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人教新版 高三总复习 高一英语(上下册) 高一英语(上下册)英语词组和语法重难点
Unit One 必会习语
  1.What is sb. like? What does sb. look like? What does sb. like? How does sb like/find sth?
  2. argue with sb. about sth 因…和某人争执
  3. enjoy/hate sth/ doing sth
  4. so / nor/ neither + 系动/助动/情动 + 主语 So it is with...; It is the same with...
  5. be into 对…深感兴趣 =be interested in; have/show interest in
  5. be fond of 喜欢 care for; like; enjoy;
  6. surf the internet 上网冲浪
  7. all the time 一直 总是
  8. imagine that...; imagine (sb/sb's) doing sth imagine sb to be 想像某人是 CHUCK'S FRIEND
  7. cast away 抛弃
  8. so…that…/such…that… 如此…以致… He was so excited that he could not speak. So excited was he that he could not speak. It was such a lovely day that we decided to go outing. It was so lovely a day that we decided to go outing. It is amusing that such little birds eat so much food.
  9. the Pacific Ocean; the Atlantic Ocean; the Indian Ocean; the arctic Ocean;
  10. survive the crash 在空难中幸存
  11. a deserted island 荒岛
  12. all alone 独自 = all by oneself 区别: alone 单独的;独自的 lonely 孤独的;寂寞的
  13. hunt for 搜寻 寻找 search for;
  12.make fire 生火
  13.in order to 为了 so as to; in order that; so that
  14.even though/even if 即使,纵然 as if / as though
  15.treat…as/like… 把…当作 regard...as...; think of...as
  16.share sth. with sb. 与…分享 share (in) sth 分享
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  17.care about/for 关心,照顾,喜欢 care to do sth 愿意做;care for sb to do sth 愿意某人做 care + 从句 愿意;介意
  18.should have done 本来应该 =ought to have done
  19.make friends with 与…交朋友
  20.such as 例如 for example;for instance WORD STUDY & GRAMMAR
  21. keep...as a pet
  22. regard ...as...; treat...as; think of...as; consider...as/to be
  23. be loyal to; be faithful to;be devoted to 忠诚于
  24. be quick in mind and action 思维敏捷行动迅速 INTEGRATING SKILLS
  25. have fun; enjoy oneself; have a wonderful time
  26. drop me a line 给某人写短信 WORKBOOK
  27.keep…in mind 把…记住 learn...by heart; remember
  28.in error / by mistake 由于错误或疏忽
  29.tie up (one's hair) 扎起来 do up
  30.run into 偶然遇见; 遭遇;与...相撞 come across; meet by chance; happen to meet
  31.be proud of 以…而感骄傲 take pride in
  32.run a restaurant 开餐馆 start a restaurant run a business 做生意
  33.skip classes 逃课
  33.keep an eye on 照顾; 注视;stare at 盯着看
  34.make fun of 取笑某人; laugh at
  35. It is possible (for sb) to do; It is possible/probable/likely that... Sb. + is (most) likely to do sth. Sth. + is probable
  36.be curious about 对…感到好奇 be curious that... have the curiosity about
  37. have problems with 在... 有问题
  38. even if you are thousand miles apart 即使你们分别在几千英里
  39. despite = in spite of 尽管;不管 regardless of
Unit 2 必会习语 Warming up
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  1. for the first time 第一次;首先 at first; first of all
  2. have a good flight (坐飞机)旅途愉快
  3. all the way 一路
  4. at all (否定:根本; 疑问:到底; 条件:竟然) above all 首先;首要的 after all 毕竟; in all 总共
  5. make oneself at home 不拘束, 别客气
  6. There you are. 你来了. Here you are. 给你. ENGLISH AROUND THE WORLD
  7. all around the world 世界各地 throughout the world
  8. the majority of 大多数的 the minority of
  9. in total; in all; altogether 总共
  10. the number of …的数量 (large; small 谓语动词单数) a number of 一些; 许多
  11. except for 除了...之外; 要不是 except 除了...都; besides 除了...还;except +从句 except (除去)指在整体中除去行为未发生者 (不包括在内) except for (除了有…之外)指在一个整体中除去其中某个或某些因素,前后两个名词 性质不同. except that (除去;除掉) 后接从句,还有 except when, except what; except where 等 besides (除了…还) 包括在整体之内 but (除了...之外) 和 except 同义,与否定词或疑问词连用
  11. communicate with sb. 与...交流,联络
  12. have a good knowledge of 对...很熟悉; 通晓 GRAMMAR 祈使句间接引语 Ask sb (not) to do sth 请某人做/不做某事 Tell sb (not) to do sth 让某人不做某事 Order sb (not) to do sth 命令某人做/不做某事
  13. help sb. with sth 在某方面帮助某人 help sb do sth; help do sth; 帮助 assist sb with sth; assist sb to do sth; assist in doing sth. 协助某人做...
  14. stand still 站着不动; stay still; lie still
  15. leave the door open 让门一直开着 leave the light on 让灯一直亮着 leave sb doing sth 留置/听任...保持...(做某事)的状态 leave... done 留置/听任...保持...(被...)的状态
  16. turn down /up the radio 把收音机声音关小/开大 turn up 出现 turn down 拒绝
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turn off / on 关掉/打开 turn in 上缴; turn out 结果是;被证明是
  17. stay up 熬夜; 不睡觉 Integrating skills
  18. come about 发生;happen; take place; break out
  19. There is no quick answer to this question.
  20. in the same way 用同样的方式 in different ways 不同 in this way 这样 in no way 决不 in the way 挡道;妨碍 out of the way 不挡道 in a way 在某种程度上;在某一点上 on the way 在路上;即将发生 by the way 顺便说/问一下; by way of 经由;经过
  21. stay the same = remain the same. 保持不变
  22.at the same time 同时 =meanwhile
  23. end up with 以...(形式)告终 begin/start with end in failure 以失败而告终
  24. more or less 或多或少
  25. have difficulty/trouble in doing sth 做某事有困难
  26. a great many; many a; a great number of (可数) a great many factories 区分 a great many of the factories a great deal of; a large amount of; (不可数) a large quantity of; large quantities of; plenty of; lots of
  27. bring in 带来; 引进 bring out 出版;生产;揭露 bring about 引起;导致 bring up 抚养;培养 WORKBOOK
  29. shut up 闭嘴
  30.pass away 去世
  31.promise sb to do sth 答应某人做某事 promise that... make a promise
  32.make a decision 做出决定=decide
  33. marry sb; 与某人结婚 get married to sb be married to sb
  34. at least 至少 at most 最多
  35. a little bit 区分:a little; a bit; a bit of; not a bit ; not a little
  36. chat on line 网上聊天
  37. stay in touch =keep in touch with sb.= keep track of
4 第二教育网同步辅导资料
保持联系 get in touch with; 取得联系 lose touch with 失去联系
  38. because of 区分 because thanks to 多亏了 as a result of 由于...的结果 due to 由于,因为 owing to 由于;因为
  39. not only... but also.. (用于句首时,前句倒装) Not only did Xiaohua learn a lot of English from her Canadian teacher, she also became very interested in Canada. (前句倒,后句不倒) Not only the students but also the teacher doesn't understand this sentence. (并列主语,不 倒装,谓语就近一致)
  40. as many as; as much as 和...一样多 as many books as as much money as His son is as naughty a boy as he used to be when he was young.
  41. in the name of 以....的名义
  1. consider ...( as/to be)... 认为...是 consider sb to have done 认为某人做过某事 consider it +n./adj. for sb to do sth consider doing sth 考虑要做某事 consider +疑问词 + to do sth 考虑... consider that 从句 认为;考虑 in consideration of 报答;由于 take ...into consideration 顾及,考虑到 under consideration 在考虑中,在研究中
  2. means of transportation/transport 交通方式 Every possible means has been tried, but none worked. All possible means have been tried, ... by all means 不惜一切 =in all ways by this means 用这种方法 =in this way by no means 决不; 一点也不=in no way by means of 通过, 借助于 = by
  3. in time 及时;早晚;总有一天 travel in time 在时空中旅行 on time 准时 in no time 马上;立刻 at that time 那时 at times 有时 for the time being 暂时的
  4. prefer sth / to do sth / sb to do sth 更喜欢;较喜欢
5 第二教育网同步辅导资料
prefer doing A to doing B 宁愿做某事 prefer A to B; 喜欢 A 胜于 B = like A better than B prefer to do A rather than do B 宁愿做 A 而不愿做 B
  5. in space 在太空 in outer space 在外部空间 ADVENTURE TRAVEL
  6. get away (from) 摆脱; 离开 break away from 脱离 get rid of 去除
  7. more and more 越来越…
  8. instead of 代替; 而不是 (区分:instead)rather than
  9. try doing 试验做 try to do sth 努力去做;试图作 manage to do sth = succeed in doing sth 设法做到了某事 attempt to do sth; make an attempt to do sth 企图做某事
  10. get close to 靠近; 接近
  11. experience life 体验生活 experience C.n 经历 U.n.经验
  12. take exercise 进行锻炼 have sports; do sport exercise C.n 练习题 (pl) 体操 U.n 锻炼
  13. go for a hike = go hiking 去徒步旅行
  14. watch out (for...) 留神; 提防
  15. protect… from/against … 保护…免受…
  16. be careful (not) to do sth 小心(不)做某事 be careful about 注意 be careful with 小心;
  17. as with ....也一样 as to / for 至于;关于
  18. think about 考虑 think of 想到,想起 think over 仔细考虑 think out 想出
  19. go rafting 去漂流
  20. unless = if not 除非...否则... You should not go rafting unless you know how to swim.(条件) 区分:until You must not get off the bus until it has stopped.(时间) GRAMMAR 现在进行时表示将来的计划,打算 How are you getting to the airport? 一般现在时表示时刻表的将来 My plane leaves at seven this evening.
  21. go on separate holidays 分别去度假
  22. in a few days' time = in a few days =a few days later 几天后 after 和 in 的区分
6 第二教育网同步辅导资料

  23. go off to ; be off to 动身去 leave for;
  24. see sb off 给某人送行 meet sb 接某人
  25. take a taxi to 乘出租车 go to ...by taxi
  26. have a nice / pleasant trip/journey 祝旅途愉快
  27. say "Hi" to sb. for me 代我向某人问好 give my regards to sb remember me to sb.
  28. The same to you. 我也祝愿你. 对比: It's the same with... ...也一样 It's all the same to sb 对某人而言是一样的. I have the same pencil bag as yours/ you have.
  29. in the past 在过去 in the old days
  30. at present 目前; at the present time; nowadays
  31. in the future 在未来;将来 in future 以后
  32. used to do sth 过去常做某事 be used to do sth 被用来做 be used for (doing) sth be used to sth/doing sth 习惯于 get used to doing INTEGRATING SKILLS
  33. combine…with… 把…和…结合起来 (为了共同目的合并) connect...with/to... 把...和...连接起来 (通过媒介物连接) link...with/to join...to... (直接连接)
  34. on (the) one hand… , on the other hand … 一方面…, 另一方面..
  35. so that = in order that 为了…; 以便…
  36. learn about 了解; 学习有关…知识
  37. as well as =and 也; 又;以及 as well = too
  38. by doing sth... 通过作某事 by means of doing
  39. make money 挣钱; 赚钱 earn money
  40. the four of you 你们四个人 four of you 你们其中的四个人
  41. prepare ( sth) for... 为…做准备... get ready for prepare sb for sth 使某人为某事做好准备 be well prepared (for); 为...做好了充分的准备=be ready for make preparations for 为...做准备
  42. make notes 做笔记 take notes WORKBOOK
  43. take off (飞机)起飞;脱掉(衣帽鞋)
  44. go on holiday 去度假 go to (a place) for a holiday
7 第二教育网同步辅导资料
  45. fill…with… 给…充满… be filled with; be full of 充满了
  46. the way (in which/that) + 定语从句 the/a way of doing sth = the/a way to do sth 做某事的方法
  47. catch up with 赶上 keep up with 跟上;不落后
  48. reach out (for sth) 伸手去(拿,碰)
  49. pay attention to 注意 focus one's attention on call /draw/attract one's attention to 吸引某人的注意力于 WRITING
  50. give away 赠送, 放弃, 泄漏(机密) give up 放弃 give in (to sb) 屈服 give out 分发;发出(光,热,气,味等) give off 发出(光,热,气,味等)
  51. come up with 提出;想到(主意);
  1. talk about 谈论; 议论 talk with sb; talk of 提到
  2. host the 2008 Olympic Games 举办 2000 年奥运会
  3. take place = come about; happen 发生
  4. be caught in (a rain; a traffic jam; the earthquake) 偶然遇上(雨,交通堵塞,地震等)
  5. create a dialogue = make up a dialogue 编对话
  6. play tennis 打网球
  7. for fun = as a joke 开玩笑的;不是认真的;为了取乐的
  8. I hope so. I hope not.
  9. shout /call for help 呼救
  10. go on (a) holiday 去度假 go to...for a holiday on holiday 在度假
  11. on fire 着火 catch fire 着火;set fire to=set...on fire 纵火 make fire 生火
  12. I'm afraid of +n. 害怕 I'm afraid that... 担心 I'm afraid to do sth 不敢做某事 I'm afraid of doing sth 害怕做某事 I'm afraid so. 恐怕是这样 I'm afraid not. 恐怕不会.
8 第二教育网同步辅导资料
  13. a natural disaster 自然灾害
  14. hear/see sb. doing sth 听见/看见某人正在做某事 hear/ see sb do sth 听见/看见某人做过某事 (五看二听一感觉)
  15. look around 环顾;



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   全新版大学英语第三册课后翻译 .UNIT 1 十年之前,南希做了许许多多美国人梦寐以求的事。她辞去了经理职位, 十年之前,南希做了许许多多美国人梦寐以求的事。她辞去了经理职位,在邻近地区开 了一家家用器材商店。像南希这样的人作出这种决定主要是出于改善生活质量的愿望。 了一家家用器材商店。像南希这样的人作出这种决定主要是出于改善生活质量的愿望。 然而,经营小本生意绝非易事。在失去稳定的收入后,南希不得不削减日常开支。 然而,经营小本生意绝非易事。在失去稳定的收入后,南希不得不削减日常开支。有时 ...


   proper adj.恰当的,合适的;真正的 by the way 顺便说 volunteer n.义务工作者;志愿者 bell n.钟(铃)声;铃,钟;钟状物 grandpa n.爷爷;外公 chairwoman n.女主席,女会长;女议长 grandson n.(外)孙子 disabled adj.残疾的,残废的 shut v.关上,封闭;禁闭;合拢 rope n.绳子,绳索 teenager n.(~岁的)青少年,十几岁的少年 granny n.祖母,外婆;老奶奶 describe v ...


   初一年级( 初一年级(上) 【知识梳理】 知识梳理】 I. 重点短语 1. Sit down 5. at home 9. come on 13. look after II. 重要句型 1. help sb. do sth. 4. It’s time to do sth. 7. Where is…? It’s…. 10. Welcome to…. 13. Who’s this? This is…. 2. on duty 6. look like 10. at work 14. get up ...


   英语经典文章 01 The Language of Music A painter hangs his or her finished pictures on a wall, and everyone can see it. A composer writes a work, but no one can hear it until it is performed. Professional singers and players have great responsibilities, f ...