1. 政府采取的一系列措施不但没有化解矛盾,反倒激起更多的暴力冲突.反对党联合工会发动了一次大罢工,最终导 致政府的垮台. (give rise to; form an alliance with; launch; bring about) Instead of resolving contradictions, the series of measures taken by the government gave rise to more violent clashes. The Opposition formed an alliance with the trade unions and launched a general strike, which ultimately brought about the downfall of the government.
  2. 如今,大学与现实世界的距离越来越小,学生也变得越来越实际.从前,大学是一个象牙塔,学者追求的是学问本 身而不是把学问作为达到目的的手段,但这样的时代已经一去不复返了.(shrink; gone are the days; a means to an end) Nowadays, the gap between the university and the real world is shrinking and students are becoming more and more practical. Gone are the days when the university was an ivory tower in which scholars pursued knowledge as an end rather than a means to an end.
  3. 我从未指望靠上课来学好这门课.但我确实去听课,因为在课上我能了解这门课的重点,学会如何组织材料,如何 推理.(hope; the place where) I never hoped to learn the subject well by attending those lectures. But I did go to lectures, for it was the place where I could get the important points of the course and learn how to organize materials and how to reason.
  4. 我一直想方设法解决这个难题,但就是找不到满意的答案.可是当我去厨房喝饮料的时候,我突然间灵机一动,意 识到解决问题的方法实际上可能很简单.(work out; click) Although I have been trying every means to solve the problem, I cannot work out a satisfactory solution. But when I went to the kitchen to get a drink, something clicked and made me realize that the solution might be quite simple. 第二单元
  1. 一看见抽屉里的那些老照片,我的眼泪就涌了出来.它们让我想起了我跟爷爷奶奶,爸爸妈妈,兄弟姐妹一起生活 的美好时光.(the moment; well up) The moment I saw those old photos in the drawer, tears welled up in my eyes, for my memory went back to the days when I lived happily with my grandparents, my parents and my brothers and sisters.
  2. 有个学生踩到地上的一滩水滑倒了.周围的人反应各异,有的关心地走上前去看他是否受伤了,能为他做点什么; 有的则站在一边不知所措;有的干脆就不理.(diverge from; approach; confuse over; tune out) When a student slipped on a pool of water and fell over, people's reaction diverged from one another. Some approached caringly to see if he was hurt and if they could help; some just stood there confusing over what to do about it; while others just tuned out.
  3. 上星期六上午,我像往常一样去超市购物.我刚要打开车门,却发现没带钱包.我只好回家去找,可是哪儿也找不 到.(do the usual; do nothing but; fail to do) Last Saturday morning, I did the usual and went shopping in the supermarket. When I was about to open the door of my car, I found that I did not have my wallet on me. I could do nothing but go back home in search of it, but I failed to find it anywhere.
  4. 我上小学二年级的时候,我们班有个同学得到的生日礼物是一辆红色的遥控车.我们大家只有羡慕的份,却不能也 去买一辆,因为那种遥控车很贵,而且还是在香港买的,那时候在我们看来香港和纽约一样遥不可及.(could only; as far as) When I was a second grader, one of my classmates got a red radio-controlled toy car as a birthday gift. The rest of us could only admire, but could not imitate, because the car was expensive and was bought in Hong Kong, a place which seemed to us as far away as New York at that time. 第三单元
  1. 这些文件很重要,内容要绝对保密.如果要处理掉的话,应先把它们切碎或撕掉,而不是直接当垃圾扔掉.(content of which; tear up; instead of) These are important documents, the content of which should be kept strictly confidential. If you need to dispose of them, you must shred them or tear them up instead of throwing them out with the trash
  2. 现在,伪造支票,身份证和信用卡之类的白领犯罪已变得相当普遍.尽管我们学会了许多防止被骗的招数,可是看 起来我们随时都可能被骗.(forge; prevent ... from) Nowadays, white-collar crimes such as forging checks, ID cards and credit cards have become very common.
Though we have learnt much about how to prevent ourselves from being cheated, it seems that we could be its victims at any time.
  3. 地震已过去了好几个月,生活恢复了正常.人们与平时一样忙着各自的事情.但一个无法回避的事实是,地震给人 们带来的精神创伤也许永远无法抹去.(go about; there is no escaping the fact that ...; mental trauma; wipe out) It has been several months since the earthquake. Life has returned to normal, and people are busy going about their business. But there is no escaping the fact that the mental trauma the earthquake brought to people will never be wiped out.
  4. 为什么说一个图书馆拥有大量可供随时阅览的新书及电子图书资源很重要呢?因为那样的话,学者们就可以了解自 己学科领域里的最新进展,知道自己的研究是否有价值.(matter; readily availabe to; if so) Why does it matter that a library has many new books and electronic resources readily available to the readers? This is because if so, the scholars know the latest development in their own fields and know whether their research is valuable. 第四单元
  1. 这个消息来得如此突然,如此令人震惊,我在沙发上呆呆地坐了几分钟.我的第一本能反应就是赶紧打电话把这件 事告诉领导,看看我们能为那些在这起交通事故中死伤的同事做些什么.(so ... that; first instinct) So sudden, so striking was the news that I sat motionless on sofa for a few minutes. My first instinct was to call our leaders to tell them what had happened and see what we could do for those colleagues who died or got injured in this traffic accident.
  2. 纸版的儿童图书与电子书相比有很大的优势.对孩子们来说,一本印刷精美的纸版书不仅是一本书也是一个玩具. 读纸版书的感觉与在屏幕上读书的感觉是很不同的.(have advantage over; be different from) Paper books for children have an enormous advantage over e-books. For children, a beautifully printed paper book is not only a book but also a toy they can play with. Reading a paper book is rather different from reading a book on the screen.
  3. 近年来,传统媒体呈现出衰退的趋势,新媒体迅速发展.尽管如此,这并不一定意味着传统媒体已失去市场.若谈 到阅读新闻之类,人们还是习惯于像报纸这样的传统媒体.(in the tendency of; not necessarily; when it comes to ... In recent years, traditional media are in the tendency of decline and new media are developing rapidly. However, this does not necessarily mean that trational media have lost the market. When it comes to reading things like news, people are still used to such traditional media as newspaper.
  4. 随着金融危机的爆发,许多企业陷入了困境.对于那些因缺乏流动资金无法进行再生产又不想让恶性循环继续下去 的企业,他们唯一能做的事情就是向政府求助.(find oneself in difficulty; turn to) With the explosion of the financial crisis, many enterprises find themselves in difficulties. For those who have no circulating fund to invest in new production and would not let the vicious circle continue, the only thing they can do is to turn to government for help. 第五单元
  1. 虽然遇到了很多困难,但在他的带领下,公司产品打开了销路,总体形势也有了好转.为了表彰他的突出贡献,公 司决定奖励他一套住房.(come across; for the better; in recognition of) Though they came across many difficulties, under his leadership they successfully found a market for their products, and the overall situation was changing for the better. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, the company decided to give him a flat as an award.
  2. 当约翰向他挑战,要跟他比击剑的时候,他感到非常尴尬,因为他自知剑术不高,不是约翰的对手.如果他接受挑 战,他肯定会输;可如果不接受呢,他就是个懦夫.(challenge ... to) When John challenged him to fencing, he was very embarrassed because he knew that he was no match for John at it. If he took the challenge, he would surely lose; but if he didn't, he would be a coward.
  3. 他昨天感冒了.我们本以为他好好睡一晚上之后会好起来,所以今天早上就送他去上学了.但是下午放学回家时他 发起烧来,不得不卧床休息.(assume; confine to) He caught a cold yesterday. Assuming that he would get better after a good night's sleep, we sent him to school this morning. But later in the afternoon, he got back home with a fever and was confined to bed

  4. 在过去的几年里,我得了几次重病,一直在贫困状态中生活,但是我没有放弃我的梦想.无论发生什么事,我总是 坚守我的梦想,而梦想对我来说也变成了极大的支持和安慰.(abandon; in spite of; cling to) In the past few years, I have had several severe illnesses and lived in a state of poverty, but I have never abandoned my dreams. In spite of everything I clung to my dreams, which have turned out to be a great support and comfort to me. 第六单元
  1. 当他知道自己未能入选校队时,他哭得很伤心,毕竟他经历了几个月的艰苦训练和激烈竞争,也学会了如何熟练地 准确投篮.(cry one's heart out; go through) He cried his heart out when he heard that he was not in the list of the school team. After all, he had gone through months of hard training and gruelling competition, and had learned how to shoot with great skill and accuracy.
  2. 那位以严格闻名的教练从一开始就要求队员抛弃一切杂念,超越他们的极限,以确保他们能在第 29 届北京奥林匹 克运动会上摘得一枚奖牌.(mean for sb to do sth; from the start; push ... beyond limits The coach, who was known for his strictness, had meant from the very start for all the players to shut out all the distracting thoughts and push themselves beyond their limits to ensure that they win a medal at the 29th Olympic Games held in Beijing.
  3. 新教练接管了球队后,时时牢记自己的使命,并最终带领球队取得了联赛冠军.在接受采访时,教练激动得说不出 话来.(take over; bear in mind; make it; at a loss for words) Since after he took over the team, the new coach has always borne in mind his mission and finally made it to the championship of the league matches. When interviewed, the coach was at a loss for words because of excitement.
  4. 足球是一项很奇妙的运动.虽然最后的比赛结果往 往是 0?0, 1?0, 2?1, 但是这丝毫不影响人们去观看比赛.对 我来说,足球的魅力到底在哪里一直是个谜.(flock; remain) Football is an amazing sport. Despite the fact that most finals are 0?0, 1?0 or 2?1, people keep flocking to see football games. For me, it remains a mystery what is so attracting about football. 第七单元
  1. 夜贼们忙着往皮卡里扔赃物,急着想尽快开车逃走.正在这时,负责看守小区的保安发现了他们,并报了警. (just about; watch over) The burglars were throwing the stolen items to the pickup and were just about to drive away when the guards watching over the living quarters found them and called the police.
  2. 三个士兵在密林深处艰难地行走了一整天,试图走向河的东岸,结果却发现他们只在树林里打转,离目的地仍有几 十英里之遥.(only to find; short of) The three soldiers had walked with difficulty through the woods for a whole day, trying to navigate to the east bank of the river, only to find that they had been circling in the woods and were still dozens of miles short of their destination.
  3. 我觉得今天早晨做动物心智报告的那位学者显然高估了动物的智慧,她甚至认为黑猩猩能够用电脑跟人进行交流. (go so far as to) It seems to me that the scholar who talked about animal intelligence this morning has obviously overestimated the animal intelligence. She went so far as to suggest that chimpanzees can communicate with humans through computers.
  4. 作为志愿者,我们不仅仅要对前来询问或寻求帮助的人微笑服务,我们还应该具备跨文化交际的技巧,否则我们就 干不好这个工作.(be limited to) As volunteers, what we need to do is not just limited to smiling to those who come to us for information and help. We must also learn skills for cross-cultural communication, without which our performance cannot be satisfactory



   交通与汽车工程学院 本科生毕业论文 英文翻译 学生姓名: 学 专 年 号: 业: 级: 杜 艳 红 200503050231 物流管理 2005 级 尹 良 指导教师: 日 期: 二00九年五月二十一日 交通与汽车工程学院制 西华大学交通与汽车工程学院本科生毕业设计英文翻译 土耳其职业技术教育中的问题和建议 摘要:土耳其很重视职业技术教育。在过去的一些年里,很多两年制的高等职业 技术学校已经建立起来。 但是在这些学校里, 却没有足够的职业技术讲师, 另外, 到现在也没有充足的教学设施,教学资 ...


   1. Space is a dangerous place, not only because of meteors but also because of rays from the sun and other stars. Key: 宇宙空间是个危险的地方,不仅仅是因为有流星,而且是因为有太阳及其 他星辰的辐射/射线。 2. International students can’t work while they are studying in the U.S., so they mus ...


   英语翻译 Unit 1 Translation 1) 2) The baby can’t even crawl yet, let alone walk! Will claimed he was dining with a group of friends at the time of the murder, but in my opinion he told a lie. 3) To a certain extent, the speed of reading is closely rela ...


   没有付出就没有收获(No pain no gain!) 没有付出就没有收获(No I am sure everybody has specific attribute or quality distinguish me from anyone else. For me, I think perseverance is my specific attribute. 力是我的品性。 我相信每个人都有独特的价值或品质。对于我,毅 Going through my past, I could see ...


   英语六级翻译练习题 1.Everyone has his inherent ability , (只是很容易被习惯所掩盖).   2.The importance of traffic safety , (无论如何强调都不为过).   3.In my opinion , (打电动玩具既浪费时间也有害健康).   4.There is no doubt that (近视是一个很严重的问题)among the youth of our country.   5.Accordin ...


   6A 网络警察应保护网络吗? 网络警察应保护网络吗? 四个青少年发表了他们的看法 戈哈?盖尔扬,18岁,加利福尼亚州伯班克市 戈哈 盖尔扬, 岁 盖尔扬 因特网有着巨大的影响力, 因而各种群体都利用它来发表自己的观点。 诸如新纳粹主 义分子这样的团体, 利用万维网使成百万上千万的儿童和成人看到了他们有关白人种族优势论和 仇恨思想。 但是, 即使大多数人不同意他们在网上散布的信息, 也不应制定法律限制他们这样做。 人人都享有言论自由。 即使所散布的信息是有关仇恨思想的, 没有人有权来限制言论自 ...


   31.众所周知,指南针首先是中国制造的。(As) ? 32. 我们需要更多的练习是十分清楚的。(practice) ? 33. 你没听李老师的报告真是太遗憾了。(miss) ? 34. 碰巧我那天晚上有空。(happen) ? 35. 据提议试验应该在低温下做。(suggest) ? 36. 他已经做的事情与我们无关。(nothing) ? 37. 她问我花了多长时间建成这座大桥。(take) ? 38. 直到昨天我才知道他要来。(not… until) ? ...


   通过交流阻抗谱表征锂离子电池的 老化效应 摘要 阻抗谱是最有前途的用来表征便携式二次电池的老化 效应方法之一, 因为它提供了不同的老化机制的信息。 然而, 阻抗谱“在这些领域“的应用具有一定的比实验室实验更高的 要求。它需要一个快速的阻抗测量过程,一个需要几节电池 精确的模型与应用和一个可靠的估计模型参数方法。 在本文中,我们提出了一个同时测量不同频率的阻抗方 法。我们建议使用复合电极模型,有能力来描述多孔复合电 极材料。 一个在结合进化策略和 Levenberg- Marquardt 法基 ...


   四、虚 拟 语 气 虚拟语气分三种情况来掌握: 1、虚拟条件句。 2、名词性虚拟语气。 3、虚拟语气的其他用语。 一、虚拟条件句: 条件状语从句是非真实情况,在这种情况下要用虚拟语气。 1、条件从句与现在事实不一致,其句型为: If 主语+过去时,主语+should(could, would, 或might)+动词原形,如: If I were you, I would study hard. If it rained, I would not be here now. 2、条件从句与过去事实 ...


   Unit 1 4 Translate the sentences into Chinese. 1 On university campuses in Europe, mass socialist or communist movements gave rise to increasingly violent clashes between the establishment and the college students, with their new and passionate com ...



   英语句子成分和英语句子结构讲解及练习 主语(subject): 句子说明的人或事物。 The sun rises in the east. (名词) He likes dancing. (代词) Twenty years is a short time in history. (数词) Seeing is believing. (动名词) To see is to believe. (不定式) What he needs is a book. (主语从句) It is very clear ...


   Hui Middle School Class3,Grade 8 A + be (am/is/are)+形容词的比较级 形容词的比较级+than(比)+B 形容词的比较级 ( 意思是A比B…… 比 原级: 原级 tall 比较级: 比较级 taller Yao Ming is tall. Yao Ming is taller than the boys. 姚明比这些男孩高。 short--shorter The boys are short. The boys are shorter tha ...


   物流常用英语词汇 基本概念 术语 1.物品 article 2.物流 logistics 3.物流活动 logistics activity 4.物流作业 logistics operation 5.物流模数 logistics modulus 6.物流技术 logistics technology 7.物流成本 logistics cost 8.物流管理 logistics management 9.物流中心 logistics center 10.物流网络 logistics netwo ...


   绝密 ★ 启用前 2010 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(福建卷) 英 I 听力(共两节,满分 35 分) 无 第二部分 第一节 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 语 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 例:It is generally considered unwise to give a child 答案是 B。 21.It’s gives them Pliasure ...


   八年级(下)英语练习(一) 一,用所给词的正确形式填空. 1.There are many new (build) in our city. 2.We can do the work with (little) money and (few) people than they can. 3.Maybe he wants to go (skate). 4.Tom will (finish) the work tomorrow. 5.There are (hundred) of people o ...