Reduce Waste on Campus



Reduce Waste on Campus
Recently, there has been a discussing about waste on campus. It is obvious that a great loss has been caused by wasting precious resources, such as water and electricity. Additionally, our waste adds our parents and society a burden. Therefore, it is high time that more attention was paid to how to solve this problem.
The following ways can be adopted to reduce waste on campus. Firstly, we should stop wasting water when we bath, or clean faces, or wash clothes and dishes. Secondly, in our daily life, we must learn to be economical and only buy what we need. Thirdly, we should turn off the light when leaving dorms or classrooms so as to save electricity. Only through these ways can waste on campus be eliminated in the near future.
It is no doubt that reduction of waste is of significance to our whole society. As for me, the cultivation of good habit of thrift is most important for all of us. Every college student should join in the efforts to combat the waste on campus.
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Students Selecting Their Lecturers



Students Selecting Their Lecturers
Students’ selecting their lecturers has been brought into focus. Nowadays, many universities entitle their students to choose freely teachers for courses, which is welcomed by most students. Additionally/In addition, teachers have also paid much attention to it since it involves their career fate.
There are various factors contributing to this phenomenon./The factors which will influence the students’ choosing a teacher are varied. Among all these factors, a teacher’s professional knowledge and ability plays a very important role. That is a precondition for a good teacher since students choose his course to learn knowledge. Moreover/What’s more, quite a few students think teaching methods and skills are essential. Besides, a teacher’s humor sense is also an important factor many students will consider.
As far as I am concerned, free choosing of teachers has its disadvantages as well as its advantages. For one thing, it can provide a good chance for a teacher to prove his ability, and give students more initiative in learning. For another, (however,) since it is a free choice, few excellent teachers will become the focus of most students’ choosing, which will lead to an unreasonable class size and influence teaching effect seriously. In a word, both students and teachers should take this matter into serious consideration.



Is the spirit of Lei Feng Out of Date
When it comes to Lei Feng’s spirit, different people will offer different opinions. Some people take it for granted that Lei Feng’s spirit has gone out of style in today’s society. In their opinion, in the modern society of commodity economy people should seek more practical things, such as fame, money and the comfortable life. Besides, they believe that there is no longer such a thing as selflessness, for nothing is more important to them than those material things.
However, others hold that the spirit of Lei Feng will never be out of date. They maintain that the great soldier's story has such a strong influence on people's ideas of values and ways of life that in every field of society there are countless "living Lei Fengs". And indeed there are so many people who are following the example of Lei Feng and serving the people heart and soul.
Weighing up these two arguments, I am for the second one. For one thing, the spirit of Lei Feng still has a ready echo in millions of Chinese people's hearts. For another, the spirit of Lei Feng has been given full play. For instance, more and more "Lei Fengs" are coming forth from various circles, among whom Xu Hu has already set a good example to the whole nation. Therefore, as stated above, the spirit of Lei Feng's unselfishness is still an indispensable part of our society.

  1) 乐于奉献是有益的

  2) 这一观点正确的原因

  3) 你的看法
Devotion Is Rewarding
It is well known that devotion is an important and fundamental quality for anyone who undertakes great deeds. The truth is deep and profound. It is devotion that keeps us continually doing something valuable and admirable in spite of difficulties, and makes us still full of energy to face the coming challenges and competition. Therefore, devotion is rewarding.
Many remarkable factors contribute to this argument. First of all, nothing is more beneficial than devotion to earning others' respects. What's more, those without the spirit of devotion can no feel a real happiness and understand the real meaning of their life. For example, many capable people who always care about his own thoughts will probably be living a lonely life. In addition, one who devotes himself to society and people will have a lot of enjoyment from the process of dedication.
All mentioned above tell us that dedication can bring us happiness and a sense of fulfilment. Therefore, there is no denying that if we do not devote sincerely, we will live a dull and depressing life and lose hope about the future. In short only by devotion can we win other people's trust, support and sympathy.
Colleges Students' Job Hunting

  1) 近年来出现大学生就业难的现象

  2) 产生这一现象的原因 (如大学生追求目标过高,专业不对口等)

  3) 如何解决这一问题
Global Shortage of Fresh Water

  1) 目前淡水非常紧缺(提示:人口增长、工业用水增加、污染……)

  2) 我们应该怎么办
Is Daydreaming a Good or Bad Thing?

  1) 有些人认为白日做梦纯粹是浪费时间

  2) 另一些人认为白日做梦时一种放松方式,且有益于智力发育

  3) 我认为……
Practice Makes Perfect

  1) 怎样理解“熟能生巧”

  2) 例如:在英语学习中……

  3) 又如……
Global Shortage of Fresh Water
Is Daydreaming a Good or Bad Thing?
When it comes to daydreaming, there is no complete agreement among people. Some people take it for granted that daydreaming is a waste of time and an escape from real lie. However, others maintain daydreaming is a good means of relaxation and contributes to one's intellectual growth.
Those people who hold the former opinion believe that it is a bad habit to stay idle daydreaming, especially for kids. In addition, they also argue that daydreams are nothing but dreams never coming true.
However, still others advocate the latter opinion because they hold that daydreams build new "memories" in the brain and shape a successful future for the daydreamer. Besides, they argue that a daydream expresses a desire for good things and stimulates one to work hard to attain his desired goals.
Weighing up these two arguments, I prefer the latter opinion. For one thing, daydreaming can add much to the excitement and enjoyment of one's life, for while daydreaming, one is shaping future life as he wants it to be. For another, if creatively used, daydreaming may become a key to success. Taking above-mentioned factors into consideration, I may reasonably conclude that a life without daydreams isn't colorful and rewarding.
Practice Makes Perfect
"Practice makes perfect" is a proverb full of logic, which has been generally accepted. It tells us that if we practice unfamiliar things again and again, we'll be able to perform it perfectly. The truth of it is deep and profound.
Many remarkable examples contribute to this argument. A case in point is in order to learn English well, we need extra practice, such as reading English books, going to English corners, or communicating with foreigners. This is close to suggest people can grasp English only if they follow the saying "practice makes perfect". For another example, if we want to be skilled in using the computer, we also need to practise using if often. Moreover, in other areas of our life, practice is also necessary, and we can hardly do things well without practice and preparation.
Judging from the evidence offered, we might safely draw the conclusion that continuous practice and efforts will lead to final success. But one thing we have to notice is that we should have a right theoretical direction before we put something into practice. In short, we must apply theories to practice in order to achieve our goals.



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