1. agree vi.同意 持相同意见 同意;持相同意见 同意 I cannot agree with you on this point.在这一点上,我不能同意你的意见。 sb agree with sb 同意某人的话/意见 sth agree with sb 某物,某事适应某人 agree to sb 建议 agree on sth 在某一点上取得一致意见 agree up sth 在某一点上取得一致意见 agree to do sth 同意干某事
  2. break vt.打破 损坏 破坏 打破;损坏 打破 损坏;破坏 We should all take a little break before dessert. 吃甜点之前我们大家应该稍微休息一下。 break down 机器坏了=go wrong 身体垮了/ 终止谈话 。 break in 闯入,插话 break off 忽然停止讲话/断绝,结束/暂停工作,休息 break out (战争等)爆发;逃出(无被动式) break through 打破包围 break up 驱散,学校的放学 The police had to employ force to break up the crowd. 警察不得不使用武力驱散人群。 break away from 脱离,逃说,与...断绝来往/改变某种习惯
  3. bring vt.拿来 带来 取来 拿来;带来 拿来 带来;取来 I'll bring some of my pictures into the gallery. 我就带一些我的摄影到艺廊来。 bring about =cause, result in, lead to bring down 使倒下,使下降 bring force 使产生,引起 bring forward 提出建议=put forward/提前 bring in =get in the pops/使得到某种收入 bring back to one's mind 使回想起 bring up sb 抚养某人 bring up sth 提出 bring up 呕吐 bring to an end 结束=come to an end
  4. call vt.叫喊 打电话给 叫喊;打电话给 叫喊 打电话给…
I'll call the roll before class. 课前我要点名。 call on sb 拜访,号召 call at 访问(某人的家);(火车、船)停靠 call for 需要 And there's a phone call for you, Mr. Bennett. Bennett.先生 有你的电话。 call for sb 去接某人一起去做某事 call off 取消(计划,比赛) call out (call out+to sb.)大声地叫 call up sb 打电话 call in 请进来 We'll call in a couple of days. 我们两三天後打电话。
  5. carry vt.携带 运载 传送 携带;运载 携带 运载;传送 carry out 进行到底,贯彻执行 carry on 进行下去,坚持下去 carry away 拿走,入迷,被...吸引 carry off 抢走,夺走/获得奖品 carry through 进行到底,完成计划 carry sb through 使...渡过难关
  6. catch vt.捉;抓住 vi.接住 捉 抓住 接住 catch up 赶上 catch on 勾住,绊倒 catch at 想抓住 A drowning man will catch at a straw. 溺水者见草也要抓;急何能择。 be caught in the rain 被雨淋 catch up with 赶上某人,补上工作
  7. clear a.清澈 晰]的 vt.清除 清澈[晰 的 清除 清澈 clear up (天气)转晴,澄清事实,整理收拾 It is said it will clear up tonight. 天气预报说今晚雨就会停。 clear away 清除掉,去掉,消散 clear off 消除(积雪)等障碍,把...拆掉,擦掉,清除
  8. come vi.到来 变得 到达 到来; 到来 变得; May I come in? 我能进来吗? come across 偶然发现,偶然遇到 come on 快点(口),开始,到来,举行,走吧,一起去 come at 向...扑过来,向...袭击 come down 倒下,(温度,价格)下降,病倒 come forward 涌现,主动地响应要求做某事 come in 进来,上市 come from 来自于 come out 出来,出发,结果
Did Mitchell Johnson's review come out yet? Mitchell Johnson 的评论出来了没有 ? come to 苏醒,总共,达到,得到谅解 come up sb 走进 come up 种子生长发育,被提出 and I'll come up with something. 我会想出个办法的。 come true 实现 I know, but it's still a dream come true. 我知道 但这终究是一个梦想实现了。
  9. cut v.割,切,削减 切断 削减,切断 割 切 削减 cut sth in half 把...砍成两半 cut away 切除 He cut away a dead branch.他砍掉一根枯干的树枝。 cut through 走近路,剌穿 cut down 砍倒,减少,压缩(开支) cut off 切断(关系,来往),中止(电话,思维) cut out 删掉/改掉(恶习),停止 in a short cut 诀窍
  10. do v.aux.助动词 无词意 助动词(无词意 助动词 无词意) do with 涉及到 What are you going to do with the books? 你打算拿这些书怎么办? do up one's hair 盘起长发 do up sth 包/捆起来 do out 打扫,收拾 do away with =get rid of 废除,去掉,取消
  11. die vi.死亡 枯死 熄灭 死亡; 死亡 枯死; dir from 因饥渴,战争,被污染的意外死亡 die of 因年老,疾病而死亡 die away 声音变弱,渐渐消失/停息,消失 die down 慢慢地熄灭(风,火) die out 熄灭,变弱,消失,灭绝(动物)
  12. fall vi.落下 跌倒 陷落 落下;跌倒 落下 跌倒;陷落 to fall 坠下,掉下 fall asleep 去睡觉=go to sleep fall ill 病了 fall across 遇见(偶然) fall back 后退,后撤 fall behind 落后,跟不上 fall in 集合/陷入 fall into 陷入+名词 A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit.吃一堑,长一智。 fall off 减少,从...摔下来
to fall off a bench 从长椅上掉下来 fall on 看到,落在...上面 fall short of 缺乏 fall out of 放弃
  13. get vi.变得 成为 到达 变得,成为 变得 成为;到达 get about 到处走,消息的传开 get across 穿过,讲清楚使人了解,领会 get away 逃掉,离开,摆脱 get down 从…下来,写下来,记下来,病了/使某人不安 It's time to get down to business now. 是进入正题的时候啦。 get along with sth 进展得 get along with sb 相处 get in 进去,进站,收进来,收帐 get off 离开,下车 get on 上车 get out 拔出,传开 get over 克服(困难),从病中恢复过来,不接 from get around =spread 传开 get through 完成,通过,用完,从人群中通过,接通电话 get to 到达,抓住问题的要害,本质 get together 聚会,联欢 get in a word 策划 get into trouble 陷入 get rid off 摆脱,去掉
  14. give vt.给出 赋予 发生 给出,赋予 给出 赋予,发生 give away 分发,赠送,颁发,背叛,出卖,暴露 give in 屈服 give off 放出(气体,光) Those flowers look pretty but don't give off a nice smell. 这些花看似漂亮,但是气味并不好。 give out 使人筋疲力尽 give up 放弃,停止做某事 give over 让位于=give way to 被取代 give away to 被取代 give rise to 引起,导致
  15. go vi.离开 移动 运行 离开; 离开 移动; go bad 变坏;变酸;腐败 go red 变红 go hungry 挨饿
wrong 出错;发生故 about 随便走/进行 after 追赶 ahead 说吧,走吧,做吧(口语),走在前面 beyond 超出 by =pass 经过,过去 down 下降 into 进入 off 消失,腐败,坏的 out (火)熄灭,过时了,罢工 Why not go out for a walk? 干吗不出去散步 over 复习,检查 to go over to the construction site with me? 去看一看建筑工地吗 go through 审阅/经历了(痛苦,困难) go up 提高,上涨(价格) rise up 起来反抗 go around 分配,传播,传开 go all out to do sth 全力以赴去做某事 go back to 追溯到… go with 相配=match go well with 协调 go too far 太过分了,走太远了
  16. hold vt.怀有 持有 见解等 怀有,持有 见解等) 怀有 持有(见解等 No, the restaurant will hold our table. 不会 餐厅会保留我们的席位。 hold up 主持,耽搁,延误,继续下去,拿起 hold back 阻挡,忍住,保留,隐瞒 hold down 控制,镇压=put down hold off 延误,保持距离,使"疏远" hold on 坚持下去,停止,别挂(电话) hold out 坚持到胜利,支持,维持,伸出 hold to 坚持某个看法(路线),紧紧地抓住 OK, hold to the right. 好 在右边停住。
  17. hunt vt.追猎 追赶 vi.打猎 追猎;追赶 打猎 追猎 hunt for 寻找 hunt out 找出来
  18. keep vt.保存 保持 留住 保存,保持 保存 保持;留住 We keep in touch with each other by Email since he left China. 他离开中国以后,我们用 Email 保持联系。 keep to 坚持某种习惯,遵循,靠(左右) In England traffic must keep to the left.在英国,车辆必须靠左行驶。 go go go go go go go go go go go
keep back 留在后面,阻止,忍住 keep down 控制,下降,缩减开支 keep off 避开,远离,让开 keep out 使其等在外面,不让进入 keep up 保持,维持,鼓足勇气 keep sb from doing 阻止某人做某事 keep sth from sb 把某事瞒着某人 keep up with 跟上
  19. knock vi.&vt.&n.敲,击,打 敲击打 knock into sb 撞到某人身上;偶然遇到 knock sth down 降低价格,拆除,缩减开支 knock off 下班,停工,很快地写出文章 knock sb up 匆匆做饭,敲门把某人叫醒,使某人疲倦 knock at 敲(门) knock sb up 把某人叫醒 know vt.知道 认识 通晓 知道;认识 知道 认识;通晓 know about 了解,知道情况 How much do you know about the works of George Eliot? 乔治?艾略特的作品你知道多少? know of 听说,知道为什么 be known for sth 以...出名 as known to all 众所周知
  20. lay vt.放,安排 铺设 覆盖 安排,铺设 放 安排 铺设,覆盖 lay aside 放在…一边,积蓄 lay down 放下,制定计划 lay emphasis on sth 强调 lay down one's life for 为...献出生命 lay in 积蓄,储蓄 lay out 布置;设计 lay off 解雇
  21. leave v.离开,留下 离开, 离开 leave alone 不要管(某人),不要碰(某物) leave behind 遗留,遗志 leave off (使)停止;中断 leave out 删掉,漏掉 leave over 剩下的,暂时不去解决的
  22. let vt.容许 使得 假设 容许,使得 容许 使得,假设 let alone 不要管,不碰,更不用说
let down 放下(窗帘),失望 let off 燃放鞭炮,放掉蒸汽,放过某人 let out 放掉气,发出响声,泄露
  23. look v.看,期待 n.外观 神色 外观,神色 看 期待 外观 look after 照料 look at 看 look back 回顾 look in 顺便来访=drop in look into sth 调查,了解某事,浏览(书报) look on as 把...看作... look out 小心,当心,向外看 look around 到处看 Well ... you mind if I look around 嗯……你们不介意我到处瞧瞧 look over 审阅,翻阅 look through 浏览,仔细地检查 look to 负责,留意 look up (从词典中)找出,天气转变,物价上涨,仰视 look up to sb 尊敬某人 look down on sb 轻视某人 look down upon sb 轻视某人 look forward 期待 I look forward to seeing you and Harry and Michelle. 我等著见 Harry 和 Michelle。
  24. make n.(产品 来源 vt.制造 产品)来源 制造 产品 It's really hard to make a decision. 挺难做决定的。 make for 有助于,向…走过去 make out 辩认出,理解,开(写)支票,假装 make up 构成化妆 I am old enough to make up my own mind. 我已经长大了,可以自己拿主意了。 make up for 补偿 make up of 由...组成 make the best of 充分利用 make certain 弄清楚 make up one's mind 决定,下决心 make up one's minds 决心,下决心 make tea 泡茶 make coffee 冲咖啡





make off 逃跑,匆匆离开 open a.开的 开放的 vt.开业 开的;开放的 开业 开的 open to the public 向公众开放 open traffic 通车典礼 open into 门打开后通向 open up 开垦 open fire on sb. 向某人开火 open out 打开,转开 pass v.通过 n.经过 通行证 经过;通行证 通过 经过 pass away 消磨(时间) to pass away 去世,死(委婉的说法) pass by 从某人身边经过,过去 Don't let chances pass by. 不要让机遇从我们身边溜走。 pass off 消失,顺利地进行 pass for 冒充,假扮 pass on 传下去 pass through 经历 pick v.凿;摘 ;挑选 凿 摘 挑选 pick out 挑选,认出(某人),领会 pick up 捡起来,中途把某人装上车,恢复健康 I pick up my sister from her school. 我到学校接妹妹。 pull v.拖,拔, 扯 n.牵引 拖拔 牵引 pull down 拆掉,推掉,使身体虚弱,使价格降低 pull off 脱衣帽 pull off a plan 实现计划 pull out 拔出,离开,度过难关,恢复健康 pull throw 渡过难关,使从病中恢复过来 pull up 车子停下,拔起(树、草) put v.放;移动 使穿过 写 移动;使穿过 放 移动 使穿过;写 put away 收起来,把…放在原位 He has a nice sum of money put away. 他存了一大笔钱。 put aside 把放在...留出(时间),备用 put back 放在原处,推迟,延期 When the others had gone, Mary remained and put back the furniture. 当其他人走了之后,玛丽留下来,将家具放回原处。 put down 镇压,写下来 He put down his glass.他放下杯子。 put forward 提出,提前,提供 put in 提交,申请(+for) put off 推迟,延期,打消,关上
Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.今日事今日毕 put on 穿上,上演 put on a bit of makeup. 我化一点妆。 put through 接通电话 put out 扑灭,关灯,生产,出版 Far water does not put out near fire.远水救不了近火。 put up 张贴,留某人过夜,建造 put into production 把...投入生产 put into use 投入使用 put one's heart into 全心全意投入
  30. run v.(使)跑 n.赛跑 路线 赛跑;路线 使 跑 赛跑 run across 穿过(跪道),偶然遇到 run after 追赶 to run after the gentleman 追求绅士 run away 逃走,失去控制 run down 身体虚弱,电用完了 run into sb 碰到某人 run for 竞选 run out 用完 Well, I suppose I've run out of excuses. 噢 我想我再也找不出籍口了。 run over 匆匆浏览 run through 穿过,匆匆看一下, run a risk of =at the risk of 冒...险 run a fever 发烧 run short of 缺乏
  31. see vt.看见 遇见 看出 看见;遇见 看见 遇见;看出 see sb off 为某人送行,解雇 see into sth 调查,了解某事 see about 负责处理 I'll have to see about that.这事儿我得想一想再定。 see through 看穿某人 see sth through 进行到底 send vt. vi.送,寄



   side by side 并排, 并肩 learn ... by heart 用心学习 combine ... with ... 与...结合 in that circumstances 如果是那样的话 replace ... with ... 用...代替... keep a record of 记录 comments on ... 关于...的意见 at least 至少来源: speak about 谈及 expect of/from... 从...当中期待 in return 作为回 ...


   选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 高中英语常用短语及句型归纳 1.高考高频动词短语 短语: (1)act 短语: ) act as 担任……职务,起……作用 act for 代理(某人职务) ,代为(处理某事) act out 表演(对话、故事等) act up 捣乱,出毛病 例如: I acted as an interpreter while I was in Xiamen. Mr Black is acting ...


   第一节 1.liketodosth/likedoingsth 喜欢做某事 2.lovetodosth/lovedoingsth 喜欢做某事 3.hatetodosth/hatedoingsth 憎恨做某事 4.prefertodosth/preferdoingsth 宁可做某事 5.begintodosth/begindoingsth 开始做某事 6.starttodosth/startdoingsth 开始做某事 7.continuetodosth/continuedoingsth 继续做某 ...


   常用短语 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. be about to do 刚要,即将 be friends with 与...友好 bear in mind 记住 bring into effect 实行;使生效 bring into operation 实施;使生效 can not help 禁不住,忍不住 carry into effect 施行;使生效 cast light on/upon 阐明,使了解 catch fire 着火,烧着 75. put into p ...


   写作文常用的100个英语句子或短语默认分类 1 .经济的快速发展 the rapid development of economy 2 .人民生活水平的显著提高 / 稳步增长  the remarkable improvement/ steady growth of people’s living standard 3 .先进的科学技术 advanced science and technology 4 .面临新的机遇和挑战 be faced with new opportunities a ...


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   1. at the thought of 一想到… 2. as a whole (=in general) 就整体而论 3. at will 随心所欲 4. (be) abundant in(be rich in; be well supplied with) 富于,富有 5. access(to) (不可数名词) 能接近,进入,了解 6. by accident(=by chance, accidentally)偶然地,意外. Without accident(=saf ely) 安全地, ...


   …(money) worth of sth. ……价值……(接数词) …has a population of… ……人口数量是…… …times as big as ……是……几倍大 …times the size of ……是……几倍大 a (great/large/small) number of 许多(接可数名词复数;谓语动词用复数) A (together) with B… A 与 B 一样,……(谓语动词与 A 一致) A as well as B… A 跟 B 一样,……(谓语 ...


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   英语四级常用短语汇总 a series above after all of 一系列,一连串 all 首先,尤其是 毕竟,究竟 在...之前 time 提前 突然,同时 ahead of ahead of all all all all all all all as as as as as as as as as as as as all as as at of once but 几乎;除了...都 a sudden 突然 遍及 again 再一次,重新 over over the time ...



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   高一英语 Unit2 Wish you were here 阅读课教学设计 设计教师: 设计教师:洪泽外国语中学 教学年级:高一年级 课题名称:Reading Wish you were here (Unit 2 Module 2) 教材版本:Teaching and Research Division of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and Oxford University Press 2004 (牛津教材 江苏) 学生分析: ...


   Typical of the grassland dwellers of the continent is the American 洲羚羊,或称叉角羚,是该大陆典型的草原动物。 antelope, or pronghorn 美 Of the millions who saw Haley’s comet in , how many people will live long enough to see it return in the twenty-first century 年看 见哈雷慧 ...


   本文由文舟小学贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 PEP 新教材四年级下册英语教案 草塔镇南屏小学 郑力娣 一、教学目的 1、激发学生学习英语的兴趣,培养他们学习英语的积极态度,使他们初步建立 学习英语的自信心; 2、培养学生具有一定的语感和良好的语音、语调书写基础,以及良好的学习习 惯; 3、使他们初步具备用英语进行简单日常交流的能力。 4、同时培养学生的观察、记忆、思维、想象和创造能力。 5、适当介绍中西方文化,培 ...


   社会现象评论类文章模版: 社会现象评论类文章模版: 1、标准模版 As we can see from the situation, has become a common ph enomenon among . According to a newspaper survey, about p ercent of,this trend will continue for a while in the future. With regard to this phenomenon, people ...