一.请用 a, an 填空。 apple umbrella 二.请将下列名词变成复数。 one apple one hero one mosquito one knife one goose 三.填空
  1. There
  2. There
  4. There
  5. There
  1. I
  2. He
  3. She
  5. Look! The man they a book on the desk. three cups on the table. there two pens on the desk? a lot of books and two pens on the table. four pens and a bottle on the table. (read)a book now. (clean)the room at the moment. (not type)a letter now. (play)football at the moment? (do)his homework. two two two two two one box one potato one mango one giraffe one fish orange two two two two two hour one zoo one tomato one candy one man one man doctor two two two two two university
五.阅读练习 One Sunday morning, Mr. Brown and his son, Bill, are in a big shop. Mr. Brown wants to buy a new blouse for Mrs. Brown. Bill likes oranges, so his father buys two kilos of orange for him. Bill also wants to buy some picture-books and coloured pencils. There are many things and many people in the shop. They are men and women, old and young. They all want to buy something.
  1. Mr. Brown wants to buy A. a pen
  2. They are in a A. cinema
  3. Bill wants to buy A. picture-books
  4. Bill is the of Mr. Brown. A. Daughter B. son C. father D. brother B. blouse C. book D. pen for Mrs Brown. B. an orange
C. a blouse
D. something
B. park
C. shop
D. bookshop

  5. Bill’s father buys orange for Bill. A. an orange B. two oranges C. a kilo of orange 43 D. all of them are wrong
  1. I
  2. He
  5. My teacher 二.改错题。
  1. Lucy do her homework every day.
  2. Do she wash her face every morning?
  3. My grandfather don’t often read books?
  4. Are he a pupil?
  5. Do they cleans the classroom every week? 三、就划线部分提问
  1.The book is on the shelf.
  2. The bottle is under the desk.
  3. I often go to school at 7:
  4. She always does her homework in the evening.
  5. They live in Tianjin. 四、祈使句
  1.Stand up!(变成否定句)
  2.Listen to the radio!(变成否定句)
  4. (not open)the book! (drink) the water! Mary (be) they students? (not like) (drink) tea. (clean) the room every day. (wash) the dishes every evening. (do) her homework every week?

  5.翻译:坐下! 五、上周语法回顾
  3. There
  4. There he (eat)apples now. (read)a book at the moment. (be)a lot of books and a pencil on the desk. (be)two (child) in the classroom..

  5.把 mosquito, hero, tomato, mango, giraffe, candy, leaf 变成复数
我 人称 代词 物主 代词 主格 宾格 形物代 名物代 你 他 她 它 我们 你们 他们
反身代词 一、用正确的形式填空。
  1. (she) is a teacher. (he)! He is
  2. Look at
  3. (they) often help
  4. My father is a worker .
  5. You must do 二、改错题
  1. I name is Linda.
  2. Tim is he brother.
  3. My pencil is on the desk. Her is on the table.
  4. We enjoy us every day.
  5. We class has 30 students. 三、翻译
  1. 我爸爸的裤子
  5。它不是我的。 四、用动词的适当形式填空
  1.Can you
  2.Kevin must
  3.May I
  4. He can
  5. They must 五、上周语法回顾
  2. Tom (watch)
  3. Where
  4. When
  5. I Mary Tim and Lily (not eat)apples every day. he (do)his homework every day? TV every evening. (go)every week? (make)the beds every morning? (swim)? (clean)the room. (smoke)here? (sing)many songs. (be)your parents.
(I) brother. (we) (you) father is a driver. (you) is a doctort. (you) homework by (you)



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