My mother was ill yesterday and my father went away to Beijing early. I stayed at home taking care of my mother. When noon was near, I began to cook a meal. This was the first time for me to cook. I washed some rice and then put it into an electric pot. After that I washed some vegetables and cut them into small pieces. I first poured some oil into the pot, waited for a moment and then put the vegetables into it. I stirred it again and again until it was well cooked. Now the meal was ready. My mother tasted some of the vegetables and said with a smile “It tastes nice. My son has grown up. ”

Li Bin was one of my classmates at junior high school. We lived very near to each other, so we went to school together every day. He liked sports, but didn’t study well. Once we had a test in mathematics. I sat beside him. Suddenly I felt him pull me by the sleeve. I turned and saw him pointing at one of the problems. I knew he wanted me to tell him the answer to it. But I didn’t talk to me. One day I went up to him and said, “I could not do that. It is cheating. But I’ll help your study every day.” Soon we became good friends again.

One day some boys were playing in the courtyard. They were happy and noisy. All of a sudden a little boy fell into a vat, which was full of water. All the children got frightened. The water in the vat was too deep for them to reach the boy. Nobody knew what to do. Some of them began to cry. Seeing this, one of the boys disappeared and came back with a big stone. He hit the vat with the stone violently. The vat broke at last. The water in it flew out soon and the little boy got out, too. The clever boy was Sima Guang.

Last Sunday our class went to visit a small village. It was deep n beautiful mountains. The people in the village gave us a warm welcome. An old man showed us around. There was a big apple orchard outside the village. The old man picked come apples from the trees and gave one to each of us. They tasted delicious. We saw a lot of sheep on the hillsides, too. There were also crops and vegetables growing everywhere. At noon we had a picnic lunch under a big tree. Then we visited some of the villagers’ houses and had a happy talk with them. Soon it was time for us to say good-bye to the farmers.

My hometown is a small village. There was a river flowing right through it s centre. Trees were planted on both sides of the river. People, especially children, often swam in the river in summer. The village used to be a very beautiful place. On the hills to the north there used to be a big forest. But in order to build houses and grow crops the villagers cut down all the trees in the past few years. The forest was destroyed and the green hills changed into wasteland. The river gradually dried up. People can’t water their fields with water
pumped from the river. Crops become poorer and poorer. Now people are suffering from what they have done.

Our Good example Yang Li is the Monitor of Class One, Senior Two. He studies very hard and is the best student in our class. He is good at Chinese, physics and chemistry, but enjoys English and mathematics best. He can speak English fluently. After school he often helps his classmates with their lessons. Whenever someone is absent from school because of illness, he will go to his house to help him with the missed lessons. He is not only good student, but also an active sportsman. He likes several kinds of sports. He often plats foot ball after class. He is on the school swimming team, too.

Our school is large and beautiful. When you enter the school gate, you can see a magnificent building. It’s our teaching building. We have our classes here. Behind the teaching building there is a small garden with a lot of flowers and a fountain. On the left side of the garden there is an experiment building. We do our physics and chemistry experiments here. On the right side there is another two-storeyed building. You can find several language labs and computer rooms in it. At the back of the schoolyard is our library. It is full of books and magazines. On the west end is the playground, where we spend most of our time after school. On the east end you can see a few dormitory buildings. They are both for students and teachers. Our dining hall is located among them. Guangming Middle School No 273 , Xinjiang Road, 400537 Helan District, Binhai, China July 15, 2002

Dear Xiao Hua, I have just come back from a trip to the United States. I had a very good time here. I first went to New York. It is really a very big city. I saw quite many skyscrapers there. But the Twin Towers of the world Trade Center are no more to be seen. Two days later I went to Los Angeles. I visited Holly wood on the day I got there, After that I spent a whole day in Disneyland. It is really a wonderful place you shouldn’t miss. I also went to Reno, Nevada. There is a beautiful lake named Dahu. The scenery there is beautiful! I hope you will take a trip to the United States some day. Love, LiNa

Dear Morley, You asked about sports in China in your letter. Now I’ll say something about this. Sports are very popular in China. Almost all the people have realized that sports are very important as taking part in sports is the best way of keeping healthy. People in cities play a lot of sport. Old people get up early in the morning and practice Qigong in groups in parks. A lot of middle-aged people dance together in squares in the evening. Young people go swimming in summer and skating in winter. Table tennis is very popular in China. People play table tennis everywhere. There are other popular sports, such as basketball, volleyball, football and badminton. What about sports in your country? Best regards, Yours Li Hua

Dear Sirs, I read your advertisement in yesterday’s paper. I think I am the best person fit for the position. I’m 23 years old. I graduated from Boston University two years ago. My major at university was computer engineering. After graduation I worked as a computer engineer in a big company for two years. Now I have enough experience in this field. And I’m very interested in it. I like sports and I am in good health. I like hard work. I’m sure I can do your job well if I can become a member of your company. I’m looking forward to your reply. Very sincerely yours, Matt Hand Fine

June 18, 2002, Saturday Yesterday some of my classmates and I spent our weekend at the seaside. It was sunny and a little hot, but the water was too cool to swim in. The sea was blue and calm. It shone merrily under the bright sun. There were boats floating here and there. People in them laughed and sang happily. We took off our shoes and went into the cool water. We walked along the beach in the water. Some girls looked for shells on the shore. Then we lay down and bathed in the sun or played games until it was time to go home. We all enjoyed a pleasant time at the seaside.

August 15, 2001, Sunday Cloudy I went to the small city far away from my village to buy some books this morning. What I saw there surprised me very much. There is a river in the city. The water in it is dark and smells terribly. It is polluted with chemical waste from factories. There are many small factories along the river. Their
waste is poured directly into the river. The worst one is the paper factory. It pours waste water into the river day and night. Fish can’t live in such a polluted river and neither can people swim in it. I wonder why people don’t live in such a polluted river and neither can people swim in it. I wonder why people don’t care about our environment. We should do something to reduce pollution.
Attention, please! A visit to the Great Wall in Jixian County is being arranged on Sunday, September
  15. In addition, there will be a trip to the Panshan Mountain. A picnic is to be taken at the top of the mountain. The bus is to start out at 6:00 a.m. Those who wish to go , please be at the main gate of our school by 5:
  50. As we’ll have to do quite a lot of walking and climbing, please wear your sports shoes. And bring your lunch and bottled water along. No lunch will be supplied. Thank you.
NOTICE It is informed that Mr. Wang Xuliang, Professor of Chinese Literature at Beijing University, is unable to come to our school as planned because of a sudden cold. Mr. Wang Xuliang’s doctor predicated he would recover from his illness isn a couple of days. His lecture on Chinese literature has been rescheduled on next Thursday, March 25, 2002, at 9:00 a.m. in the hall in No.1 Teaching building. All teachers and students of high school are requested to be present. Teachers and students of primary school are welcome to attend the lecture. Teaching Affairs Office
Ladies and gentlemen, May I have your attention, please? One of our staff named Liu Xili got seriously ill last Saturday. The doctors found a cancer on his lung. And the cancer has spread to his brain. He is now in hospital. He needs to have an operation. But he can’t pay the medical cost as he has a big family to support. Liu has always been ready to help others in their work. Now he needs help from us. We call on everybody to give his or her helping hands. Any amount of money is welcome. Thank you!



   书面表达专题讲座 河西教研室 张佩珍 《英语课程标准》对高中毕业生“写” 英语课程标准》对高中毕业生“ 的要求则更高更具体,其中包括: 的要求则更高更具体,其中包括:能 比较详细和生动地用英语描述情景、 比较详细和生动地用英语描述情景、 态度和感情;能阐述自己的观点、 态度和感情;能阐述自己的观点、评 述他人的观点,文体得当、用词准确。 述他人的观点,文体得当、用词准确。 近几年的命题特点 (1) 形式多样 (2) 文体丰富 (3) 内容多元 (4) 半开放性和开放性 (5) 高级词汇和复杂 ...


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   高中英语写作 100 篇 一、写作 1、(1 分) 提示: 张楠的父亲有位美国同事,他的孩子约翰?史密斯即将来华。约翰写信向张楠询问一些有关他所在城市 的问题。张楠回信,内容如下: 得知约翰要来非常高兴。告诉他可能遇到一些不同于美国的情况。 气候:冬天冷,有时下雪。夏天几乎不下雨,但一下起来就很大。提醒约翰带雨衣、棉衣。 饮食:饮食与美国很不同,他应尽力适应中国饮食,并要学会如何使用筷子。 最后,请他带一张美国地图,希望早日能见面。 字数:100?120 个词。 2、(1 分) 日记 1.今 ...


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   考研英语小作文冲刺急训之报告 2010 年 12 月 03 日 距离最后的考试已经不到两个月的时间, 最后的冲刺序幕正式拉开。 英语复习到这个阶 段,最重要的就是作文。要想在最后的考试成绩中脱颖而出,现阶段就必须要把精力放在分 值占在 30 分的写作上。 考研英语中大作文的要求是内容切题、表达清楚、文字连贯、句式多变和语言规范。小 作文考察点在信息点的覆盖、语言的准确性、文章组织的连贯性上。 其中小作文占 10 分,分为求职信、祝贺信、道歉信、询问信、推荐信、感谢信、邀请 信、辞职信等等二十 ...


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   阅读能力的提高包括很多因素, 文章可以分为段落, 段落可以分为句子, 句子可以分为单词。 所以提高阅读能力,需要从微观层面扩大单词量,提高句子理解力,从宏观层面把握段落与 文章的框架。而在考前短短的时间内,考生不可能从单词到框架一步步提高阅读能力了,那 么应该怎么办呢?这得从了解阅读考什么,怎么考开始。 四级考试阅读部分要求考生在 35 分钟内,看完四篇文章,做完 20 个题目。其中,每 篇文章大约有 250??350 个单词,后面附有 5 个题目。四级阅读考查的题型主要是细节 题,另外还会 ...