1)A:Excuse me. May I ask you some questions?
A:Where is the post office?
B:It's next to the hospital.
A:Then, where is the hospital?
B:First, turn left. Next,go straight for one minutes. Then turn right at the traffic light. Last go straight for three minutes. The hospital is on the right.
A:Thank you very much.
B:You are welcome.

A: Would you tell me where the ABC park is?
B: It is quite far away. You go straight and turn left at the corner. You may find a bus station. You take a bus to XX station. You turn right after you got off the bus. You can see the railway station. You take a train to ABC park station. Are you clear?
A: Yes, thank you.
A:Do you have any hobbies? What is it or what are they?
  B:I am interested in watching TV or other relaxing games.
  A:How do you spend your spare time?
  B:I usually read or so some sports.
  A:What kind of book are you interested in?
B:My favorite books are those about detectives(你可以把这个换成小说的英文,小说的英文好记点 我不会).
A:Well, those books are really good. I like them too.

  1、A:Hello. Can I speak to Yolanda, please?
B:Hold on, please.
A:Thank you.
B:Sorry, but she's out.
A:Would you tell her Tom Gray called?
B:I'd be glad to.

  2、A:Hello. Could I please speak to Miss Davis?
B:Just a minute, please.
B:She's not at here desk right now.
A:Could you tell her to give Doug a call when she gets back? She has my number. B:Sure
A:Hello. Is Mrs. James in, please?
B:Hang on, please.
A:All right.
B:I'm sorry, but I think she's stepped out.
A:Would you ask her to call Larry Ruskin at 836-2550?
A:Hello. Is Marie Ward there, please?
B:I'll see if she's in.
B:I'm afraid she's not here.
A:Could you give her a message, please?
B:Yes, of course.
A: Well. I don’t want to take too much of your time.那么, 我不想花您太多的时间.
B: Not at all, it’s nice seeing you again.没关系, 能再次见到您真是太好了.
A: Nice seeing you again too.我也很高兴再次见到您.
B: Ok. Thanks for coming.真的, 感谢您的光临.
A: Good-bye.再见.B: Bye.再见.
A:Are you free this weekend?
B:No,I'm afraid not.I have lots of work to do.
A:Oh,come on.All work and no play make John a dull boy.(你要劳逸结合啊)
B:Ok,then let's make it Saturdaynight.How about going to the Rose Restaurant?
A:Ok,I'll come and pick you up at 7 o'clock.
W: Hello, Uncle John, this is Mary.
M: Mary, what a surprise! How are you doing in China?
W: Not bad. Could you do me a favor? I've been trying to call my Mom and Dad for almost an hour, but the line is always busy. Nobody else could have been talking with them on the phone for so long. They must have hung up the phone improperly. Could you possibly go there in order to let them know that?
M: OK. No problem.
W: Thanks a lot, Uncle John,
M: You're welcome.
A: Have you any shoes like these?
  你们有这种鞋子吗? @
B:What size?
A:Size five.
B:What color?
B:let' me see .oh.there have one
A;How much does it cost? U
B:It' cost5250
A;Can you make it cheaper?
B;er. OK(这个我编不下去了 这样最简单了 讲太多会麻烦的e)
doctor:d patient:p
d:what's the matter with you ?
p:...I..I have a toothache..
d:ok..let me see. say "ah".
d:oh..how often do you brush your teeth?
p:once a day.
d:..Do you like eat chocolate or candies?
p:yes!!!I do!!I like them very much!!!
d:ok..I give you some advice.you should eat more vegetables and fruits..please don't eat more chocolate or candies.They are not good for you . And you should brush your teeth twice a day or three times a day..If you take my advice,you will be better than now.
p:thank you ,doctor !!I'll take your advice.

  1.A: Do you take in students?
B: Yes. If you don't mind sharing room, there's one available.
A: How much is it?
B: $
0 a week.
A: Do you think I could have a look at it, please?
B: I'm on my way out now. Couldyou come back in an hour?

  2、. A: I wonder if you can help me. I'm looking for a room.
B: Yes. I've got a small room.
A: How much do you charge?
B: $
  35.00 a week, but don't allow smoking.
A: OK. Can I see the room now?
B: Would you mind waiting? I'm on the telephone
十、Taking a Texi 乘出租汽车

  1.A: Kennedy Airport, please. I have to be there by 7:
B: I can't promise anything, but I'll do my best.
B: OK. That'll be $
  12.00, please.
A: Thanks a lot. Here.

  2.A: Do you think you can get me to Union station by quarter after?
B: We shoudn't have any trouble if the traffic isn't too heavy.
B: You've got plenty of time. That's $
  7.65, please.
A: Thank you very much. Here's $
  00. Give me $
  1.00 back, please.

  3.A: The Hilton Hotel, please. I have a
  10.30 appointment.
B: You'll be there in plenty of time.
B: Here we are. $
  8.50, please.
A: Thank you. Here's $
  00. keep the change.

  4.A: Grand Central Station, please. I want to try to catch a 6:00 train.
B: I think you'll make it if we don't get stuck in a traffic jam.
B: This is it. That's $
  9.15, please.
A: Here.
十一、The weather 天气

  1.A: Beautiful day, isn't it?
B: Yes, it's not like what the radio said at all.
A: I wish it would stay this way for the weekend.
B: As long as it doesn't snow!

  2.A: It seems to be clearing up.
B: It's such a nice change.
A: I really don't think this weather will last.
B: Let's just hope it doesn't get cold again.

  3.A: It looks it's going to be sunny.
B: Yes, it's much better than yesterday.
A: They say we're going to get some rain later.
B: Oh, let's just hope it stays warm.

  4.A: I think it's going to be a nice day.
B: It's certainly a big improvement over yesterday.
A: But it's supposed to get cloudy and windy again this afternoon.
B: Well,the worst of the winter should be over.



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