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这是 dell 的老师给的 雅思听力常用词汇 attend eventually memorise share cancel review promptly approach confident education system assign include cause injure 名词 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday January February March April May June July August September October November December 关于教育 term semester session lecture tutorial course compulsory course obligatory course orientation summary accommodation reception enrollment registration breakfast lunch supper dinner university institute college school professor supervisor nationality administration building local music scientific research 学校设施 notice board library pink slip information desk pence essay plans research paper documental quiz sports corporation crime individual company oil explosion serious result mass media academic intentionally aware literary theory system astrology astronomy 关于休闲活动 dollar pound pence snacks drinks music games decoration transportation 地点 common room classroom telescope location café department store
restaurant criminal thief case witness street avenue boulevard road upset purse doorkey 人物特征 feature appearance hair color scar curly slim distinguished feature chins wings helicopter wing design solution New Zealand Australia previous data wind tunnel engine efficiency plant function dampness environment advantages disadvantages temperature university resources cassettes videos book in advance United States South Africa Australia Record data Wind Design Sydney similar experiments benefits Reduce windy maintain humid less dangerous temperature centigrade low noise frequency evaporates water factors for tree evaporation sunlight new surroundings distant deadline impression library building frequency living condition weekends special report price lecture adult children touch table blind visitors expensive restaurant rare lions condition animals design interview medicine language psychology culture parents’ wishes high score in school friends rules century Intervention royal commission monopoly of education tutorial lecture Scientists Prime Ministers public Private standard Booklist Faculty-based funny intelligent video project fields system commuter financial advices instrument second-hand student union occupation director photographer interviewer interviewee quality reform Greece Britain teacher Russia
blond hair reporters railway worker beautiful equipment Title Designer writer overhead view college close-up Interviewee: teacher clear & informative coffee break kindergarten PARKING LECTURE ROOMS Registration homestay Surname Passport personal consulting available time work systematically B extensive writing good results practical materials focus on terms leisure time Advanced English Study non-smoker non-drinker pet favorite food sea food tennis preffered transportation Visa can last currency form Embassy transportation card Student ID Card International Student Card passport photos accepted currency Australian dollars and Yen a survey Occupation cashier big department store jeans books, sportswear trousers STATIONERY Goal Intention Efficiently Consultation Financial source Radio station student fund participate Partner cost overseas student reading ability vacation part time job English language system Tax Castle common houses campus radio station advertisement donation topic conference assignment volunteer various varied unusual interview pop music current affairs phone-in local news time table schedule the title seafood restaurant passage aisle corridor lift cocktail receptionist delegate fee guest I steak barbecue seminar campus life home country passage 4 archaeology tribute goods historian rapid population cultivate evidence stores and temples imported rich-colored pottery marketing system exchange in craftgoods noble houses common residents precious stones
expiry injection for Yellow Fever mosquito net walking boots comfortable shoes checks in US Dollars credit card present plastics medicine chemist’s video Silent Island Rain Forest coffee shop waste of time notes stress pressure unsociable influenced business local food interest-free long term loan furniture career refreshment therapy increase rate:26% inflation rate deflation rate therapy method psychological patient examine the record in clinical circle diploma Master’s Degree presentation heart disease roommates disturbance light colored hair bathroom diary daughter traffic jam ambitions law reform the voting system heart rate disordered maximum beats unhealthy diet festival concert picnic performance louder speakers performance time date location Drama Theatre Town Hall Harbour (chest) infection prescribed antibiotics Spoon medicine remarks side effects penicillin before meals cough medicine drowsiness tutor about their presentations confident unsatisfied sense of relief sense of satisfaction consulted reference books lack of vocabulary reading speed environmental study public health engineering reading strategy migration the initial migration lock windows Address empty for clean woman Rent water heater fridge midnight details landlady research and education forest area market garden purpose period species rare animal goats, horses, hens demonstration of fishing soft, drinks books about animals soft toys variety of food survey research London University Press research Subjects
sun report home、bone、grand the tribe painting temple walls bones women and children female corpse teeth, fingers, bones big toe small stones research time mills teeth decay sugar cold drink coffee problem American bus system food and drink Scholarship Educational level cathedral conference term paper consultation assignment reasonable deadline useful limited value conclusion only read the first section quieter place un-coorperate landlord attractive neighbour environment parental teaching average information technology bus routes picnic Malaysia Accomadation specialized sport facilities educational standard full time information engineering technology useful, limited value method illness or accident interpret immigrate to other places lack opportunity location investigation exotic working dress cream cheque lovely view pool furniture garden store fridge/desk/bed/ traveling/lecture/assessment main lecture hall student union building full-time,part-time obligatory courses computing statistics migrate peregrine falcons flying ability height hunt general health mineral water exchange New York Bus Route Map chocolate soft towel splashing light support tutor length Academic single room twin room triple room homestay flat stadium apartment deposit phone- bills duration circus performance take a tent a stadium city garden lightnings youngsters studio theater older people research center geographical location training session extremely beautiful
geographical evidence approved nuclear test no military use shark fins and body (or tail) bottom of sea smell meshing nets
  7.13 farewell Venue dining room invite Director office staff teachers invitations Presents prices for CD player coffee maker set of dictionaries snacks special games student representative speech fitness training increasing steadily steady forestry industry mining industry energy industry minimum qualification instructors Health Club certificate special training clients psychological schedule overall aim self-discipline weight Positive effects Walking Yoga Cycling Weight training Muscles Flexible Stomach Equipment Comfortable clothes Special equipment Prospectus study aids subjects offered group sizes recommended entertainment accommodation research opportunities the drop-out rate postgraduate students the failure rate academic teaching staff assessment methods (how to give exams) Historical Background European settlement Terrestrial Background hard-hoofed animals cattle Atmospheric pollution atmospheric _warming air pollution alternative energies wind and
  35. water power Water pollution Lack irrigation human consumption sewage Effects city’s expansion social isolation Population rainfall Distribution part time job third year sports center cleaner library International House Office Assistant answer the phone Caps papers vegetables Experiment 20 balloons units of measurement string rock salt cave information board cottage safety helmet feed the animals Red kangaroo inland region identify the problems in the teaching
the role of staff solution Lack of time research assistant Parents Resistance public transportation motobus,train,subway line paper on the beach crocodile kangaroo inland area balloon, crystal, string, salt. white light project sports center assistance traveling drawed pictures light research interest headmaster water-skiting map of cave safty helmet children are permitted to {feed animals} families souvenir, visit farmer a jar of water too messe too difficult too long too dangerous too boring too many equipment too simple special need duty reporting the headmaster research system coastal cities Extension Reading Ahead computer sound card shop manager instruction of handbook walking club guest request local history book training referee course prejudice discrimination shearing the sheep sheep shearing dial Bristol,Bath Tower of London guide tour shopping parking place café /car park / cycling / rose garden biology on foot cycling,biology science Further their education develop interests Enrolled University committee Local educational institution In this teacher’s office stress ANTIBIOTICS ignore their bodies sensible exercises desk, TV, house key INCOMING CALL TAKE-AWAY MEAT 和 CHEESE Bedroom junction6 highways sea watch COMPUTER BREAK DOWN IMMIDIETLY STRIKE Ferry HIGH WIND MIDNIGHT presentation respondent factor ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE Seat belt Design of wheels CLASSICAL, cheap Maintenance PERFORMANCE 和 insurance tutorapprovalsafety deadline officeradvertisementplaceNovember14 QAULIFICATION V-neck pullover
Registered letter laundry Suspicious competition Approach fortnight Copenhagan typewriter Documentary librarian Best-seller ball-point Concentrate reserve Photograph economy Extremely strawberry Briefcase departure Ankle spaghetti Delicious hi-fi Cancellation nylon Reference label Vienna instant Mushroom menu Certificate whistle 雅思听力常用词汇(二)
international Olympics estimate commission shampoo drawer engage sour weed injure plastic millionaire supervisor Geneva Belgium classical
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Part Two secondary Snackbar Honey comprehensive hamburger Marmalade Newcastle chip Dentist Australia alcohol similar license cola information Entertainment automatic employment Appointment homesick Medium-size Corridor postage Astronaut Passenger iron Scandinavia Scenery Thailand atmosphere Immigrant fiction ecessary Annual planet Robbery Presentation mixture mask Dedicate oxygen fingerprint Profession hydrogen burglary Recommendation ozone slightly Colleague nitrogen performance Accommodation intelligent recognize Vacant switch property Furnish brand budget
Decorate Wardrobe Kitchen Perfume Diamond Insurance Ridiculous Pillow Air-conditioning Creative Self-discipline Application Prosperous Mortgage Teenager Frustrate Pavement Ambulance Financial Enquiry Duty-free Standard Moustache Referee Transfer Security Injection Transistor Current Account Specimen Signature Executive Greenwich Secretarial Frame Life expectancy Reversal Recipe Veterinary Irreplaceable Bristol Cambridge Houston
jog filter hysterical Pleasureyacht enthusiasm Lavatory prevention technique rehearsal regulator Brussels package brochure inclusive opportunity parliament sandwich association planetarium campaign restriction bargain Illustrate bacon earplug celsium wheelchair questionnaire luxurious socket razor cuisine sociologist phenomenon improvement objection subtitle personality scratch deadline Lasvegas Saint Manchester Miami
Florida Sheffield Thames pottery assistance council currency Creditcard jewellery Amsterdam helicopter spicy ingredient compartment centimeter vehicle rheumatism polling stimulate roundabout distract inclusive exclusive cafeteria desperate video tendency emigrate penalty cameraman import export thoretical investigate circulate cassette lounge souvenir acquire delivery Piccadilly Oxford LosAngeles Detroit
Bombay Jakarta Glasgow Wales Switzerland Brazilian Indonesia Westminster Pineapple Sirloin Allowance Agency Management exposure
Moscow Trafalgar Scotland Ireland Swiss Egypt Californian Abby grape accountant temporary responsibility conference
Tokyo Square Welsh Birmingham Brazil Egyptian Hawaii lemonade fruit machinery journalist catalogue aspirin
雅思听力常考场景单词短语分类汇总 作者: 网络转载 发布日期: 无
指路,指示方向 描述人的外表,衣着 be far form 距离某处近 gender 性别 be nearby 距离某处远 Hair color 头发颜色 go straight across/to/through 径直走过/向/过 Bald 秃头 cross(over) 穿过(某条街道) Beard 落腮胡 be next to 紧邻 Moustache/mustache
上唇上的小胡子 turn left/right



   分类词汇→ 计算机 access arm 磁头臂,存取臂 access time 存取时间 adder 加法器 address 地址 alphanumeric 字母数字的 analog computer 模拟计算机 analyst 分析员 area 区域 array 数组,阵列 assembler 汇编程序 automation 自动化 band 区 batch processing 成批处理 binary code 二进制码 binary digit 二进制位,二进制数 字 bit 比特, ...


   小议初中英语词汇教学 夹河中学 曾晓兰 词汇是构成语言的要素,是语言的建筑材料。没有词汇,人们 无法正确表达思想、描绘事物。目前,大多数中学生词汇学习费时较 多,收获甚微。因此,初中英语词汇教学值得我们英语教师关注。 我们先来分析一下初中学生词汇学习效果不好的原因。 原因一:很多学生不掌握读音规则,对英语单词读不出来、拼不 出来。 对他们而言, 英语单词就是一连串毫无联系的符号, 背了就忘, 每天疲于应付,效率很低。久而久之,对单词渐渐失去了兴趣,对英 语学习也产生了厌烦的心理。 原因二:许 ...


   2 keyways,24 widex8 deep displaced 112° 2 键槽 24 阔 x8 深 错位 112° 3 hole φ10 eq(equally)sp(space)on 185pcd (pitch circle diameter) 3?φ10 均布(于 φ185 圆周上) 3-phase motor 三相交流电动机 3-roll-welding equipment 三辊矫直机机组 4-high-five-stand fully continuous tandem co ...


   ABC 教你一眼认出英语单词的意思 请大家想一想, 英语是谁发明的?英国人呗! 英国人认不认识汉语?不认识! 那么英国人在学英语单词的时候需不需要记住单词的汉语意思?不需要, 英国人 的英语课本里根本就没有汉字, 何谈记住单词的汉语意思?那么既然英国人学英 语不需要记住(甚至根本就见不到)单词的汉语意思, 那么中国人学英语为什么要 去记住单词的汉语意思呢?这种做法大家不觉得奇怪吗? 然而由于中国人学英语时都在背单词的汉语意思, 因此大家反而觉不出“背 汉字”有什么奇怪的了。其实仔细想一想,这 ...


   特别说明 此资料来自豆丁网(http://www.docin.com/) 您现在所看到的文档是使用下载器所生成的文档 此文档的原件位于 http://www.docin.com/p-6201999.html 感谢您的支持 抱米花 http://blog.sina.com.cn/lotusbaob ...


   质量英语词典之 W quality certificate 品质证明书 quality 质量,品质 qualitative 质量的 qualitatively 在质量上 grade 等级 standard 标准 specification 规格 trade mark 商标 brand 牌名 quality control 质量管理 cermet of analysis 化验证书 certificate of analysis 化验证书 cermet of competency 合格证书 ce ...


   机械类常用词汇 一画 三画 三爪夹头 three-jaw chuck 一字螺丝批 slot type screwdriver 一点透视 one-point perspective 二画 二合一黏合剂 epoxy resin adhesive 二合胶;混合胶 epoxy glue 二维的;平面的 two-dimensional 二进制 binary 二极管;整流子 diode 二号螺丝攻 second tap 二路开关 two-way switch 十进制的;公制的 metric 人工制品 a ...


   本软件下载自 Http://Soft.Studa.Com 学生大软件站 本站默认解压密码:soft.studa.com 服装英语词典 [新手必背]常用服装英语词汇 颜色 纱线 面料 针织布 裁床 车缝 服装部位名词 服装标准术语 常用服装英语缩写 服装专业名词国粤英语对照 度尺部位词汇 服装机械词汇 常用包装物料和车缝物料 常见的洗水方法 各种样板(Sample,样办) 服装品质控制(QC)词汇 织疵(布疵)的英文表达 针织基础知识 纺织品与服装测试项目 皮革 帽子 其它 使用方法:按“Ct ...


   服装词典 3-plys export carton 三坑出口纸箱 a pair of braces 一副裤子背带 accessory 辅料 acetate lining 亚沙迪里布,亚沙地里布 air freight 空运费 allover embroidery 全身绣花,[粤]全身车花 anti-pilling agent 抗起毛剂 antistatic finish 防静电处理 automatic lock (zip) 自动锁拉链 apparel 成衣 applique 贴布绣 appe ...


   采购词典 台湾采购网 分类 A 编号 问题 解答 56 AUTHORITY 授权 - The right granted to an agent to act (engage in legally binding transactions) on behalf of a principal. #114: Obtain legal review and approval of a contract when required.; C.P.M. Module: 1 给予代理人的权利,使其代 表委 ...



   高中英语语法技巧顺口溜 1. 巧记定冠词的用法   A. 名词前不用定冠词的情况:   抽象、物质、独一专有名,   已有代词定语前面行,   节日①、月份、季节与星期,   球类、游戏、呼语与餐名,   新闻标题,专加普②,   一般省冠是常情。   说明:① 节日:指阳历节。   ② 专加普:由“专有名词 + 普通名词”构成的专有名词。如 Beijing University , Hyde Park 。   B. 名词前需加定冠词的情况:   江、河、湖、海、洋、群山,   沙漠、列岛、海 ...


   高一 Unit 1 honest brave Loyal wise adj 诚实的;正直的 adj 勇敢的 adj 忠诚的;忠心的 adj 英明的;明智的;聪明的 adj 英俊的;大方的;美观的 adj 聪明的;漂亮的;敏捷的 vt 争论;辩论 adj 古典的;古典文学的 Unit 2 bathroom n 浴室;盥洗室;厕所 make oneself at home 别客气 towel n 毛巾 n 壁橱;储藏室 v 发音;宣告;断言 adj 宽的 vt&vi 重做;重复;复述 n 重复; ...

冀教版小学英语Book3 Lesson29教学设计

   Book3 Lesson29:Where Do They Live? 教学设计 一、教学目标: 语言知识: 语言知识: 1、练习说和写四个动物:snake, panda, giraffe, zebra 2、能口头回答有关动物居住地的句子:Where does a live? In a . 语言技能: 语言技能 1、能根据情境和图片说出单词和句子。 2、能用英语问答动物居住地的语句:Where does a live? In a .并能在设计的 情境中进行简单的英语交流。 学习策略: 学习策略 ...


   2007 年广东高考英语语法填空真题 I was on my way to the Taiyetos Mountains. The sun was setting when my car 31 (break) down near a remote and poor village. Cursing my misfortune, I was wondering where I was going to spend the night when I realized that the villa ...


   听力: 听力: Part I Writing (30 minutes) The digital age 1. 如今,数字化产品越来越多,如… 2. 使用数字化产品对于人们学习工作和生活的影响. Part II Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning) (15 minutes) Seven way to Save the World Forget the old idea that conserving energy is a form of ...