Lesson 85 I. Warming up(热身)
  1.A good cook could cook as much cookies as a good cook who could cook co okies
  2.Brain storming: the words about transportation ambulance 救护车 bike 自行车 bicycle 自行车 motorcycle 摩托车 cart 二轮马车 carriage 四轮马车 car 小汽车 jeep 吉普车 tractor 拖拉机 lorry 重型卡车 truck 卡车 bus 大客车 coach 大客车 van 厢式货车 taxi 计程汽车,出租 汽车 subway 地铁 railway 铁路 train 火车 express 快客列车 boat 小船 ship 船 yacht 游船 vessel 大船 warship 军舰 aeroplane 飞机 plane 飞机 aircraft 飞机 airplane 飞机 jet 喷气飞机 spaceship 宇宙飞船 space shuttle 航天飞机 helicopter 直升飞机 II. Talk about the winter holiday. Did you have a good time in your winter holiday? What did you do? Where did you go? How did your family celebrate the spring festival? Have a big dinner play firecrackers lucky money watch Spring Festival Gala Evening III. New words(新词)
  1. Paris the capital of France Paris is a famous city in the world. 联想记忆: LondonEngland TokyoJapan WashingtonAmerica RomeItaly Canberra(堪培拉)?Australia Ottawa(渥太华)--Canada
  2. Cinema 固定搭配:go to the cinema at the cinema the cinema star Eg. We are going to the cinema next Sunday.
  3. Film n. 电影,底片 v. 拍电影 固定搭配 See a film 近义词 movie(AmE) watch a movie Have you seen any good films lately?你最近看过什么好电影吗? I want a roll of color film. 请给我一卷胶卷。Develop a film 冲洗胶卷 They want to film the Olympic Games. 他们想把奥运会拍成电影。
  4. Beautiful adj. 美丽的,很棒的,可爱的 扩展:beautifully adv.美丽地 beautify vt. 美化 beauty n. 美丽,美 人 What a beautiful game!多么棒的比赛! You did a beautiful job of cleaning up the kitchen.你把厨房打扫的真干 净。 She has a beautiful voice. 她的声音很优美
  5. City n. 城市 City?countryside(农村) city life (城市生活) a big city (一个大城市) a beautiful city(一座漂亮的城市)

  6. Never adv. 决不,永不 I have never been there before. 谚语:Never too old to learn (活到老,学到老) Never offer to teach fish to swim.(不要班门弄斧) Better late than never。 (迟做总比不做好) 搭配: never mind 没关系,不要介意
  7. ever adv. 曾经,以前,至今
  1) Have you ever been to France.
  2) 用于否定句中:至今(不曾)I haven’t ever been abroad.
  3) 用于 if 从句中:任何时候,无论何时 If you ever come to Beijing , be sure to let us know.
  4) 与最高级,比较级联用:至今,以前,以往 This is the best novel that he has ever read. It is raining harder than ever. 搭配:for ever 永远 ever since 从。。以来 。 复合: whatever 不论什么 Whenever 不论何时 However 无论如何 whichever 无论哪个 Gramma(语法)现在完成时 (与练习结合)
  1. He lives in in France. A. Tokyo B. Paris C. Sydney D. London
  2. There are three in this city. A. cinema B. cinemas C. cinemaes D. cinema’s
  3. I an educational film last night. A. See B. saw C. watch D. look at
  4. I found a roll of . A. film B. films C. the film D. filmes
  5. is a beautiful place to live. A. A city B. The city C. City D. Cities
  6. London, Paris, New York and Shanghai are all large . A. city B. citys C. cities D. cityes
  7. seen him before, tell you his name? A. Never have I , how I can B. I have never, how can I B. Never have I , how can I D. I have never, how I can 课文: Listen to the tape and answer the questions.
  1. Where has Ken just been?
  2. What’s on at the cinema?
  3. Has George already seen it?
  4. When did he see it ?

  5. Is it a new film?
  6. Is Paris a beautiful city?
  7. Has George ever been to Paris?
  8. Has Ken ever been there?
  9. When was Ken in Paris?
  10. What was the weather like?
现在完成时态专项练习(基础) 现在完成时态专项练习(基础) 训练目标: 训练目标 1 掌握现在完成时态的概念 2 理解标志词 3 熟练用法 Step1 用 for 或 since 填空
  1. Jill has been in Ireland Monday.
  2. Jill has been in Ireland three days.
  3. My aunt has lived in Australia 15 days.
  4. Margaret is in her office. She has been there 7 o'clock.
  5. India has been an independent country 19
  74. Step2 has / have been has / have gone.

  1. Harry:I saw you in Annabel's Restaurant last night. Diana:No, it wasn't me. I never there.
  2. Sam:Sally and Tim are on holiday, aren't they? Sue:To Florida, again. Sam:How many times they there? Sue:This is their third visit.
  3. Alan:Where's Tony?
  4. A:Where are the boy students ? B:They to the school factory.
  5. A: Is your father in ? A: he ever there before ? Step3 用 already 或 yet 填空 B: No, he to Shenzhen. B: Yes, he there several times Mary:He's got a headache so he to bed. Where they?

  1) Have they taken down the old pictures ? No, not .
  2) Most of us have finished our compositions
  3) He said he hadn’t visited the exhibition . Step4 重点用法
  1. Both his parents look sad . Maybe they (know) what's happened to him . A. already been B.never to C.ever he ? D. Still D. Still

  2. He has A.
Shanghai , has
already met Mr
B.never Li ?

  3. Have you
A. just B.ago
C.before D.a moment ago years .
The famous writer (write) one new book in the past two

  5.?Our country (change)a lot so far . ?Yes . I hope it will be even (good) .
  6. Zhao Lan already (study)in this school for two Li since she was a little girl . years .

  7. We (know) Xiao
Harry Potter is a very nice film .I(see) it twice . have been to the United States .

  9.?These farmers
?Really ? When there ? A. will they go B. did they goC. do yet ? they go D.have they gone

  10.? you your A Did; do; finished
?Yes . I it a moment ago .
B Have done; finished D will; do; finish
C Have; done have finished Step5 关于动词的延续与非延续
  1. He died 10 years ago. He
  2. He borrowed the book 2 weeks ago. He
for 10 years.
the book for 2 weeks.

  3. He bought the motorbike a month ago. He the motorbike for a month.

  4. He arrived here three days ago.
  5. He left here 2 years ago.
here since three days ago.
He from here for 2 years.
  6. The film began 30 minutes ago. The film or 30 minutes.
  7. They opened the door an hour ago. The door for an hour.
  8. They closed the door an hour ago. The door for an hour.
  9. His A. father the Party since 1978 . B. has joined C. was in D. has been in

  10.?Do you know him well ? A. were B. have been
?Sure .We friends since ten years ago . C. have become D. have made

  11.-How long have youhere ?
?About two months .
Abeen Bgone Ccome Darrived
  12. Hurry up! The play for ten A. has begun B. had begun minutes . D. began for two years (同义句)
C. has been on

  13. His uncle died two years ago .(同)His uncle has
  14. Her mother has been a Party member for three years . Her mother the Party three
  15.It ten Green years since he left the army . isn't in the office . C.will go years
. Cwill D. was
Ais B.has she to

the library .
A.has gone
B. went
D. has been years . D.have been
My parents Shandong for ten A.have been in B. have been to
C. have gone to
Step6 summary and test
  2. already (see) the film. I (see) it last week.
he (finish) his work today ? Not yet . Yes, I (be) there twice .

  3. you (be) to Hong Kong ?

  4. you ever (eat ) chocolate sundaes ? No, never.
  5.My father just (come) back from work He is tired now.

  6.Where’s Li Ming ? He
  7.Shanghai a large city.
(go) to the teacher’s office.
(be) a small town hundreds of years ago. Now it __ (become)
(work) here since I
(move) here in 19

  9.So far I (make) quite a few friends here.
  10.How long the Wangs (stay) here ? For two weeks.
  11.I have been to Macau before.(否定句) I been to Macau before. (提问)

  12.He hasn’t come to school because he’s ill. he come to school?

  13.He has learned English for 5 years.(提问) learned English ?
  14.I bought a new bike just now.(用 just 改写) I just a new bike



   背英语单词技巧 1、循环记忆法 艾宾浩斯遗忘曲线 人的大脑是一个记忆的宝库,人脑经历过的事物,思考过的问题,体验过的情感和情绪,练习过的动作,都可以成为人 们记忆的内容。例如英文的学习中单词、短语和句子,甚至文章的内容都是通过记忆完成的。从"记"到"忆"是有个过程的,这 其中包括了识记、保持、再认和回忆。有很多 人在学习英语的过程中,只注重了学习当时的记忆效果,孰不知,要想做好学 习的记忆工作,是要下一番工夫的,单纯的注重当时的记忆效果,而忽视了后期的 ...

李阳疯狂英语 单词突破 6

   deserve v. 应得;值得 The problem deserves considering. 这个问题值得考虑。 I deserve another chance. 我应该得到另一次机会。 He deserves to be praised. 他应该受到表扬。 dirty adj. 肮脏的,污秽的;卑鄙的;下流的 He played a dirty trick on me. 他用卑鄙的伎俩对待我。 You've got a dirty mind. 你真卑鄙。 He was arres ...


   一. 学习用品 : Pen 钢 笔 pencil 铅 笔 pencil-case 文具盒 ruler 尺子 book 书 bag 包 Comic book 漫画书 postcard 明信片 newspaper 报纸 schoolbag 书包 eraser 橡皮擦 crayon 蜡笔 sharpener 卷 笔 刀 store-book 故事书 math book 数 学 书 Chinese book 语 文 书 English book 英 语 书 magazine 杂志 dictionar ...


   新目标、仁爱教材公用词汇表 词 汇 词 性 词 义 a art. 一(个,件……) able adj 能、能够 about prep. 关于;大约 accident n 事故 across prep. 横过; act n 表演 action n 行动,动作 active adj 活跃的;积极的 activity n. 活动 actor n. 演员 add v. 添加;增加 address n. 通讯处;地址 adult n 成年人 advantage n 有利条件;优点;好处 advertis ...


   新视野大学英语单词 第一单元 A reward 奖赏、 奖赏、回报 使沮伤, frustrate 使沮伤,使灰心 senior 较高的(地位、水平) 较高的(地位、水平) former 在前的、以前的 在前的、 intimidate 恐吓、 恐吓、威胁 opportunity 机会、 机会、时机 在线的、 online 在线的、连线的 communication 交流、交际 交流、 medium 媒介、媒体 媒介、 modem 调制解调器 access 享用权、通道、入口 享用权、通道、 参 ...


   英语单词 英语单词 史上最牛英语口语学习法:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 史上最牛英语口语学习法:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 太平洋在线英语,可免费体验全部外教一对一课程:www.pacificenglish.cn A Fantastic World for Communiction Here we share, discuss and are of help. Leave your sincerity, take away my joy. 首页 | ...


   a bowl of... 一碗… a cup of 一杯… a little 一点 ad (advertisement的缩写)广告;n.(缩)广告 afraid a.害怕的,担心的 after a.以后的;ad.以后,后来;conj.在...以后;prep.在...之后 afternoon n.下午 again ad.又,再 age n.年龄;v.(使)变老;vi.变老 all a.所有的,全部的;ad.全部,全然;int.全部,全体,一切 all right 行,好;不错 also ad.也 ...


   tablen.桌子,表格 table tennisn.乒乓球 tailn.(动物的)尾巴 take(took, taken)vt.拿;拿走;做;服用;乘坐;花费 talen.故事,传说 talkn.&v.谈话,讲话,演讲;交谈 talla.高的 tapen.磁带;录音带 taskn.任务,工作 tasten. vt.品尝,尝味;味道 品尝,尝味 taxin.出租汽车 tean.茶;茶叶 teach(taught, taught)v.教书,教 teachern.教师,教员 team n. ...


   英语词根,词根,前缀,后缀大全 词根 开放分类: 语言学,文科 词的核心部分, 词的意义主要是由它体现出来的. 它可以单独构成词, 也可以彼此组合成词. (词根和词缀叫构词语素) 下面举出一些主要词根 词根 ag=do, act 做,动 agri, agro=agriculture 田地,农田 ann, enn=year 年 astro, aster=star 星 audi, audit=hear 听 bell=war 战争 bio, bi=life 生命,生物 brev=short 短 c ...


   时建双 整理 abundant a. 丰富的,充裕的,大量的 acquire vt. 取得,获得;学到 accomplish vt .完成,到达;实行 adopt v. 收养;采用;采纳 adapt vi. 适应,适合;改编,改写 vt. 使 适应 adequate a. 适当地;足够 adhere vi. 粘附,附着;遵守,坚持 attach vt. 系,贴;使附属 avenue n. 林荫道,大街 available a. 现 成可用的;可得到的 applicable a. 可应用的,适 ...



   科技英语的名词化结构及其翻译 " R?夸克等编著的《当代英语语法》(A Grammar of Contemporary English)在论述科技英语中复 杂的语法现象时,提到了科技英语的两个最显著 特点:广泛使用名词化结构和大量使用被动语 态。名词化结构指的是大量使用名词和名词词组 即在日常英语或其它功能和题材里用动词、形容 词等词类充当某种语法成分,在科技英语里往往 会转化为由名词充当这种语法成分。这种名词化 结构可以用以下一组例子来说明。在日常英语中 我们通常说: " 1) You ...


   深圳市 2009 年初中毕业生学业考试 英语试卷 说明: 1、 答题前,请将姓名、考生号、考场、试室号和座位号用规定的笔写在答题卡制定的 位置上,将条形码粘贴好。 2、 全卷分二部分,第一部分为选择题,第二部分为非选择题,共 8 页,考试时间 90 分钟,满分 85 分。 3、 本卷试题,考生必须在答题卡上按规定作答;凡在试卷、草稿纸上作答的,其答案 一律无效。答题卡必须保持清洁,不能折叠。 4、 本卷选择题 1-60,每小题选出答案后,用 2B 铅笔将答题卡选择题答题区内对应题 目的答案标 ...


   牛津小学英语毕业复习提纲 (3A) 一、26个字母: Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz 二、5个元音字母:Aa Ee Ii Oo Uu 三、含有相同音素的字母归类: /eI/ Aa Hh Jj Kk /i:/ Ee Bb Cc Dd Gg Pp Tt Vv /aI/ Ii Yy / / Oo /ju:/ ...


   一单元 主情景图 我们有个新教室太棒了。我们去看一看吧。让我们打扫教室吧。好吧!让我来擦 窗户。 让我来擦黑板。 让我来清洁鱼缸。 让我来擦桌子。 卷笔刀在哪里?在鱼缸附近。 救命! 让我们学一学 教室里有什么?一块黑板,两盏灯。许多书桌和椅子…… 让我们做一做 开门。开灯。扫地。擦窗户。挂上图片。擦黑板。 让我们谈一谈 你好,迈克。 你好,埃米。 这是我们的新同学,张鹏。 迈克,我们有新教 室了。 真的吗?让我们去看看吧。 哇, 真大呀! 看, 这是我的新书桌。 我们有 6 盏灯。 我 的 ...


   1 申请信 1)I am writing to apply for the post of…..advertised in…..(申请刊登在…上的….工作) 2)In reply to your advertisement in…, I beg to apply for the post of…in your company. 3) Immediately I saw your advertisement in the paper for…, I left it was just the ki ...