a large number of 大量 airport bus 机场巴士 all one's life 终生 a bunch of grapes 一串葡萄 an oak tree 一棵橡树 as soon as possible 尽快 as usual 照例 at the doctor's 在医务室 at the foot of… 在……的脚下 at the right time 在合适时 air current 气流 at the head of 同时 all of a sudden 突然 alarm clock 闹钟 at times 时常 April Fools' Day 愚人节 be out 在外 butcher shop 肉店 bad-mannered man 没有教养的人 Bad luck! 倒霉! be able to 能 be on show 展览 be short for… 是……的简略式 be strict with sb. 严格要求某人 be strict to sth. 严格要求某物 be sure of 确信 be weak in 不擅长于 Beijing Opera 京剧 break down 损坏 by satellite 通过卫星 beauty salon 美容院 by the end of 到……末为止 cold front 冷落 catch up with 赶上 come along 快点 copy/follow one's example 以为……榜样 call one's name 点名 can't wait to do sth. 禁不住 come over 顺便来访 come round (走)过来 do problems 解决问题 dry cleaner's 干洗店
do with 处理 dust storm 尘暴 do sb. a favor 帮某人一个忙 dress up 乔装打扮 department store 百货公司 digital watch 数字表 digital clock 数字钟 drop(maths) 放弃(数学) fix a time 定个时间 fall behind 落后 feel like 想要 fill…with… 把……装满…… film star 电影明星 mother/first language 母语 f ree market 自由市场 flight number 航班 for long 长久 for short 简略地 from now on 从今以后 fall off 跌落 fall over 向前摔倒 family tree 家谱 full name 全名 get back 取回 get dressed 穿衣服 gate keeper 门卫 get lost 失踪 get on…with 与……相处得 give a hand 帮助 give it up 放弃它 give a talk 演讲 Good luck! 祝你好运 get down 落下 have a drink of… 喝一点…… have a baby 生产 hear from 收到……的来信 humid damp 潮湿的 hear of 听说 hard sleeper 硬卧 hardware store 五金店 high-heel shoes 高跟鞋 hour after hour 一小时又一小时地
Halloween 万圣节 hurry off 匆忙离去 hour hand 时针 hurry up 赶快 in a certain size 属于某一尺寸的 in a minute 一会儿 in a moment 片刻之后 in surprise 惊奇地 in time for 及时赶上 ice sculpture 冰雕 in trouble 处于困境中 in groups 分组 in the hat 戴帽子 It's your turn 该你了 in bed 在床上睡觉 in line 排成一排 in the open air 在户外 jump the queue 插队 Jesus Christ 耶稣基督 just a moment 等一会儿 just then 正在那时 keep on 继续 knock at 敲 kill one's thirst 解渴 knock…into… 把……插进…… 联赛 league match leave one by oneself 让某人独自呆着 I'm new here. 我是第一次来这儿. look around 四处看看 look over 检查 look the same 看起来一个样 look up 查询 language difficulties 语言难点 make a mistake 犯错误 make an appointment 约会 make problems 造成问题 make sure 务必 minute hand 分针 make water 去厕所 mistake…for… 错把……当成…… more or less 或多或少 motor car 汽车 move away 搬开 make a dialogue 进行对话
make it 约定 main course 主菜 medium-rare 五分熟 make sentences with 用……造句 no longer 不再 not…at all 根本不 不客气 Not at all. neck and neck 齐头并进 never mind 不要紧 No hurry. 不忙 on the eve of 在前夕 on sale 削价出售 on top of 在的上面 one moment 等一会儿 on duty 值日 put…away 把……收起来 pull…out of 把……从……拉出来 pull…up from… 把……从……拉上来 pass on 传递 police box 警亭 potato chips 土豆片 pay for 付款 拾起 pick up queue jumper 插队者 ring…up 打电话给…… relay race 接力赛 right away 立刻 right now 现在 send up 发射 soft sleeper 软卧 speak rude language 说脏话 so far 迄今 second hand 秒针 size extra large 特大号 so that 以致 so…that… 如此……以至于…… starting line 起跑线 the middle of the day 中午 too…to 太……而不能 take exercise 运动 Thank goodness! 谢天谢地! Throw it like that. 像那样扔出来. take medicine 吃药 take one's temperature 量体温
tornado twister 龙卷风 talk about past events 谈论过去的事情 take one's time 别急 take turns 替换 thanks to 多亏 that's all 完了 the more…the better 越多越好 the United Nations 联合国 these days 现在 turn round 转过身 think about 考虑 university lecturer 大学讲师 up and down 上上下下 Valentine's Day 情人节 wind force 风力 wind direction 风向 wash oneself 洗脸(澡) well-done 全熟 word puzzle 纵横字谜 would love 愿意 want a go 要试一下 work on 从事 wear out 穿坏 with one's help 在……帮助下 with pleasure 乐意地 write down 写下 write to 写信给 Young Pioneer 少先队员
April 10th , 2003 Saturday Fine Today our school held a sports meet on the playground. Class3, Grade 3 did very well. Zhang Jun was first in the high jump. Liu Mei won the long jump. I wasn't in any of the sports because l wasn't very well, but watched it carefully and looked after my classmates' clothes.
March 2nd, 2001 Saturday Fine Yesterday l got up at a quarter to seven. After breakfast l hurried to school. When l got to school, no other students were there. "Oh, it is Saturday today. We have no classes." I thought. So l asked some friends to go for a picnic in the park. We had a good time yesterday. I came back by bus. When l arrived home, it was already dark. I went to bed at nine. It was a happy day. How to plant a tree First dig a hole large enough for the tree. Knock a long, strong stick into the earth next to the
hole, then put the tree in the hole. Put the earth back in the hole again. Tie the tree to the top of the stick. Water it well, as often as possible.
It was Sunday, April
  4. Sandy and l didn't go to school. We went to a shop and bought a new kite and a big ball of string. It was very windy so we flew our kite in the park. The wind blew hard and our kite flew very high and very well. Then the string broke. We both tried to get the string. We ran very fast, but the wind carried the kite far away. We watched it for a long time till it flew out of our sight.
May 12, 2001 Tuesday Sunny Usually mum does all the housework when dad reads something and l do my homework. I know she's very tried but l have no time to help her. I'm always sorry for it. Today is Mother's Day. Dad and l decided to do all at home and let mother have a good rest. Dad bought a lot of vegetables and cooked himself. I did some washing. When dinner begin, dad and l stood up and said to mum," Merry Mother's Day!"
The population problem is one of the greatest problems of the world today. China has the largest number of people in the world. If the population grows too fast, it will bring many serious problems. For example, people will not have enough food to eat or enough houses to live in, and the traffic will not have enough space to stand in on the earth. So we should do our best to stop the population from growing too fast.
My good friend I have a good friend. Her Chinese name is Li Ling, and Susan is her English name. She is from Beijing. Li Ling is 15 years old. She studies in No.4 Middle School. She is in Class Two, Grade Three. Li Ling is good at maths and English. She likes singing and playing volleyball very much. And she sings quite well. Li Ling is very kind and friendly. She studies very hard and always likes helping others. What a good girl she is! I like she.
Jim had a busy day yesterday. He got up early in the morning. After breakfast he went to school. He had classes and worked hard all day. After school he played football with his friends on the playground, then he went home. At home he helped his mother cook supper. he did his homework in the evening and then went to bed.
One day Tom had just bought an ice-cream. He was eating it when he met an old friend, Kate. He hid the ice-cream behind him quickly. Then they began to talk about the weather. Kate's dog walked around and found the ice-cream behind Tom. It began to eat it happily. Tom was so busy talking with Kate that he didn't know it at all!
I am a middle school student. I learn many subjects at school. After class, my classmates and l often take part in different school activities. I am interested in computer science and often go to computer group. I learn to get useful things from the interest. I think it is important to learn to use computer because they are used everywhere in our modern life. I want to work for our country with computers when l grow up.



   登陆下载更多资料 www.lzcyy.net 量子场女生英语 初中英语知识总结-短语、词组和重点句型归纳 [短语、词组归纳] 由动词开头构成的短语、词组很多。复习时应分类处理: 一、动词+介词 1.look at…看…, look like … 看上去像……, look after …照料… 2.listen to…听…… 3.welcome to…欢迎到…… 4.say hello to …向……问好 5.speak to…对……说话 此类短语相当于及物动词,其后必须带宾语,但宾语无论是名 ...


   四级高频出现词汇和短语总结归纳 声明:本材料是以历十年公共英语四级真题、恩波模拟题测试卷、 声明:本材料是以历十年公共英语四级真题、恩波模拟题测试卷、 高频词汇书三份材料作出的归纳总结和扩展。本笔记的目的是为体现如 。本笔记的目的是为体现如 高频词汇书三份材料作出的归纳总结 下所罗列的词汇和短语在四级考试中考查的频率较高,但并代表忽略其 下所罗列的词汇和短语在四级考试中考查的频率较高,但并代表忽略其 中考查的频率较高 忽略 他单词。希望以此来减轻同学们的负担,提升学习的效率。 他单词。希望以 ...


   1. 2. 3. 为考试学习 和…学习(工作) 制作抽认卡 制作词汇表 听磁带 向…询求帮助 看英语语言录相 和…练习对话 朗读 学到很多 提高…的口语技能 向…询问关于…的事 学习语法 具体的建议 对…感到兴奋 结果做…,告终 发现…令人沮丧 有一点点帮助 做…事的最好方法 做调查 记日记 犯错误 在语法方面 英语口语 得到…正确 在杂志上 写作练习 加入英语俱乐部 练习做… 首先 一开始 后来,随后 害怕做… 造完整的句子 做大量的听力练习 在课堂上 讥笑,嘲笑 做…有困难 在原始的句子 ...


   Book 2 1. look into 3. belong to 调查 Unit 1 Cultural Relics 文化遗产 2. select 精选 choose 选择 (若有范围加 from) 迷路,丢失 属于(无被动进行式) 处理;对付 被用来做某事 被制成; 4. get /be lost ; be missing /gone 5. do with /deal with 7. be used to do sth. 9. be made into . . . be made for ...


   prefer to do 表示一时性的喜欢 prefer doing 表示长时间的,一贯性的喜欢 一.含有 ing 句型: 1. keep doing 2. keep /carry on doing 3. keep sb. Doing 4. enjoy doing 5. finish doing 6. be afraid of doing 7. be worth doing 8. be busy doing 9. how about doing//what about doing 10. s ...


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   商务英语写作 Chapter one An overview of business writing 课程简介 本课程是国际商务从业人员必备的 核心业务课程之一。 核心业务课程之一。通过介绍公司商务 活动中各种英文业务函件的写作格式和 内容, 内容,使学生在相对真实的商务环境中 提高英语水平。 提高英语水平。熟练掌握商务活动中常 用的基本术语及表达技能, 用的基本术语及表达技能,培养和提高 业务工作能力. 业务工作能力 课程内容 本课程主要学习信例, 本课程主要学习信例,尤其是学习商务 运作 ...


   Section 1 11. M: Good news, I'm not going to have surgery after all. The doctor says I can start working out again soon and maybe play football like before in a few weeks. W: That's terrific. It would be great if you could get back in shape in time ...


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