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动词和词组? 年高考英语真 动词和词组?2010 年高考英语真题分类汇编
福建) (10 福建)
  27. More and more high-rise buildings have been built in big cities B. in place of C 考点: 考点:短语辨析 解析: 解析:A. 寻找 B. 代替; C. 因缺乏 D. 生怕,以免.句子的完整意思应该是:大城市建起 越来越多的高楼大厦,因为缺乏空间.,
  30. We've just moved into a bigger house and there's a lot to do. Let's B. do away with 答案: 答案:C 考点: 考点:动词词组辨析 解析: 解析:A. keep up with 保持 B. do away with 废除,去掉;C. get down to 着手处理 D. look forward to 盼望,期待
  33. ? In this day and age, women can have children and jobs as well. great to have the two combined
  33. 答案:D 答案: 考点: 考点:动词词义辨析 解析: 解析:A.; 联系在一起;将人或物连接或联系起来;B. 与…有某种联系;C. 连接,连结;;D. 使联合,使结合; .A. linked B. related --I can't agree more. It's C. connected D. C. get down to it.A. keep up with D. look forward to
  30. C. for lack of space.A. in search of D. for fear of
  27. 答案: 答案:
(10 上海)
  30. In ancient times, people rarely travelled long distances and most farmers only travelled the local market. A. longer than 答案: 答案:D B. more than C. as much as D. as far as
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考点:本题考查介词词组. 考点: 解析: 解析:根据动词 travel 可判断此处应填关于路程的介词词组,本题即为 as far as.as far as 远 到...
(10 安徽)
  22. No matter how low you consider yourself, there is always someone you wishing they were that high A. getting rid of C. Looking up to 答案: 答案:C. 考点: 考点:本题考查动词短语辨析. 解析: "摆脱; 去除" getting along with 意为 ; "与……相处; 进展" Looking ; 解析:getting rid of 意为 up to 意为"尊敬;敬仰" looking down upon 意为"看不起;轻视" ; .句意为"你无 论认为自己怎样低下,总希望有个高尚的人来尊敬你. "
  23. How did you like Nick's performance last night? To be honest, his singing didn't to me much A. appeal 答案: 答案:A. 考点: 考点:本题考查动词辨析. 解析: ;belong to 意为"属于" ;refer to 意为"提到;涉及" ;occur to 解析: appeal to 意为"吸引" 意为"突然想到" 句意为"她的演唱并不怎么吸引我. . " B . belong C refer D. occur B. getting along with D. looking down upon
(10 江西) 25 Parents much importance to education. They will do their best to give their children that priceless gift. A attach 答案: 答案:A 考点: 考点:考察动词词组. B pay C link D apply
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解析:,attach importance to 关注. 解析:
26 Smell the flowers before you go to sleep, and you may just sweet dreams. A keep up with 答案: 答案:C 考点: 考点:考察动词词组. 解析: 解析: keep up with 保持, put up with 忍受, end up with 以 为结束 catch up with 赶上. 29 We give dogs time, space and love we c an spare, and , dogs give us their all. A in all 答案: 答案:D 考点: 考点:考察 in 的词组. 解析: 解析: in all 共计 in fact 实际上 in short 简而言之 in return 以作为回报. B in fact C in short D in return B put up with C end up with D catch up with
(10 山东)
  27. Sam some knowledge of the computer just by watching others working on it. A. brought up 答案:C 考点: 考点:本题考查动词短语意义辨析. 解析: "表示"学会"用 解析:句意应为"山姆只是凭借看别人操作电脑就学到了一些电脑知识. pick up; pick up 另外还有"捡起; 顺车接送,搭载;收拾,整理;重新开始;获得" 等义;bring up 表示"抚养,教育;提出;呕吐" ;look up 表示"向上看; (形势) 好转,改善;查阅" ;set up 表示"建立,设置;造成,产生" .
  31. Your house is always so neat?how do you it with three children? A. manage 答案:A 考点: 考点:本题考查动词在具体语境中的使用. 解析: 解析:句意应为"你家里总是那么整洁家里有三个孩子,你是怎么设法做到的?" 表示 "设法做成某事"用 manage it.serve 表示"为……服务;接待" ;adapt 表示"使适 B. serve C. adapt D. construct B. looked up C. picked up D. set up
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应,使适合" ;construct 表示"建造,构筑;构思" .
(10 天津)
  11. Joining the firm as a clerk, he got rapid promotion , and A. ended up 答案: 答案:A 考点: 考点:考查短语动词的用法. 句意:作为一名职员加入公司,他很快得到提升,最后当上了经理. 句意 解析: 解析:ended up as 作为……而结束的意思;dropped out 是"退出,退学"的意思;came back 是"回来"的意思;started off 是"动身,出发"的意思.只有 A 项符合题意.
  1. He telephoned the travel agency to A. order 答案: 答案:D. 考点: 考点:考查动词意义. 句意: 句意:他打电话给旅行社预定三张去伦敦的机票. 解析: 解析:book 和 tickets 搭配,是"订票"的意思. B. arrange three air tickets to London. C. take D. book B. dropped out C. came back as a manager. D. started off
(10 四川)
  6. Some people eat with their eyes. They prefer to order what A. looks B. smells C. feels D. tastes nice.
答案: 考点 考点: 答案:A考点:考查系动词辨析. 解析: 解析:与上句中的 eat with their eyes 相对,后句应该为点看起来很好吃的东西.故正确答案 为 A.
  8.Jenny was looking for a seat when,luckily,a man A.took up B.got up C.shut up and left. D.set up
答案: 考点: 答案:B 考点:考查动词词组. 解析: .句意为"Jenny 正在找一个座位,正在那时,很幸运地, 解析: get up 意为"起床,起立"
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一个人站起来离开了. "故选 B.1 意为"从事,占据时间或空间" 意为"闭嘴" ;C ; D 意为"建造,搭起" . (全国Ⅰ)
  22. The workers the glasses and marked on each box A. carried 22 题 答案:D 答案: 句意:工人们把玻璃制品包装好并且每个盒子上标记上"此面向上". 解析: 此题考察动词的词义辨析. carry 译为搬运, deliver 解析 选项为四个意思上毫无关联的动词, 译为递送,press 译为按,压,pack 译为打包. B. delivered C. pressed D. packed " This Side Up"
(10 江苏)
  24. Thousands of foreigners were to A. attended 答案: 答案:C. 解析:表示成千上万的外宾被吸引来参加上海的世博会.
  26. The experiment has the possibility of the existence of any life on that planet, but it does not mean there is no life on other planets. A. found out 答案: 答案:C 解析: 解析:排除可能性.Find out 是查找出 point out 指出 carry out 执行,实施 B. pointed out C. ruled out D. carried out B. attained C. attracted the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened. D. attached
(10 江苏)
  29. So far we have done a lot to build a low-carbon economy, but it is ideal. We have to work still harder. A. next to 答案:B. 答案: 解析: 解析:far from 表示 not at all . next to 表示仅次于 due to 表示因为,由于 B. far from C. out of D. due to
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(10 陕西)
  14. You look well. The air and the sea foods in Sanya must you, I suppose. A. agree with 答案: 答案:A. 考点: 考点:考查动词短语辨析. 解析: ; 解析:Agree with:同意,赞成;与……相适应;agree to:同意,赞成(观点,看法等) agree on:就……达成协议;agree about:对...... 有相同的看法.题干意思是:你看上 去很好.我认为:三亚的空气和海鲜很适合你.选 A. (10 全国Ⅱ)
  8. My mother opened drawer to the knives and spoons. A. put away 答案: 答案:A 考点: 考点:考查动词词组辨析. 解析: 解析: put away 放好,收拾起来;put up 举起,搭建,张贴,挂起; put on 穿上,戴上; put together 组装,装配,把…凑合起来 (10 湖北)
  28. Just as the clothes a person wears , the food he eats and the friends with whom he spends his time, his house A. resembles 答案: C 考点: 考点:考查动词词义辨析 解析: "就好像一个人穿什么,吃什么,以及和什么样的人交往能反映人的个性一样,一个 解析: 人的住房也是如此. 要选一个表示 " "反映" 的词, 就是 reflect . "resemble" = look like; "strengthen"表示"加强,巩固""shape"作动词表示"塑形". ;
  29. Had he A. looked up to C. kept up with 答案: 答案:B 考点: 考点:动词词组辨析 her promise, she would have made it to Yale University. B. lived up to D. come up with his personality. B. strengthens C. reflects D. shapes B. put up C. put on D. put together B. agree to C. agree on D. agree about
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解析: 解析: 湖北每年考试的单选最后两题通常比较难. 该题的难点不仅仅在于这四个词组的辨析, 更主要的是考生要读得懂这个句子的意思. 该句是典型的虚拟语气, "if" 引导的非真实 条件句的倒装句,描述的事于过去事实是相反的. "如果她当年履行了自己的诺言,她就 会进入耶鲁大学了. "look up to(抬头看,尊重)keep up with(跟上,追上)come up with (追赶上;想出;提出) ,只有 live up to(履行,实行)符合题意.

  30. It is illegal for a public official to ask people for gifts or money A. in preference to C. in agreement with 答案: 答案:D 考点: 考点:词组辨析 B. in place of D. in exchange for
favors to them.
解析: ;in place of(代替) ;in agreement with 解析:先理解短语的意思. In preference to(优先于) (同意,与…一致) exchange for(交换) ;in .其实辨析这几个介词短语的难度不大,只 需要认识每一个短语中的核心词 preference, exchange, place, agreement 的意思即可, 猜测 较为容易. (10辽宁)
  28.Thousands of people to watch yesterday's match against Ireland. A.turned on 答案: 答案:D 句意:数千人出来观看昨天同爱尔兰队的比赛. 解析:考查短语动词的用法.turn out 有"外出"的意思,而 turn on 则是"打开" 解析: ,turn in "上床睡觉, 上缴"等意思;turn around 是"转身"的意思.只有 turn out 符合语境.
  32. The new movie to A. promises B. agrees 答案: 答案:A 句意:这部新电影有望成为电影票房史上票房最高的影片之一. 解析: 解析:考查动词意义辨析.promise 除了表示"允诺,答应"外,还有"有……的希望"的 意思;agree 是"同意,赞同" ;pretend 是"假装" ;decline 是"衰老,衰退" .只有 be one of the biggest money-makers of all time . c. pretends D. declines B.turned in C.turned around D.turned out
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promises 符合题意.
(10 浙江)
  4.The majority of people in the town strongly children. A.consider C.confirm 答案: 答案:B 考点: 考点:本题考查动词辨析. 解析: 分析四个选项的意思: consider 考虑, 思考, 认为等; support 支持, 拥护, 维持; confirm 解析: 证实,确认;submit 使屈服,使经受.根据语境:镇上的大多数人都积极地拥护为孩 子们建造运动场的计划.
  12.After that, he knew he could ability. A.get away with 答案: 答案:C 考点: 考点:本题考查与 get 相关的短语辨析. 解析: 分析四个选项的意思: away with 侥幸逃脱; on with 与……有好相处; through get get get 解析: 接通,顺利通过,完成;get across 被理解,越过.根据语境:经过那件事之后,他明 白了他能尽一切可能去顺利解决任何突发情况. B.get on with C.get through D.get across any emergency by doing what be could to the best of his B.support D.submit the plan to build a playground for



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   abound v. 富于, 充满 accommodate vt.容纳; 供应, 供给 accord vt.使一致; 给予 accountable adj. 负有责任的 accumulate vt.积累 vi.堆积 acquaint vt. 使...熟知 addicted adj. 沉溺于的, 有毒瘾的 advent n. 出现, 到来 afflict vt. 使苦恼, 折磨 aggravate vt.使...恶化; 使...更严重 alleviate vt.减轻; 使...缓和 amass v ...

新编实用英语第二版综合教程二 课后答案

   P 4 5 9 instances informal entertain host casual suggestion 1 为方便起见,这些照片将按照时间顺序展示 For convenience, the photos will be shown in time sequence.、 2 出现事故之后你需要把车停下 You are required to stop your car after an accident 3 教育孩子的观念和做法因文化的差异而有所不同 The conceptio ...


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