英语高考中的一题多解, 英语高考中的一题多解, 中的一题多解 多题一解和一题多变
句型1 众所周知…… 句型1:众所周知……
It is well known that….. It is known to all that… As is known to all,…… What is known to all is that….. It is a well-known fact that….
造句: 众所周知,科学技术在社会发展 造句:
  1. 众所周知,科学技术在社会发展 中起很重要的作用. 中起很重要的作用.(代换主语 万能句型 ) It is known to all of us that science and technology plays an important role in the development of society.

  2.大家都知道, 大家都知道 必考的. 必考的.
It is a well- known fact that English is a must in today's college entrance examination. As is known to all, English is a must in….. What is known to all is that English is a must in….
单选: 单选:书面表达中也值得注意 B (
  1), the Huangshan Mountain is
famous for its beauty. (
  2) the Huangshan Mountain is famous C for its beauty. A. It is known to all B. As is known to all C. It is known to all that D. As we all know that
  2. 句型
not…but… 不是……而是 not…but… 不是……而是… 而是… 并列连词) (并列连词)
  1.My purpose is not to do it for you but to teach you to do it by yourself. 授予渔
  2. He failed not because he isn't clever but because he didn't work hard.
单选: 单选:
What surprised me was not what he A said but he said it. A. the way C. in the way B. in the way that D. the way which
学生自命题 design by yourself What matters is not what you have said but what but you have done.
完形:(广东省) :(广东省 完形:(广东省)
Mr. Dodds does not see his sister, or her fa C mily, from one year to the next h e sends them Christmas cards. A. however C. but
B. otherwise D. therefore
阅读理解: 阅读理解:长难句理解
(陕西省质量检测.渭南高中) 陕西省质量检测.渭南高中)
To prepare children for successful careers in first grade and beyond ,Japanese schools do not teach reading, writing and mathematics, but rather skills such as determination , concentration and the ability to function as a member of a group.
改错: 改错:
Our duty is not to destroy wildlife but protect it.
(but后加 to) 后加 造句:( 造句:(2010上海卷句子翻译系列试题精选) :( ) *他所钦佩的人不是歌手或演员,而是献 他所钦佩的人不是歌手或演员, 他所钦佩的人不是歌手或演员 身于科学的科学家. 身于科学的科学家.(not…but) The people whom he admires are not singers or actors but the scientists who are devoted to science.
*姐种的不是菜,是寂寞! 姐种的不是菜,是寂寞! What your sister plants is not vegetables but loneliness.
  3. 句型
  3. there be 句型
  1)主谓一致: )主谓一致: 第一排有3个男生和 个女生, 个男生和1个女生 第一排有 个男生和 个女生,而 第二排有1个男生和 个女生. 个男生和3个女生 第二排有 个男生和 个女生. There are three boys and a girl in the first row while there is a boy and three girls in the second row. .
  2) there be 句型在句中的形式表现: 句型在句中的形式表现:
时态线: 时态线:
there is/ are/ was/ were… / There will be….. / There has been… 情态动词线: 情态动词线: there may be…/ there must be…/ there can't be…./ there should be…./ there ought to be… / there used to be…./
特殊用法线: 特殊用法线: there seem to be……../ be……../ there happen to be…./ be… 非谓语动词线: 非谓语动词线: there to be…/.there being…../ 变形用法线: 变形用法线: there live/ exist /lie / stand /……
  3)例句: 例句: 例句
  1.There happened to be a man walking by.
  2. There must be something wrong.
  3.He didn't know about there being a meeting this morning.
  4.People don't want there to be another war.
  5. There being no time, we had to do it in a hurry.
  6. 有个女孩在外面等你.(造句!!!!!!) 有个女孩在外面等你. 造句!!!!!!) There is a girl waiting for you outside.
单选: 单选: C
  1.Let's get through the work quickly. seems to be little time left now. A. It B. That C. There D. we B
  2. no coffee left, they had to make do with tea. A.It being B.There being B.C.It was D. There was C
  3. There is a little hope of a settlement of the argument. A .to be B. there to be C .there being D. being
改错:( 英语周报》40期 改错专项) :(《 改错:(《英语周报》40期 改错专项)
  1.However, there were some classmates were glad to offer 'help', so I often copy their work. 前面加who) (were 前面加 )
  2.According to the reports, there were millions of students had given up their opportunity to go to college. (作文 其实不想走,其实我想留.) 作文:其实不想走 作文 其实不想走,其实我想留. 前加who或者 或者had given变为 变为giving) (had前加 前加 或者 变为 )
  3.There is no person realize the importance of the realize culture.(二模作文:化县皮影,华阴老腔 二模作文: 二模作文 化县皮影,华阴老腔) There is no personwant to learn the culture. want
  4.强调句型 句型
  4.强调句型 the pattern for emphasis
是英语中常见句子结构,又是考 强调句型 是英语中常见句子结构 又是考 试中的常见考点, 试中的常见考点 这种结构在中学英语课 本中频频出现, 本中频频出现,引起高考命题者的格外关 注.高考三大必考句型
  1) 强调句型与时间状语从句的辨析 命题点
  1) (命题点 )
It was at 07:49 that the terrible earthquake broke out. It was 07:49 when the terrible earthquake broke out. It was at midnight that I got back home yesterday. It was midnight when I got here yesterday. It was two years ago that I joined the army. (强调句型 强调句型 It is two years since I joined the army. (状语从句 状语从句) 状语从句
  2) 强调句型与定语从句的混用命题点2 命题点2

  1.It was in the factory that/which that produced TV sets he was murdered.
  2.It was just in the room he was born where that he died
  3.It was the boy had been in prison who stole the money. that
  3) 强调句型的疑问句形式及在宾语从句 命题点3 中的应用 (命题点
  1.Was it in the street that you met him yesterday?
  2.When was it that he made up his mind to study English?
  3.I really don't know where it was that I had my money stolen.
  4) 强调句型中 not….until…的强调(命题点
  4) not….until… 命题点4 It was not until she got home Jennifer realized she had lost her keys.(06全国卷 ) 全国卷II ( 全国卷 当他爬到80层时,他才意识到把钥 当他爬到 层时, 层时 仿写 匙忘在20层的包里了 层的包里了. 匙忘在 层的包里了. It was not until he reached the 80th floor that he realized he had left the key in the bag on the 20th floor. (eightieth. twentieth) !!!
单选: 单选:
  1.It was in Indonesia, the UN officials believe, D the tsunami caused the greatest damage. A. where B. which C. when D. that B
  2.I can't quite remember __ he began teaching in our school. A. that it was when B. when it was that C. when was it that D. that was it when
  3.It is __he often fails in exams __ makes his parents worried about him.D A. that, what B. what, that C. what, what D. that, that
高考真题 C
  1.It is not who is right but what is right . is of importance.(2007高考 重庆 高考 重庆
  27) A. which B. it C. that D. this
  2. It was not until midnight they reached the camp site. (2008重庆 重庆) 重庆 A. while B. when C .that D. as
  3.It was he came back from Africa that year he met the girl he would like to marry.(2009江西 题) 江西,27题 江西 A.when; then B. not until; that C. not ;until D. only; when

  4.?Where did you get to know her? A ?It was on the farm we worked. 09山东 山东 A. where B. there C. which D. that
按考题时间顺序能观察到试题逐年的 变化. 变化.
It is he often plays truant to play net computer games that makes his parents angry with him. (he前加 前加that) 前加
温馨提示: 温馨提示:
陕西卷07,08,09年未考强调句型 年未考强调句型, 陕西卷07,08,09年未考强调句型,今年 值得关注! 值得关注
*翻译句子: 翻译句子: 翻译句子 众所周知,去年陕西有50多个学生是满分作 文.所以,满分不是传说,而是现实.正是 这个现实鼓励我们更加努力去实现梦想. As is well known to all there were more than all, 50 students who got full marks in their writing last year in Shaanxi. So getting full marks in writing is not a fairy tale but a fact. And it is this fact that encourages us to work harder to achieve our goals.
励志语: 励志语:
Everyone fails now and then. It is how you react that makes a difference in life. Man's greatest energy comes not from his physical strength but from his dreams.



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