英语第二阶段测验答案 英语第二阶段测验答案
Name GOOD LUCK! 一,选择填空(10')
  1. In some countries girls are still of a good education. A. denied B. declined C. derived D. deprived
  2. As the years passed, the memories of her childhood away. A. faded B. disappeared C. flashed D. fired
  3. Brierley's book has the of being both informative and readable. D. merit A. inspiration B. requirements C. myth
  4. If I have any comments to make, I'll write them in the of the book I'm reading A. edge B. page C. margin D. side
  5. My would really trouble me if I wore a fur coat. A. consciousness B. consequence C. constitution D. conscience
  6. When the post fell .Dennis Bass was appointed to fill it. A. empty B. vacant C. hollow D. hare
  7. Mother who takes care of everybody is usually the most person in each family. A. considerate B. considerable C. considering D. constant
  8. For ten years the Greeks the city of Troy to separate it from the outside. A. captured B. occupied C. destroyed D. surrounded
  9. Other guests at yesterday's opening, which was broadcast by the radio station, included Anne Melntosh and Mayor. A. live B. alive C. living D. lively
  10. A New Zealand man was recently to life imprisonment for the murder of an English tourist, Monica Cantwell. A. punished B. accused C. sentenced D. put
  11. The past 22 years have really been amazing, and every prediction we've made about improvements have al come A. truly B. true C. truth D. truthful
  12. The teachers tried to these students that they could solve the complicated problem, however, they just didn't see the point. A. convince B. encourage C. consult D. inclined
  13. I'm to think that most children would like their teachers to be their friends rather than their commanders. A. subjected B. supposed C. declined D. inclined
  14. She is under the impression that he isn't a person for he wouldn't tell her where and when he went to university. A. genius B. generous C. genuine D. genetic
  15. The first glasses of Coca Cola were drunk in 18
  86. The drink was first by a US chemist called John Pemberton A. formed B. made C. found D. done Score

  16. These two chemicals with each other at a certain temperature to produce a substance which could cause an explosion. A. interact B. attract C. react D. expel
  17. they can get people in the organization to do what must he done, they will not succeed. A. Since B. Unless C. If D. Whether
  18. Once you have started a job, you should do it. A. in practice B. in theory C. in earnest D. in a hurry
  19. Although they new library service has been very successful, its future is certain. A. at any rate B. by no means C. by all means D. at any cost
  20. To my surprise, at yesterday's meeting he again the plan that had been disapproved a week before. A. brought about B. brought out C. brought up D. brought down 二,完型填空(10') The China boom is by now a well-documented phenomenon. Who hasn't 1 the Middle Kingdom's astounding economic growth (8 percent annually), its tremendous consumer market (
  1.2 billion people), the investment enthusiasm of foreign suitors ($40 billion in foreign direct investment last year
  2)? China is an economic wonder. 3 Nicholas Lardy of the Brookings Institution, a Washington D.C.-based think tank, "No country 4 its foreign trade as fast as China over the last 20 years. Japan doubled its foreign trade over 5 period; China's foreign trade was quintupled ( 使 成 五 倍 ). They've become the pre-eminent producer of labor-intensive manufacturing goods in the world." But there's been 6 from the dazzling China growth storynamely, the Chinese multinational. No major Chinese companies have yet established themselves, or their brands, 7 the global stage. But things are now starting to change. 8 100 years of poverty and chaos, of being overshadowed by foreign countries and multinationals, Chinese industrial companies are starting to make a mark on the world. A new generation of large and credible firms 9 in China in the electronics, appliance and even high-tech sectors. Some have 10 critical mass on the mainland and are now seeking new outlets for their production -- through exports and by building Chinese factories abroad, chiefly in Southeast Asia.
  1. A. listened B. listened to C. heard D. heard of
  2. A. alone B. aside C. along D. lonely
  3. A. As for B. As to C. Judging by D. According to
  4. A. has expanded B. did expand C. does expand D. expands
  5. A. 20-year B. a 20-year C. 20-years D. a 20 years
  6. A. something lost B. lost something C. something missing D. something missed
  7. A. at B. in C. over D. on
  8. A. Before B. After C. Since D. Behind
  9. A. emerge B. have emerged C. has emerged D. is emerged
  10. A. reached B. reached over C. reached out D. reached down 三,英译汉(40')

  1. Thus it happened that when the new factories that were springing up required labor, tens of thousands of homeless and hungry agricultural workers, with their wives and children, were forced into the cities in search of work, any work, under any condition, that would keep them alive. 于是,就出现了这样的情况 正当新办的工厂纷纷成立,需要劳动力的时候, 就出现了这样的情况,正当新办的工厂纷纷成立 于是 就出现了这样的情况 正当新办的工厂纷纷成立,需要劳动力的时候,成千上万无家可 饥肠辘辘的从事农业的劳动者,携妻带儿,被迫流入城市;他们要找活干, 归,饥肠辘辘的从事农业的劳动者,携妻带儿,被迫流入城市;他们要找活干,不管什么 不讲什么条件,只要不让他们饿死就行 死就行. 活,不讲什么条件,只要不让他们饿死就行.
  2. It applies equally to tradition historians who view history as only the external and internal criticism of sources, and to social science historians who equate their activity with specific techniques. 它同样适用于传统历史学家和社会科学历史学家, 它同样适用于传统历史学家和社会科学历史学家,前者把历史仅仅视作是对历史辽源的内 部和外部的评论 而后者则把历史研究活动等同于具体方法研究的. 部和外部的评论,而后者则把历史研究活动等同于具体方法研究的.
  3. Thus, in the American economic system it is the demands of individual consumers, coupled with the desire of businessmen to maximize profits and the desire of individuals to maximize their incomes, the together determine what shall be produced and how resources are used to produce it. 在美国经济体制下,个体消费者的需求以及商人追求最大利润和个人追求最大收入的欲望, 在美国经济体制下,个体消费者的需求以及商人追求最大利润和个人追求最大收入的欲望, 这两方面决定了生产什么以及资源的如何投入. 这两方面决定了生产什么以及资源的如何投入.
  4. It is not uncommon, even in the most pleasant of homes, to see pasted on the windows small notices announcing that the premises are under surveillance by this security force or that guard company. 即使在幸福的家庭里,也可以司空见惯地看到贴在窗户上的小告示, 即使在幸福的家庭里,也可以司空见惯地看到贴在窗户上的小告示,告知人们此房舍被这 样的安全设施或那样的保安公司所监控保护. 样的安全设施或那样的保安公司所监控保护.
  5. At the same time, the American Law Institutea group of judges, lawyers, and academics whose recommendations carry substantial weightissued new guidelines for the law stating that companies need not warn customers of obvious dangers or bombard them with a lengthy list of possible ones. 同时,由权威法官,律师和学者们组成的美国法律协会颁布了新的法律指导方针, 同时,由权威法官,律师和学者们组成的美国法律协会颁布了新的法律指导方针,它声明 对于显而易见的危险,公司不必警示顾客或用一长串可能发生的危险来恐吓他们. 对于显而易见的危险,公司不必警示顾客或用一长串可能发生的危险来恐吓他们.
  6. Coupled with the growing quantity of information is the development of technologies which enables the storage and delivery of more information with greater speed to more locations than has ever been possible before. 技术的发展是和日益增加的信息密不可分的,它使得更多的信息能以更快捷的速度储存和 技术的发展是和日益增加的信息密不可分的,它使得更多的信息能以更快捷的速度储存和 传送到更多的地点. 传送到更多的地点.
  7. Young brains may be especially able to boost brain power through exercise, suggested another of the scientist's experiments that showed the most significant changes in the brain occurred among rats that had been exercised when very young. 还有一个科学家的实验表明 表明: 还有一个科学家的实验表明:大脑内部最显著的变化出现在那些很小就接受训练的老鼠中 这一实验也暗示,年轻人的大脑通过训练或许能够促进脑力的发育. 间,这一实验也暗示,年轻人的大脑通过训练或许能够促进脑力的发育.

  8. Indeed many of the rules, such as how to enter a banquet room, or how to use a sword or handkerchief for ceremonial purposes, were irrelevant to the way of life of the average working man, who spent most of his life outdoors or in his poor hut and most probably did not have a handkerchief, certainly not a sword, to his name. 确实,许多规则,譬如如何进入宴会厅,如何在礼仪场合佩剑和使用手帕,和普通劳动者 确实,许多规则,譬如如何进入宴会厅,如何在礼仪场合佩剑和使用手帕,和普通劳动者 的生活方式毫不相干,他们大多数的生命时光都在户外或破旧的小屋度过, 的生活方式毫不相干,他们大多数的生命时光都在户外或破旧的小屋度过,其名下几乎不 可能有手帕,当然也不会有宝剑了. 可能有手帕,当然也不会有宝剑了.
  9. Although it ruled that there is no constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide, the Court in effect supported the medical principle of "double effect", a centuries-old moral principle holding that an action having two effects-a good one that is intended and a harmful one that is foreseen-is permissible if the actor intends only the good effect. 尽管法庭裁决宪法没有赋予医生辅助病人自杀的权利,但事实上它却认可了医学界的" 尽管法庭裁决宪法没有赋予医生辅助病人自杀的权利,但事实上它却认可了医学界的"双 重效果"原则,这个已存在了几个世纪的道德原则认为,如果某种行为具有双重效果, 重效果"原则,这个已存在了几个世纪的道德原则认为,如果某种行为具有双重效果,即 希望达到的良好效果和可以预见的有害效果,而实施只是想达到的好的效果, 希望达到的良好效果和可以预见的有害效果,而实施只是想达到的好的效果,那么这个行 为就是被允许的. 为就是被允许的.
  10. The coming of age of the postwar baby boom and an entry into the male-dominated job marker have limited the opportunities of teenagers who are already questioning the heavy personal sacrifices involved in climbing Japan's rigid social ladder to good schools and jobs. 随着战后生育高峰期出生的孩子长大成人,以及妇女进入男性主宰的就业市场, 随着战后生育高峰期出生的孩子长大成人,以及妇女进入男性主宰的就业市场,限制了青 少年的发展机遇. 少年的发展机遇.这些青少年已经开始质疑是否值得做出巨大的个人牺牲去攀登日本等级 森严的社会阶梯以进入好学校 找到好工作. 社会阶梯以进入好学校, 森严的社会阶梯以进入好学校,找到好工作. 四,阅读(20') PASSAGE ONE Sport is heading for an indissoluble marriage with television and the passive spectator will enjoy a private paradise. All of this will be in the future of sport. The spectator (the television audience) will be the priority and professional clubs will have to readjust their structures to adapt to the new reality: sport as a business. The new technologies will mean that spectators will no longer have to wait for broadcasts by the conventional channels. They will be the ones who decide what to see. And they will have to pay for it. In the United States the system of the future has already started: pay-as-you-view. Everything will be offered by television and the spectator will only have to choose. The review Sports Illustrated recently published a full profile of the life of the supporter at home in the middle of the next century. It explained that the consumers would be able to select their view of the match on a gigantic, flat screen occupying the whole of one wall, with images of a clarity which cannot be foreseen at present; they could watch from the trainer's stands just behind the batter in a game of baseball or from the helmet of the star player in an American football game. And at their disposal will be the sane option s the producer of the recorded programmer has to select replays, to choose which camera to me and to decide on the sound whether to hear the public, the players, the



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   这次旅行到那个城市是大开眼界,对每个人来说都快要结束了,所有的年轻人们在我们的小组开始反思它的意思。我们__21the第一个晚上我们已经抵达。我们都进了市场的城市22__the年轻人能体验它的能量。但是我们真正看到了简单的__23__我们所有人- - - -破旧的房子,孩子们在破烂,人们乞求钱走回家时,24…下一个低的桥,我们遇到25无家可归的人,追求家庭有点干燥的土地上睡觉的商人一夜。我们不得不跨过尸体,如同我们发现我们的方式穿越了黑暗。 (贫困)是贫困的__27__比任何我所能想像的年轻的 ...


   一位年轻小伙子即将要大学,逐渐从很多个月他坏了36个漂亮的跑车在经销商的展厅,和37他父亲很可能38它,就告诉爸爸这个才是他最想要的。 他在一天的早上定级父亲将他叫到自己的书房,告诉他,有39他这么出色的儿子。他递过儿子一个用漂亮的礼物盒。四十岁,但略感失望,年轻的男人发现41这个盒子里,一个可爱的书,42岁,他提出了他的声音,他的父亲和说。“43你所有的钱都给我一本书吗?”,冲出屋子44这本书在书房里 他没有接触(联系)他父亲一整年45有一天他看到,在严格的一位老人,他长得像他的父亲。46他 ...


   大部分人都认为他们没有丰富的想象力。他们是__50__。每个人都有想象,但我们中的大部分人,一旦我们已经长大成人,忘记如何__51__它。创造力并不总是__52__与伟大的艺术作品或观点。人们在工作和闲暇的时间__53__比较有创意的方式来解决问题。也许你会有一个要达成的目标,是一项棘手的问题要答复或只是想扩展你的思维!这里有三个技术来帮助你。 该技术是指以建立人际关系__54__思想和试图找到它们之间的联系。首先,想想这个问题你必须解决或者这份工作你需要做的事。然后找一个图像、文字、思想或物 ...


   高中毕业要求任意改变在我的社区。作为一个结果,所有的学生都必须36 60个小时的服务学习,37人、必不领受了一份毕业证书。服务学习是学术的学习,也帮助社区。38服务学习包括清理受污染的河流,工作在汤的厨房,或辅导学生。39服务的经验,学生们必须保持一种期刊(日志),然后写一个40关于他们学到的知识。 支持者声称有许多41服务学习的。或许最重要的是,学生被迫认为42他们自己的利益,成为中的43他人的需要。学生也能学习技能,44岁的真实工作责任,解决问题的能力,以及作为团队的一部分。45,学生可以 ...


   我成功地我的工作。我很努力地工作,但它21我和我的家人一个令人难以置信的好(极好的)的生活方式。我已经为同一家公司工作了20年,我向部门总监。22日,一天下午,去年5月,我被叫到办公室,并且是23对我解释说,他们想放我走。我只是坐在那儿24他们不停地和我所能想的是:“我已经25岁。“我一直这么好尊重 26我是无价值的。 六个星期,我是在一个非常27的地方。我在森林里四处游荡我家就像僵尸(僵尸)。我能做的事,但是事情需要28不会做任何事。我的信念,在期待着,看到的每一件事都正(积极的29我。 然 ...


   詹姆斯再次摇了摇他的钱盒。没事!他仔细__36__的硬币就躺在床上了。24.52美元是他一切所有的。这辆自行车他想要的是至少90美元!地球上的__37__他会得到这些__38__的钱吗? 他知道,他的朋友都有自行车。这是__39__整天与人,当你是唯一一个没有轮子。他想到了他所能做的一切。没有__40__问他的父母,因为他知道他们没有钱__41__。 只有一个办法让钱,他们的意见是__42__它。他去找一份工作。__43__谁会雇佣他,而他能做些什么呢?他决定要求先生粘土通常是谁给了建议,在大 ...


   孩子们在他们的旧家庭找到意义的故事。 当史蒂夫Guyer的三个孩子在成长的过程中,他告诉他们他祖父的故事,一个银行家弓,36个都是在20世纪30年代,但并没有失去的情景,他尊重最多。最黑暗的时代中的一种固执的祖父是37他接近38他的家人,他装进车里,39他们看到家人在加拿大和一个40”,还有更重要的东西,在生活中比钱。” 41就有了一个新的意义,最近当先生Guyer缩减了42家从一个更为昂贵,而且舒适。他是43,他的孩子,一个女儿,15个,双胞胎,22岁,就会被打乱。但是令他吃惊的是,他们没有 ...


   阿尔弗雷德?诺贝尔成为一个百万富翁的方法,并改变了矿山企业、建筑施工企业和战争,就像刚才提到的发明者炸药(炸药)。1888年4月12日,艾尔弗雷德的哥哥路德维希死于心脏病。一个主要的法国报纸对他和他的兄弟_21_刊登的一篇文章中_22_阿尔弗雷德?诺贝尔的死。”商人死就死了。”这篇文章读博士。”阿尔弗雷德 诺贝尔奖,他们成为_23_通过寻找一种方法来杀死更多的人比以往快,昨天去世了。“诺贝尔是_24_找出这倒不是他已经去世了,但是,当他的时间到了,他会被认为只有当一个人从中受益的_25_和毁灭 ...



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   我们更关心孩子的未来 第一章 第 1节 节 词性分类 英语的词 我们所学的汉语的词,按照词语的性质可以分为实词 虚词 实词和虚词 实词 虚词2大类。 实词指有实在意义,能够单独充当句子成分,一般能单独回答问题的词语。不能充当句法成分,只有 语法意义的就是虚词。 中文的实词有:名词、动词、形容词、数词、量词、代词(6种) 虚词有:副词、介词、连词、助词、拟声词、叹词(6种) 英语也有实词和虚词之分。 英语的实词有:名词、动词、形容词、数词、副词、代词(6种) 虚词有:介词、连词、冠词、叹词(4 ...


   全日制义务教育语文课程标准( 19) 全日制义务教育语文课程标准(页码 1?19) 全日制义务教育数学课程标准( 20?56) 全日制义务教育数学课程标准(页码 20?56) 数学课程标准 全日制义务教育英语课程标准( 57?84) 全日制义务教育英语课程标准(页码 57?84) 英语课程标准 全日制义务教育语文课程标准 第一部分 前言 现代社会要求公民具备良好的人文素养和科学素养,具备创新精神、合作 意识和开放的视野,具备包括阅读理解与表达交流在内的多方面的基本能 力,以及运用现代技术搜集 ...


   iSj9W小九十六[x年度上[x期五年}??文?域【英??】 iSj9W小九十六[x年度上[x期五年}??文?域【英??】?渤探?x?R? }?胝撸?s淑靖 一、 依d冢 1.本校??文?域?渤?R? 2.朗文 Here we go 5 二、[x期[x夷?: 1. 能了解N&正x菏褂酶?簿湫??q。 2. 能模d旄?仓鹘侨宋镅莩??qQg容。 3. 能辨?XN&使用各?菜x之a捎米?Y。 4. 能辨?XN&??出字母在U?种械?|音及拼??。 5. 能熟悉N&正x焊?各???q短句。 6. ...


   六年级英语检测题 六年级英语检测题 一. 按顺序写出 24 个大写字母。 A Z 二. 按顺序写出所缺的小写字母。 p r f h m n v__ x 三. 判断下列单词划线部分的发音是否相同,相同的用“√”,不同的用“×”,表示在括号内。 ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. five )2. use )3. lake )4. phone )5. me thin usually wait bottle he 四. 下面每组单词中划线字母的读音有一个与其他二个不同,请将这单词的标号填入题前括号内。 ...