Preparatory Lesson 1
Section 1
A. Listen to the recording and write down what you have heard on the tape. The first one
of each group has been done for you.
a. Numbers:

  1. forty

  2. fifteen

  3. a hundred and fifteen

  4. three hundred and eighty

  5. three thousand four hundred and eighty

  6. twenty a

  7. thirty b

  8. fourteen d
b. Telephone numbers:

  1. four eight two six three four

  2. seven two one five o six

  3. six nine seven double two four

  4. five six four three eight o
c. Years:

  1. nineteen eighty-two

  2. nineteen eighty-seven

  3. nineteen seventy-one

  4. fourteen ninety-two

  5. ten sixty-six

  6. eighteen thirty-two
d. Days:

  1. the fourteenth of July

  2. the second of October

  3. the twenty-third of March

  4. April the tenth

  5. the thirty-first of January
e. Addresses:

  1. thirty-two High Street

  2. a hundred and fifty-two Piccadilly

  3. forty-eight Sutton Road

  4. eighteen Bristol Square
f. Times:

  1. nine thirty

  2. ten forty-five

  3. eleven ten

  4. three fifteen

  5. six forty-five
g. Abbreviations:

  1. Doctor Smith

  2. Saint Thomas

  3. Bond Street

  4. Mrs. Archer

  5. Eton Avenue

  6. Eden Square
h. Spelling:

  1. C-H-E-S-T

  2. D-I-Z-Z-Y

  3. F-L-O-W-E-R

  4. J-O-K-I-N-G

  5. L-E-M-O-N

  6. Q-U-I-E-T

  7. W-A-V-E

  8. G-R-E-A-T
i. Contractions:

  1. Don't go.

  2. I can't see.

  3. It isn't true.

  4. I'll tell you.
B. Listen to the tape and complete the following statements.
a. Dr. Blake wasn't born until 19
b. I'll see you at nine forty-five.
c. She doesn't live in Oxford Street.
d. You weren't with us on the twenty-first of May.
e. I'd like to phone Eastleigh, that's E-A-S-T-L-E-I-G-H. Six eight two double four eight.
f. Mrs. Jones has an appointment at eight am.
g. A northeast wind will bring rain to the London area tomorrow.
C. Look at the boxes. Listen to the numbers. Put the numbers you hear in the boxes. Then
add the numbers. Look at Example
  1. Put number 1 in box A. Put number 2 in box B. Now
put number 3 in box C. Now add the numbers. 1 plus 2 plus 3 make
Now listen carefully.
Look at Practice
  1. Put number 3 in box A. Put number 6 in box B. Put number 7 in
box C. Now add the numbers.
Look at Practice
  2. Put number 8 in box A. Put number 2 in box C. Put number 1 in
box B. Add the numbers.
Look at Practice
  3. Put number 7 in box B. Put number 2 in box C. Put number 4 in
box A. Add the numbers.
D. Listen to the statements and fill in the blanks.

  1. Does she work in a supermarket?

  2. Does she work in a bank?

  3. Does he work in a chemist?

  4. Does he work in a big shop?

  5. Does she work in a hotel?

  6. Does she work in a shoe shop?

  7. Does he work in a shoe shop?
Section 2
Dialogue 1:
?My name's King.
?How do you spell that?
?K-I-N-G. I live in Hampstead.
?How's that spelt?
Dialogue 2:
?What do you do for a living?
?I'm a journalist.
?Really? Do you like it?
?Yes, I do. It's very interesting.
Dialogue 3:
Woman: This is John, Mother.
Mother: How do you do?
John: How do you do?
Woman: John's a journalist.
Mother: Are you? Do you like it?
John: Well, it's alright.
Dialogue 4:
?Hello, where are you from?
?Oh, I'm English.
?Really? Which part do you come from?
?Well, I live in London, but I was born in Manchester.
Dialogue 5:
?Can you speak French?
?A little.
?Where did you learn it?
?At school.
?Can you speak any other languages?
?I'm afraid not.
Section 3
Dictation. Dictate five groups of words. Pay close attention to the singular and plural forms
of nouns.
Group 1:

  1. shirt

  2. skirt

  3. socks

  4. shirt and tie

  5. blouse and skirt

  6. pants and shirt

  7. shoes and socks

  8. shoes, socks and pants

  9. pants, shirt and socks

  10. skirt, blouse and sweater
Group 2:

  1. key

  2. toothbrush

  3. comb

  4. key and door

  5. table and chair

  6. toothbrush and comb

  7. bicycle and tire

  8. comb, toothbrush and key

  9. bed, table and chair
Group 3:

  1. letter

  2. show

  3. something

  4. read

  5. cigarettes

  6. taxi

  7. bookcase

  8. none

  9. magazine

  10. any

  11. policeman

  12. policewoman
Group 4:

  1. shoes

  2. shut

  3. window

  4. lamp

  5. bottle

  6. refrigerator

  7. newspaper

  8. purse

  9. clothes

  10. bed

  11. plate

  12. stove

  13. radio

  14. first

  15. second

  16. third

  17. fourth

  18. fifth
Group 5:

  1. talking

  2. another

  3. listening

  4. worrying

  5. glasses

  6. holding

  7. walking

  8. pointing to

  9. looking at


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