期末词汇练习 wordsandstructure 试卷编号: wordsandstructure1 Part 1 Multiple Choice (Each item:
  1) Directions:Choose the best answer from the four choices marked A, B, C and D.
  1. I will hold your note until Christmas Day, _C you certainly will have received your allowance. A. by that time B. at that time C. by which time D. at which time
  2. The Prime Minister commanded that farmers _D loans from the government. A. would receive B. received C. ought to receive D. should receive
  3. They packed the instruments carefully C they would be broken during transportation. A. so that B. on condition that C. for fear that D. provided that
  4. Lots of people pretend that they never read advertisements, but this claim __B. A. may be hardly doubted B. may be seriously doubted C. may be hard doubting D. may be doubted serious
  5. B hostels (客栈) may not offer the most comfortable quarters, they are convenient, inexpensive, and attractive to traveling students and young people. A. When B. While C. Now that D. If
  6. When he hurried to the airport, he found, to his great disappointment, his ticket and passport D at home. A. were left B. had left C. have been left D. had been left
  7. Were the wire of a smaller diameter (直径), its resistance __D.
A. had been increased B. was increased C. might have been increased D. would be increased
  8. He went to work on foot yesterday, though he __D by bus. A. must have gone B. might have gone C. would have gone D. could have gone
  9. He always prefers to start early rather than _A everything to the last minute. A. leave B. leaving C. leaves D. left
  10. Frank was advised to give the assignment to __B he believed had a strong sense of responsibility. A. whom B. whoever C. whomever D. that
  11. Almost all the countries in the world hoped that the warring sides would B a compromise. A. affect B. effect C. come D. lead
  12. Our talk was completely _Dout by the roar of the machines. As a result, we had to communicate with gestures. A. decreased B. reduced C. smashed D. drowned
  13. She was arrested for _B state secrets to a foreign reporter in return for her son going abroad. A. getting away B. giving away C. breaking away D. putting away
  14. Can you _C furnishing your house luxuriously at a time when the company is losing so much money? A. verify B. identify C. justify D. clarify

  15. There _D new problems in respect of the relationship between the two countries in recent years. A. rose B. raised C. lifted D. arose
  16. The professor kept speaking about his new discovery in the field, only B occasionally to have a mouthful of tea. A. dropping off B. breaking off C. putting off D. setting off
  17. His health __C as he ate too little and worked too hard for months on end. A. broke up B. broke through C. broke down D. broke off
  18. After the meeting the workers went back to their __B workshops. A. respectable B. respective C. respectful D. respected
  19. The theory of class currently prevailing in the West is D based on what Max Weber, a German sociologist, proposed. A. fairly B. kindly C. greatly D. largely
  20. His answer was so confused that I could hardly make any _D of it at all. A. interpretation B. meaning C. reason D. sense
  21. No one in the class could __B the right answer to the question. A. describe B. furnish C. install D. assess
  22. The dentist could D no signs of decay in my teeth. A. determine B. define C. assign D. detect

  23. To his great joy he discovered that his ears became _A. A. sensitive B. aware C. efficient D. sensible
  24. He made no C to his illness till after the lesson. A. remark B. comment C. reference D. opinion
  25. The pilot of the plane is B for the passengers' safety. A. conscious B. responsible C. necessary D. regulated
  26. We need to make sure that we __C our resources as fully as possible. A. achieve B. operate C. exploit D. expel
  27. The economy looks set to __D its growth into next year. A. endure B. persist C. remain D. sustain
  28. It was the only thing that I could do?I don't have to _B myself to anyone. A. account B. justify C. discount D. clarify
  29. The shop assistant says if I leave $10 as a __A, they'll keep the dress for me. A. deposit B. loan C. guarantee D. fee
  30. It was such a(n) __D to hear that Marta was found safe and well. A. concern B. anxiety C. expectation D. relief
  31. If consumers realize that they are likely to be _C by foodstuffs, they will not buy them. A. fined B. sued
C. contaminated D. charged
  32. I think you should question their _A in offering to lend you the money. A. motives B. reasons C. ideals D. initiatives
  33. The government is trying to __D public confidence in its management of the economy. A. recover B. relieve C. preserve D. restore
  34. She was using all her powers of persuasion to _B the Griffins to remain in the town. A. make B. induce C. expel D. tempt
  35. Unless you have a heated greenhouse we feel you will have difficulty in keeping the plant for very long indoors because they like a really warm and C atmosphere. A. vivid B. amused C. moist D. contaminated
  36. I don't think his remarks are relevant __A our discussion. A. to B. at C. for D. with
  37. He won't succeed any way, __D hard he tries. A. whatever B. no matter C. as D. however
  38. We haven't got the right answer yet, because the problem __C is quite complicated. A. solved B. is solved C. being solved D. having solved
  39. You must speak slowly, so that you can make yourself __B. A. to be understood B. understood C. understanding D. being understood

  40. It was __A that he didn't go to the party. A. because he was ill B. he was ill C. his illness D. because his illness
  41. There's nothing on TV tonight, D rubbish. A. rather than B. more than C. better than D. other than
  42. According to the American federal government, residents of Hawaii have the longest life __C:
  77.2 years. A. rank B. scale C. span D. scope
  43. The millions of calculations involved, had they been done by hand, __C all practical value by the time they were finished. A. had lost B. would lose C. would have lost D. should have lost
  44. Our hopes B and fell in the same instant. A. arose B. raised C. rose D. aroused
  45. With the development in science and technology man can make various flowers C before their time. A. be bloomed B. bloom C. bloomed D. blooming
  46. A season ticket _Athe holder to make as many journeys as he wishes within the stated period of time. A. entitles B. grants C. presents D. promises
  47. A in the office made a mistake and the firm regretted causing the customer any inconvenience. A. Someone B. Some C. Anyone
D. One
  48. In recent years much more emphasis has been put __D developing the students' productive skills. A. onto B. in C. over D. on
  49. Only a selected number of landladies in the neighborhood have been allowed by the university to take in C. A. residents B. lodgers C. settlers D. inhabitants
  50. The fire was finally brought under control, but not A extensive damage had been done. A. before B. since C. after D. as
  51. Purchasing the new production line will be a D deal for the company. A. forceful B. tremendous C. favorite D. profitable
  52. Rod is determined to get a seat for the concert C it means standing in a queue all night. A. as if B. even if C. provided D. whatever
  53. We hadn't met for 20 years, but I recognized her A I saw her. A. the moment B. for the moment C. the moment when D. at the moment when
  54. Though he was born and brought up in America, he can speak B Chinese. A. fluid B. smooth C. fluent D. flowing
  55. Government reports, examinations, compositions, legal documents, and most business letters are the main situations __A formal language is used. A. in which
B. at what C. on which D. in that
  56. Fifty years ago, wealthy people liked hunting wild animals for fun C sightseeing. A. rather than to go B. more than going C. other than going D. than to go
  57. If the building project _B by the end of this month is delayed, the construction company will be fined. A. being completed B. is completed C. to be completed D. completed
  58. He wrote an article criticizing the Greek poet and won B and a scholarship. A. faith B. status C. fame D. courage
  59. Jack wishes that he D business instead of history when he was in university. A. studied B. study C. had been studying D. had studied
  60. The older New England villages have changed relatively little A a gas station or two in recent decades. A. except for B. study C. except D. besides
  61. The Car Club couldn't B to meet the demands of all its members. A. assume B. ensure C. guarantee D. confirm
  62. Extensive reporting on television has helped to __C interest in a wide variety of sports and activities. A. assemble B. generate C. yield D. gather
  63. The president promised to keep all the board members D of how the negotiations were going on. A. inform
B. informing C. be informed D. informed
  64. Eating too much fat can B heart disease and cause high blood pressure. A. attribute to B. attend to C. contribute to D. devote to
  65. All the tasks C ahead of time, they decided to go on holiday for a week. A. been fulfilled B. having been fulfilled C. were fulfilled D. had been fulfilled
  66. This article more attention to the problem of cultural interference in foreign language teaching and learning. A. gets B. has C. pays D. focuses
  67. He was punished he should make the same mistake again. A. unless B. provided C. if D. lest
  68. Petrol is refined from the oil we take out of the ground. A. crude B. fresh C. rude D. original
  69. in the United States, St. Louis has now become the 24th largest city. A. Being the fourth biggest city B. It was once the fourth biggest city C. Once the fourth biggest city D. The fourth biggest city it was
  70. He has recently golf for relaxation. A. taken up B. taken with C. taken on D. taken over
  71. Although they met with many difficulties, I hear they succeeded . A. over all B. after all C. above all D. all in all

  72. When you enter the quiet room, be sure the silence. A. not to break B. not breaking C. to not break D. not to breaking
  73. Elliot followed his friend to her own club where everyone treats him as if he the president. A. were B. should be C. be D. had been
  74. After several months' study, I was able to easily read Japanese novels in the . A. origin B. reference C. source D. original
  75. He had a escape from the gas explosion. A. slim B. thin C. small D. narrow
  76. Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor was dangerous an undertaking be scarcely believable. A. so... as to B. such... as to C. very... to D. so... that to
  77. We hurried on, our heads against the wind, to the bright light ahead. A. being bent B. bent C. was bent D. was bending
  78. In the old days people only had a idea of what other countries were like. A. cough B. tough C. rough D. crude
  79. This is a group of six boys 14 to
  17. A. aged B. ages C. aging D. age
  80. He does not his workmates and there are often disagreements between them. A. go on with
B. put up with C. get along with D. keep up with
  81. Hot metal as it grows cooler. A. contracts B. reduces C. condenses D. compresses
  82. Although the pay is not good, people usually find social work in other ways. A. payable B. respectful C. grateful D. rewarding
  83. I'm in no this evening to listen to popular music. A. feeling B. attitude C. mood D. tendency
  84. Jack will his nervousness once he's in front of the camera. A. get away B. get off C. get through D. get over
  85. I didn't know what to do but then an idea suddenly to me. A. happened B. entered C. occurred D. hit
  86. He has been of murdering the Japanese visitor. A. blamed B. charged C. accused D. arrested
  87. We've salt. Ask Mrs. Jones to lend us some. A. run away with B. run down C. run off D. run out of
  88. Regardless his appearance, he is innocent. A. to B. in C. of D. for

  89. , I've decided to travel by sea, as it is obviously cheaper and more comfortable. A. At second thought B. On second thought C. In second thought D. From second thoughts
  90. Nobody knows the age of the earth certain. A. by B. in C. with D. for
  91. The government is believed to be considering a law making it a crime to import any kind of weapon. A. to pass B. have passes C. passed D. passing
  92. half way through the exercise, the teacher changed his mind and collected all our papers. A. When only B. Being only C. When we were only D. Having been
  93. Austin did not have time to go to the concert last night because she was so busy her trip to America. A. to have prepared for B. to prepare for C. preparing for D. being prepared for
  94. The capital gathers in many of the elite (精英) of China, yet some cannot their talents into full play because of the fierce competition. A. carry B. bring C. hold D. take
  95. Some newly-married couples thi



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