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The best English Gourmet Magazine in China.
刘庆荷 2009102567 韩 璐 2009102606 2011 年 5 月 10 日 Food, by definition is the delicious food, you are delicacies, there are cheap
street snack. But not everyone is the same standard of food. In fact, the food is, There are eight major cuisines of China. Today, we are going to talk without distinction, as long as they like to be called food. Look before eating, about Cantonese Sichuan and Shandong cuisine. We will introduce you to after eating something memorable. Encountered when the mood food. Food is the characteristics of these three dishes, and will showcase a particularly not just a simple taste experience, but also a spirit of enjoyment. well-known dishes in which the main ingredients, and cooking methods.
mushroom, straw mushroom, white fungus, elm ears, yellow ears, ear Osmanthus, bamboo sun, fresh lotus seeds, white fungus, shoots. needles, bamboo
Dinghu on the prime (鼎湖上素)
Features: Color elegant, structured, fresh and smooth, fragrance palatability. Bright color, fragrant, crisp and mouth is a willing, smooth sweet feeling.
鼎 湖 上 素
Sichuan(川菜) (川菜)
Fish pork(鱼香肉丝)
Features: Fish pork is not actually use
any from fish seasoning. The so-called fish sweet is the difficult to explain in words manupulated and fresh fragrance, and at your tongue, a little spicy between rotary
Will Cheuk Yu cooked or processed through the ear, yellow ears, fresh mushrooms, bamboo sun, fresh lotus seeds, bamboo shoots, and other people went in, and use elements and spices simmer over soup, white fungus, also simmer over sweet-scented osmanthus, and then stew Billy had been, or mushrooms, mushroom, straw mushroom stew and other people went in through a dressing, with cooking wine, vegetarian soup, sesame oil, sugar, soy sauce, MSG, starch into the sauce to
gear, have a little sweet and a little acid, tease you taste buds. Aftertaste remaining, the fruit have fish sweet. When you think again, the smell the savor of back in the jaw, between lost him. Ingredients: Pig lean lean 200 grams,
water hair yu lanpian, 50 grams, water hair agaric 25 grams (WoSun silk) used in sichuan 25 grams, onion, garlic 15 grams (about 3 disc), ginger 10 grams, bubble chili 25 grams, salt 1 gram, sugar 15 grams, vinegar 5 grams, soy sauce 1 gram, broth (or water) 50 grams, wet starch 25 grams, edible oil 100 grams.
the wok cooking, the then remaining Osmanthus sauce poured over the ear, fungus balls.
FIRST: Will the pig tenderloin shredded. With 40
Shandong cuisine(鲁菜)
degrees beaten wash hair hind water bubble shred. Shred of bamboo shoots. Onions ginger 5cm.long3com.wide 3cm.thick garlic. SECOND: Pork in a bowl, mix salted water starch after 5 minutes. Will the onion and append the bowl of soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, sugar, salt, sesame oil, water and stir to mix water starch. THIRD: Heat oil to pour into the pot after 7
Eight Immortals trouble Lohan
八仙过海闹罗汉) (八仙过海闹罗汉) Features: raw and diverse, dense soup of
fresh, beautiful color, shape of the Eight Immortals and Lohan.
Ingredients: 300 grams chicken breasts, water, fat shark's fin, sea cucumber, abalone,
into hot oil, saute into strips, flue discoloration until pork with shovel shovel, after one side of the pan, fish bone (Ming bone), fish maw, live add chopped garlic, pepper JiangMo and stir-fry freshwater shrimp, ham, each 100 grams, 50 shredded the fragrance, and mixed . grams of asparagus, white fish, 250 grams, LAST: Pour into rounded and edible fungus silk, Shao liquor 50 grams, chicken soup, salt , stirring constantly, two minutes later, tone good juice ginger, monosodium glutamate, the amount, into by upwards stir for 20 seconds, can be slightly cabbage leaves, lard, a little different. sticky stiff sauce to a boil.
Foreign Food Learn so much Chinese food, you also move on foreign food
does the heart. Next, we'll let you share what are the characteristics of foreign cuisine.
American Food
American gourmand once like this said: “the Japanese eats meal, the form which with the eye attends to is very beautiful; Has our western-style food, is with the nose, therefore our nose is very big; Only then your great Chinese only then understood that eats meal with the tongue.”The Chinese meal is take “the taste” as the core, the western-style food take the nutrition as a core, is unable as for flavor tat with the Chinese meal to place on a par.
The west dish - French dinner
French cuisine features are: material widely (such as snails, goose liver are French dishes, the delicious), cooking, exquisite processing fine tastes have strong weak, breed of design and color is much; French cuisine has more exquisite and eat a half cooked or raw food, mature thousands French food flavoring, condiments holbein attention. With wine to taste, what kind of food do with the wine has strict regulation, such as clear soup with wine, brandy, with seafood products with various liqueur or brandy dessert; French food and cheese and varied. The French very fond of eating cheese, fruit and various fresh vegetables.
Western food classic - Russian dinner
The upper echelons of tsar Russian era raves in French, noble proud of not only, and speak French food and cooking also mainly learning French. But after years of evolution, especially the Russian zone, food exquisite heat taller varieties, gradually formed its own cooking characteristics. Russian western-style dishes in influencing, some is located in the Nordic countries and central Europe early yugoslav national People's Daily life habits and the russians similar, mostly like pickled various fish, bacon, sausage, ham and sour pickled cabbage, SuanHuangGua etc. Swallow the famous dishes: assorted cold meats, caviar, SuanHuangGua soup, cold apple soup, fish dumplings, butter chicken volume etc.
中餐英文菜谱 全体乳猪 Roast whole suckling pig 脆皮靓烧鸡 Crispy chicken 盐香脆皮鸡 Salty crispy chicken 骨香乳鸽 Tasty baby pigeon 新派卤水拼盘 New style soy sauce stewed meat 新派卤水大肠头 New style soy sauce stewed pig’s intestine 新派卤水脚仔 New style soy sauce stewed pig’s hoof 刀拍黄瓜 Marinated cold cucumber 蒜香猪耳仔 Garlic taste pig’s ear 特色五福拼盘 Special five varieties 湛江皇后水晶鸡 Zhanjiang Crystal chicken 蜜汁碳烧*烧 蜜汁碳烧 烧 Honey charcoal pork 锦绣烧味拼盘 Assorted barbecue meat 葡国碳烧肉 Portuguese roast pork 金牌回香鸡 Golden tasty chicken 碳烧靓排骨 Charcoal spare ribs 盐?肾片 Baked salty chicken kidney
新派卤水掌翼 New style soy sauce stewed goose wing and feet 新派卤水肚仔 New style soy sauce stewed pig’s tomach 凉拌海蜇 Marinated cold jelly fish 蒜香肾片 Garlic taste kidney 米酒鱼卷 fish rolls with rice wine
凉拌粉皮 Marinated cold bean pasty 葱油鸡 chicken in Scallion oil
A man was talking to his friends about why he was a vegetarian. "I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals," he said, "I'm a vegetarian 'cause I HATE plants!"



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