人与环境 Directions: Study the following picture carefully and write an within 150-200 words clearly on ANSWER SHEET
  2.Your essay should meet the requirements below:
  1.describe the picture;
  2.present the severe results of the problem;
  3.suggest countermeasures. 预测范文及范文精译 It’s well accepted that our living conditions are getting worse and worse because of the destruction of our environment, According to the picture, our land is covered with an unbeliveable amount of houseehold waste and industrial trash,polluting air ,water and earth.However,garbage pollution arouses little public attention.People just enjoy the present sources,they think little about how difficult and how long the plastics and glass can be decomposed through natural processes. Waste water runing out of factones has polluted lakies,rivesr and seas.Wastc gases coming from factories and cars have made the air dirt-y.Both polluted water and air 看不清 our health and are unfa-vorable to the growth of ether living things.Birds cannot live in pulluted areas;fish in rivers are becoming fewer;some trees are dying .The 人们普遍认识到我们的居 住环境由于受到破坏而变得越 来越糟。如图所示,我们的土地 到处充满数量惊人的生活垃圾 和工业垃圾,这些垃圾污染了大 气,水源和田地。而垃圾污染还 没有引起公众足够的关注,人们 只是一味地享受现有的资源,却 很少思考像塑料和玻璃之类的 垃圾进行自然分解需要的时间 有多长,困难有多大。 人工厂涌出的污水已污染 了江、河、海。来自工厂和汽车 排放的废气使空气变得糟糕。被 污染的水和大气对我们的健康 十分有害,并且不利于其他生物 的生长。鸟儿不能在污染区生 存,鱼儿在污染的河水里变得稀 少,有些树也奄奄一息。破坏森 林和没有明确计划的开荒造成 了灾难性的后果,像干旱和洪水 灾害。人们已破坏了自然生态的 平衡。 考虑到污染这一问题的严 重情,人们开始采取了一些切实 the seriousness of this 行的措施,例如处理废气、保护 水源、净废水。但我认为只有人 人意识到保护环境的重要性才 能有效地解决环境污染问题。
de-nudation of forests and the opening of wasteland without a definite plan have led to disastrous consequences.such as drought or flood.Man has destroyed 看不清。 Considering
problem.people are staringto 看不清.such as treating waste.But I think this prblem cannot be solved effectively until everybody knows the importance of protec-ting our environment.
网络经济 Directions: Write an essay entitled economy and net economy,your essay should meet the following requirements:
  1.describe briefly the present situation;
  2.analyze the differences between net economy and traditional economy;
  3.give you comments on it . you should write150-200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET
  2. 浏览范文及范文精译 With the vaulting advance of electronis technology, network has become an important part fo our of our life,It facilitates people’s life greatly and accelerates economic development, Net economy, therefore,is generally acknowledged as the representative of new economy. The sharp differences between net economy and traditional e-conomy may well explain the erasons why net economy should devel-op at such a high speed ,As a matter of fact,on one denies that ent economy has great potentials and advantages in many aspects. First of all the network, as the representative of net economy,connects the world as a whole,and thus brings great ease for all peop con-cemed to share the boundless source of information. The traditional economy, however, funtions only within the certain areas and with limited information, the driving force of net economy is the develop-ment of thchnology and new scientific achievements. Which provides net economy with a vast prospect and a bright future, this is what traditional economy can never match. Theese differences result in the distinct expectation for net economy and traditional economy, the former undoubtedly enjoys marvelous development while the latter will unavoidably meet its greatest challenge. Those who live in the age of net economy have no choice but to keep up with the rapid pace of net economy. Only by doing so will we make even greater progress and achieve more fnitful success in the age of new economy.
随着电子技术的飞速发展,网 络已经成为我们生活中非常重要 的一部分。它给人们的生活带来了 极大的便利,加速了经济的发展。 因此,网络经济被公认为新经济的 代表。 网络经济与传统经济的最大区 别或许能够很好地说明为什么网 络经济能如此迅速地发展。事实 上,无人能否认网络经济在许多方 面的巨大潜力和优点。首先,网络 作为经济的代表把整个世界作为 整体联结起来,给所有关心无限信 息资源则是只在某特定范围内起 作用而且提供的是有限信息。推动 网络经济发展的动力是科技的发 展及新科研成果的取得,它为网络 经济带来了广阔的发展前景及光 明的发展前途。这是传统经济永不 能超越的。这些不同之处导致对二 者的不同期望,网络经济无疑将得 到很好的发展而传统经济不可避 免地会遇到很大挑战。 生活在网络经济时代的人们 别无选择,必须跟上网络经济发展 的快速度。只有这样,我们才能在 经济时代取得更大的进步,实现更 多成功。
发展经济还是保护环境 Directions: Write an essay entitled developing economy or protecting environment ,your essay should meet the require-ments below:
  1.poes the problem;
  2.state the positive and negative ideas about it;
  3.give your opinion. You should write150-200words neatly on ANSWER SHEET
  2. 浏览范文及范文精译 Nowadays,there is a controversial issue developing economy or protecting our environment. Some people hold that we should put developing the economy in the hist place.only by further balancing and developing our economy can we get rid of povent and gain the overall development of the coun-erty and their children may drop out of school because they could not afford compulsory education.on the other hand,many people insist that environmental protection should be a top pnority. They hold that it is the rapid and unrestricted development of economy that leads to the present situation on which most parts of the world are polluted. If the problem is left unsolved, someday we may not survive on this planet, let alone developing our economy. In my opinion,both economic development and environmental protec-tion are our urgent takes at hand, without econmic development,we would remain backward. And without environmental protection, we would our homes. Is seems that the best solution is to develop environmental-protec-tion-oriented enterprises so as to “kill two birds with one stone.” 如今, 社会上有一个争议颇大的问题: 是发展 经济还是保护环境。
有些人认为我们应该首先发展经 济。只有进一步协调经济的发展, 我们才能消除贫困,实现总体发展 的目标。否则许多人,尤其是农村 人口,可能会生活在贫困这中,小 孩因支付不起学费而辍学。相反 地,也有人主张优先保护环境。他 们的观点是,迅猛而且不受限制的 发展经济导致了世界上多数地方 的污染问题。如果不解决这些问 题,有朝一日我们将无法在地球上 生存,还谈什么发展经济。 我认为发展经济和保护环境 都是我们的当务之急。不发展经 济,我们会落后;不保护环境,我 们会丧失家园。似乎最好的策略是 建设经保护环境为导向的企业,发 展与保护并举。
维护公共卫生的意识 Directions: Write an essay with title of one the Awareness of safeguarding public health. In your essay, you should;
  1.give your opinion in the beginning;
  2.comment on it from the perspective of next generation;
  3.provide you essay with a proper conclusion. You should write 150-200 world neatly on ANSWER SHEET
  2. Every citizen should have the awareness of safeguarding pub-lic health. The society and the environmnet belong every one. Everybody doing his/her job in the safeguarding work at last will also be good for his/her own health and well-being . The awareness of safeguarding public health should be fos-tered from childhood. Some people may think it is no big deal of teaching children to safeguard public health. But we should know that if children form a bad habit, it will do harm to public health in the future,and the habit is difficult to change, as sdults,we should be more responsible for the public health. The worsening of public health is not fomed in onc day or tww, but a long time process. If we do not pay attention to our small daily behavior will also influence our children who would learn from us. And if we do not care about public health and behave badly, such as littering and spitting,ets, we will also be seen as uncivil and be looked down upon. To sum up ,we ennd a clean and healthy environment and society. Every one should sateguard public health just as we do at our own houses. 每个公民都应当有维护公共卫 生的意识。社会和环境属于我们大 家。每个人都应该尽自己的职责维 护公共卫生,这最终也会有利于大 家的健康和安宁。 维护公共卫生的意识当从小 就开始培养。一些人也许会认为教 不教育孩子维护公共卫生不是什 么大不了的事。但我们应该知道如 果孩子养成了坏习惯,将来就会对 公共卫生构成危害,而且这种习惯 也难以改正。作为成年人,我们应 当对公共卫生承担更多责任。公共 卫生的恶化不是一两天形成的,而 是很长的过程。如果我们不注意每 天的这些小事,所有的坏行为都最 终将导致环境和公共卫生的整体 恶化。此外,我们的行为也将影响 我们的孩子,因为他们会向我们学 习。而且如果我们不注意公共卫 生,并表现很差,如乱扔垃圾和随 地吐痰之类,我们就会被认为是不 文明而被看不起。 总之,我们需要一个清洁卫生 的环境和社会每个人都应该像对 自己家一样维护公共卫生。
Directions: Write an essay of 150-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay,you should first describe the drawing , then interpret its meaning , and give your comment on it .
参考范文 The picture shows what has happened in a railway station waiting room . The man who is smoking puts his unshoed feet on the bench in front of him and inserts them into the spaces just between two people in the front row . He seems comfortable in this posture , but the smells of his cigarette and feet are so intolerable that the woman covers her nose with her hand and the other man looks at the of fender with an angry glare . Actually , this kind of uncivilized behavior is so prevalent that it is becoming a real embarrassment for China . Spitting , talking loudly , random littering and jumping the queue are common scenes in public places . Many people seem never shy of displaying their uncorth behavior , which surely leads to negative publicity of not only themselves but also our country . Some experts attribute this behavior to Chinese people’s lack of awareness of public property and selfishness . In order to promote civility among Chinese , some propose tougher , direct regulation , But I think it’s impossible to monitor people all the time and they have to discipline their own behavior , Moreover , the government and the mass media should jojn hands to educate the general public how to behave properly



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