综合练习 (Unit 2 和 Unit
  7) 单项选择. 一,单项选择.
  1.-Would you mind cleaning your room? . A.Sorry,I don't B.No,you don't C.No,not at all D.That's right
  2.-So hot in the classroom.Would you mind the window? -OK,I'll do it right now. A.not closing B.not opening C.closing D.opening
  3.Could you please ask me such kind of question? A.no B.not C.doesn't D.didn't
  4.-The music is too noisy ,Lucy. -Sorry,Mum.I'll at once. A.turn it up B.turn it on C.turn it down D.turn down it a minute.
  5.I will make the bed A.after B.for C.in D.about
  6.He raised his in order to make the students hear him clearly. A.voice B.sound C.noise D.shout
  7.-Where is your umbrella? -Oh,my God .I it the bus. A.leave;on B.leave;to C.forgot;on D.left;on
  8.His haircut is mine. A.the same like B.same as C.else D. Another ( )
  9.Would you like something to eat? A.other B.others C.else D.another ( )
  10.Let's and invite her tennis. A.call her up;play B.call up her;to play C.call her up;playing D.call her up;to play ( )
  11. All of us except Mr Black wrong. A.am B.is C.are D.be ( )
  12.-Could I borrow your dictionary? -Yes,of course,you . A.can B.could C.will D.need ( )
  13. You pass me a pen? I'd like to write down the telephone number. A.Should B.Could C.Will D.Need ( )
  14.You put on your coat when you go out.It's cold outside. A.would B.shall C.will D.shouldn't ( )
  15.Schools allow(允许)students at least one hour a day for sports. A.would B.might C.should D.could ( )
  16.You don't feel well .You should in bed and have a rest. A.stay B.stays C.staying D.to stay 二,完成句子 完成句子. 完成句子
  1.你介意把你的自行车挪开吗? Would you mind ?
  2.不要在这里踢球好吗? ? Would you mind

  3.请从浴室出来好吗? the bathroom? Could you please
  4.他的发型看上去很糟糕. . His haircut
  5.外面正在下雨,穿上你的雨衣. It's raining outside. Your raincoat.
  6.有人插队时我很生气. . I was very angry when people
  7.你知道去车站的路吗? Do you know the bus station?
  8.你让汤姆等五分钟好吗? five minutes? Could you ask Tom
  9.我爸爸听到这个消息一定会很惊讶. hear the news. My father
  10.这种事总是发生在我身上. This me .
  11.我妈妈和邻居相处的很好. My mother the neighbourhood.
  12.请把这本书还给图书馆. Please the book the library.
  13.我们必须查明谁打破了玻璃. We must who broke the glass.
  14.他们在寻求帮助. They help now.
  15.他妈妈生他的气了. His mother is him.
  16. (当心)not to break the window. (把它捡起来)for me?
  17.This is my pen .Could you
  18.I'll get there (即使)I have to walk.
  19.Don't stand (离……近)the person you're talking with. (压低他的声音) .
  20.He was so excited that he couldn't 根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成单词. 三,根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成单词.
  1.My little sister is sleeping.would you mind t down the music? my English?
  2.Could you please help me w
  3.-Could you please clean the yard?It's so dirty. -Sure,that's no p .
  4.If you finish these (任务),we can go to a movie tonight.
  5. (洗)the dishes is my job.
  6.It's p to say "thank you"when someone helps you.
  7.-Where is Tom ? -P he is in the library. I'm not sure.
  8.Please close the d when you go out.
  9.It a me when the man next to me began to smoke. to her trouble.
  10.I want to help her,but I can't think of any s
四,把下列句子改为同义句. 把下列句子改为同义句.
  1.Tina failed her math test yesterday. her math test yesterday. Tina
  2.I fought with my deskmate last week. I with my deskmate last week.
  3.Everyone in my class went to the Great Wall ,but Lin Mei didn't Everyone in my class to the Great Wall Lin Mei.
  4.I don't know what I should . I don't know 五,用所给词的适当形式填空 用所给词的适当形式填空. 用所给词的适当形式填空
  1.Mr.Smith isn't here .He is at a (meet).
  2.Could you please (not smoke) here? (wait) for me here tomorrow morning?
  3.Would you mind
  4.Bob often helps me (learn)English.
  5.If I (be)free,I will go shopping tomorrow.
  6.Could you please (not ride)bikes here?
  7.I was (excite)to meet one of my old friends in the street yesterday.
  8.We should try (study)hard for the future. (polite) to speak loudly in public places.
  10.I get angry when someone (talk)to me while I'm thinking. 六,句型转换 句型转换. 句型转换
  1.Could you please pick up the paper?(改为同义句) up the paper?
  2.Could you please do the laundry? (作肯定回答) OK. right away.
  3.Would you mind wearing that old hat ?(改为否定句) Would you mind that old hat.
  4.I will get up right away.(改为同义句) I will get up .
  5.?(根据答语写问句) -Sorry,I'll go to another place to play baseball.
  6.They ordered some chicken.(对划线部分提问) They ?
  7.The computer doesn't work. (改为同义句) There's the computer.
  8.He bought a T-shirt .It didn't fit him.(合并为一句) The T-shirt didn't fit him.
  9.Lucy said ,"Your skirt is very beautiful ."(改为间接引语) Lucy said my skirt very beautiful.
  10.The present you gave me is very interesting.(对划线部分提问) is very interesting? 七,选择填空 选择填空. 选择填空 Haircut,waitress ,work,smaller,bring
  1.My Aunt works in a restaurant as a .

  2.Please your photos here tomorrow .
  3.-What's the time ? -sorry .My watch doesn't .
  4.His barber gave him a great .He looks smart.
  5.You gave me the wrong size.Could you gave me a one.



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