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  1. OG-421-9
  Jerry was deceitful, but at the time I did not think he was imaginative enough to do any damage.
  Question: The sentence above implies that
  A. the truth can sometimes be more damaging than a lie
  B. the narrator failed to recognize Jerry’s deceptive nature
  C. the narrator is intolerant of Jerry’s background
  D. the narrator’s view of Jerry changed over time
  E. Jerry was unaware of his effect on others
  本题能依靠的信息只有这句话,很难找“用语”,but at the time,单独从作者语气上来说,可以显现出作者以后对Jerry的看法肯定会发生变化。以后这种题目做的多了,我们就会熟悉。
  理解好每一个表示作者态度的英文单词的内涵和外延,而且如果想让作者态度题的正确度高,那么你必须要熟练地掌握每一种态度所对应的情景,这个会在后面的讲义中给大家做好总结。(想一想为什么要这样做?这非常类似于你做一种特殊的SAT填空题,即特殊的人物的行为特点或者特殊情景的特殊行为,如骗子 (swindler)、保守主义者(traditionalist),这样做的目的是为了减少大家思考的时间,对于考试,越是程序化了,越能减少思考的时间,越能提高正确率。)
  2. OG?
  A cousin of the tenacious Asian longhorned beetle?which since its initial discovery in 1996 in New York City has caused tens of millions of dollars in damage annually?the citrus longhorned beetle was discovered on a juniper bush in August 2001 in Tukwila, Washington. Exotic pests such as the longhorned beetle are a growing problem?an unintended side effect of human travel and commerce that can cause large-scale mayhem to local ecosystems. [To stop the citrus beetle, healthy trees were destroyed even though there was no visible evidence of infestation, and normal environmental regulations were suspended so that a rapid response could be mounted.]
  Q: The passage suggests that the actions undertaken in the last sentence are best characterized as
  A. tested and reliable
  B. deliberate and effective
  C. costly and unpopular
  D. preemptive and aggressive
  E. unprecedented and unfounded
  答案 D 用语: healthydestroyed, no visible evidence
  语调:even though
  Preemptive: designed or having the power to deter or prevent an anticipated situation or occurrence (预先做好了一切防止事情的发生)。
   情景:Iraq war is W. Bush’s diplomatic strategy, which is attacking a potential enemy before the United States is attacked 美国发动伊拉克战争就是出于这样的目的。
  Aggressive: (
  1) having or showing determination and energetic pursuit of your ends (不达目的誓不罢休的意思,在事情上就是做绝了;对人来说就是相当有进取心)
  2) characteristic of an enemy or a situation or one eager to fight (好侵略,富有侵略性的)
  3) more severe ,intensive or comprehensive than usual especially in dosage or extent(程度范围比正常状况下要大)
  3. OG-60-17
   As a mime, I am a physical medium, the instrument upon which the figures of my imagination play their dance of life. The individuals in my audience also have responsibilities?they must be alert collaborators. (They cannot sit back, mindlessly complacent, and wait to have their emotions titillated by mesmeric musical sounds or visual rhythms or acrobatic feats, or by words that tell them what to think.) Mime is an art that, paradoxically, appeals both to those who respond instinctively to entertainment and to those whose appreciation is more analytical and complex.
  Questions: The author’s description of techniques used in the types of performances is
  A. disparaging
  B. astonished
  C. sorrowful
  D. indulgent
  E. sentimental
  用语:mindlessly complacent,titillated (用词非常之重,而且带有鄙夷的角度)
  语调:must be,cann’t
   The Internet is rapidly becoming another means of disseminating information traditionally made available through radio and television stations. Indeed, it is now possible or journalists and the public to access new release of audio- and videotapes, satellite media tours, and on-line news conferences via their computers. The number of news sites on the Internet grows each day. As one media company executive notes, “With many of these Web sites generating new content every hour and exponentially larger audience, on-line news sites represent a dynamic and vital outlet for news.”
  Question: Which of the following best captures the attitude of the “company executive” toward the Internet?
  A. anxiety
  B. distrust
  C. ambivalence
  D. excitement
  E. curiosity
  用语: dynamic:有活力的,一般来形容人的个性,相当的褒义;
  5.Barron-Test 1-S 2-10
   The Rosetta Stone! What a providential find that was. And what a remarkable set of circumstances it took for people to be able to read Egyptian hieroglyphics after a hiatus of some 1400 years. It even took a military campaign. In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte’s army attacked British-held Egypt, seeking to cut off England from the riches of the Middle East. Rebuilding a fortress, a French soldier uncovered a block of basalt inscribed with writing in three distinct scripts; Greek, demotic script (an everyday cursive form of Egyptian), and Egyptian hieroglyphs. At that moment, modern Egyptology began.
  Question: The author’s tone in writing of the discovery of the Rosetta Stone can best be characterized as
  A. ironic
  B. enthusiastic
  C. condescending
  D. nostalgic
  E. objective
  用语:providential 幸运的(相当正式),remarkable 明显的,a hiatus of some 1400 years(很形象)
  语调:感叹号,感叹句,even took a military campaign
  6. OG-80-17
   It is April 1959, I’m standing at the railing of the Batory’s upper deck, and I feel that my life is ending. I’m looking out at the crowd that has gathered on the shore to see the ship’s departure from Gdynia?a crowd that, all of a sudden, is irrevocably on the other side?and I want to break out, run back, run toward the familiar excitement, the waving hands, the exclamations. We can’t be leaving all this behind?but we are.
  Question: For the author, the experience of leaving Cracow can best be described as
  A. enlightening
  B. exhilarating
  C. annoying
  D. wrenching
  E. ennobling
  用词:irrevocably 无可挽回的
用语:my life is ending
  语调:一系列动作,事物的排比,can’t be
   My parents are highly agitated; they had just been put through a body search by the customs police. Still, the officials weren’t clever enough, or suspicious enough, to check my sister and me.
  Question: The author’s description of the customs police suggests that the author views them with
  A. alarm
  B. skepticism
  C. disrespect
  D. caution
  E. paranoia
  用词:not clever enough
  “Television makes you stupid”
   Virtually all current theories of the medium come down to this simple statement. As a rule, this conclusion is delivered with a melancholy undertone. Four principal theories can be distinguished.
  Question: The author’s attitude toward the evaluators of television can best described as
  A. intrigued
  B. scornful
  C. equivocal
  D. indulgent
  E. nonchalant
  通过用词可以知道答案为scornful 轻蔑的。
   On the other hand, they have found ready listeners among politicians. That is not surprising, for the conviction that one is dealing with millions of idiots “out there in the country” is part of the basic psychological equipment of the professional politician. One might have second thought about the theorists’ influence when one watches how the veterans of televised election campaigns fight each other for every single minute when it comes to displaying their limousine, their historic appearance before the guard of honor, their hairstyle on the platform, and above all their speech organs.
  Question: The author’s attitude toward politician is primarily one of
  A. humorous contempt
  B. outraged embarrassment
  C. worried puzzlement
  D. relieved resignation
  E. begrudging sympathy
  什么叫humorous?humorous, comical, ironic(sardonic, sarcastic) 之间的区别是什么?comical,滑稽,是指嘲笑中,揭露事物的自相矛盾的地方,以达到讽刺和批评的目的。
  Ironic (sardonic,sarcastic),讽刺,是指通过比喻,夸张的手法对不良或愚蠢的行为进行批判;幽默则是通过比喻、双关、影射等修辞手法,在善意的微笑中,揭露不通情理之处。
   所以微笑是幽默的外在表现,方式有相声、小品、笑话、无厘头、恶搞等。通过说politician 是ready listeners,用psychological equipment,表现了一种humorous精神在里面,但这些人认为人民大众是idiot,显然是contempt。
  Resignation:acceptance of despair,resigned指逆来顺受,认命的意思。
  Begrudge:be envious of嫉妒,抱怨,begrudging的情景:比如如果家里长辈到菜市场买菜,然后开始抱怨,鸡蛋涨价,猪肉涨价,青菜涨价,就是工资不涨,而且每天都在唠叨,这就是begrudging。sympathy同情。
   Anna and Chris made me at ease the first day in their polished living room?though I was not sure why these people would bother putting themselves out for me at all. And when they kept inviting me b



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英语词典 A

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