①Play football not only makes me grow up…?
  ②I want to thank you again for have me in your home for the summer holidays.?
  ③I?d like to your pen friend, and get to know more about your country.?
  ④I learn about you from my English teacher, Miss Fang.?
  ⑤It was kind of them to meet me at the railway station and drove me to their ho me.?
  Keys: playing/having/to be/learned/drive?
  ①We study quite a few subject, such as maths, Chinese, English and physics.?
  ②They were eager to know everything about China and asked me lots of question.?
  ③I hope that you two could come and visit us some times soon.?
  Keys: subjects/questions/time?
  ①The Smiths did his best to make me feel at home.?
  ②And I can?t forget the good food you asked for I.?
  ③When we walked to the car, Bill smiled and shook head.?
  ④The game speaks for themselves.?
  Keys: his?their/I?me/his head/themselves?itself?
  ①but now I am interesting in football.?
  ②In some places you may borrow many books as you want…?
  ③Police cars hurried to the taller building in New York.?
  Keys: intrested/as many/tallest?
  ①I?m sure we?ll have a wonderfully time together.?
  ②A player?s native language is not importance.?
  Keys: wonderful/important?
  ①It was very kind for them to meet me at the railway station.?
  ②In fact, they are planning to visit China in next year.?
  ③When they came down the police were angry to them.?
  ④When I have free time I go a long walk.?
  Keys: for?of/去掉in/to?with/for a?
  ①Maybe you could come during a winter holidays.?
  ②There is public library in every town in Britain.?
  ③Modern people care more about the health.?
  Keys: a改成the/a public library/去掉the?
  ①But then there is always more mysteries to look into.?
  ②Anyone may borrow books, and it cost nothing to borrow them.?
  ③Now someone at home reads instead.?
  ④The Smiths did his best to make me feel at home.?
  ⑤I am happy with any programme but the others spent a lot of time.?
  Keys: are/costs/everyone/their/was?
  ①I told Mother, Sister, all my friends here what a great time I had.?
  ②If the book you want is out, you may ask for it to be called for you, and whet her you pay the cost of sending a postcard, the librarian will write to you.?
  ③Modern people know more about health, have better food, and to live in cleaner surroundings.?
  Keys: and all/whether?if/去掉to?
  ①First, let me tell you something more about myself.?
  ②Therefore, there are still some countriesswherespeople have shorter lives.?
  ①I told Mother, Father, Sister, and all my friends here that a great time I had .?
  ②I never knew about a ride down a river could be so exciting.?
  Keys: that?what/about?that?
  ①I live in Beijing,swheresis the capital of China.?
  ②Most people can quickly get help from a doctor or go to a hospital since they are ill.?
  Keys: where?which/since?when?



   一、短文改错的考查内容   1.考查体现学科特点的语言知识   体现学科特点的语言知识是指英语在交际过程中特有的现象。如动词的各种变化形式、名词的单复数变化形式、代词的各种形式、形容词的各种变化形式等。   1)动词的各种变化形式   谓语动词的时态、语态变化及非谓语动词的不定式和分词形式是历年NMET短文改错题的考查重点。   ①Play football not only makes me grow up…   ②I want to thank you again for ha ...


   短文改错 15 篇 1 Have you ever heard from the saying: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy?What this means is that if you study all the times you will become a boring person. You must go out and having fun with your friends, otherwise you will lose ...


   Text(正文): Dear editor, In the past my hometown was used to be a beautiful place. 1. Thick trees and green grass could be seen in everywhere. In 2. order to build house and grow more crops, people cut down 3. more and more trees. W ...


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   短文改错错误类型: (一) 词法的测试 1.名词: 主要是查名词是否可数, 与其修饰语是 否一致。 eg: 1) I have many hobby, such as football, sing, listen music. Hobby 是可数名词,在这要用复数形式; playing football 是一项运动,football 只是一种 球; sing 和 listen to 要用动名词形式。 2) Do exercises do good to our healthy. exerci ...


   高考短文改错习题集 1 短文改错练习(1) Rowena and Billy Wrangler are model high school students . They study hard . They do extreme well on achievement tests . And next year , Rowena will attending Harvard University . Billy , her younger brother , hoe to go to Cor ...


   六、短文改错(共 8 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 8 分) 文中共有 8 处语言错误,按下列情况改正: 删除:把多余的词用斜线(%r)划掉。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧) ,并在其下面写出该加的词。 修改:在错的词下划一横线,在该词下面写出修改后的词。 When you are traveling abroad, it is importance to follow the customs of the country where you are visiting. If invite ...


   高考英语短文改错解题技巧 短文改错对考生的要求较高, 是对语言知识综合运用能力的考查, 考生在该项上往往失分较 多,那么如何做好改错题,结合自己数年的教学经验,笔者认为要想在短文改错上取得理想 的成绩,除了平时打好基础外,在应考时还要做到以下几点: 一、先通读全文。认真阅读短文,在做题之前确保已经弄清原文大意。根据短文大意和上下 文逻辑关系,对文章进行逐字逐句的分析,检查句子的结构是否完整,语气是否连贯,启承 转合是否符合文意等。 二.综合运用所学语言知识,根据各行不同的错误情况分别进行答题 ...


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   高 中 英 语 短 文 改 错 考 查 目 标 1)识别错误 并正确校正语篇的能力 2)综合运用英语知识的能力 准确理解语篇, 3)准确理解语篇,掌握内容及行文逻辑 的能力 考 查 内 容 3.短文该错考查项目 1.一致性问题: 2.词的用法 一致性问题: 短文该错考查项目 一致性问题 词的用法 1)主谓一致 ) 1)词的分类知识: 1)错词更正 )词的分类知识: ) 2)时态一致 ) ) 2)构词法知识: 2)多词删除 )构词法知识: 3)名词的数 ) 3)缺词补漏 ) 3)词的惯用法 与 ...



   Can we play it in the classrooms? No, we can’t . 在外面) 在外面 But we can play it outside. (在外面) Don’t play sports in the classrooms. Can you fight in school? No , we can’t. Can you fight with others? fight No, we can’t. Don’t fight . Don’t eat in class ...


   对外经济贸易大学远程教育入学考试模拟试题 对外经济贸易大学远程教育入学考试模拟试题 大学英语 大学英语 本试卷适用层次及专业: 专科起点本科各专业 英语科目代码为: 英语科目代码为: 本试卷适用层次及专业: 专科起点本科各 333 试卷总分: 试卷总分:100 分 I. Phonetics: (15 points) 考试时间: 考试时间:110 分钟 Directions: In each of the following groups of words, there are four un ...

英语06级 王翔宇毕业论文

   翻译与评论:后女权主义媒介文化??情感组成因素 摘 要 在我们当今的时代,后女权主义作为一种理论平台,越来越受到人们的关注。近 年的一些学术研究一直致力于研究后女权主义对大众文化电影媒体研究所产生的影 响,我们亦可以说后者也对前者产生着不可估量的影响,而这两个问题都一直作为一 种代际问题,备受争议。本文为伦敦经济学院罗莎琳德.吉尔所作,发表于欧洲文化 学刊。吉尔是著名的性别研究专家,并以其独特性别理论演讲著称,致力于研究后女 权主义媒体文化、年轻女性生活、社会关系、男性及男性气质研究。她撰写 ...


   幼儿识字革命??《麦田拾字》 免费下载地址 1:www.youtongshizi.com 免费下载地址 2:www.maitianshizi.com 幼儿识字革命??《麦田拾字》 幼儿识字革命??《麦田拾字》 ?? 免费下载地址 1:www.youtongshizi.com 免费下载地址 2:www.maitianshizi.com 正文 452 强者如云 更新时间:2011-1-7 19:37:28 本章字数:4253 “哈哈哈,这就是星辉学院的实力吗?真不知道他们是怎样赢得学院大赛的! ...


   www.4juan.com 专注于收集各类历年试卷 做试题,没答案?上自考 365,网校名师为你详细解答! 2006 年 10 月全国自考自学考试"英语(二)"历年试卷试题真题(北京卷)答案 第一部分 选择题 I. Vocabulary and Structure 1. The fixed star was A. made of 2. Some students A. shy away a planet. C. made up for D. mistaken for B. ...