一、选择题 ( )
  1.Everyone him, because he is friendly. A. like B. likes C. to like D. liking ( )
  2. What he do? He an actor. A. is, is B. does, does C. does, is D. is, does ( )
  3. What time does she get up? She up at 6:10 am. A. is getting B. gets C. to get D. get ( )
  4. What language does the woman speak? She speaks . She' s from Australia. A. Japanese B. Chinese C. French D. English ( )
  5. What are you doing? I a letter to my pen pal. A. write B. am writing C. writes D. am write ( )
  6. you watching TV? Yes, I . A. Do, do B. Can, can C. Are, am D. Are, do on the phone. ( )
  7. Look! Dave A. talks B. are talking C. talk D. is talking ( )
  8. __ Mary cleaning her room? No, she is __ . A. Does, reads B. Can, read C. Is, reading D. Does, reading ( )
  9. Let’s _ to the movies now.――That great. A. going, sounding B. go, sounds C. go, sound D. goes, sounds ( )
  10. does your aunt work? In a restaurant. A. What B. How C. Where D. Which ( )
  11.Where your pen pals ? A. are, from B. do, from C. do, come D. is , from ( )
  12. --is the weather in Beijing now? It’s . A. What, winding B. How, windy C. When, winds D. Why, windy ( )
  13. What’s the weather in Beijing? It’s terrible in summer, too cold and humid. A. likes B. is liking C. like D. liking ( )
  14. Thank you for CCTV’s Around The World show. A. join B. is joining C. to join D. joining ( )
  15. it going? Great! A. What’s B. How’s C. Why is D. Where’s ( )
  16. People are really on the beach in summer (夏季). A. relaxed B. relaxing C. relax D. to relax ( )17,Do you like the guitar? A play B plays C playing D player ( )
  18.Who are you ? My mother. A. wait B. waiting C. waiting for D. wait for ( )
  19.-Let’s go to see the action movies. . A. Yes, we do B. No, we don’t C. That sounds exciting D. No, thanks.

  20. Jenny work in a bank? Yes,she A Is, is B Does, does C Do, do D Is, does
二.完形填空:(10 分) 完形填空:(10 :( My friend Tony is an American 1 He is ten years old. He lives 2 his family in China now. There are 3 people in his family; his mother Mrs Green, his father Mr. Green and his little sister Amy. He has a white cat. 4 name is Betty. Look \ Amy is playing 5 Betty. His father, Mr. Green, is watching TV. His mother is doing housework. What about Tony? He is doing6 Chinese homework.. He can't 7 Chinese well, but he likes Chinese very much. Tony's 8 works in a TV station. His father works in a school as an 9 teacher. Tony and his sister 10 to the same school. ( )
  1. A. girl B. boy C. cat D. dog ( )
  2. A. on B. after C. with D. in ( )
  3. A. two B. three C. four D. five ( )
  4. A. His B. Her C. It's D. its (它的) ( )
  5. A. to B. with C. from D. at ( )
  6. A. her B. it's C. a D. his ( )
  7. A. say B. tell C. speak D. talk ( )
  8. A. father B. mother C. sister D brother ( )
  9. A. Chinese B. Japanese C. English D. Australian B. goes C. going D. to go ( )
  10. A. go
三.用所给词的适当形式填空。(5 分) 用所给词的适当形式填空。(5 。(
  1.It’s a beautiful, day. (sun)
  2. They can the guitar well. (play)
  3. Mary enjoys football games very much. (watch)
  4. Lin Tao wants an actor when he grows up. (be)
  5. Look! The children happily over there. (play) 四.阅读理解:(20 分) 阅读理解: A It' s Sunday morning. There are many people in the park, some boys are playing basketball. There are some girls under a big tree. They' re singing and dancing. What are those women doing? They are drinking tea. Look at the woman in a blue coat. Who' s she? She' s my mother. She is talking to Edward. Edward is her student. He is a good student. He studies hard . He' s good at all the subjects. And he' s friendly to all his teachers and his friends. ( )
  1. The boys are , A. singing B. playing basketball C. dancing D. drinking 二页
( ( (
  2. A. )
  3. A.
My mother is . a teacher B. an office C. a doctor Edward is in . my home B. the classroom C. the zoo B. Some women.
D. a woman D. the park . D. Some boys.
  4. Who' s under a big tree? A. Some people. C. Some girls.
  5. - What color is my mother' s coat?It's A. blue B. white C. red D. yellow
B Bob has a good friend, Caesar. He is a brown dog. He is not very old. Bob gets him from Mr. Mason.One day Bob’s father, mother and Bob go to the Mason’s farm (农场) for lunch. After lunch, Mr. Mason says, “I’m going to a big city. So I can’t take him there. You can’t have a young dog in a big city.” “ Let me have him, ”Mr. Mason, “ he knows me well and we have no dog, ” Mr. Mason looks at Bob’s mother and father. “Please , Mother, let me have him,” says Bob. “Ask your father,” says she. “Please, Dad?” “Yes, you can have him.” “Thank you, dear dad. Thanks, Mr. Mason. Come here, Caesar.” “See! The dog is his now,” says Mr. Mason. ( )
  1. What color is Caesar? It’s A. black B. yellow C. brown D. white ( )
  2. How old is the dog? It’s A. very old B. not very old C. half a year D. one year and a half ( )
  3. Mr. Mason works . A. in a school B. in a factory C. with Mr. Green D. on a farm ( )
  4. Mr. Mason wants to . A. take the dog to a big city B. give Bob the dog C. leave (离开) home with the dog D. sell (卖)the dog ( )
  5. Caesar is Bob’s A. friend B. brother C. doll D. name 五、从方框中选择合适的句子补全对话。(5 分) 从方框中选择合适的句子补全对话 (
A: What’s your favorite animal? B: 1 A: Why do you like them? B: 2 And they often help us in the water. A: 3 B:I like pandas,too. , A: 4 But do you know where pandas are from? B: 5 I think.
  5、 根据短文内容, 六、根据短文内容,从方框中选择适当的词填空 (5 分) Africa years This eats sleeps lazy
is Larry. He’s from . He is eight old. He meat. Larry is. He usually and relaxes 20 hours every day! 左栏是关于五个人物的描述,右栏是信息, 七、配对阅读 左栏是关于五个人物的描述,右栏是信息,请将这些信息与其相对应的人 物配对。( 。(10 物配对。(10 分) ( ) 1, My uncle is a policeman, he A. Do you like animals?Do you want to work with animals?We need a worker at Green Zoo.
woks in a police station. ( ) 2, He likes talking to people.
He meets some interesting people B. There is a TV Station near our every day and aks them questions.What does he do? ( school.It’s very big. There are lots of great reporters there.
)3 Sally likes to be a nurse.She C. His job is interesting but a little dangerous.Thieves don’t like him.
likes wearing white uniform .
Sometimes she she works in the day, D. Do you like to work with children?Can you and sometimes at night. ( )4, Jack is my good friend. He help the doctor?If you answer is “Yes”,please call East Childern Hospital at 666-68
  69. E. Do you like to sing and dance?Do you want to be in the school play? We need an actor.
likes singing and dancing.He is in Sun Rock Band. ( )5, Mr Li likes animals, His
favorite animals are elephants.He F. We need a shop assistant at Garden wants to find a job in the zoo. Clothes Store.You can call Mr King at 5673468 五页
八、根据短文内容,从方框中选择适当的词填空 (5 分) 根据短文内容, Africa years This eats sleeps lazy
This is Larry. He’s from . He is eight old. He meat. Larry is. He usually and relaxes 20 hours every day! 九、书面表达 (10 分) 你校 English For School Yard 现需招聘一名校报记者,请你拟一份招聘广告张贴 在学校广告栏内。招聘要求如下:
  1. 乐于与人交流 (talk to)
  2. 擅长写新闻报道和故事 (news report , stories)
  3. 吃苦耐劳,工作勤奋 (work hard)
  4. 愿意从事校报记者工作 (school newspaper) 2分 2分 2分 2分
联系人:Mr Zhang 电话:8572858 2分 作文要求:60 词左右,注意格式,相应词汇已有提示,每写出一点得两分,请认真完 成。 Wanted:



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