11. W: There were more than a hundred people at Kate's birthday party. How come she's got so many friends? M: It's really no surprise. You know she was popular even when she was a child Q: What does the man imply about Kate?
  12. M: They say there'll be a snow-storm tonight, the cold weather will last quite a few days. W: Oh! We're so lucky, we'll be getting away for a while, and having a holiday in Florida. But let's call right now to confirm our flight. Q: What do we learn about the two speakers?
  13. W: Tony was awarded a medal for rescuing several families from the forest fire. M: I really admire his courage. Q: What do we learn about Tony from the conversation?
  14. M: My washing machine is more than fifteen years old and it has worked just fine until last night. W: You'll never be able to get parts for it, even from Japan. So it might be time to invest a more recent model. Q: What does the woman suggest the man do?
  15. W: I heard about your promotion, you must be thrilled. M: Not really, the new office is huge, but the word load has doubled. Q: What do we learn about the man from the conversation?
  16. W: I can't decide what to do about the party tomorrow. M: You don't have to go if you don't want to, but I'll be glad to give you a ride if you do. Q: What do we learn from the conversation?
  17. M: Now if you have any questions about the contract. I'll be happy to answer them. W: Nothing comes to mind right now, but I'd like to go over all the articles of the contract once more before signing it. Q: What are the speakers doing right now?
  18. M: We are out of paper for the printer. Can you please order some? W: I completed the order form online yesterday and it will be here by noon. I'll let you know when it comes in. Q: What did the woman do? 完形填空
Kimiyuki Suda should be a perfect customer for Japan’s car-makers. He’ s a young, successful executive at an Internet-services company in Tokyo and has plenty of disposable budget. He used to own Toyota’s Hilux Surf, a sport utility vehicle. But now he uses mostly subways and grains . “It’ th s not inconvenient at all ,” he says besides, “having a car is so 20 century.” Suda reflects a worrisome trend in Japan; the automobile is losing its emotional appeal, particularly among the young ,who prefer to spend their money on the latest electronic devices. while mini-cars and luxury foreign brands are still popular ,everything in between is shaking.Last years sales fell
  6.7 percent,
  7.6 percent if you don’t count the mini-car market . There have been larger one-year drops in other nations :sales in Germany fell 9 percent in 2007 in view of a tax increase . But experts say Japan is unique in that sales have been decreasing steadily over time. Since 1990, yearly new-car sales have fallen from
  7.8 million to
  5.4 million units in 20
  07. Alarmed by this state of decay, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) proceeded a comprehensive study of the market in 20
  06. It found that a widening wealth gap, demographic(人口结构的) changes and massive lack of interest in cars led Japanese to hold their vehicles longer , replace their cars with smaller ones or give up car ownership altogether .JAMA predict a further sales decline of
  1.2 percent this year. Some experts believe that if the trend continues for much longer , further consolidation (合并) in the automotive sector is likely
87 Having spent some time in the city, he had no trouble finding the way to the history museum 88 to pay for my education/to pay my tuition fees Mother often takes on more work than is good for her. 89 The professor required that we(should) hand in our/the research report(s) 90 The more you explain, the more confused I am 91 Though a skilled worker, he was fired by the company last week because of the economic crisis.
  1.With the policy of expanding recruitment of higher education and fierce competition of job-hunting market, the unemployment of college graduates is becoming the hot issue of the whole society. The college graduates constantly complain about being rejected by some promising company in the job-hunting market.
  2.Even most jobs provided in the job-hunting declaredly excluded the graduates, only welcoming the experienced employees. Even worse, entering for the post graduate examination is becoming an approach to escaping the problem of unemployment.
  3.Is that really difficult for college graduates to hunt jobs? In fact, the answer might be “no” . There are three reasons for unemployment of college graduates. The first one is the deficiency of practical vocational skills and academic knowledge.
  4.The second is the inappropriate evaluation of his own value in job market. The third is the actually fierce competition resulting from the policy of expanding recruitment of higher education.
  5.To successfully compete in the job market as a college graduate, you must work hard to master the academic and vocational skills during your college life. Of course, consciously training your practical skills by taking part-time job will be advisable.
  6.lot of college graduates desire to work at governmental institutions in big cities, and they all want to sign up for the public servant’s examination.Besides, many employers only want to take on those students who have good knowledge and practical skills. But many graduates only have theoretical knowledge, but no practical experiences.



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   短对话 11. W: There were more than a hundred people at Kate's birthday party. How come she's got so many friends? M: It's really no surprise. You know she was popular even when she was a child Q: What does the man imply about Kate? 12. M: They say the ...


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