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2008 年 10 月自考英语(二)试题 月自考英语(
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  1. If you in ignoring my instructions, I shall have to punish you.
A. exist B. resiste C. persist D. insist

  2.Economics, student needs and our new understandings of how people learn are to break the traditional education monopoly. A. tempted B. bound C. obliged D. determined

  3. I shall come to the meeting. I can’t stay till the end, . A.though B. somehow C. therefore D. otherwise

  4. They said he was of holding public office, so they decided to deprive him of his post. A. irrelevant B. irresponsible C. incapable D. indifferent
2008 年 10 月自考英语(二)试题
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  5. The sad condition of women working as domestics much media attention. A. received B. perceived C. inspected D. suspected

  6. The masses cannot hunting, for very soon there would be no animals left to hunt. A. go through B. go in for C. go over D. go into

  7. Not until quited recently that language was closely related to culture. A. I realized B. did realize I C. realized I D. did I realize

  8. Robots are programmed to take over such jobs welding and painting. A. for B. like C. of D. as

  10. Lots of dependent babies are of a liability than numbers of the inactive aged. A. better B. more
fc1 08 年 10 月自考英语(二)试题
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C. larger D. greater
II. Cloze Test Choise is the opportunity to select among alternatives. If there is no choise, there is no decision to be made. Decision __11__ is the process of choosing, and many decisions have a broad range of chlise. For example, a student __12__ be able to choose among a number of different courses in order to implement the decision to obtain a college degree. For manager, every decision has constraints based on policies, procedures, laws, precedents, and the __13__. These constraints exist __14__ all levels of the organization. Alternatives are the possible couses of action __15__ choices can be made. If there are no alternatives, there is no choice and, therefore, __16__ decision. __17__ no alternatives are seen, often it means that a thorough job of examining the problems has not been done. For example, managers sometimes __18__ problems in an either/or fashion; this is their way of simplifying complex problems. But the tendency to __19__ blinds them to other alternatives. At the managerial level, decision making includes limiting alternatives as well as identifying them, and the range is from highly limited __20__ practically unlimited.

  11. A. made
  12. A. must
  13. A. similar
  14. A. at
  15. A. among what
  16. A. somewhat
  17. A. As
  18. A. treat
  19. A. satisfy
  20. A. before
B. making B. can B. same B. for B. between them B. some B. If B. meet B. simplify B. in
C. make C. may C. so on C. on C. of that C. no C. While C. face C. identify C. to
D. to make D. should D. like D. over D. from which D. any D. Though D. deal D. modify D. after
2008 年 10 月自考英语(二)试题
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Passage One
In recent years many companies of the world have been faced with the problem of how to make their workers more productive. Some experts claim the answer is to make jobs more varied. But do more varied jobs lead to greater productivity? There is evidence to suggest that while variety certainly makes the worker’s life more enjoyable, it does not actually make him work harder. As far as increasing productivity is concerned, variety is not an important factor. Other experts feel that giving the worker freedom to do his job in his own way is important and there is no doubt that this is true. The problem is that this kind of freedom cannot easily be given in the modern factory with its complicated machines which must be used in a fixed way. Thus while freedom of choice may be important, there is usually very little that can be done to create it. Another important consideration is how much each worker contributes to the product he is making. In most factories the worker sees only one small part of the product. Some car factories are now experimenting with having many small production lines rather than one large one, so that each worker contributes more to the production of the cars on his line. It would seem that not only is the degree of workers’ contribution an important factor, therefore, but it is also one we can do something about. To what extent does more money lead to greater productivity? The workers themselves certainly think this is important. But perhaps they want more money only because the work they do is so boring. Money just lets them enjoy their spare time more. A similar argument may explain demands for shorter working hours. Perhaps if we succeed in making their jobs more interesting, they will neither want more money, nor will shorter wirking hours be so important to them.

  21. The passage is mainly about how to . A. promote workers’ competition B. meet worker’s need for variety C. ensure workers’ right of choice D. improve workers’ performance
  22. According to the writer, variety enables a worker to .
2008 年 10 月自考英语(二)试题
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A. derive more enjoyment from life B. work in his own way more freely C. fulfill his job requirements better D. undertake greater responsibilities
  23. We learn from the passage that freedom of choice . A. can hardly function in a flexible manner B. can hardly lead to increased productivity C. is hardly seen as effective by companies D. is hardly available in the modern factory
  24. It can be inferred from the passage that, compared with large production lines, smaller ones give workers . A. a greater variety of interesting tasks B. a stronger sense of accomplishment C. a better idea of the modern industry D. a clearer picture of essential factors
  25. According to the writer, higher pay can . A. make tiring work more interesting B. make up for longer working hours C. help workers to live more happily D. help to create greater procuctivity
Passage Two
We live in a technological society. Almost every aspect of life in the modern world is influenced (for better or worse) by technology . Communications, transportation, manufacturing, mining and exploration, the service industries, medicine, agriculture all are dominated by methods and apparatus which are the results of technological advances. The basis of technology is science. without the fundamental discoveries and understanding provided by science, technology would be hit-or-miss(随意的) affair, lacking direction and
2008 年 10 月自考英语(二)试题
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making little progress. One can argue that our society is beginning to suffer from too much technology, but we will never return to the primitive life of our ancestors ? technology is with us and it will remain with us. Just as it is important to study history so that we can appreciate how the world came to its present state, it is important to learn some of the basic concepts of science so that we can appreciate the role that technology plays in modern society. For without some knowledge of the scientific principles by which technology operates, one can neighter cope with technology nor assist in directing it into the proper channels. In recent times, we have had the general attitude that whatever is technologically possible should be done. It is now becoming increasingly apparent that our scientific and technological progress has outstripped (超越) our capacity to perform or absorb everything that is possible. More and more, we weill have decisions to make: in what directions should the thrust of our new discoveries be made? The situation requires that we make intelligent decisions ? decisions based in a knowledge and an understanding of what can be done, what will be the benefits, and what weill be the comsequences. Scientists do not make these decisions; people make them. It is therefore incumbent (义不容辞的) on every individual to acquire the basic knowledge that weill permit him to participate intelligently in directing the course of our technological advancement.
  26. According to the passage, technology can . A. produce bad effects on society B. suffer from hit-or-miss affairs C. influence the course of science D. restore life of the primitive age
  27. According to the passage, one must learn basic concepts of science in order to . A. assist in directing science in a proper way B. contribute to the orientation of technology C. discover the progress of science in history D. find out about the existence of technology
  28. Because the human capaity to perform or absorb everything that is possible has been outstripped, it is time for people to . A. slow down the development of technology B. reduce the role of science in modern times
2008 年 10 月自考英语(二)试题
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C. take a new point of view about technology D. reevaluate the lifestyle of human ancestors
  29. According to the write, it is everyone’s responsibility to participate in deciding on . A. how fast scientific advancement should be B. how fast technological progress should be C. what to acquire and what to skip in science D. what to do and what to avoid in technology
  30. The passage is mainly about . A. the influence of technology on modern society B. the importance of learning scientific principles C. the imp;act of scientific progress on civilization D. the difference between science and technology
Passage Three
Since we are social beings, the quality of our lives depends in large measure on out interpesonal relationships. One strength of the human condition is our tendency to give and receive support from one another under stressful circumstances. Social support consists of the exchange of resources among people based on their interpersonal ties. Those of us with strong support systems appear better able to cope with major life changes and daily problems. People with strong social ties live longer and have better health than those without such ties. Studies over a range of illnesses, from depression to heart disease, reveal that the presence of social support helps people fight off illness, and the absence of such support makes poor health more likely. Social support cushions stress in a number of ways. First, friends, relatives, and co-workers may let us know that they value us. Our self-respect is strengthened when we feel accepted by others despite our faults and difficulites. Second, other people often provide us with informational support. They help us to define and understand our problems and find solutions to them. Third, we typically find social companionship supportive. Engaging in leisure-time activities with others helps us to meet our social needs while at the
2008 年 10 月自考英语(二)试题
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same time distracting us from our worries and troubles. Finally, other people may give us instrumental support ? financial aid, material resources, and needed services ? that reduces stress by helping us resolve and cope with our problems.
  31. We learn from the passage that interpersonal relationships are important because . A. they are essential to people’s social well-being. B. they arouse people's desire for communication C. they deal with problems in the informatoin era D. they are effective in curing a range of diseases
  32. Research shows that people's physical and mental health . A. is related to stressful conditions B. is related to support from others C. relies on soical welfare systems D. relies on the severity of diseases
  33. The underlined word "cushions" (paragraph
  2) most probably means . A. adds up to B. does away with C. lessens the effect of D. lays the foundation for
  34. Social companionship is beneficial in that. A. it enables people to eliminate their mistakes B. it helps people to understand their problems C. it adds a new meaning to people's social life d. it creates a new focus of attention for people
  35. Helping a sick neighbor with some repair work is an example of . A. instrumental support B. informational support C. social companionship D. increasing self-respect
2008 年 10 月自考英语(二)试题
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第二部分 非选择题 IV. Word Spelling
  36. 增长,增加
  37. 想象;料想
  38. 特征;相貌 v. vt. n. i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ i_ _ _ _ _ _ f_ _ _ _ _ _



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