
A.asked how far it was to the market B.said they thought the horse looked very tired C.asked why the farmer was not riding on his horse D.told the farmer's son to get off the horse and walk
  48.The two old ladies said it was wrong for A.the farmer to ride such a tired horse B.the farmer to ride while his young son walked C.the boy to ride instead of his father D.only one person to ride such a long way
  49.The farmer got up behind his son because B.the three old men stopped them on the road C.he did hot know why he was walking D.his son could not ride the horse by himself
  50.What did the writer really want to tell us? A.The old man was a fool B.The horse was old and was going to die C.It is not right to listen to others D.It is impossible for a man to make everyone satisfied(满意)all the time. 四,汉译英.(10*2=20 分)
  51.他一个月看一次电影. He goes to the movies
  52.你咽喉疼痛吗? you a sore throat? . . .
A.the old man said it was too hot for him to walk

  53.此刻我感觉很不舒服. I'm not feeling well
  54.他花了两个小时步行到学校. .
two hours
to school.

  55.汤姆比萨姆体格更强健一些. Tom is Sam.

  56. A: 你能够来参加我的聚会吗? B: 当然,我很乐意. A: you to my party? . B: Sure, I'd
  57. A: 她怎样到达学校呢? B: 她乘地铁. A: B: She she the subway. to school?

  58. A: 你假期打算干什么? B: 我想去野营. A; B:I you camping. for vacation?

  59. 从他家到学校有多远? it from his home to school?
  60. 我希望你早日康复. I hope you 五,句型转换.(10*
  1.5=15 分)
  61. He sees a film with her once a week. (对划线部分提问) does he see a film with her?
  62. Maria exercises every day. (对划线部分提问) Maria every day? .

  63. You should go out at night. (否定句) You out at night.

  64. I'm not happy because my English isn't improving. (对划线部分提问) you not happy?
  65. Drink some milk before you see the doctor. (否定句) drink milk before you see the doctor

  66. I have to help my parents. (改一般疑问句) you to help parents?

  67. I'm going camping with my classmates. (对划线部分提问) you going camping ?

  68. I play basketball twice a week. (对划线部分提问) you play basketball?
  69. It's Sunday. (提问) is it ?
  70. It takes me forty minutes to get to school. (对划线部分提问) it 六,改错.(5*1=5 分)
  71. How about to go to Xi'an? A B C D to get to school?

  72. Mr Li, Can I ask you a problem? A B C D

  73. Tony is visit his friend in Hong Kong. A B C D

  74. Mr Green teaches my English. A B C D

  75. Tom often is late for school. A B C D 1 足球
  11.啤酒 12 玫瑰



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