人教版新课标高一英语必修 3 词组归纳总结 Unit 1
  1.mean doing sth. 意味着; mean to do sth. 打算或企图做某事; mean sb. to do sth. 打算让某人做某事 be meant for 打算作……用; 为…而有
  2.take place 发生;举行
  3.of all kinds 各种各样的
  4.starve to death 饿死 be starved of 缺乏, starve for sth, starve to do,渴望
  5.plenty of 大量; 充足
  6.be satisfied with 感到满意 to one's satisfaction 感到满意是
  7.do harm to sb.=do sb. harm 伤害某人
  8.in the shape of 呈…的形状,以…的形式
  9.in memory of/ to the memory of sb.纪念某人
  10.dress up 穿上最好的衣服;打扮,化装
  11.award sth.(to sb.)和 award sb.sth.(for sth.) 给予,颁奖 reward sb. for sth. 因 …奖赏某人; reward sb. with sth. 用某物酬劳某人
  12. admire sb. for sth 在某方面钦佩某人
  13.look forward to 期望,期待,盼望 14,have fun with(与某人)玩得开心;过得快乐 ( have a good time, enjoy oneself.)
  15. turn up.来;出现;把(收音机等)音量开大些 turn down 拒绝; turn off 关掉; turn on 打开; turn out 结果是...... turn to sb. for help 向某人求助
  16.keep one's word 守信用; break one's word, 失信
  17.It be obvious that-clause 显而易见;一目了然
  18.set off 动身, 出发; 使(地雷,炸弹)爆炸; set in 开始; set up 建立,创立 ; set out to do = set about doing sth.着手做 set down 写下,记下
  19.remind sb. of sth. 提醒,使想起 Unit 2
  1.a healthy diet 健康饮食; a balanced diet 平衡的饮食
  2.in different way 用另外方式
  3.most often 最经常
  4.feel frustrated 感到沮丧
  5.by lunchtime 到午餐时间
  6.must have happened 一定发生过

  7.at the end of the street 在街道的尽头
  8.be tired of 厌倦
  9.be amazed at sth. 对...感到惊奇
  10.throw away 扔掉
  11.get away with 逃脱
  12.tell lies 说谎
  13.energy-giving food 提供热量的食物 body-building foods 提供营养的食物 14feel fit 保持精力旺盛
  15.the weakness of the diet 饮食的弱点 the strength of the diet 饮食的优点
  16.do some research into 做一些...方面的研究
  17.earn one's living 谋生
  18.be in debt 负债
  19.glare at 怒视
  20.move round 绕过
  21.spy on 在暗中侦察;打探
  22.upset sb.使......不安
  23.look ill 感到不舒服 feel sick 感到恶心
  24.heavy food 不易消化的食物
  25.chat(ting) about 聊起关于......
  26.serve with 用......配
  27.rather than 而不是
  28.cut down 减少
  29.before long 不久 Unit 3
  1. know about
  2. make a bet
  3. win or lose the bet
  4. have bad luck
  5. step inside
  6. lead the way
  7. I wonder if
  8. go right ahead
  9. as a matter of fact
  10. by accident
  12. stare at
  13. towards nightfall
  14. carry … out to sea
  11. sail out of the bay 盯着 到夜幕降临时 把…带到了大海 因为迷路而绝望 免费劳动 了解关于…事 打赌 在打赌中赢或输 运气不好 走进里面 带路 我想知道是否… 说下去 事实上 偶然 驶出海湾

  15. give oneself up for lost
  16. work as an unpaid hand
  17. account for
  18. to be honest 导致

  19. your idea of some kind of joke
  20. be on my way
  21. show sb. out
  22. be confident about
  23. the cost of a journey
  24. give sb. a ride
  25. lose one's patience
  27. fall over 上路 把某人带出去 对… 自信 旅行费用 让某人搭车 失去耐心

  26. do fifty jumps without stopping 跌到
  28. account for your behaviour
  29. be jealous of the others' success
  30. show a willingness to do sth.
  31. stay out of jail
  32. be reserved
  33. take the gentleman's order
  34. the look on the waiter's face
  35. take a chance
  36. read the bill
  37. in a rude manner
  38. for a while Unit 4
  1. think of…as 把……看作是 一会儿 看帐单 免坐牢 被预定了
不间断地连续跳五十下 对你的行为做出解释 嫉妒别人的成功 表示乐意做谋事
让那位绅士点菜 服务员脸上的表情
碰碰运气 用粗鲁的方式

  2.a cloud of energetic dust 具有能量的尘埃
  3. combine into…合成……
  4. move around the sun 环绕太阳运转
  5. become violent 变得激烈
  6. the solid surface 固体表面
  7. explode loudly 猛烈爆炸
  8. in time 及时,最终
  9. produce the water vapor 产生水蒸汽
  10. make the earth's atmosphere 构成了地球的大气层
  11.cool down 冷却
  12. on the surface 在表面
  13. be different from…与……不同
  14.go round the sun 环绕太阳运转
  15. disappear from…从……消失
  16. stay on…存留在……
  17. show one's quality 显现某人的特性,
  18.dissolve harmful gases 分解,溶解有害气体,
  19. become part of…变成……的一部分,
  20. develop life 发展生命,
  21.grow in the water 在水里生长,
  22. encourage the development of…鼓励……的发展, 23 millions of years later 几万年以后,

  24.live on land 在陆地上生活,
  25. live in the sea 在海里生存,
  26. grow into forests 长成森林,
  27. produce young 生出幼仔,
  28. lay eggs 下蛋,
  29.animals with hands and feet 长着手脚的动物,
  30.spread all over the earth 遍布全世界,
  31.develop new methods 发展了新的方法,
  32.. move around 迁徙,
  33. go by 过去,推移,
  35.escape from… into…从……逃离到……,
  36.depend on….依靠,依赖,取决与……,
  37. solve a problem 解决 38 be lucky enough 足够幸运,
  39. make a trip 去旅行,
  40. visit the moon 参观月球,
  41. in the spaceship 在太空飞船中,
  42. explain to… that…向……解释……,
  43. on the journey 在旅程中, 44 be off 启程, 45 rise into the air 升人太空,
  46. feel the pull of the earth 感觉到地球的拉力, 47call…gravity 称……为地球引力,
  48. push…into the seat 把……推向座位,
  49. say…to each other 向彼此说……,
  50.fall back to…朝……落下去,
  51.fall from a tree 从树上掉下来,
  52. fall to the ground 朝地上落下去,
  53. get close to…接近……, 54 cheer up 高兴起来, 55 float weightlessly around 失重飘来飘去, 56 in the spaceship cabin 太空船舱,
  57. watch…do 看着……做,
  58. move freely 自由的活动,
  59. climb down the steps 从梯级上爬下来,
  60. step forward 向前迈步,
  61.fall over 摔倒,
  62. need practice 需要练习
  63..get the hang of…掌握了……的诀窍,
  64. enjoy oneself 感到自如,
  65. leave the moon' s gravity 摆脱月球引力
  66. come back to…回到…… Unit 5

  1. frost on the ground 地上覆盖了一层薄霜
  2. around noon 中午时分,
  3. the most wealthy and biggest city in Canada 加拿大最大最富有的城市
  4. leave for…离开去……
  5. go on a tour of the city 继续在市内游览一番
  6. go up the tower 登上塔顶
  7. look across the lake 俯瞰湖面
  8. flow into…流人……
  9. flow over…流经……
  10. on one's way to…在去……的路上
  11. a covered stadium 加顶的运动场
  12. walk north 向北走
  13. phone… from a telephone booth 到电话亭给……打电话
  14. have dinner in downtown Chinatown 在市内的中国城吃晚饭
  15. move to…移居到……
  16. meet… at…在……迎接……
  17. get good Cantonese food 吃到好吃的广东菜
  18. come from South China 来自中国南方
  19. go as far as Ottawa 去到远至渥太华
  20. about four hundred kilometers northeast of Toronto 距多伦多东北大约有 400 公里
  21. take too long 花费的时间长
  22. at dawn 黎明
  23. at the train station 在火车站
  24. have English words in small letters 有小字体的英文标注
  25. go downtown 到市区去
  26. be close to…,接近……
  27. spend the afternoon in the lovely shops 整个下午在可爱的商店
  28. visit… in…在……拜访……
  29. sit in a café 坐在咖啡馆
  30. look over…眺望……
  31. sit down with…和……坐在一起
  32. on a train trip across…坐着火车上横穿……
  33. have a French culture 具有法国文化
  34. speed along the river toward…沿着河流驶向……
  35. dream of…梦想……
  36. on a trip 在旅途中)
  37. on the Atlantic coast 在大西洋海岸
  38. take the aeroplane 乘飞机
  39. fly from… to…从……飞行到……
  40. take the train from… to…乘火车从……到……
  41. from west to east 从西到东
  42. across Canada 横穿加拿大
  43. cross the whole country 横贯整个国家
  44. at the airport 在机场

  45. take…to…把……带到……
  46. catch the train 乘坐火车
  47. on the way to…在去……的路上
  48. see great scenery 看美丽壮观的风景
  49. on the trip 在旅途中
  50. go eastward 向东行驶
  51. pass cities 经过城市
  52. in less than five days 在不五天的时间里
  53. from coast to coast 从一个海岸到另一个海岸
  54. in the warmest part of…在最热的地方
  55. be surrounded by…被……所包围
  56. on the north 在北边
  57. ski in the mountains 在山上滑雪
  58. sail in the harbour 在港湾了扬帆行船
  59. north of………的北边
  60. settle down in the seat 落座,
  61. look out of the window at the wild scenery 从窗口看到了自然风光
  62. a mountain goat 野山羊
  63. a grizzly bear 大灰熊
  64. a famous Western festival 有名的西方节日
  65. come from all over…全来自……
  66. compete in ~ing 比赛做……
  67. ride wild horses 驾驭野马
  68. have a gift for ~ing 有天资/天分做……
  69. work with…与……共处, win…prizes 赢得……奖金,
  70. live within 320 kilometres of the USA border 居住在靠近美国 320 公里以内的边境地带
  71. go through…穿过……
  72. a wheat-growing province 种植小麦的省份
  73. thousands of square kilometers in size 面积有数千平方米
  74. at the top end of…在……的最上首
  75. a busy port 繁忙的港口
  76. rush through…穿行过… 人教新课标版高一英语必修 3 必背句型
  1. Please make sure when and where the accident took place. 请查清楚事故是何时何地发生的.
  2. Some festival are held to honour the dead, or satisfy and please the ancestors, who could return either to help or to do harm. 还有一些节日,是为了纪念死者,取悦祖先,使他们得到满足,因为(祖先们)有可能回到世上帮助他们, 也有可能带来危害.
  3. In Japan the festival is called Obon,when people should go to clean the graves and light incense in memory of their ancestors.(非限制性定语从句) 在日本,这个节叫孟兰盆节,在这个节日里,人们要上坟,扫墓,烧香,以缅怀祖先.
  4. They dress up and try to frighten people. 他们乔装打扮去吓唬别人.

  5. If they are not given anything, the children might play a trick. 如果你什么也不打发给孩子,那么他们就可能作弄别人 了. India's independence from Britain. 在印度,10 月 2 日是纪念马哈特马.甘地的全国性节日,他是帮助印度脱离英国而独立的领袖.
  7. The most energetic and important festivals are the ones that look forward to the end of winter and to the coming of spring. 最富生气而又最重要的节日,就是告别冬天,迎来春天的日子.
  8. The country is covered with cherry tree flowers so that it looks as though it might be covered with pink snow. 整个国度处处都是樱花盛开,看上去就像罩上了一层粉红色的雪.
  9. He spoke as if/though he had been there before. 他说起话来就好像他去过那里似的.
  10. In European countries it is the custom to decorate churches and town halls with flowers and fruit, and people get together to have meals. (形式主语) 在欧洲国家,人们习惯用花果来装饰教堂和市政厅,而且他们会聚到一起会餐.
  11. I apologised to her for stepping on her foot. 我因踩了她的脚而向她道歉.
  12. It was obvious to everyone that he was lying. 每个人都明白他在说谎.
  13. "I don't want them to remind me of her." So he did. "我不想因它们想起她来." 于是他(把花和巧克力都扔了).
  14. The food you eat helps you grow in different ways. 你吃的食物能以不同的方式帮你成长.
  15. 站在高楼的顶部,我们能看到整个城市. Standing on top of the tall building, we could see the whole city. Standing on top of the tall building, the whole city could be seen.
  16. Which food contains more sugar? 哪一种食物含有更多的糖?
  17. What could have happened? 发生了什么事?
  18. Something terrible must have happened if Maochang was not coming to eat with him as he always did. 要是茂昌不像往常那样和他一起吃饭,那问题一定严重了.
  19. Curiosity drove Wang Peng wei inside. 王鹏伟受到好奇心的驱使,走了进去.
  20. We were surprised at finding the house empty. 我们发现这个房子空无一人,感到惊讶.
  21. They had me repeat the message. 他们让我把口信又重说了一遍.
  22. I have a lot of work to do. 我有很多工作要做.
  23. He did not look forward to being in debt because his restaurant was no longer popular. 他可不希望由他的餐馆不再受欢迎而负债.
  24.She did not look happy but glareed at him as she moved round the customers. 她绕过顾客走过来,双眼直瞪着他,看上去很不高兴.
  6. In India there is a national festival on October 2 to honour Mahatma Gandhi, the leader who helped gain
not …but … of my food.

  25. I found your menu so limited that I stopping worrying and started advertising the benefits 我发现你菜谱上的菜太有限了,所以我也就不着急了,并开始给我餐馆提供的食物做广告.
  26. Neither yo



   本文由False?yp喉毕 doc 没有 百度文库财富值请到 www.365xueyuan.com 免费帮下载 百度文库积分资料 Phrases for Module 4 Unit 1 1. in pairs 成对 2. give reasons for 给…理由 3. improve prison conditions 改善 监狱的条件 4. the Nobel Peace Prize 诺贝尔和平奖 5. one of the top leaders 高级 领导人之一 6 ...


   Phrases for Module 4 Unit 1 1. in pairs 成对 2. give reasons for 给…理由 3. improve prison conditions 改善 监狱的条件 4. the Nobel Peace Prize 诺贝尔和平奖 5. one of the top leaders 高级 领导人之一 6. concern oneself with 让自己关注 (be concerned about 对…担 心)7. welfare projects ...


   高一英语必修 2 词组归纳总结 Unit 1 1. look into 调查 2. insist on/upon sth/doing 坚持做,坚决做 3. belong to 属于 4. get /be lost ; be missing 迷路,丢失 5. do with 处理;对付 6. in search of ;in the/one’s search for 寻找 7. be used to do sth. 被用来做某事 8. be used to doing sth. 习惯于做某事 ...


   如何学好英语 大家都知道,生活在21世纪的年轻人掌握一门外语是十分重要的,尤其是英语。如何学好英语,提高英语水平,是当前很多中学生困惑的问题。其实,学好英语并不是一件难事,关键在于要掌握好的学习方法。学习方法自然是因人而异、因时而异的。其实方法本身无所谓好与坏,关键就看它能否完美地与 个人相结合,提高学习效率,如果一套方法能够激发你的学习兴趣,提高学习效率的话,以后要做的就是坚持下去。可能我们都见过类似的情况:有的人整日埋头书案,学得很辛苦,但成绩仍不理想:有的人则懂得“有张有弛”,学得很轻松 ...


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   高一英语必修三重点词组 take place 发生 in memory of 纪念 dress up 盛装,打扮 play a trick 开玩笑 look forward to 期望 day and night 日夜,整天 as though 好象 have fun with sb 玩的开心 keep one's word 首信用,履行诺言 hold one's breath 屏气,屏息 balanced diet 平衡饮食 ought to 应该 tired of 对...厌倦 thro ...

高一英语必修三 unit 1

   高一英语必修三 Unit 1 Unit 1 单词重点 1.mean (adj.) be mean to sb 对某人怀有恶意 be mean with sth 对某物吝啬小气 mean+n./pron./doing 意味着…… mean+n./pron./to do 打算做…… mean sb to do 打算让某人做某事 had meant to do 本来打算做某事 What do you mean by doing…?你……是什么意思 be meant for 打算做……用 I mea ...


   Unit 1 △cultural n.文化的 △relic n.遗物.遗迹;纪念物 rare adj.稀罕的;稀有的,珍贵的 valuable adj.贵重的 有价值的 survive v.幸免;幸存 生还 幸免; 幸免 vase n.花瓶.瓶 dynasty n.朝代 王朝 △Taj Mahal 泰姬陵 △ivory n.象牙 △dragon n. 龙 △amber n. 琥珀 in search of 寻找 △Frederick Willoam 腓特烈 威廉一世(普鲁士国王) △Prus ...


   Book 3 Module 3 The violence of Nature The First Period: Words Words Forms 1. disaster n. 灾难 disaster area 灾区 disastrous adj. 灾难性的, 悲惨的 性地,悲惨地 2. violent adj. 猛烈的,激烈的 violently adv. 猛烈地,激烈地 violence n. 暴力 3. experience n. 经历,经验 experience vt. 经受,体验 ...



   1. I see. 我明白了。2. I quit! 我不干了! 3. Let go! 放手! 4. Me too. 我也是。 5. My god! 天哪! 6. No way! 不行! 7. Come on. 来吧(赶快) 8. Hold on. 等一等。 9. I agree。 我同意。 10. Not bad. 还不错。 11. Not yet. 还没。 12. See you. 再 见。 13. Shut up! 闭嘴! 14. So long. 再见。 15. Why not? 好呀 ...


       本文由你_还好吗贡献     doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机 查看。     英语专业四级考试复习方法     作者:admin 发布日期:10/11/2008     一.听写 必须提高听力水平,熟悉英美国家人士的说话和发音的不同方式,语 音语调。对于大纲中所 列的单词和短语不仅要认知还要熟练拼写; 由于朗读中不会 念出分段或者标点, 因此听后要 根据对篇章的理解来判断如何分段和使用标点符号 。根据评分方式,学会取舍。如果在听的 过程 ...


   啊考研重要 来源:新东方 1. administrate: v. 实施,执行;给予,投(药) Administrate rites / administrate drugs / administer justice 实施仪式/使用药物/执行审判 2. address vt. 解决,致词 address this issue. 解决这个问题。 The president addressed the nation during the war. 总统在战时对全国发表演 讲。 3. air n. ...


   1.《蓝莓之夜》 《蓝莓之夜》 一个人总要走陌生的路,看陌生的风景,听陌生的歌,然后在某个不经意的瞬间,你会发现,原本是费尽心机想要忘记的事情真的就那 么忘记了。 One is always on a strange road, watching strange scenery and listening to strange music. Then one day, you will find that the things you try hard to forget are alrea ...


   高中英语教学大纲要求 之 构词法 《上海市高级中学英语学科教学基本要求》中对词汇的基本要求是: 项目 词汇量 形态变化 构词法 单词释义 细目 核心词汇量累计不少于2300词;总词汇量累计不少于4200词 可数名词复数、动词现在分词、动词过去式、动词过去分词等 1、合成法;2、派生法;3、转化法;4、首字母缩略法 能用学过的浅易、简明的英语对部分词汇进行解释 以上对词汇部分的四方面要求中最重要的当数词汇量的积累。 不过, 要想积累尽可能多的 词汇, 光靠死记硬背是很难实现的, 所以在单词的记 ...