1.发言人明确表示总统在任何情况下都不会取消这次旅行。 The spokesman made it clear that the President would not cancle the trip under any circumstances.
  2.我们相信他所说的,因为他受过良好的教育,出生于受人尊敬的家庭,更重要的是他为 人可靠。 We trust what he has said,because he is well educated, comes from a respectable family ,and what’s more ,he is reliable.
  3.随后发生的那些事件再次证明了我的猜疑是对的。 The subsequent events once again confirmed that my suspicions were right.
  4.在赛后举行记者招待会上,这位足球教练因该队表现不佳而向球迷们致敬。 At the press conference held after the game, the football coach apologized to the fans for his team’s poor performance.
  5.令我们吃惊的是,这位常被赞为十分正直的州长竟然是个贪官。 To our surprise ,the governor, who had often been praised for his honesty ,turned out to be a corrupt official.
  6.只有少数工人工人得到提升,在这同时却有数百名工人被解雇。 A few workers were promoted ,but meanwhile hundreds of workers were dismissed.
  7.如果有机会,约翰也许成为一位杰出的画家了。 Given the chance, John might have been an excellent painter.
  8.起初我以为他是开玩笑,可后来我知道他是当真的。 At first I thought he was joking , but soon I realized that he was serious. Unit2
  1.在医院的急症室里经常听到痛苦的呻吟声。 Groans of pain can often be heard in a hospital emergency room.
  2.这位美国前国务卿已重新回到公众生活中来,担任了驻外大使。 The former U.S secretary of state has come back to public life as an ambassador to a foreign country。
  3.兑现支票时大多数银行要求提供身份证明。 Proof of identity is required when a check is cashed at mist banks.
  4.这位通俗歌星在舞台上的出现引起了全场观众起立鼓掌。 The presence of the pop star on the stage brought the audience to its feet in applause.
  5.她惊异地发现许多人仍然不办保险就冒险旅行。 She was amazed to know that many people still risked traveling without insurance.
  6.请务必做到不让孩子们探身窗外。 See to it that no children should lean out of the window.
  7.他在战争中被俘,不论敌人如何地折磨他,他从不屈服。 He was taken prisoner in the war ,but never yielded no mater how cruelly the enemy tortured him.

  8.亨利比德尔虽然伤势严重,但贝蒂在医生的帮助下终于使他转危为安。 Henry Bedell wsa seriously wounded, but Bettie finally brought him through with the help of the doctor.. Unit3
  1.许多美国大学生申请政府贷款交付学费。 Many American students apply for government loans to pay for their tuition.
  2.除阅读教材外,使用电影和录像会激发学生学习的兴趣。 In addition to reading materials ,the application of films and videotapes can stimulate students’ interest in their study.
  3.这位律师试图?服陪审团他的当事人是无辜的。 The attorney tired to convince the jury that his client is innocent.
  4.自从 20 世纪 80 年代以来,医学方面的科学家们一直在努力寻找治疗艾滋病的方法。 Scientists in medicine have been working at finding a cure for AIDS since the early 1980s.
  5.我已经把我的简历寄往几家公司,但尚未收到回复。 I have sent off my resume to a few companies, but haven’t received a reply yet.
  6.不少人希望有机会去国外学习,然而仅有少数人有此可能。 Many people wish for a chance to study abroad, but only some of them have it.
  7.我们满怀希望地来参加会议,离开时却大失所望。 We came to the meeting with great expectation, but we left very disappointed.
  8.尽管这位教授详细地讲解了这一点,但许多学生仍然不理解。 Though the professor explained the point in detail, many students still couldn’t understand it. Unit4
  1.在即将毕业的大学生中,有人希望去自己的家乡工作,有人愿意去不发达地区工作。 Among the university students who will graduate soon, some wish to go to their hometown to work,and others volunteer to work in the underdeveloped areas.
  2.如今学生们热衷于学习电脑,因为他们很清楚在信息时代这是必不可少的技能。 Now , university students are keen on learning to use the computer, because they are very conscious that this is an indispensable skill in the information age.
  3.他在世界各地周游了 3 年,但不论走到哪里,他都眷念着自己的祖国。 He had traveled round the world for three years,but no matter where he went ,he missed his country.
  4.起初他间或给我写信,后来再也没有听到他的音信。 At first he wrote to me once in a while, and then I didn’t hear from him any longer.
  5.一般地说,人们总是会结婚成家的,而不是单身过一辈子。 Generally speaking, people tend to get married and have a family rather than remain single for life.

  6.不论他如何努力,他就是无法弄懂高等数学。 No matter how hard he trided , he could not understand higher mathematics.
  7.连续工作 6 个月后,雇员可以享受带薪假期和病假。 After working for six months on end, employees are entitled to paid holidays and sick leaves.
  8.我已无法继续按月支付汽车款项了,真不知如何办才好。 I can’t keep up my monthly payments on the car and I am at a loss as to what to do. Unit 5
  1.这次面试的目的主要是测试申请者的英语口语水平。 The aim of this interview is primarily to check the applicant’s proficiency in spoken English.
  2.认为约翰会因为他的失礼而向他们正式道歉,那就错了。 It is wrong to assume that John will formally apologize to them for the impoliteness.
  3.这一丑闻对正在力争赢得大选的工党来?,无疑是一件尴尬的事。 The scandal is certainly an embarrassment to the Labour Party aiming at winning the election.
  4.我正在认真地写学期论文的时候,我的小妹妹连蹦带跳地上了楼。 I was working carefully on my term paper when my little sister bounded upstairs and rushed into my room.
  5.我问她数次,可她拒绝回答我的问题。 I asked her several times ,but she refused to respond to my questions.
  6.在西方,人们常常邮购商品,这可以节省许多时间。 In the west,people often send away for goods, which can save them a lot of time.
  7.老一辈的人往往发现,在现代社会,无论他们如何努力,要阻挡青年人发生变化是困难 的。 peopleof the older generation often find that it is difficult for them to hold back the changes among the young in a modern society no matter how hard they try.
  8.既然你决定尽快完成硕士课程,那就别让你的社交生活妨碍你的学习。 Don’t let your social life stand in the way of your studies, since you’ve set your mind to finishing the master’s program as soon as possible. Unit 6
  1.装了假肢,他起初走路走不稳,但经过锻炼他的步子稳了。 Fitted with the artificial leg, he walked unsteadily at first,but with practice his steos became steady.
  2.医生说我得了重感冒,她给我开了四种药,三种是药片,饭后服,另一种药水,睡前服。 The doctor said I had caught a bad cold and she prescribed me four kinds of medicine.Three of them are pills to be taken aftermeal, and theother is liquid tobe taken before bedtime.

  3.我宁可到外面去散步也不愿在这房间里待上两个小时什麽事也不做。 I would rather go out for a walk than just stay in the room doing nothing for two hours.
  4.汽车早已开走看不见了,珍妮还站在大门口凝视著路的尽头。 The car long being out of sight ,Jenny was still standing at the door ,gazing toward the end of the road.
  5.就我所知,他们相互感情上已有一些时间。 As far as I know, they have been emotionally detached from each other for quite some time.
  6.一般地说,通过增加供给或减少需求可以减低物价。 Generally speaking, increasing supply or decreasing demand can bring down prices. Unit7
  1.就像平常一样,他在开始洗漱前,将收音机调至早晨 7 点的新闻广播。 As usual, he tuned his radio for the 7 a.m news broadcast before he began to get washed.
  2.队员们抽签决定谁先上场。 The team members drew lots to decide who would play first.
  3.在该市, 因吸毒和赌博而引发的罪行在发展, 当地政府似乎找不出对付这一问题的办法。 In that city,crime born of drug abuse and gambling is on the rise and the local government seems unable to figure out a way to cope with it.
  4.在那些日子里,我能弄到什麽就看什麽,只要是有英文写的。 In those days , I would read everything I could get my hands on so long as it was weitten in English.
  5.我敢肯定那座楼在空袭中一定被完全炸毁了。 I bet that building must have been completely destroyed in the air raid.
  6.她被这突如其来的打击吓得好几分钟讲不出一句话来。 She was so scared by the unexpected blow that she could not speak a word for several minutes . Unit8
  1.如果你每晚开夜车工作,身体必然会受影响。 If you stay up late workingevery night, your health will surely be affected.
  2.即使你是班上最好的学生之一,要保住成绩也得常常温习功课才行。 Even if you are one of the best students in the class, in order to maintain your grades you must review your lessons often.
  3.人们常把美国看成是一个不同民族的大熔炉。 The United States is often viewed as a melting pot of different nationalities.
  4.情况确实如此, 有些人一生中很早就获得成功, 而另一些人则要工作很长时间方能实现 自己的目标。
It is true that some people achieve success very early in life, while others must work a long time before attaining their goals.
  5.他坚持认?这次实验的失败主要是由於准备不足。 He maintained that the failure of the experiment wsa largely due to inadequate preparations.
  6.如今研究人员提倡我们应该每天花些时间将自己想要达到的目标投射到心灵的屏幕上。 Researchers now recommend that we take time off every day to project our desired goals onto the screen in our minds. Unit9
  1.她行医至今已有三年零四个月了。 It has been three years and four months to the day since she began to practice medicine.
  2.孩子们在到处奔跑,老师正吃力地把他们集隆起来带?教师。 The children were running all over the place , and the teacher was having a hard time rounding them up and bringing them back to the classroom.
  3.这一发现进一步坚定了我的观点:这座火山在不久的将来会爆发。 The discovery further strengthened my belief that the volcano would erupt in the near future.
  4.既然亨得森教授答应出席会议,我们想请他演讲。 Now that Professor Henderson has promised to attend the conference, we would like to request him to deliver a speech.
  5.玛丽最终会离开家自己生活的,不过在这期间她仍需要你们的支持。 Eventually Mary will leave home to lead her own life, but in the meantime she will need your support.
  6.令我欣慰的是,观众对我们的演出十分欣赏,他们中大多数是大学生。 Much to our relief, our performance was fully appreciated by the audience, mostly college students. Unit10
  1.事实上,对於这次海滩报纸上的?法不一。 In fact ,there are different accounts of the shipwreck in the newspapers.
  2.据?这一地区遭灾早在两千年前农业就很先进。 It is said that the area was well advanced in agriculture as early as 2000 years ago.
  3.自动取款机的功能是, 无论在银行营业时或是关门时都能让人们用一种特殊的卡从银行 帐户取出钱。 The function of an ATM is to allow people to draw money from their bank accounts with a special card whether the bank is closed or not.
  4.孔繁森体现了一位共产党人的全部优秀品质。 kong Fansen embodies all the fine qualities of a communist.

  5.如果你想在一生中有所成就的话,最重要的是树立信心。 It is most essential to build up your confidence if you want to achieve some thing in life.
  6.你若要申请,就得做好面试的准备,到时常常得回答些棘手的问题。 When applying for a job, you should be ready for an interview in which you often have to answer difficult questions. Appenix 1
  1.一位刚从前线回来的下级军官证实了该边界城镇失陷及许多卫戌部队被俘的传闻. A junior officer who had just returned from the front confirmed the rumor that the border town had been captured by the enemy and that many garrison troops were taken prisoner.
  2.即使在最有利的条件下,公司也很难改产较为适销的产品而不冒暂时损失一些利润的风 险. Even under the most favorable circumstances, it won't be easy for the firm to switch to a more marketable line of products without risking some temporary losses in profits.
  3.一定要争辩说你的解决办法胜过我的或是她的是没有意义的.事实上,各种解决办法都有 其优点和缺点,现在就说我的解决办法没有成功的希望未免武断. there is no piont arguing that your solutio



   大学英语精读第二册课文翻译 (全) UNIT 2-2 莫娜.加德纳 一场关于男人是否比女人勇敢的激烈的讨论以一个意外的方式。晚宴 我最初听到这个故事是在印度, 那儿的人们今天讲起它来仍好像实有其事似 的??尽管任何一位博物学家都知道这不可能是真的。后来有人告诉我,在第一 次世界大战之后不久就出现在一本杂志上。 但登在杂志上的那篇故事, 以及写那 篇故事的人,我却一直未能找到。故事发生在印度。某殖民官员和他的夫人举行 盛行的晚宴。跟他们一起就座的客人有??军官和他人的夫人,另外还有一位来 访的 ...

大学英语精读 第二册 第三版课文翻译 作者

   大学英语精读第二册第三版课文翻译 Unit1 The Dinner Party 关于男人是否比女人更勇敢的一场激烈争论以一种颇为出人意料的方式解决了。 晚宴 莫娜?加德纳 我最初听到这个故事是在印度, 那儿的人们今天讲起它来仍好像确有其事似的??尽管任何一位博物学家 都知道这不可能是真的。后来有人告诉我,在第一次世界大战之前不久,一家杂志曾刊登过这个故事。但登在 杂志上的那篇故事以及写那篇故事的人,我却一直未能找到。 故事发生在印度。某殖民地官员和他的夫人正举行盛大的晚宴。筵席设在他们家宽敞 ...


   【《小说下载网》www.noveldown.com , 欢迎您来noveldown推荐好书!】   K, k   / keI; ke/ n (pl K's, k's / keIz; kez/) the eleventh letter of the English alphabet 英语字母表的第十一个字母: `King' begins with (a) K/`K' king字以k字母开始.   K   / keI; ke/ abbr 缩写 = 1 kelvin(s). 2 (infml 口 ...


   大学英语四级听力技巧 来源: 外语系 作者: 发表日期: 2009-11-9 22:45:00 阅读次数: 10 查看权限: 普通新闻 按照新的教学大纲的要求,六级学生在学完 1-6 级基础阶段的英语课程后,对所给的英语口 头材料应达到一定的理解程度。对题材熟悉,内容浅于课文,基本上无生词、语速每分钟为 150 个单词的材料,一遍可以听懂,准确率不低于 70%。 通过对历年试卷的听力部分所作的题项分析,充分表明考生听力的高低完全取决于他们是 否具备了以下 4 个方面的基础: 一. 坚实的语言 ...


   一、命题特点 翻译部分为汉译英,测试的是句子、短语或常用表达层次上的中译英能力,共 5 个句子,一 句一题,句长为 l5?30 词。句中的一部分已用英文给出,要求考生根据全句意思将汉语部 分译成英语。考试时间 5 分钟。翻译须符合英语的语法结构和表达习惯,要求用词准确。需 要考生由汉语翻译成英语的部分,在意义上是一个独立的成分(但不是一个单词),一般需要 用到英语中某个词组短语,或者固定搭配,或者某种句型结构。翻译的标准还淡不上“信、 达、雅”,只需要将汉语的意思完整地表达出来,符合英语表达 ...


   重点讲解: 现代大学英语精读 Lesson10A Sunny制作 可可英语 http://www.kekenet.com/ 第一部分:课文阅读 本文听力下载地址:http://www.kekenet.com/Article/68194.shtml 引言:每个地方对于生活在那里的人们来说都有特殊的意义,在某种程度上来说,每个地 引言:每个地方对于生活在那里的人们来说都有特殊的意义,在某种程度上来说,每个地 方都代表世界的中心。世上有无数个这样的中心,没有一个学生或旅行者能全部经历到。 世界的文 ...


   练习 3:别具译格 增 减 法 1. A book, tight shut, 15 but a block of paper. 一本书,紧紧合上,只是一堆纸。译文需增加“废”字,以使意义明了。 增译为:闲置之书,只是一堆废纸。 2. Success is often just an idea away. 成功往往只是一个念头的距离。译文需增加“失败”一词,以使原句意思表达完善。 增译为:成功与失败往往只是一念之差。 3. On condition that you sign this rec ...


   Unit 1 4 Translate the sentences into Chinese. 1 On university campuses in Europe, mass socialist or communist movements gave rise to increasingly violent clashes between the establishment and the college students, with their new and passionate com ...


   unit 13 现在选择吃什么不像过去一样容易了。我们的饮食习惯已经改变了,正如我们的生活方式一样,我们身体所需要的营养也不一样了。对于二十一世纪的人们来说传统的饮食经常有太多的脂肪和热量。如果我们想要赶上现代生活的快步伐,我们最好学习怎样正确的选择怎样吃和吃什么。 商店供应各种各样的小吃可供我们选择。当我们选择吃什么和买什么的时候,我们最好考虑一下这个食物是否可以供给我们身体所需要的营养物质。一些营养物质有助于构成我们的躯体让身体更强壮。蛋白质,举例来说,我助于我们的肌肉。鱼、肉、豆制品包含 ...


   Unit 1 我还要感谢那些在我处境艰难时支持我的人 1 我还要感谢那些在我处境艰难时支持我的人 My thanks go to those who still stuck by me when I fell upon dark days. 他出版了一本通俗小说,赚了很多钱, 2 他出版了一本通俗小说,赚了很多钱,所以有能力买新房和轿车 Now that he has published a popular novel which earns him a large amount of mo ...



   大学英语一级测试题 大学英语一级测试题 One) College English (Band One) 年级 姓名 院系 _ __ 专业班级 学号: 学号:□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ Part I Listening Comprehension (20%) Section A (10%) Directions: In this section you will hear 10 short conversations. At the end of each conversation, ...


   九年级英语 书面表达训练 九年级英语 Unit 1Unit 10书面表达训练及其参考例文 书面表达 Unit 1: 假设你是 Judy,你要参加学校举行的“我爱英语”的演讲比赛。请你根据提供的材 料写一篇演讲稿。 Find difficult Learn by Teacher talk fast Listen to tapes Grammar is poor Take notes; do exercises Hard to memorize the new words Make flashc ...


   2006 年全国中小学英语教师教学技能大赛初赛试题 (初中组) 参考答案 第一卷 英语语言技能部分 (70 分,共八大题) I. Conversations (5 points) 1. D 2. C 3. B 4. B 5. A II. Gap filling (5 points) 6. research 7. result 8. brain power 9. discovered 10. true III. Interview (5 points) 11. D 12. E 13. B 14 ...


   李阳 300 句疯狂英语 牧牧: 牧牧:179129013 倾力打造 D528 群:8189594 1Absolutely. 用于答话)是这样;当然是;正是如此;绝对如此。 (用于答话)是这样;当然是;正是如此;绝对如此。 2.Absolutely impossible! 绝对不可能的! 绝对不可能的! 3.All I have to do is learn English. 我所要做的就是学英语。 我所要做的就是学英语。 you 4.Are you free tomorrow? 你明天有空 ...


   Unit 4 Where’s my backpack? No. 110 Middle School by Cao Yi 单元整体说明 单元教材分析 本单元主要通过谈论话题"Things around the house"学习询问“物品的位置”,使学 生学会基本句型"Where’s my backpack? It’s under the chair.”,进一步体会“Where…? Yes/ No”疑问句的用法;学会运用方位介词"on/in/under/b ...