1 解决: Solve, deal with, cope with, handle, resolve, address, tackle
2 损害: Damage, hurt, injure, harm, impair, undermine, jeopardize
3 给与:Give, offer, render, impart, provide, supply, afford
4 培养::Develop, cultivate, foster
5 优势:Advantage, merit, virtue, benefit, upside, strength
6 缺陷:Disadvantage, demerit, drawback, downside, weakness
7 使迷惑:Puzzle, bewilder, perplex, baffle
8 重要的:Key, crucial, critical, important, significant, vital, substantial, indispensable, imperative
9 认为:Think, believe, insist, maintain, assert, conclude, deem, hold, argue, be convinced, be firmly convinced, be fully convinced
10 保护:Protect, conserve, preserve
11 确保:Assure, ensure, guarantee, pledge
12 有害的: Bad, baneful evil, harmful, detrimental
13 要求 :Request, demand, needs, requisition
14 消除 :Eliminate, clear, remove, clear up, take away, smooth away
15 导致: Lead to, bring about, result in, cause, spark off, conduce to, procure, induce, generate
16 因此:So, therefore, thus, hence, consequently, as a consequence, accordingly, as a result, because of this, as a result of this
17 增长至:Grow to,rise to,increase to,go up to,climb to,ascend to, jump to,shoot to
18 降低至:Dip to,fall to,decline to,decrease to,drop to,go down to, reduce to, slump to,descend to,sink to,slide to
19 保持稳定:Level out,do not change,remain stable,remain still,remain steady,be stable,maintain the same level,remain unchanged,be still, remain the same level,stay constant,keep at the same level,level off, stabilize,keep its stability,even out
20 急剧地: Dramatically, drastically, sharply, hugely, enormously, steeply, substantially,considerably,significantly,markedly,surprisingly, strikingly,radically,remarkably,vastly,noticeably
21 平稳地:Steadily,smoothly,slightly,slowly,marginally,gradually, moderately,mildly
22 宣称:Allege, assert, declare, claim
23 发生:Happen, occur, take place
24 原因:Reason, factor, cause
25 发展:Development, advance, progress
26 有益的:Useful, helpful, beneficial, profitable, rewarding, advantageous
27 影响:Influence, impact, effect
28 明显的:Clear, obvious, evident, self-evident, manifest, apparent, crystal-clear 29 占:Comprise, take up, account for, constitute, consist of, make up, occupy, hold, compose
30 与…相比: Compared with, compared to, comparison with, comparison in in to,by comparison with,by comparison to
31 对比而言: contrast, contrast, the other hand, the contrary=, By in on on conversely 32 展示:Show, reveal, illustrate, demonstrate, depict, present, represent, describe
33 大约:Approximately,almost,about,around,nearly,roughly
34 波动:Fluctuate,go ups and downs,display a fluctuation,demonstrate a fluctuation
35 事实上:Practically,in practice,essentially,in essence,in reality, in effect,in fact,as a matter of fact,it is a fact that
36 换言之:Namely,that is to say,in other words,to put it like this, to put it differently,to put it from another way,to put it from another angle.



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   英语专业四级作文常用单词、 英语专业四级作文常用单词、短语 (一) 常用的形容词和副词: absurd 荒唐的 addictive 上瘾的 affectionate 有感情的 aggressive 有上进心的 alert 敏锐的;警惕的 arduous 费劲的 artistic 艺术的 authoritative 权威性的 awkward 尴尬的 balanced 平衡的 cogent 使人信服的 cold-blooded 冷血的 cold-hearted 无情的 compassionate ...


   1.No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry. 没有人值得你流泪,值得让你这么做的人不会让你哭泣。 2.If you fail, don't forget to learn your lesson. 如果你失败了,千万别忘了汲取教训。 3.Don't waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their ti ...


   1, 2,英文常用语排行榜 3, 4, 主旨: 手机发明者之一 施敏的良心告白 施敏,是非常厉害的人物,之前在贝尔实验室研究,几年前才回到国内,是大哥大四个发明人 之一,写过一本半导体组件物理,发行量大概已有一两百万本,被论文引用的次数约两万多次(据 说是世界第一),这样说只是想传达一位学术界上很有地位的学者的看法而已。 今天 Seminar 时他再三的强调,关于手机的危险性,他引用美国目前研究的数据,人类如处在 2mG(毫高斯),就会有不好的影响,当场示范,只使用可在 10~200Hz(赫 ...


   英语经典句子, 英语经典句子,英语常用句子 句子真的很多,一次性放还说太多了,就只好作两次放了,个人认为,偶尔看看也不错的! 501. You’d better look before you leap. 你最好三思而后行。 502. You know what I’m talking about. 我想你知道我在说什么。 503. He has been sick for three weeks. 他已经病了几周了。 504. He inspected the car for defect ...


   英语常用句型 2008-10-17 00:01 初学英语的人常常感到在掌握一些英语单词和基本语法后, 初学英语的人常常感到在掌握一些英语单词和基本语法后,在英语说和写方面还是很难表达自 己,笔者认为其中一个原因是没有掌握一些英语句型,只有掌握了一些句型才能比较正确、完 笔者认为其中一个原因是没有掌握一些英语句型,只有掌握了一些句型才能比较正确、 整地表达自己。下面是笔者收集的一些常用句型。 整地表达自己。下面是笔者收集的一些常用句型。 1. 否定句型 1) 一般否定句 I don't kno ...


   英语六级考试网 www.cet6.net 为您提供最新最高效的英语六级复习资料和考试技巧 English 900 英语九百句 第一册 一, Greetings 问候语 1. Hello! / Hi! 你好! 2. Good morning / afternoon / evening! 早晨(下午/晚上)好! 3. I'm Kathy King. 我是凯西金. 4. Are you Peter Smith? 你是彼得史密斯吗? 5. Yes, I am. / No, I'm not. 是,我是 ...


   1. accident n. 意外事件,事故 2. achievement n. 成就,功绩 3. activity n. 活跃,活动性,行动,行为 4. adopt vt. 采用,收养 5. advantage n. 优势,有利条件,利益 6. afford vt. [常与 can,could,be able to 连用]担负得起费用(损失,后果等),花 费得起,经受得住;抽得出(时间) 7. ambition n. 野心,雄心 8. approach n. 接近, 逼近, 走进, 方法, ...


   动物 ant 蚂蚁 ass, donkey 驴 bat 蝙蝠 bear 熊 bedbug, bug 臭虫 bee, honeybees 蜜蜂 beetle 甲虫, 金龟子 billy 雄山羊 buffalo 水牛 bull, ox 雄牛 butterfly 蝴蝶 calf 小牛, 牛犊 calf( pl. calves) 年幼的牛 camel 骆驼 cat 猫 catta 雌猫 cattle 牛 chick 小鸡 chicken 鸡, 雏鸡 colt, foal 马驹,小马 cow 雌牛, ...


   重点单词 symbol n.象征 fantastic adj.极好的,美妙的 include vt.包括,包含 whale n.鲸 speed n.速度 ride n.(乘车或骑车的)短途旅程 clap vt.鼓掌 magic n.魔法 pie n.派,馅饼 excitement n.激动 harm n.伤害 harmful adj.有害的 helpless adj.无助的 useless adj.无用的 meaning n.意义;意思 success n.成功 endless adj.无尽 ...



   Unit 1 Public signs The Second Period Objectives 1.能听懂、会说、会读和会拼写单词:must, make, mean 2.能听懂、会说和会读单词和词组:a cousin, always, a question, a cage, make noise. 3.能听懂、会说、会读和会写句型:What does it/this/that mean? It means you /we should/must/shouldn't ... Emphases ...

人教英语必修5 U1 lanugage points 1

   Expressions & phrases (1) 1. know about… 了解 了解……的情况 的情况 2. lift up 3. steam engine 举起;抬起 提升 举起 抬起;提升 抬起 蒸汽机 人体的特征 4. physical characteristic 5. put forward a theory about black holes 5. 提出一个有关黑洞的理论 6. infectious disease 传染性的疾病 7. in scientific ...


   大家论坛 club.topsage.com 2010 年英语四级考前模拟试题 二) 年英语四级考前模拟试题(二 Part I Writing (30 minutes) Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Competition. You should write at least 120 words following the outline giv ...


   ?102 ? 广 西 医 科 大 学 学 报 2006 Sept ; 23 J OU RNAL O F GUAN GXI M EDICAL UN IV ERSIT Y 2005 年全国大学生英语竞赛初赛试题分析 及其对我校大学英语教学的启示 蓝 岚 ( 广西大学外国语学院 南宁 530004) 语言既是测试工具 , 又是测试对象 .因此 , 应该把语言 测试和实际情景紧密联系起来 [1 ] 负责任的态度终将会给学生带来积极的影响 . 1. 3 情景对话 ( Sit uatio n ...


   建有声有色的英语课堂 语言是生活的一部分,是具有生命力的、开放的、发展着的活的系统。英语作为一 门语言,最主要的用途就是用来交际,所以英语教学的课堂任务,不应只是学生听讲和 作笔记的过程,而应是学生积极参与,运用英语来实现目标,达成愿望、体验成功、感 受快乐的有意义的交际活动过程。教师应努力为学生创设参与课堂语言交际活动的机会, 组织丰富多彩的适合学生语言水平和年龄特点的英语课堂活动。真正做到以学生为中心, 以活动为手段,教学活动化,活动交际化。由此打造一个有声有色的英语课堂。 课堂活动的形 ...