01) 01 Last Sunday I saw the worst storm in years. It came sudden and went on for over three hours. After lunch, I
  76. __ went into my room to have a rest. The air was hotter, and
  77. all is quiet. Then a strong wind started to blow into my
  78. room. Pieces of paper on my desk flew high into the air
  79. and some flew out the open window. As I ran out to catch
  80. them, big drop of rain began to fall. When I came back
  81. into house, it was raining harder and harder. I tried
  82. very hard to close the window. Then I heard a loudly
  83. crashing(碰撞的)sound from the back of the house. When I ran
  84. out to find that a big tree had fallen down and broke the
  85. top of the back room. 02 I have been planning to join in our college basketball team
  76. next year, so now I am spending as more time as I can
  77. with other people who likes to play. They are teaching
  78. me the most important rules and technologies of the game,
  79. and I am getting the better all the time. We have a
  80. neighborhood team that play against other teams in the area.
  81. One of my neighbors is helping rest of us
  82. improved our skills. Tonight we are playing against
  83. one of the best teams in the city, and I think we can
  84. beat them if we won't make any mistakes.
  85. 3 Fang Tong is 34 years old, an actor, director and teacher of Beijing Opera Theatre. Most of his students are from other part of
  76. China and have come to Beijing at a very young age of sixteen
  77. or seventeen. He hopes create an environment for his students
  78. that it is much more relaxing than the one he used to
  79. study in. He thought that an actor should relax himself when
  80. performing. Yet his students deep respect him and he
  81. never needs to raise his voice in order to be hearing.
  82. For his opinion, actors should go on even when they
  83. feel they have made a mistake in their performances
  84. because the moment is already gone but people can never
  85. be back to it. . . So art is always changing and developing. 4 Today is Sunday, I have been studying all day long. On the
  76. morning, I had a dry breakfast. We have no water to drink because
  77. the water supplcut off. The water had come back in
  78.__ the evening. I did math then. I didn't stop after 12 o'clock. After a
  79. short lunch I had the break. Then I went to my Sunday English Class
  80. After a long and tired class for more than two hours, I got
  81. to home. Some work had been done but some hadn't. I must
review all my subject such as the Sciences, the Humanities,
  83. which include Chinese, English, Politics and History as
  84. well. That's terribly! Especially when there was no water.
  85. 5 I was recent told that listening to loud music is gradually
  76. making people hard of hearing. I'm sure it has already been
  77. happened to my neighbor. For years she has turned a deaf
  78. ear to my requests to turn her radio down. When she gave a
  79. party she isn't have to invite the rest of the street. Everyone
  80. can dance in her music in his own room. Now a scientist has
  81. discovered a certain electronic sounds have strange effects on
  82. rats. He declares they break down, almost paralyze(瘫) with
  83. legs trembled. Then it is simply a matter of throwing them
  84. out by their tail. I wonder if the same thing will happen to
  85. my neighbor someday. 6 Dear Ralph, I'm a senior student. I have be in love with a boy for three
  76. years. But he is a shy boy, so I wrote him a letter firstly
  77. to express my feeling. And he wrote back. In his letter
  78. he said, "We are students. Our task is study. Let us wait
  79. to see until we have any chance after graduation." So
  80. after graduation I telephoned to him, asking him about
  81. go out . But he said he didn't want to. He just
  82. wanted to sleep and watched TV.
  83. What do you think I should do Do you think
  84. I should continue to love him and give up
  85. Sheila 7 Before leaving the class, the teacher, Miss White, said to her class, "Don't leave your seats. Read your books on yourselves. You
  76. would study hard and be good students. " As soon 77 as the teacher went away, the classroom becoming 78 noisy. One boy drew a picture of the teacher 79 on the blackboard. Another boy began to make face 80 just to make the other students to laugh. The boy 81 put his finger close to his mouth and tell the 82 class that Miss White is coming back. All the 83 students sat down their seats and the classroom 84 became quiet again. The door open and in came Miss White. 85 1
  76. sudden--suddenly
  77. hotterhot
  78. is--was
  79. √
  80. out--out of
  81. drop?drops
  82. house 前加 the
  83. loudlyloud
  84. 去掉 when
  85. broke--broken
  76. 去掉 in
  77. more → much
  78. likes → like
  79. technologies → techniques
  80. 去掉 the
  81. play → plays
  82. rest 前加 the
  83. improved → improve
  84. √
  85. won't → don't 3
  76. part- parts
  77. a-the
  78. hope∧to
  79. 去掉 it
  80. thought-thinks
  81. deep-deeply
  82. hearing-heard
  83. For-In
  84. √
  85. but-and 4
  76. On→In
  77. have→had
  78. 在 cut 前加上 been
  79. after→until
  80. the→a
  81. tired→tiring 8
  27. 去掉 to
  83. subject→subjects
  84. 正确
  85. terribly→ terrible 5
  76.recently 77 去掉 been 78 正确 79 gavegives 80 isn'tdoesn't 81 into 82 去掉 a 83 with 后加 their 84 trembledtrembling 85 tailtails 6
  76. be--been
  77. firstly--first
  78. feeling--feelings
  79. 加 to
  80. until-- if / whether
  81. 去掉 to
  82. go--going
  83. watched--watch
  84. 对
  85. and?or 7 76 on-by 77 would-should 78 becoming-became 79 √ 80 face-faces 81 to 82 tell-told 83 is-was 84 down-down on 85 open-opened 英语短文改错练习(
  02) 1 Once there lived a boy was very fond of 76 reading. But he was so poor to buy any 77 books. So he had to borrow them from a rich man 78 lived far away. The boy always tried 79 hard to finish read the books and returned 80 them to the owner within the giving time. So 81 the rich man was ready lending him any of the 82 books he wanted them. In this way he read a lot 83 and late became a well-known writer of his time. 84 However, the rich man's son who didn't like to study remained a man with a little knowledge. 85 2 Our four-years-old son came into the house 76 proudly to showed me a caterpillar(毛毛虫)that was 77 crawling up his arm. Trying hard to hiding my 78 nauseating feeling(掩饰我的恶心), I said, "Mark, 79 why don't you take them back outside Its mother 80 will be looking for it, but it will miss its mother. " 81 I was feeling rather pleasing at the way I had 82 handled the situation. And a few minutes 83 later Mark returned back to the house with two 84 caterpillars and said excitedly , "Look, I founded the mother!" 85 3 2001NMET
Like most of my schoolmates, I have neither brothers nor 76 sistersin any other words, I am an only child. My parents 77 love me dearly of course and will do all they can make sure 78 that I get a good education. They did not want me to do 79 any work at family; they want me to devote all my time to 80 my studies so that I'll get good marks in all my subject. We 81 may be one family and live under a same roof, but we do 82 not seem to get much time to talk about together. It looks 83 as if my parents treat me as a visitor and a guest. Do they 84 really understand their own daughter What things are in other homes , I wonder. 85 4 March22nd , Tuesday , cloudy I watch TV until nearly 12 o clock, so I could not 76 go over my lessons. This morning I got up very late 77 that I had to hurry school without breakfast yet I 78 was late of the first class . When I entered the 79 classroom, the maths teacher had to stop explaining 80 an important problem, and all the eyes fixed upon 81 me . My face turned to red. Something even worse 82 happened to me in the English class. The teacher asked me to recite the text, but I could speak nothing but 83 Sorry , as I did not spend any time preparing my lessons . 84 The teacher looked at me with his coldly eyes, I stood 85 at my bench without daring to raise my head . What a terrible day I had! I will never do anything like this. 5 A king liked to write stories. One day, the king showed some his stories 76 with a famous writer. The writer said that 77 these stories were bad. The king get angry 78 with him and sent him to the prison. After 79 one time the king felt pity for the writer 80 and set him freely. When the writer was 81 out prison, again the king showed him 82 some stories and asked how he thought them. 83 The writer turned into the soldiers and said, 84 "Take me back prison. " 85 6 At beginning of term I 76 introduced my teacher for my parents. 77 Our teacher Mr. Wang asked my parents of my 78 summer holiday. To my parents' opinion 79 I have a good time with my classmates. 80
I told my teacher that I had finished 81 homeworks at home. Then I helped 82 my father in the farm. We went on 83 work by the lights of the tractors . 84 Father had only two and three young men 85 working for him at harvest time. 7 Time flies as an arrow. I'm already in the second half 76 of senior grade 3 before I realized it. It is only a little more 77 than three months before I graduate middle school. At 78 the present, I'm busy reviewing my lessons in order to 79 take the college entrance examination. I hope to go to 80 Beijing University, that is one of the best universities not 81 only in China but also in the world. I'll try my best to turn 82 my dream to reality. Most of my classmates are also 83 studying very hard to realize our wishes. I do believe 84 everyone will be able to enter a very good university and college 85 1 76 boy-boy who 77 so-too 78 √ 9 lived-who lived 80 read-reading 81 giving-given 82 lending-to lend 83 them 84 late-later 85 a 2 76 years-year 77 showed-show 78 hiding-hide 79 √ 80them-it 81 but-and 82 pleasing-pleased 83 And-But 84 drop "back" 85 founded-found 3 76 √ 77 any 78 can ?can to 79 did-do 80 family-home 81 subject-subjects 82 a ?the 83 about 84 and-or 85 homes-families 4
  76. watch--watched
  78.hurry 后加 to
  80. √
  81.eyes 后加 were
  82.to 去掉
  85.coldly--cold. 5 76some→some of 77 with →to 78 get →got 79 the 80 √ 81 freely →free 82 out→ out of 83 thought→ thought of 84 into→ to 85 back→ back to 6 76 At→ At the 77 for→ to 78 of→ about 79 To→ In 80 have→ had 81 √ 82 homeworks→ homework 83 in→ on 84 work→ working 85 and→ or 7 76As?like
  78.graduate∧ from
  79.the 80 examinations
  81.that?which 82 √ 83 to?into 84 our?their 85 and--or 英语短文改错练习(
  03) 1 Once, lately at night, an Englishman came out 76 of his room into a passage of the hotel and ask 77 the servant to bring her a glass of water. The servant 78 did as he asked. The Englishman reentered his room, 79
and a few minutes later he came into the passage again 80 and once more asked the servant a glass of water. 81 Every a few minutes the Englishman would come out 82 of his room and repeated his request. After a half hour 83 the astonishing servant decided to ask the man what 84 he was doing with the water. "Nothing," answered he 85 calmly. "It's simply that the room is on fire. 2 I gave my housekeeper an old pair trousers to wash 76 and went in the study to read. My housekeeper usually 77 looks through my pocket before wash my clothes, 78 but for some reasons she failed to do so this 79 time. As I was reading, I suddenly remember that 80 there was a five-pounds note in the back pocket of 81 the trousers I had told her to wash it. I dropped 82 my book and rushed into the bathroom, and it is too 83 late. My housekeeper says that my trousers had been 84 in the washing machine for fifteen minutes already. 85 3 One afternoon on April, 1912 , a new ship set off from 76 England to America on it first trip .It was one of the 77 largest and first ship at that time. 78 It was cold, but the ship was pleasant and people are 79 enjoying themselves. The next day was even cold. People 80 could see icebergs here or there. It was night, suddenly, 81 the man on watch shouting "Look out! Iceberg!" 82 It was too late, a ship hit the i



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