全国高等教育自学考试 大学英语自学教程(下)标准预测试卷 一) 大学英语自学教程 下 标准预测试卷(一 标准预测试卷 (考试时间 150 分钟 分钟) 考试时间 PART ONE I. Vocabulary and Structure(10 points,1 point for each)从下列各句四个选项中选出一个最佳答案, 并在答 案纸上将相应的字母涂黑。
  1.They had a pleasant chat a cup of coffee. ( ) A.for B.with C.during D.over
  2.Generally speaking, according to directions,the drug has no side-effect. ( ) A.when taking B.when taken C.when to take D.when to be taken
  3.This experiment last week. ( ) A.ought to be done B.ought to do C.ought to have been done D.ought to have done
  4.This is the first time the students to Hyde Park. ( ) A.have gone B.have been gone C.have been going D.are being gone
  5.To make up an objective test,the teacher writes a serious question, has only one cor- rect answer. ( ) A.some of which B.each of which C.that D.which
  6.Mary to be in her usual spirits.but she’ll remain in hospital for a few days for some tests. ( ) A.appears B.looks C.seems D.keeps
  7.Most Arab countries have a six-day workweek from Saturday through Thursday.When with the Monday to Friday Practice in most western countries,it leaves only four workdays shared. ( ) A.associated B.matched C.satisfied D.connected
  8.The idea puzzled me so much that I stopped for a few seconds to try to ( ) A.make it out B.make it off C.make it up D.make it over
  9.If it had not rained last,the road so slippery now. ( ) A.would not be being B.would not have been C.would not be D.must not be
  10.As a result of the radio for help for the earthquake victims,over a million pounds has been raised. ( ) A.appeal B.call C.program D.advertisement Ⅱ.Cloze Test(10 points,1 point for each)下列短文中有十个空白,每个空白有四个选项。根据上下文 要求选出最佳答案,并在答题纸上将相应的字母涂黑。 It was a Saturday.Mr.Jones went to town and got so drunk that he did not come back till noon on Sunday.The men had 11 the cows in the early morning.Then they had gone out to enjoy themselves.They had forgotten to 12 the animals.When Mr.Jones got back,he immediately went to sleep 13 the living-room sofa. When evening came, animals were still 14 . last they could stand it 15 . the At They were so angry that one of the cows broke in the door of the storehouse.All the animals began to help themselves to 16 they could eat.Just then Mr.Jones woke up.17 the noise made by the animals,he took up his whip.The next moment he and his four men were in the storehouse 18 whips in their hands. They started beating the animals. This was more than the hungry animals could stand. Suddenly the animals threw themselves 19 the men. Mr. Jones and his men found themselves being kicked from all sides.The situation was getting serious.They had never seen anything like this before. The animals had always obeyed them. Frightened out of their wits, they gave up trying to protect themselves.They took to their heels.A minute later all 20 of them were running wildly down the road,pursued by the animals:
  11.A.milking B.milked C.being milked D.been milked ( )
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  12.A.keep B.eat C.feed D.treat ( )
  13.A.in B.on C.onto D.into ( )
  14.A.fed B.eating C.not fed D.unfeeded ( )
  15.A.no longer B.any longer C.any more D.anymore ( )
  16.A.something B.anything C.nothing D.some things ( )
  17.A.Hearing B.Having heard C.Listening D.Having listened ( )
  18.A.had B.with C.held D.had ( )
  19.A.into B.in C.upon D.to ( )
  20.A.two B.three C.four D.five ( ) Ⅲ.Reading Comprehension(30 points,2 points for each)从下列每篇短文的问题后所给的四个选择项中 选出一个最佳答案,并在答题纸上将相应的字母涂黑。 Passage 1 Question 21 to 25 are based on the following passage: In November 19
  65,New York was blacked out by an electricity failure.The authorities promised that it would not happen again.Pessimists(悲观主义者)were certain that it would occur again within five years at the latest. July 19
  97, In there was a repeat performance which produced varying degrees of chaos throughout the city of eight million people.In 19
  65,the failure occurred in the cool autumn and at a time of comparative prosperity.In 19
  97,the disaster was much more serious be- cause it came when unemployment was high and the city was suffering from one of its worst heat waves. In 19
  65,there was little crime or looting(抢劫)during the darkness,and fewer than a hundred people were arrested.In 19
  97,hundreds of stores were broken into and looted.Looters smashed shop windows and helped themselves to jewelry,clothes or television sets.Nearly 4000 people were arrested but far more disappeared into the darkness of the night. number of policemen available was quite inadequate and they wisely refrained from The using their guns against mobs(暴徒)which far outnumbered them and included armed men. Hospitals had to treat hundreds of people cut by glass from shop windows.Banks and most businesses remained dosed the next day.The blackout started at
  9:33 P.m. ,when lightning hit and knocked out vital cables.Many stores were thus caught by surprise. The vast majority of New Yorkers, however, were not involved in looting. They helped strangers, distributed candles and batteries,and tried to survive in a nightmare world without traffic lights,refrigerators,elevators, water and electrical power.For twenty-four hours,New York realized how helpless it was without electricity.
  21.Look at the first paragraph.Who were right:the authorities or the pessimists? ( ) A.The authorities. B.The pessimists. C.Both. D.Neither.
  22.In what way was the blackout of 1997 not really a repeat performance? ( ) A.There was much more disorder. B.This time the electricity supply failed. C.It was quite unexpected. D.It did not occur within five years from 19
  23.What caused the blackout in July 1997? ( ) A.Excessive heat probably made people switch on too many electrical appliances. B.Because of unemployment,some machines were not in proper working order. C.During a storm,lightning damaged supply cables. D.The passage does not mention the cause.
  24.Why did many looters manage to escape? ( ) A.The police could not see them in the dark. B.Many of the looters were armed with guns. C.There were not enough policemen to catch them all. D.They were hidden inside big buildings.
  25.How long did the 1997 New York electricity failure last? ( )
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A.A whole week. B.Twenty-four hours. C.Three days. D.A whole night. Passage 2 Question 26 to 30 are based on the following passage: They are among the 2
  50, people under the age of 000 25 who are out of work in the Nether- lands,a group that accounts for 40 percent of the nation’s unemployed.A storm of anger boils up at the government-sponsored(政府资助的)youth center,even among those who are continuing their studies. “We study for jobs that don’t exist. ”Nicollete Steggerda,
  23,said. After three decades of prosperity, unemployment among 10 member nations of the European Community has exceeded 11 percent,affecting a total of
  12.3 million people,and the number is Climbing. The bitter disappointment long expressed by British youths is spreading across the continent. The title of a rock song “No Future” can now be seen written on the brick walls of closed factories in Belgium and France. Recent surveys have found that the increasing argument in the last few years over the deployment(部署)in Europe of North Atlantic Treaty Organization missiles and the possibitity of nuclear war have clouded European youth’s confidence in the future. One form of protest tends to put the responsibility for a country’s economic troubles on the large numbers of “guest workers”from Third World nations,people welcomed in western Europe in the years of prosperity. Young Europeans,brought up in an extended period of economic Success and general stability, seem to resemble Americans more then they do their own parents.Material enjoyment has given them a sense of expectation,even the right,to a standard of living that they see around them. “And so we pass the days at the discos,or meet people at the cafe,and sit and stare, ”said Isabella Gault. “There is usually not much conversation.You look for happiness.Sometimes you even find it. ”
  26.Unemployment in the Netherlands has affected . ( ) A.one million people B.roughly
  0.6 million people C.2
  50,000 people D.less than haft of the population
  27.What Nicollete Steggerda said(paragraph
  2)means that . ( ) A.school education is not sufficient B.what the students learn is more than necessary C.the students cannot get work after graduation D.the students’aim in study is not clear
  28.The word“prosperity”(paragraph
  6)most probably means . ( ) A.achievements in economy B.advance in politics C.economic troubles D.potitical crisis
  29.Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? ( ) A.The rock song“No Future”is an expression of the disappointment of European youth B.
  40%0f the guest workers are out of work in western Europe now C.European youths are worried about a new world war in the future D.Widespread unemployment is beyond European youth’s expectation
  30.It seems that young Europeans . ( ) A.look upon life as their elders do B.are more like Americans than their elders in their way of thinking C.look more like Americans than their elders do D.expect more from Americans than from their elders Passage 3 Question 31 to 35 are based on the following passage: Children are a relatively modern invention.Until a few hundred years ago they did not exist In medieval and
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Renaissance painting you see pint-sized men and women,wearing grown.up clothes and grown-up expressions, performing grown-up tasks.Children did not exist because the family as we know it had not evolved. Children today not only exist;they have taken over,in no place more than ill America,and at no time more than now. is always Kids’Country here. It Our civilization is child-centered, child-obsessed (困扰). kid’s body A is our physical ideal, Kids’Country we do not permit middleage. In Thirty is promoted over
  50, 30 knows that but soon his time to be overtaken will come. We are the first society in which parents expect to learn from their children.Such a topsy-turvy (颠倒 的)situation has come about at least in part because.unlike the rest of the world.Ours is an immigrant society, and for immigrants the only hope is in the kids.In the Old Country,Sat is,Europe,hope was in the father,and how much wealth he could accumulate and pass along to his children.In the growth pattern of America and its ever-expanding frontier.the young man was ever advised to GO WEST;the father was ever inheriting from his son.Kids’Country may be the inevitable result. Kids’Country is not all bad.America is the greatest country in the world to grow up in because it is Kids’Country.We not only wear kids’clothes and eat kids’food:we dream kids’dreams and make them come true.It was,after all,a boys’game to go to the moon. If in the old days children did not exist,it seems equally true today that adults,as a class,have begun to disappear,condemning all of us to remain boys and girls forever jogging and doing push. ups(俯卧撑)against eternity.
  31.The author uses the example of the Renaissance painting to show that . ( ) A.adults showed less concern for children than we do now B.adults were smaller and thinner at that time.but they still had lots of work to do C.children looked and acted like adults at that time D.children were not permitted to appear in family paintings at that time
  32.In the third paragraph,the Old Country is contrasted with America . ( ) A.to show differences in family size B.to show differences in attitudes towards family relations C.to show two kinds of geography D.to show two different kinds of economic relations between generations
  33.Going to the moon is an example of . ( ) A.America’s dreams and creativity B.America’s childish and queer behavior C.why America hasn’t grown up D.why America is considered the greatest country in the world
  34.According to the passage,which of the following is true? ( ) A.It is very difficult for the middle-aged to live in America. B.America is Kids’Country because the majority of the A



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