中考英语词汇训练[1] 中考英语词汇训练
  1. Let's go to(一家) Chinese restaurant.
  2. My elder brother is (一个) university student.
  3. The poor old man is (一个) honest person.
  4. The foreign visitors will be (能) to come tomorrow.
  5. Later a neighbour told me (关于) him.
  6. Today there are (大约) 900,000 people in this city.
  7. The planes were flying (在…上) the clouds.
  8. (据…说) Peter, she’s a really good teacher.
  9. Mr Li is going to swim (横渡) the Changjiang River next week.
  10. (行动) are more important than words.
  11. If you 4 to 3 you get
  12. Do you know his home (住址).
  13. I am (恐怕) you are wrong about that.
  14. Don't be (怕) the dog.
  15. The students in the school are not allowed to go out (…以后) dark.
  16. I'll call him (…以后) I get to the school.
  17. There will be a meeting (今天下午).
  18. The singer sang the song (一遍又一遍).
  19. Please put the ladder (靠在) the wall.
  20. I haven't seen her for a (很长时间).
  11. add
  12. address afternoon
  18. again and again
  19. against
  20. ages
  21. A short while (之前), my sister helped me to carry one of my old bookcases up the stairs.
  22. The engineer (同意) the worker’s idea.
  23. The engineer (同意) the worker.
  24. Birds fly in the (空中).
  25. My parents bought three (空调机).
  26. The road is(全) covered with snow.
  27. Hurry up! It's(差不多) time for school.
  28. The old lady was (独自) in the house.
  29. We went for a walk (沿着) the river.
  30. She had (已经) gone when I arrived.
  31. (虽然) they are poor the children are happy.
  32. The United States of A is a big country.
  33. Can you lend me 2,000 (美元)?
  34. They live (在…之中) the mountains.
  35. She read for an hour (然后) went to bed.
  36. I came home late and my mother was (生气).
  37. The forest is full of wild (动物).
  13. afraid
  14. afraid of
  15. after
  16. after
  17. this

  38. I don't like this book, give me (另外) one.
  39. I telephoned this morning, but nobody (接).
  40. He is taller than (任何) other boys in his class.
  41. Is there (人) in the room?
  41. Is there (什么东西) in that box? 在那盒子里有吗?
  42. You can go (任何地方) you like.
  43. I have come to (道歉) you.
  44. (苹果) a day keeps the doctor away.
  45. the first is Fools' Day.
  46. There must be something wrong with my left (臂).
  47. They look (四周) but Mary is already gone.
  48. The plane (到达) New York at last.
  49. The girl is an (学美术的) student.
  50. The children are reading an (文章) about a famous doctor.
  51. She works in the same building my sister.
  52. He works a driver.
  53. Then the secretary (问) the lady if she was a relative of the manager.
  54. A red bus is stopping (在) the bus stop.
  55. Give your whole (注意力) what you are doing.
  56. The eighth month of the year is .
  57. (姨母) Lena has just left for America.
  58. The season of the year between summer and winter is .
  59. The city is miles (以外).
  60. Some (婴儿) cry during the night.
  61. She sat at the (后面) of the hall and couldn't hear clearly.
  62. Smoking is (有害) for your health.
  63. Where is my school (包).
  64. The earth looks like a (球) from space.
  65. Do you like (香蕉)?
  66. Some people on the (河岸) called out to the man in the boat.
  67. There is a People’s (银行) of China near my home.
  68. The young man likes singing in the (浴室).
  69. Don’t late for school again.
  70. In the end, I could not (忍受) it.
  71. We are now living in a (美丽) new house in the country.
  72. (因为) he is tired, he does not want to go with us.
  73. His youngest daughter (已成为) a doctor.
  74. You should make your (床) before you go to school.
  75. They have a large (卧室).
  76. (在…前) they drive any of the buses, they will have to pass a special test.
  77. After running half a kilometer, I(开始) to feel tired.
  78. A young man and a young woman were sitting (在后面) me.

  79. You can't (相信) anything she says.
  80. The (铃) has just rung.
  81. The house (属于) our family for a long time.
  82. The thief needs a (腰带) to keep up his trousers.
  83. The coach is sitting on a (长凳).
  84. The ladies rode in the carriage and we ran along (在…旁边) it.
  85. I like this film (最).
  86. The police arrived (之间) 6 and 7 last night.
  87. How (大) is the school you go to?
  88. The students often go to school (骑自行车).
  89. Can you kill 2 (鸟) with one stone?
  90. Let me wish you a happy (生日).
  91. The dog has (咬) a hole in my trousers.
  92. The boy had a (青黑色) eye after the fight.。
  93. There is a national flag above the (黑板).
  94. (血) is thicker than water.
  95. The wind has (吹) my hat off.
  96. The woman (穿蓝色衣服) is my mother.
  97. Are you going (搭船) or by air?
  98. Peter (烧开了) the kettle.。
  99. The hotel is fully (预定) up. 1
  00. He lost his book and (借) one from another boy. 1
  01. New York and London have traffic problems. 第一组 keep on , keep …out of, keep from doing , keep in touch with, keep sb. waiting keep one’s promise ,
  6. other.
  7. The heavy rain him (go) to school that day. knock on/at , knock over , know about , know each other
It’s raining outside. You had better the rain the window. I am sorry to you for a long time. I don’t know Mr. Brown, but I something him. Who is the door? We since we were children. You can telephone me every week, and in this way we can each

Though it was dark, they working in the field. Tom the bottle of ink and there was ink all over him. Once( 一旦) you make a promise, you should .
1037 like, be like , feel like, laugh at , leave for, live a happy life, look out look after, look up , , lose the game, lose one’s way, like doing, lift up
  1. What does your school ? It looks like a beautiful garden. It is like a beautiful garden.
What your school ?
Would you taking a walk after supper? Don’t the people who are in trouble. He wants to visit his uncle in Beijing, so he will Beijing tomorrow. We are now. Would you my baby this evening, for I have to attend a meeting. If you meet a new word, you can the dictionary. Our team was beaten by them, so we . The girl was crying in the street because she . What do you ? I like reading.
Ken his foot and found there was a nasty cut in it. ! Here comes a bus.
look well, be made of, be made from, be made into , make a fool of, make sure, make up one’s mind, get married, be married to , never mind, mix….into, make sb. do make a mistake
  3. The furniture(家具) bamboo. The wine grapes. Glass can bottles and glasses.

Please when the train leaves. I to study hard.. He the sugar the flour. Don’t me. I am not good at skating. When did you (结婚)? His mother him (join) the sing group. He (结婚)Rose for twenty years. , I can do it by myself. What is the matter with you? You don’t now.
He is so careless that he yesterday again.
nod one’s head, point at,
pick up,
pay for,
promise to do, break one’s promise,
put up one’s hand, prevent sb. from doing, present sb. with, put on
pay attention to, put out,
If you want to say “yes”, you can . Our class our school a clock before we left the school. The illness him (go) to the party last week. He (buy) a bike for me on my birthday. Don’t believe in him. He always . If you have any questions, please . I have already the book. If you what the teacher says in class, you will make better
  10. The bus stops to the passengers at the corner. What is he ?

  11. The fireman the fire before we arrived there.
  13. He his coat and hat and went out.
ring up, receive a letter from, rush out of, go to sleep, fall asleep, feel sleepy, shout for help, stay awake, stay away from, stay up late, send for a doctor, save for , shake hands with, set….free, be on show

  1. I will you as soon as I arrive in Beijing.
  2.Have you your parents recently? Yes, I heard from them yesterday.
  3. If you are in danger, you can .
  4. When he heard the words, he the meeting room angrily.
  5. I was too excited last night.
  6. He didn’t go to bed until midnight, so he now.
  7. He was so tired because he (熬夜)last night.
  8. Why do you school today? Because it is Sunday today.
  9. Please (别睡觉)in class or you will not know how to do the homework.
  10. My mother is seriously ill and we should at once.
  11. You have eaten many apples. Will you one your sister?
  12. People usually each other when they meet in China.
  13. The old man asked the little boy to the bird .
  14. The pictures painted by the artist will (展览) in the museum.
  15. He felt very tired last night and only one minute he (入睡).
talk about, talk to /with , take care of, take pride in, take part in, take place,take care tie …to, tear…into pieces, tell the truth, , think of , think out
  1. My mother is (交谈)our English teacher over there. Do you know
what are they (谈论)?
  11. The children (受到照顾)in the kindergarten. Will you (参加) the sports meet next week? Liming won the first prize in the competition and his parents him. Great changes (发生) in China in the recent twenty years. He was so angry that he the letter (把…撕成碎片). The picture let me (想起)my childhood. Can you a method to solve the problem.? Don’t the dog the young tree or the tree will fall. Don’t tell lies again. Please us . , the road is very slippery.

Don’t lose your heart. We will (尽全力帮助)with your English. I like the skirt. Can I it (试穿)? I am sorry to have (让你久等) Tomorrow we will visit a farm. Will you me (吵醒) at six o’clock? She (获一等奖) in the swimming race, but his class
(输掉了) in the basketball match.
  10. Today he does not have to (为…担心)making a living. Have you (写信) your mother? I can’t (算出) the problem in five minutes. Though he (努力学习) English, he failed again. Can you wait me for a moment? I want to (与他说句话) him.

  11. I (想知道) if you are free this afternoon.
  12. (代我向…问好) to your parents.

  13. (你想去) go swimming with us after school?
  14.Would you mind (别抽烟) in the room?
  15.I (宁愿呆) at home than (外出).
  16.His mother (干…工作) a



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