1. 一 … … 就 … …
have pleasure to do sth。
as soon as

  4. 准 备 做 … …
the moment,
get ready for sth。
the minute,
get sth. ready
be ready for sth。
the instant,
be ready to do sth。
prepare for sth。

  2. 尽 可 能
prepare oneself for sth。
as … as possible
prepare to do sth。
as… as you can
prepare sth. for sb。

  3. 乐 意 做 … …
be prepared for sth。
be glad to do sth。

  5. “ 邀 请 ” 与 “ 请 求 ”
be pleased to do sth。
Would you like to do sth.?
be happy to do sth。
Would you like sth.?
be delighted to do sth。
Would you please do… ?
(回 答 : I’ d love to 。 )
(sb sells sth. for some money。 )

  6.“ 没 用 ”
sth. costs sb. some time/money
It is no use (in)doing sth。
It costs sb. some money/time to do sth。
There is no use doing sth。
It takes sb. some time/money to do sth。
It is useless to do sth。
It takes some time/money for sb. to do sth。
It is no good (in) doing sth。

  9. “ 为 了 ”

  7. “ 结 果 ”
so that
(引 导 目 的 状 语 从 句 )
so … that…
in order that
(引 导 目 的 状 语 从 句 )
enough to do sth。
so as to do sth (引 导 目 的 状 语 , 只 位 于 句 尾 )
too … to…
in order to do sth.
(引 导 目 的 状 语 , 可 首 可 尾 )

  8. “ 花 费 ”
to do sth.
(引 导 目 的 状 语 , 可 首 可 尾 )
sb. spends some time/money on sth

  10. “ 以 至 于 不 ”
sb. spends some time/money (in) doing sth。
too… to…
sb. pays some money for sth。
so … … that… not… 。 .
sb. buy sth. for some money。
not… enough to…

  11. “ 习 惯 ”

  15. “ 不 但 … … 而 且 … … ”
be used to doing sth。
not only… but also
be accustomed to doing sth。
not only… but…

  12. 表 示 建 议 的 表 达
not only… but … as well
What about sth./doing sth.?

  16.“ 劝 阻 ” “ 阻 止 ”
How about sth./doing sth.?
stop sb. from doing
Why not do sth.?
keep sb. from doing

  13. “ 出 什 么 毛 病 了 ”
prevent sb. from doing
What’ s the matter with… ?
discourage sb. from doing sth。
What’ s wrong with… ?
dissuade sb. from doing sth。
What’ s the trouble with… ?

  17. “ 相 处 ”
What happens to… ?
get on with sb。

  14. “ 为 什 么 不 ”
get on well with sb。
Why not do sth.?
get along with sb。
Why don’ t you do sth?
get along well with sb。
mix with sb。
put stress on sth. 强 调
mix well with sb。

  18. “ 因 为 ”
thanks to
due to
because of
as a result of
owing to

  19.“ 形 式 ”
It’ s + adj. (for/of sb. ) to do sth. (形 式 主 语 )
find/think/feel it + adj. + to do sth. (形 式 宾

  20. stress 句 型 汇 总
be stressed out
be under a lot of stress
take\stand the stress 忍 受 压 力



   1. 一 … … 就 … … have pleasure to do sth。 as soon as 4. 准 备 做 … … the moment, get ready for sth。 the minute, get sth. ready immediately, be ready for sth。 the instant, be ready to do sth。 instantly prepare for sth。 2. 尽 可 能 prepare oneself for sth。 a ...


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