A Brief Introduction A letter of congratulations, or congratulation letter, is used in both personal and business situations. Its primary purpose is to formally congratulate someone on an outstanding achievement. Certain types of congratulation letters are also referred to as “commendation letters” in some situations. In order to write an effective congratulation letter, you can follow the following tips:

  1. Write the congratulation letter as soon as possible after the fortunate event takes place.
  2. State in the beginning the specific occasion that has motivated you to write your letter.
  3. Express praise and approval of the reader’s accomplishments.
  4. Keep your congratulation letter simple and concise ? under one page in length.
  5. Be positive and don’t include any negative comments or unhappy news.

Don’t suggest that the fortunate event should benefit the letter-writer in any way.
  7. Don’t exaggerate your congratulatory words, or your letter may seem sarcastic or mocking.
  8. Edit your letter for correct structure, grammar, and punctuation.
  9. Don’t forget to spell check your letter.
  10. Wait some time and proof-read your letter again before sending it.
Letters of Greetings and Congratulations
按西方国家的习俗,亲友之间在重大节日要 写祝贺信或赠礼物,如圣诞节、新年、婚礼、生 日等等。当亲友晋升、考试成功、毕业、乔迁新 居、获得工作、新业开张以及获奖等等,也要写 祝贺信。 ? 祝贺信要写的及时,得到喜讯后应立即动 笔。信中要提到具体的喜事,表达出写信人的喜 悦心情,并致以衷心的祝贺。总的来说,这类书 信只需寥寥数语,但用词必须亲切有礼, 表达出 真诚的喜悦。

  3.Commonly-used Sentences 常用句型

  1.With very best wishes for a happy New year!
  2.May you come into a good fortune!
  3.Wishinng you peace, joy and happiness through Christmas and the coming year.
  4.Best wishes for a happy birthday and a year of good luck, good health and happiness.
  5.Please accept my gift for your birthday, not for its own value, but for the sake of the thoughts it represents. 请接受我给你的生日礼物, 请接受我给你的生日礼物,礼物不在于他本身的价 而在于它表达了我对你的思念。 值,而在于它表达了我对你的思念。
  6.Best wishes and hope you will have nothing but joy and happiness in your life together. ?
  7.May you two always be in love! May happiness increase with age. ? 愿你俩永浴爱河,祝你俩幸福与岁俱增! 愿你俩永浴爱河,祝你俩幸福与岁俱增! ?
  8.I hope your new dwelling will bring you and your family loads of fortune and good heath. ? 谨祝你的新居将为你全家带来鸿运和安康! 谨祝你的新居将为你全家带来鸿运和安康!
  9. Congratulations on your success in the national college entrance examination. ?
  10.Allow me to offer my heartiest congratulations on your new job. ?
  11.I would like to add my congratulations to the many you must be receiving on your promotion.在对你晋升的众多的祝贺中再增加我一 在对你晋升的众多的祝贺中再增加我一 以表贺意。 份,以表贺意。 ?
  12. I am looking forward to your further promotion. ?
  13. How happy you must be to have a beautiful new baby girl.

  14. I wish you many happy returns of the anniversary. May you have long and joyful life. ? 祝你俩享有许多的结婚纪念日。愿你俩白头偕老, 祝你俩享有许多的结婚纪念日。愿你俩白头偕老, 生活愉快! 生活愉快! ?
  15. I am sending along some flowers and fruit with my love and my sincere wish for your speedy recovery. ?
  16.How wonderful it is to hear about your baby! May the precious new life you have brought into the world bring you a world of new joys. ? 得知你的小宝宝出生 非常高兴。祝你带给这个世界 得知你的小宝宝出生,非常高兴 非常高兴。 的新生命给你带来无限的幸福。 的新生命给你带来无限的幸福。

  17.Congratulations on your recent promotion. I know that you will make good in your new job because you thrive on responsibility. ? 祝你荣获提升 你的责任感将为你带来跟 祝你荣获提升,你的责任感将为你带来跟 多的成功! 多的成功
Sample Letters Informal Hi Moon, I am very glad to hear from you that you are getting married. Congratulations on your marriage. You are so lucky. You married a handsome and intelligent man. Anyway, I wish you happiness.
By the way, since you are getting married, how are you going to plan your wedding? Is there a wedding ceremony or a wedding party? I think it would be romantic if the ceremony is held in a church. And where are you going to spend your honeymoon? I really hope to join your wedding ceremony. Congratulations again. How lovely to hear the good news. Yours sincerely, Edward
Formal June 25, 2009 Belinda Asher 620 Mayview Ave. Pineville, WV 24874 Dear Belinda: On behalf of everyone here at Deerwood Resorts Ltd., I
would like to sincerely congratulate you on your recent graduation from Mountain State University with your M.B.A. (Marketing). I must say that I was not surprised to read of your success in the newspaper. During your first of four summers as an employee at our Lakeland Family Resort, I noted how bright and quick-minded you are for business. Combine those attributes with your relentless work ethic and commitment to quality customer service, and it is obvious that you have a wide-open future ahead of you.
I can only hope that your experience working with us contributed in some small way to your success. On behalf of the management and staff at Deerwood Resorts, I wish you all the best in your future career and life endeavors, whatever they may be. Yours sincerely, Bruce Atkinson President and CEO

  3.Specimen 样例
1)Season’s Greetings 祝贺节日
Dear Mr. Hoff, There are many things I’d like to speak of friendship, peace and love. I’d to tell you how much I Appreciate knowing you. Perhaps the most meaningful way to say all the things is just to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May Christmas and the New Year be filled with happiness for you and yours. Sincerely yours, David

  2. Congratulations on Birthday
? Dear Franz, Congratulations! From now on ,you will be a man. You have reached your 18th birthday! I made this small gift by myself. Please accept it, not for its own value, but for the sake of the thoughts it represents. I feel very sorry that I can’t attend your birthday party. Please believe I am praying for you. May you live a long and joyful life, a life full of all the blessings that this would can bestow. Yours Sincerely, Dunkin

  3.Congratulations on Engagement
? Dear Jeanette, ? I feel quite pleased when hearing that you and James became engaged yesterday, Congratulations! ? Your engagement is such happy news. It’s a pleasure to express warm and special wishes for your future happiness. May all your hope and plans turn out the way you want them to. And as you go through life together, may all your dreams come true. ? yours sincerely, ? Levins

  4. Wedding Congratulations
? Dear Jackson, ? Your wedding card brings to me the happy news of your marriage. I congratulate you and trust that your marriage will be a source of blessing and happiness to you both. ? Please accept this little present with my congratulations upon your happy wedding. ? ? Yours Sincerely, ? Newby

  5.Congratulations for Changing Residence
? Dear Li Fang, ? Congratulate you on your moving into your new residence. You’ve finally got such a nice new house that you’ve always been hoping for. ? I hope your new dwelling will bring you and your family loads of fortune and good health. ? Wish you plenty of prosperity and good luck in your new house. ? Yours truly, ? Ma Ying

  6.Congratulations on Passing University Examination
? Dear Li Ping, ? We are very happy to learn that you have successfully passed the college entrance examination this year and have been admitted into Hunan University with honor. Allow us to offer our most sincere congratulations on this happy occasion. ? Wish you greater achievement in your college education. ? Yours Sincerely, ? Wang Liang ? ?

  7. Congratulations for Getting a Job
Dear Kasha, I was delightful to hear that you were successful in a job. Hearty congratulations and best wishes for your success in the work. Yours truly, Home

  8.Congratulations on Promotion Dear Lawrance, I have learned with much with delight that you were recently appointed Sales Manager of your company. I would like to add my congratulations to the many you must be receiving on your promotion. Please accept my sincere congratulations. The elevation of position brings with it added responsibilities, and you will double your efforts to give full satisfaction to your employers. I am looking forward to your further promotion. Good Luck! Yours Sincerely, Gude

  9. Congratulations on the New Baby’s Birth
Dear Michelle, I was so pleased to receive the announcement of the birth of your son. Becoming parents is one of the greatest experiences in the world. I know how proud You and your wife must be of your little boy. My sincere congratulations to you both. Please accept my gift and sincere wishes for future happiness and prosperity of your family. Yours very sincerely, Ellie

  10. Congratulations for Starting Business
Dear Mr. Mason, I have learning with great delight that you are opening your own advertising agency and starting business today. I’d like to add my voice to the chorus of congratulations from all sides. With your brilliant background and long record of fine achievements, I’m sure your own agency will be great success. May many fortunes find their way to you! Sincerely yours Peter Leo

  11.Congratulations for Winning a Prize Dear Karna, All of us take great pleasure in sending congratulations to you for winning the Speech Contest. I know of no one who deserves it than you. I am sure that the prize you have won is the first of many honors that you will attain in the years to come. Sincerely yours, Doman

  12. Congratulations on triumphal Performance 祝贺演出成功
Dear Robert, Everybody is talking about your brilliant solo last night. I just can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it! It was great triumph. Permit me to send my Enthusiastic congratulations. May all the finest things in life keep happening To you! Yours truly, Richard

  13. Congratulations on one’s Magnificent Achievement 祝贺友人取得伟大成就 Dear Mr. Zhou, My warmest congratulations to you on your successful management of your factory in the past year. I am sure this is one of many achievements that you will attain in the years to come. May many fortunes find their way to you and your company! Yours truly, Song Fei

  14.Congratulations on Success of Science Experiment
Dear Dr. Luo, I beg to take this opportunity to offer you my congratulations on your successful experiment of heart transplant. You have achieved the goal you set for yourself. Your diligence combined with your innate talent indicates your dynamic future! Most Sincerely, Grow

  15. Congratulations on Receiving a Doctorate
Dear Hass, My congratulations on your having received A Doctorate in Physics from Beijing University. You have now satisfied a lifelong ambition and can write Ph.D. after your name! I know this has meant years of study and hard work on your part and it’s an achievement you can well be proud of. Wishing you every success in your future Career! Yours truly, Fort
1、Marie的生日即将来临,请写一封贺 信,并寄一份礼物表示祝贺。
  2、请写一封贺信,祝贺你的朋友Bob被 哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University) 录取为博士研究生,并寄出一份礼物。
  3、请写一封贺信,祝贺你的朋友Bob被提 升为所在公司的副总经理(Deputy General Manager)。
Homework You are required to write a letter of congratulations based on the information below.
  1. XX是你高中的同班同学。 是你高中的同班同学。 是你高中的同班同学
  2. 获悉他(她)考上 大学,攻读 专业,特此祝贺。 获悉他( 考上XX大学 攻读XX专业 特此祝贺。 大学, 专业,
  3. 他(她)的成绩是他(她)刻苦努力的结果,希望他 的成绩是他( 刻苦努力的结果, 在新的环境里取得更好成绩。 (她)在新的环境里取得更好成绩。
  4. 再次表示祝贺。 再次表示祝贺。
29th July, 2009 Dear Xiao Ma, I am writing to congratulate you on having been admitted to Southeast University and majoring in electronic engineering. All that you have gained is the result of your hard work. I wish you would continue your efforts and gain further success in the new environment. Although we live in different cities, we still feel close to each other. Please keep in touch with me. I often recall our life in
high school. In those days, we stayed, played and studied together. We enjoyed each other’s company so much that we have maintained our friendship till now. Besides, I have learnt a lot from you, and even today I often remember how hard you studied. You told me that you were determined to be an expert in Double E, and now you are beginning to re



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