1. 能源危机: energy crisis

  2. 民族自豪感: national pride

  3. 经济和技术的进一步发展:
further advances in economy and technology

  4. 设法对付压力: manage one’s stress

  5. 非常流行: be very prevalent

  6. 采取行动: take action

  7. 保持积极的态度: keep a positive attitude

  8. 实现诺言: keep one’s promise

  9. 电脑天才: a computer genius

  10. 电脑盲: a computer illiterate

  11. 取得非凡的进步: make remarkable progress

  12. 生物遗传: biological inheritance

  13. 在……方面起着重要 (积极的/消极的) 作用:
play a significant (positive/negative) role in…

  14. 按时: be punctual

  15. 保持乐观 (坚定/悲观) 的态度:
maintain an optimistic ( a firm/ a pessimistic) attitude

  16. 热爱和平: love peace

  17. 因为: on account of

  18. 缺乏生活经历: lack life experience

  19. 人工智能: artificial intelligence

  20. 对他人有耐心: be patient with others

  21. 忍受痛苦: be patient of pains

  22. 适应新生活: adapt oneself to the new life

  23. 抓住机会: grasp the chance

  24. 对……有很大好处(坏处): do great good (harm) to …

  25. 假冒商品: fake commodities

  26. 盗版书: pirated books

  27. 从长远来看: in the long run

  28. 扰乱公平竞争的市场:
upset the fairly competitive market

  29. 有能力的公民: competent citizens

  30. 获得真正的快乐: attain real happiness

  31. 在……花费大量的时间: devote much time to…

  32. 相反: on the contrary

  33. 迷信: be superstitious

  34. 充分利用时间: make full use of one’s time

  35. 不顾风险: regardless of risks

  36. 发展中国家: developing countries

  37. 发达国家: developed countries

  38. 性别歧视: gender discrimination

  39. 做一项试验: conduct an experiment

  40. 把理论应用于实践: apply theories to practice

  41. 跨国公司的兴起: the rise of multinational corporations

  42. 在……方面落后: lag behind in…

  43. 想做……: feel like doing…

  44. 自食其力: earn one’s living

  45. 核武器: nuclear weapons

  46. 认为……理所当然: take …for granted

  47. 不遗余力: spare no efforts

  48. 在激烈的竞争中占上风:
get the upper hand in the fierce competition

  49. 来自各行各业的人们: people from all walks of life

  50. 地球村: global village

  51. 通才教育: a broad education

  52. 明辨是非: distinguish right from wrong

  53. 老实/坦白地/一般来说:
honestly/frankly/generally speaking

  54. 确立目标: set goals

  55. 克服困难: overcome difficulties

  56. 面临挑战: be confronted with challenges

  57. 把……因素考虑进去:
take … into account/ consideration

  58. 重视: attach great significance to…

  59. 对……不可或缺: be indispensable to…

  60. 缩小差别: narrow the gap

  61. 加快发展: accelerate the development

  62. 充分发挥潜力: bring one’s potential into full play

  63. 繁荣昌盛: be prosperous

  64. 消除饥饿和暴力: eliminate hunger and violence

  65. 享受更美好的生活: enjoy a higher standard of living

  66. 自然资源: natural resources

  67. 展望更加光明的未来:
look forward to a much brighter future


  1. When it comes to science, the overwhelming majority of people hold an optimistic view. They regard it as our servant. But others argue that the opposite is true. They treat it as a monster. There is probable some truth on both sides, but as far as I am concerned, I believe that…

  2. There is a general debate over the phenomenon of students’ doing a part-time job. Those who advocate it claim that the experience does great good to these students. But people who object to it, on the other hand, hold the view that…

  3. It’s widely held that the rise in teenage smoking is the inevitable result of economic development. But it’s not a satisfactory explanation. Personally speaking, I think the primary cause is that…

  4. In recent years, there has been a dramatic/ steady increase/ decrease in the number of PCs in China, which has drawn/aroused public attention/concern.

  5. In the past few years, China has witnessed/ seen a sharp rise/fall in the number of PCs. It is well known that the number has increased/ jumped/ decreased/ dropped by 20 percent compared with 10 years ago. A couple of factors can account for the phenomenon.

  1. There are a number of reasons for my choice. For one thing/On one hand…; for another/ on the other hand…

  2. A good case in point is …

  3. It is no easy task to find the reason for the deep-seated tendency which involves several factors. Frankly speaking, however …

  4. There is no denying that everything has two sides. But when we weigh this measure’s advantages against its disadvantages, we can see easily that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. So I’m for it.

  5. Take… for example

  6. Thanks to/ Owing to/ Due to/ As a result of/ Because of…

  7. “Knowledge is power.” Such is the remark made by Bacon. This remark has been shared by more and more people.

  8. Let me cite another example to prove my opinion.

  9. It may seem reasonable for people to draw such a conclusion, but they fail to take into account the fact that…

  10. As a result, it may give rise to other problems.

  11. For all/In spite of/Despite its demerits, it still has striking merits. So, although some people are against it, I won’t change my mind. I am in favor of it.

  12. Etiquette is to society what apparel is to the individual.
Forest is to our earth what lungs are to our body.

  1. Taking into account all these factors, we may reasonably draw the conclusion that…

  2. In summary/ In brief/ In a word/ In conclusion/ All in all, we’d better…

  3. No doubt, it’s high time that we took immediate action.

  4. It is necessary that effective measures/ remedies should be taken to bring the current phenomenon to an end.

  1. Early to bed, early to rise make you healthy, wealthy and wise.

  2. Never take anything for granted.

  3. Beauty without virtue is a rose without fragrance.

  4. Birds of a feather flock together.

  5. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

  6. Misfortunes never come alone.

  7. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

  8. We eat to live but not live to eat.

  9. Better late than never.

  10. One man, no man.

  11. He laughs best who laughs last.

  12. Waste not, want not.

  13. Honesty is the best policy.

  14. Learn to crawl before you can walk.

  15. Look before you leap.

  16. No news is good news.

  17. What’s done can’t be undone.

  18. The early bird catches the worm.

  19. Never trouble troubles until troubles trouble you.

  20. Call a spade a spade.

  21. No pains, no gains.

  22. As you sow you shall mow.

  23. Out of sight, out of mind.

  24. Like father, like son.

  25. Once bitten, twice shy.

  26. A stitch in time saves nine.

  27. Great minds think alike.

  28. Strike while the iron is hot.

  29. Spare the rod, spoil the child.

  30. Opportunity seldom knocks twice.

  31. Example is better than precept.

  32. Let bygones be bygones.

  1. If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.

  2. The first wealth is health. (Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-18

  3. Every why has its wherefore. (William Shakespeare 1564-16

  4. Advice is least heeded when most needed. (Anonymous)

  5. A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. (Winston Churchill 1874-19

  6. A man who has no imagination has no wings.

  7. It’s much more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others.

  8. Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.

  9. Love makes the world go round. (Charles Dickens 1812-18

  10. Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to love.

  11. Time is like water in a sponge. When you squeeze, water will ooze out. (Lu Xun)

  12. Write it in your heart that every day is the best day of the year. (Emerson)

  13. He who loses wealth loses much; he who loses a friend loses more; but he who loses courage loses all. (Miguel de Cervantes 1547-16

  14. To live means to create.

  15. Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that can not fly. (Langston Hughes 1902-19

  16. Sometimes a winner is just a dreamer who never gives up.

  17. If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. (Benjamin Franklin 1706-17

  18. There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience and that is not learning from experience.

  19. The government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth. (Abraham Lincoln 1809-18

  20. In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends.

  21. If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.

  22. The first step to wisdom is silence; the second is listening.

  23. A sincere smile is the most beautiful expression.

  1.元宵节: Lantern Festival


  3.重阳节:Double-Ninth Festival

  4.清明节:Tomb sweeping day

  5.剪纸:Paper Cutting


  7.对联:(Spring Festival) Couplets

  8.象形文字:Pictograms/Pictographic Characters

  9.人才流动:Brain Drain/Brain Flow


  11.战国:Warring States

  12.风水:Fengshui/Geomantic Omen

  13.铁饭碗:Iron Bowl

  14.函授部:The Correspondence Department

  15. 集体舞:Group Dance

  16. 黄土高原:Loess Plateau

  17. 红白喜事:Weddings and Funerals

  18. 中秋节:Mid-Autumn Day

  19. 结婚证:Marriage Certificate

  20. 儒家文化:Confucian Culture

  21. 附属学校:Affiliated school

  22. 古装片:Costume Drama

  23. 武打片:Chinese Swordplay Movie

  24. 元宵:Tangyuan/Sweet Rice Dumpling (Soup)

  25. 一国两制:One Country, Two Systems

  26. 火锅:Hot Pot

  27. 四人帮:Gang of Four

  28. 《诗经》:The Book of Songs

  29. 素质教育:Essential-qualities-oriented Education

  30. 《史记》:Historical Records/Records of the Grand Historian

  31. 大跃进:Great Leap Forward (Movement)

  32. 《西游记》:The Journey to the West

  33. 除夕:Chinese New Year’s Eve/Eve of the Spring Festival

  34. 针灸:Acupuncture

  35. 唐三彩:Tri-color Pottery of the Tang Dynasty/ The Tang Tri-colored pottery

  36. 中国特色的社会主义:Chinese-charactered Socialist/Socialist with Chinese characteristics

  37. 偏旁:radical

  38. 孟子:Mencius

  39. 亭/阁: Pavilion/ Attic

  40. 大中型国有企业:Large and Medium-sized State-owned Enterprises

  41. 火药:gunpowder

  42. 农历:Lunar Calendar

  43. 印/玺:Seal/Stamp

  44. 物质精神文明建设:The Construction of Material Civilization and Spiritual Civilization

  45. 京剧:Beijing Opera/Peking Opera

  46. 秦腔:Crying of Qin People/Qin Opera

  47. 太极拳:Tai Chi

  48. 独生子女证:The Certificate of One-child

  49. 天坛:Altar of Heaven in Beijing

  50. 小吃摊:Snack Bar/Snack Stand

  51. 红双喜:Double Happiness

  52. 政治辅导员:Political Counselor/School Counselor

  53. 春卷:Spring Roll(s)

  54. 莲藕:Lotus Root

  55. 追星族:Star Struck

  56. 故宫博物院:The Palace Museum

  57. 相声:Cross-talk/Comic Dialogue

  58. 下岗:Lay off/Laid off

  59. 北京烤鸭:Beijing Roast Duck

  60. 高等自学考试:Self-taught Examination of Higher Education

  61. 烟花爆竹:fireworks and firecracker

  62. 敦煌莫高窟:Mogao Caves

  63. 电视小品:TV Sketch/TV Skit

  64. 香港澳门同胞:Compatriots from Hong Kong and Macao

  65. 文化大革命:Cultural Revolution

  66. 长江中下游地区:The Mid-low Reaches of Yangtze River

  67. 门当户对:Perfect Match/Exact Match

  68. 《水浒》:Water Margin/Outlaws of the Marsh

  69. 中外合资企业:Joint Ventures

  70. 文房四宝(笔墨纸砚):"The Four Treasure of the Study" "Brush, Inkstick, Paper, and Inkstone",

  You know my loneliness is only kept for you, my sweet songs are only sung for you.
  If living on the earth is a mission from the lord… living with you is the award of the lord…

  Do you understand the feeling of missing someone? It is just like that you will spend a long hard time to turn the ice-cold water you have drunk into tears.
  In such a soft and warm season, please accept my sincere blessing and deep concern for you.
  For our ever-lasting friendshi



   交通与汽车工程学院 本科生毕业论文 英文翻译 学生姓名: 学 专 年 号: 业: 级: 杜 艳 红 200503050231 物流管理 2005 级 尹 良 指导教师: 日 期: 二00九年五月二十一日 交通与汽车工程学院制 西华大学交通与汽车工程学院本科生毕业设计英文翻译 土耳其职业技术教育中的问题和建议 摘要:土耳其很重视职业技术教育。在过去的一些年里,很多两年制的高等职业 技术学校已经建立起来。 但是在这些学校里, 却没有足够的职业技术讲师, 另外, 到现在也没有充足的教学设施,教学资 ...


   全国人民代表大会 National People's Congress (NPC) 主席团 Presidium 常务委员会 Standing Committee 办公厅 General Office 秘书处 Secretariat 代表资格审查委员会 Credentials Committee 提案审查委员会 Motions Examination Committee 民族委员会 Ethnic Affairs Committee 法律委员会 Law Committee 财政经济委员会 Fin ...


   英语六级翻译练习题 1.Everyone has his inherent ability , (只是很容易被习惯所掩盖).   2.The importance of traffic safety , (无论如何强调都不为过).   3.In my opinion , (打电动玩具既浪费时间也有害健康).   4.There is no doubt that (近视是一个很严重的问题)among the youth of our country.   5.Accordin ...


   6A 网络警察应保护网络吗? 网络警察应保护网络吗? 四个青少年发表了他们的看法 戈哈?盖尔扬,18岁,加利福尼亚州伯班克市 戈哈 盖尔扬, 岁 盖尔扬 因特网有着巨大的影响力, 因而各种群体都利用它来发表自己的观点。 诸如新纳粹主 义分子这样的团体, 利用万维网使成百万上千万的儿童和成人看到了他们有关白人种族优势论和 仇恨思想。 但是, 即使大多数人不同意他们在网上散布的信息, 也不应制定法律限制他们这样做。 人人都享有言论自由。 即使所散布的信息是有关仇恨思想的, 没有人有权来限制言论自 ...


   什么是英语翻译,英语翻译技巧有哪些 翻译是使用不同语言的人们互相沟通的纽带和桥梁, 是运用一种语言把另一种语言所表达的 思想内容准确而又完整地再现的语言活动。 在当今信息社会里, 翻译起着越来越重要的作用。 翻译目的是要把别人的意思用译语尽可能准确无误地传达出来, 而不是用译者自己的意思来 代替别人的意思。翻译的这一性质决定了从事翻译的人只能充当"代言人"的角色,起传递信 息的作用,而不能越俎代庖,随意篡改别人的意思。因此,翻译的成功与否,取决于翻译出 来的意思是否同原意 ...


   教育部全国英语翻译证书考试简介 问: 什么是全国外语翻译证书考试 答: 全国外语翻译证书考试是教育部考试中心与北京外国语大学合作举办, 在全国实施的面 向全体公民的非学历证书考试。全称叫 National Accreditation Examinations for Translators and Interpreters (NAETI),主要测试应试者笔译和口译能力。目前只有英语一个语种,将来 要扩展到其他语种。 该考试分为笔译和口译两大类,各含三个级别。考试合格者可分别获得初级笔译证书、 ...


   四、虚 拟 语 气 虚拟语气分三种情况来掌握: 1、虚拟条件句。 2、名词性虚拟语气。 3、虚拟语气的其他用语。 一、虚拟条件句: 条件状语从句是非真实情况,在这种情况下要用虚拟语气。 1、条件从句与现在事实不一致,其句型为: If 主语+过去时,主语+should(could, would, 或might)+动词原形,如: If I were you, I would study hard. If it rained, I would not be here now. 2、条件从句与过去事实 ...


   水果类(fruits): 火龙果 pitaya 西红柿 tomato 菠萝 pineapple 西瓜 watermelon 香蕉 banana 柚子 shaddock(pomelo) 橙子 orange 苹果 apple 柠檬 lemon 樱桃 cherry 桃子 peach 梨 pear 枣 Chinese date (去核枣 pitted 油桃 nectarine 柿子 persimmon date ) 椰子 coconut 草莓 strawberry 树莓 raspberry 蓝莓 b ...


   Unit 1 4 Translate the sentences into Chinese. 1 On university campuses in Europe, mass socialist or communist movements gave rise to increasingly violent clashes between the establishment and the college students, with their new and passionate com ...


   1、I will borrow whichever tent you are not using now.(你们现在不用的任 何一顶帐篷) 2、Free movie tickets will be given to whoever comes first.(最早来的任何 人们) 3、we agreed to accept whichever condition our caption thought was the best.(任何我们队长认为最佳的条件) 4、 Friends are fo ...



   J(Joule's equivalent) 焦耳氏当量(热功单位) jack ①插孔、插座 ②千斤顶,起重器 jacket ①背心 ②套,盖,罩 jacketed autoclave 蒸汽夹层压热器,蒸汽夹层高压釜 jack panel 插孔板 jack screw 螺旋正牙器 jack switch 插接开关,插孔开关 jamming 干扰台,干扰,抑制 jamproof 抗干扰的 japan 涂漆,漆器 jar 缸,罐,瓶 jaundice 黄疸 jaw ①颌骨,颚, ②叉头,夹片 ja ...


   Unit1 美国人认为没有人能停止不前。 如果你不求进取,你就会落伍。 这种态度造就了一个投身于研究、实验和探索的民族。 时间是美国人注意节约的两个要素之一,另一要素是劳力。 人们一直说:“只有时间才能支配我们。” 人们似乎把时间当作一个差不多是实实在在的东西来对待。 我们安排时间、节约时间、浪费时间、挤抢时间、消磨时间、缩减时间、对时间 的利用作出解释;我们还要因付出时间而收取费用。 时间是一种宝贵的资源,许多人都深感人生的短暂。 时光一去不复返。 我们应当让每一分钟都过得有意义。 外国人 ...


   浅谈初中新生英语学习方式方法的转变 英语学习方式方法的 方法的转变 对刚刚升入或是即将升入初中的学生来说,学习英语是既紧张又兴奋。 对刚刚升入或是即将升入初中的学生来说,学习英语是既紧张又兴奋。小学阶段以兴趣为 也可以把它说成是兴趣英语, 而同学们的学习是以老师传授为主。 主,也可以把它说成是兴趣英语, 而同学们的学习是以老师传授为主。到了初中就要大家 自己寻找有效的学习方法了。初中生的语言基础知识深化了,语言运用技能也提高了, 自己寻找有效的学习方法了。初中生的语言基础知识深化了,语言运用 ...


   5-9 人剧本(男版) ,短小搞笑 Roles: 太子丹;荆轲;母氏;谋士阿二,三;莫愁;旁白等 旁白(Aside )/介绍 (Introduction) Long long ago there was a crazy country, in this crazy country : there were some crazy people, trying to show the crazy history by crazy ways. Mr Jingke was the most famo ...


   学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说: 难死了 难死了”。 学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说:“难死了 。 为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个: 不得法 不得法。 为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个:“不得法。” 英 语与汉语一样都是一种语言,为什么你说汉语会如此流利? 语与汉语一样都是一种语言,为什么你说汉语会如此流利?那是因为你置身于 一个汉语环境中,如果你在伦敦呆上半年,保准说起英语来会非常流利。 一个汉语环境中,如果你在伦敦呆上半年,保准说起英语来 ...