13. 离职和应聘原因 CONVERSATIONS 会话 (A=Applicant I=Interviewer) Dialogue 1 I: I know in your resume that you have worked in your present company for 3 years, can you tell me why you want to leave your present job and join us? A: Because the job I am doing in my present company is of no challenge, but I like challenge.Your firm is a young organisation with many innovative ideas. It has been very successful in an expanding market since its establishment 10 years ago. Working for you would be exactly the sort of challenge I am looking for. I: Why do you think you are qualified for this position? A: I have excellent communication skills and I am familiar with the procedures for the last company I worked for. Besides, I am a team player and have great interpersonal skills. I: 从你的简历中,我知道你已经在现在这个公司工作 3 年了,能告诉我为什么你想辞去现 在这个工作来我们公司吗? A: 我离开这个公司是因为现在这个工作没有挑战性,但我喜欢挑战。贵公司是一家具有创 新精神的年轻公司, 自创建 10 年以来, 在市场拓展方面取得了巨大的成功。 能为你们工作, 正是我所追求的那种挑战。 I: 为什么你认为你能胜任我们公司这个职位呢? A: 我的人际交往能力很强。在我工作的上个公司,我熟练掌握了工作流程,而且我具有团 队精神和出色的人际关系技能。 Dialogue 2 I: Why do you want to apply for a position in our company? Don ? you like the present job? A: I like the job and it is similar to the position I am applying for in your company, but the salary of my present job is too low, so I decided to leave. I: Is that the only reason why you are leaving? A: No, another reason is that your operations are global, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of environment. I: If you are hired, when will it be convenient for you to begin to work? A: If you like, tomorrow is ok. I: 为什么你要应聘我们公司这个职位,你不喜欢你目前这个工作吗? A: 我喜欢目前这个工作,而且它和我在贵公司应聘的这个职位很相似,但是我目前这份工 作的薪水太低,所以我想离开。 I: 这是你想离职的唯一原因吗? A:不, 另一个原因是因为你们公司的运作是全球化的, 我觉得在这样一个环境中工作会收获 最多。 I: 如果你被录用,什么时候方便来本公司上班呢? A:如果你愿意,明天就可以。 Dialogue 3 I: How would you describe your ideal job? A: I think the job should make use of the professional experience I have obtained, and
offer me opportunity for advancement. I: Why do you think you might like to work for our company? A: I feel my background and experience are a good fit for this position and I am very interested.What ? more, your company is outstanding in this field. I: What makes you think you would be a success in this position? A: My graduate school training combined with my experience as an intern should qualify me for this particular job. I am sure I will be successful. I: How do you know about this company? A: Your company is very reputed in this city; I heard much praise to your company. I: 你理想的工作是什么样的? A: 我认为应该能发挥我掌握的专业知识,而且能为我提供升职的机会。 I: 那你为什么认为你会喜欢在我们公司工作呢? A: 我认为我的背景和经验非常适合这个工作,而且我对这个工作也非常感兴趣,况且贵公 司又是这个领域的佼佼者。 I: 你怎么知道能胜任这份工作呢? A: 我在研究所所受的训练,加上实习工作经验,应该使我适合做这份工作。我相信我会成 功的。 I: 你是如何知道本公司的? A: 贵公司在本市很有名,我听到很多对贵公司的好评。 be of no challenge 不具有挑战性 position 职位 responsibility 责任,职责 be qualified for 适于担任 apply for 申请 advancement 提升,晋升 operation 运作 environment 环境,外界 convenient 方便的 professional 专业的 background 背景 intern 实习生
离职原因和应聘原因 如今跳槽已是一个很普遍的现象, 原因是多种多样的。 应征者当被问及跳槽的原因时要把握 住一点, 那就是你要说出现在应聘的这个公司能为你提供原公司不能提供的方面, 包括个人 发展(development) 、机会(opportunity) 、工作环境(working environment)等等。 BASIC EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达
  1) Why do you want to leave your present job and join us? 你为什么要辞去现在的工作来我们这里?
  2) Why do you want to apply for a position in our company? 你为什么想申请来我们公司?
  3) Because your operations are global, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of environment.
因为你们公司的运作是全球化的, 我觉得在这样一个环境中工作会收获最多。
  4) Because I think my major is suitable for this position. 因为我认为我的专业适合这个职位。
  5) Because I ? very interested in your company ? training program. 因为我对你们公司的培训计划很感兴趣。
  6) Please tell me a little bit about your present job. 请告诉我你目前这个工作的一些情况。
  7) Why do you think you are qualified for this position? 你为什么认为你能胜任这个工作?
  8) My major and working experience make me qualified for this position. 我的专业和工作经验使我能胜任这个职位。
  9) How do you know about this company? 你是怎么知道我们公司的?
  10) Your company is very reputed in this city, I heard much praise for your company. 贵公司在这个城市名声很好,我听了很多对贵公司的好评。 NOTES 注释 以下是常用离职、应聘原因:
  1)The job is out of my major. 我的工作不属于我的专业范围。
  2)I want to do a job that can offer me the opportunity for advancement. 我想找一个能给我带来提升机会的工作。
  3)I am looking for a more challenging opportunity. 我想找一个更具挑战性的工作。
  4)My former company has been bankrupt. 我原先那个公司已经破产了。
  5)Because I ? very interested in your company ? training program. 因为我对贵公司的培训计划非常感兴趣。
  6)Your company has a great future and is conducive to the further development of my abilities. 贵公司前途光明,有助于我个人能力的发展
  7)Working in this company can give me the chance to exert all my strengths. 在贵公司工作能发挥我最大的能力。
  8)Because that company didn ? have a good future, so I needed to consider my future. 因为那家公司没有什么前途,所以我必需考虑我的未来。
  1) Why do you want to leave your present job?
What ? the reason for you For what do you decide 你为何要辞去你现在的工作?
  2) I am qualified for this position. fit for competent for equal to 我适合 这个职位。 我适合 我能胜任 我能胜任
  3) The job is out of my major. field specialty domain 这份工作不属于我的 专业范围。 专业领域 专业 专业领域



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