练习( ) 练习(

  1. There was a large crowd of demonstrators against the war. ? A) protecting B) preserving C) protesting D) prosecuting?

  2. I’m afraid I will have to her invitation to the party.? A) refuse B) refute ? C) ignore D) decline ?
  3. The coat I bought yesterday is not expensive at all. As a matter of fact, I would gladly have paid for it.? A) as much twice B) much as twice ? C) as twice much ? D) twice as much ?

  4. He can’t start the car because the battery has .? A) run up B) run down ? C) run over D) run off

  5. Without facts, we cannot form a worthwhile opinion, for we need to have factual knowledge our thinking.? A) upon which to base ? B) which to base upon ? C) which to be based on ? D) to base on which ?
  6. This design is that one.?
A) more superior to ? B) far superior than ? C) more superior than D) far superior to ?
  7. I wondered what her to the news would be.? A) impression B) reaction ? C) comment D) opinion ?
  8. She shouldn’t have stood in a queue; she her underground ticket from the machine.? A) has got B) must have got ? C) could have got D) got ?

  9. Don’t worry. that you will be treated equally.? A) I’ll look forward to it ? B) I’ll try my utmost ? C) I’ll be on the alert ? D) I’ll see to it ?
  10. The workers agreed to the strike if the company would satisfy their demand.? A) call off B) call out ? C) call to D) call on ?
  11. I’d rather you so rudely to her.? A) don’t speak B) won’t speak ? C) should not speak D) didn’t speak ?
  12. Today many kinds of electrical are available, which has made housework much easier than before. ? A) facilities B) appliances ? C) instruments D) equipment ?
  13. The author is going to his play for television.? A) add B) adopt ? C) adapt D)adjust ?

  14. for your help, I’d never have been able to achieve such a success.? A) If I had not been ? B) Had it not been ? C) If it were not ? D) Had it not ?
  15. With all its advantages, the computer is by no means without its .? A) boundaries B) limitations C) confinements D) restraints ?
  16. I’m afraid I can’t you ; you’ll have to go to a hotel. ? A) put ...up B) pick ... up ? C) pull ... up D) wake ... up ?
  17. The guests said that they wouldn’t mind .? A) to have a little light music ? B) having a little light music ? C) have a little light music ? D) if they have a little light music ?
  18. Although this area is very poor just now, its wealth is great.? A) previous B) profound ? C) potential D) primary ?
  19. He ran quickly to the classroom, two books under his arm. ? A) to be hold B) held ? C) were held D) holding ?
  20. We must try our best to lower the cost of our products. Otherwise the high cost will our profit.? A) cut off B) cut in ? C) cut short D) cut into ?

  21. Tom is not very clever, but he is the most pupil in the class.? A) industrious B) indulgent C) industrial D) indifferent ?
  22. No sooner had he arrived home he was asked to start another journey.? A) when B) than ? C) then D) until ?
  23. Young children easily words that their parents frequently use. A) put up B) turn up ? C) bring up D) pick up ?
  24. Only when you have obtained all the information about it come to a sound judgment. A) you can B) you will ? C) would you D) can you ?
  25. American women were the right to vote until 1920 after many years of hard struggle. A) ignored B) neglected ? C) denied D) refused ?
  26. All is a continuous supply of the basic necessities of life. ? A) what is needed ? B) the thing needed ? C) which is needed D) that is needed ?
  27. The factory has several workers because of the drop in sales.? A) laid off B) laid out ? C) laid aside D) laid down ?

  28. There were no tickets for Friday’s performance.? A) applicable B) approachable ? C) attainable D) available ?
  29. There was a traffic jam; otherwise I here on time.? A) would be B) had been ? C) should be D) would have been ?
  30. If you don’t work hard, you are bound to fall behind others, smart you might be.? A) whatever B) though ? C) whatsoever D) however 答案及部分题目详解
  1. 【答案】C ? 【译文】有一大群示威者在抗议战争(的爆发)。? 【试题分析】词语辨析题。? 【详细解答】to protest against ... 意为“抗议,反对”。to protect ... (from ...) 意为“保护……(使之不受……)”。to preserve 意为“保护, 防护,维护”。to prosecute 意为“对……起诉;进行,坚持下去”。?
  2. 【答案】D ? 【译文】我恐怕不得不谢绝她的晚会邀请。? 【试题分析】词语辨析题。? 【详细解答】decline 意为“婉谢,谢绝”,指对别人的邀请、帮助等 比较委婉地回绝。refuse 意为“拒 绝”,指对别人的要求、请求等比
较直率的,有时比较不客气的拒绝。refute 意为驳斥,反驳。ignore 意 为“忽视,忽略,不

  3. 【答案】D ? 【译文】我昨天买的大衣一点也不贵,事实上,花两倍的价钱买它 我都愿意。? 【试题分析】本题考察表示倍数和比较的用法。? 【详细解答】本句实际上隐含了一个又“as...as...”引导的比较状语从 句。完整的句子是“I would gladly have paid twice as much as I paid for it”。当有表示倍数的词时,要放在“as...as...”比较级之前。?
  4. 【答案】B ? 【译文】由于电池耗尽了,他的汽车发动不了。? 【试题分析】动词短语辨析题。? 【详细解答】run down 意为“(动力等)耗尽;(身体)衰弱,疲 乏;(钟表)停了,(使)失灵”。run up 意为“升起(旗帜);欠下(钱 财)”。run over 意为“撞倒,辗过”。run off 意为“撵走,吓跑”。?
  5. 【答案】A ? 【译文】如果没有事实依据,我们就不能形成正确的主张,因为我 们要把想法建立在事实的基础上。 【试题分析】介词+关系代词+不定式作后置定语。? 【详细解答】此句需要一个后置定语来修饰 factual knowledge,根 据句意应是 base our thinking (upon) on factual knowledge,因此应使 用“介词+关系代词+不定式”的结构作后置定语。?
  6. 【答案】D ? 【译文】这个设计比那个要好的多。?
【试题分析】superior 表比较的用法。? 【详细解答】superior 意为“优越的,优良的”,后接介词 to,表示 比较,单词本身没有比较级。通常在前面加“far”表示“比……好得多”。 ?
  7. 【答案】B ? 【译文】我想知道她对这个消息的反应如何。? 【试题分析】词语固定搭配题。? 【详细解答】reaction 意为“对……的反应”。impression 与 on 搭配, 表示“给……留下……印象”。 comment 与 on 搭配, 表示“对……做出…… 评价”。opinion on 意为“对……发表看法(意见)”。?
  8. 【答案】C ? 【译文】她不应该去排队买票,她本来可以通过售票机买地铁票的。 ? 【试题分析】本题考察情态动词 could 的完成式用法。? 【详细解答】前半句用“shouldn’t have done”的形式,表示“本不应 该做……”;后半句则提供了另一种可能性,“本来可以……”,因为是过 去可能做,而实际上未做的事情,故应使用 could 的完成式。?
  9. 【答案】D ? 【译文】不要担心,我会关照,好让你受到平等对待的。? 【试题分析】see (to it )that+从句的用法。? 【详细解答】see (to it )that……意为“务必,留神,注意做到”。 其他三个选项在结构上都不能接从句,在语义上,look forward to 意为
“希望,盼望”;try one’s utmost 意为“竭尽全力”;be on the alert 意 为“警惕,提防”。?
  10. 【答案】A ? 【译文】工人们同意如果公司满足他们的要求就取消罢工。? 【试题分析】动词短语辨析题。? 【详细解答】call off 意为“取消”。call out 意为“叫(请)出来;叫 出(名字)”。call to 意为“向……喊”。call on 意为“号召,呼吁,要求”。 ?
  11. 【答案】D ? 【译文】我宁愿你不对她这么无礼。? 【试题分析】would rather 后宾语从句的虚拟语气。? 【详细解答】would rather 表示愿望,后接的宾语从句谓语动词要 用虚拟语气。表示与现在事实相反的愿望时,用过去时;表示与过去事 实相反的愿望时,用过去完成时。?
  12. 【答案】B ? 【译文】如今可供使用的电器很多,这使得做家务事比以前容易多 了。? 【试题分析】词语辨析题。? 【详细解答】appliance 意为“器具,器械”,electrical appliance 意 为“电器”。facility 意为“设备,设施”。instrument 意为“仪器”,尤指用 于精致工作的工具或仪器。equipment 意为“设备,装备”。?

  13. 【答案】C ? 【译文】作者将要把他的剧本改编为电视剧。? 【试题分析】词语辨析题。? 【详细解答】adapt 意为“改编,翻改;使适应”。add 意为“增加, 加强”。adopt 意为“采纳,采取(态度);收养”。adjust 意为“调整, 适应”。?
  14. 【答案】B ? 【译文】如果不是你的帮助,我永远都不会取得这样的成功。? 【试题分析】本题测试虚拟条件句的倒装。? 【详细解答】 根据句意和时态, 前半句应为“If it had not been for your help”。当虚拟条件句的谓语动词含有 were, had, should 时,可以省略 if, 将 were, had, should 移至主语的前面。?
  15. 【答案】B ? 【译文】虽然电脑有很多好处,但绝不是没有局限性。? 【试题分析】同义词语辨析题。? 【详细解答】limitation 意为“限制,局限”。boundary 意为“边境线, 分界线”。confinement 意为“限制 (在范围内),监禁”,。restraint 意为“抑制,遏制,制止”,常接介词 from。?
  16. 【答案】A ? 【译文】恐怕我不能给你提供住处,你得去住旅馆。? 【试题分析】动词短语辨析题。?
【详细解答】 ... up 意为“留……住宿; put 举起; 搭建”。 pick ... up 意 为“拾起, 拿起; 学会, 学到”。 pull ... up 意为“使 (车子) 停下”。 wake ... up 意为“叫醒”。
  17. 【答案】B ? 【译文】客人们说来一点轻音乐也好。? 【试题分析】mind +动名词表示“介意,反对”。? 【详细解答】mind 作“在乎,介意”讲时,主要用于疑问句、否定句 和条件句中,后面若有动词作宾语,要用动名词。?
  18. 【答案】C ? 【译文】虽然目前这一地区很贫穷,但它的潜在财富却是巨大的。 ? 【试题分析】词语辨析题。? 【详细解答】potential 意为“潜在的”。previous 意为“以前的,从前 的”。profound 意为“深奥的,博学的”。primary 意为“初级的;主要的; 基本的”。?
  19. 【答案】B ? 【译文】他胳膊下夹着两本书,飞快地向教室跑去。? 【试题分析】独立主格结构作伴随状语。? 【详细解答】由于句子前后以逗号隔开,没有连词,因此后半句只 能是伴随状语,要使用名词+分词 的独立主格结构, 此句中 books 是分词动作 hold 的承受者, 故应使 用过去分词。

  20. 【答案】D ? 【译文】 我们必须全力降低产品的成本, 否则高成本将使利润大打折扣。 ? 【试题分析】动词短语辨析题。? 【详细解答】cut into 意为“减少,降低;插嘴,打断”。cut off 意为“切 断;隔绝,挡住;切下来” 。cut in 意为“插嘴,夹塞”。cut short 意为“打断(谈话),中断(活 动)”。?
  21. 【答案】A ? 【译文】汤姆并不十分聪明,但他却是班里最勤奋的学生。? 【试题分析】词语辨析题。? 【详细解答】industrious 意为“勤奋的,勤勉的”。indulgent 意为“纵 容的,溺爱的”。industrial 意为“工业的,实业的”。indifferent 意为“冷 淡的,漠不关心的;平淡无奇的”。?
  22. 【答案】B ? 【译文】他刚到家,就被要求开始另一个旅程。? 【试题分析】测试 “no sooner...than”引导的时间状语从句。? 【详细解答】 “no sooner...than” 是一个关联从属连词, 意为“一…… 就…… ”,故 B 为正确答 案。当 “no sooner”置于句首时,要用倒装语序。?
  23. 【答案】D ? 【译文】小孩子们会很容易学会父母常使用的话语。?
【试题分析】动词短语辨析题。? 【详细解答】pick up 意为“拾起; (非正规地)学会,学到”。put up 意为“举起; 修建; 留……住宿”。 turn up 意为“出现, 出席”。 bring up 意 为“抚养大;提出”。
  24. 【答案】D ? 【译文】只有当你得到关于它的所有信息后,才能得出合理的判断



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