The cat and the mice
Many mice lived in a big house. They slept during the day. They played during the night. They lived a happy life. One day came a cat. He caught many mice. “What shall we do? What shall we do?” said the mice. “Let’s put a bell on the cat’s neck,” said a little mouse, “ When the cat comes, we can hear the bell.” “Good idea! Good idea!” said the mice. “But who can put the bell?” said big mouse. “I can’t.” Everybody shook his head.
The farmer and the snake
The snake was dying from cold.“What a poor thing. I’ll save your life,” said the farmer. He picked up the snake and put it under his coat. Soon the snake came to life. “Thank you. But I’m very hungry. I’ll eat you!” said the snake.“No, you can’t do that!” the farmer was very angry.But it was too late. The snake opened its mouth and bit the farmer.he farmer died soon.
The fox stealing grapes
The bear planted his garden with many grapes. The grapes grew big and sweet. The fox was lazy and greedy. He wanted to steal the lovely grapes. One day the fox stole into the garden. He jumped to get grapes. But they were too high for him.He jumped and jumped. He got very tried. He had to give up. “Well, I don’t like the grapes. They are too sour.” Said the fox.
A thirsty crow
The crow was very thirsty. He saw a bottle and flew down happily.
He saw some water in the bottle. But he could not touch the water. “What can I do?” thought the crow. He looked around and saw some pebbles. Then he had a good idea.He dropped the pebbles into the bottle one by one. Now the crow drank the water happily. The boy who cried wolf The boy had many sheep. He looked after them every day. One day, the boy took the sheep out. Then he had an idea. He shouted, “Help! Help! I see a wolf!” The people ran out to help him, but they didn’t see any wolf. “Where is the wolf?” they asked.The boy laughed, “ There is no wolf.” The people were angry and went away.The next day he played the trick again. The people were very angry with him. “You are a very bad boy. We will never believe you.” One day, a big wolf came. “Help! Help!” cried the boy. The people heard the cry and said, “The boy is telling a lie again.” Nobody came to help him. The wolf ate one of the boy’s sheep. The fox and the tiger One day, a tiger caught a fox. The fox said,| “I’m the king of the forest. If you eat me , you will die.” “I don’t believe you,” said the tiger, “ I am the king here!” “ If you don’t believe me, follow me and see who is the king of the forest.” “OK. Let’s go and see,” said the tiger. They started to walk around. The fox walked in front of the tiger. When the animals saw them, they all ran away.
“It is sure. They are really afraid of the fox.” Thought the tiger. Little Red Coat The little girl liked wearing a red coat, so everybody called her Little Red Coat. One day, her grandma had a cold. Her mother said to Little Red Coat, “My dear, send some bananas and cakes to your grandma.” As she walked through the forest, a wolf saw her. “ Help, little girl. Where are you going?” “I’m going to my grandma’s house. She has got a cold.” Said Little Red Coat. “Where does she live?” asked the wolf. “She lives in the house near the forest. There are some big trees in front of her house,” said Little Red Coat. “Bye-bye, little girl!” The wolf ran to the grandma’s house. Grandma asked, “ Who is it?” “It’s me, Little Red Coat.” said the wolf. “Come in, please.” The big wolf opened the door and walked into the room. He ate Grandma up. He put on Grandma’s coat and trousers. Then he lay in bed.Little Red Coat walked into her grandma’s room. “What big eyes you have got. Grandma!” she said. “Because I want to see your pretty face.” said the wolf. “What a big mouth you have got. Grandma!” she said. “Because I want to eat you, my dear.” said the wolf. “Oh, no!” cried the little girl.
The bad wolf ate Little Red Coat, too. The wolf was sleeping on Grandma’s bed. At this time , a hunter came and saw the wolf . “What a big stomach he has got! Grandma must be in his stomach,” thought the hunter. The hunter cut open the wolf. Grandma and little Red Coat were still alive. They jumped out of the wolf. Grandma and Little Red Coat were very happy. “Thank you.” They said to the hunter. The ugly duckling “ Look at these baby ducks. How nice they are.” Mother Duck was happy. “Oh dear, what a big duckling! He doesn’t look like the other ducklings.” said Mother Duck. “ Look, here comes an ugly duckling ,” said a big duck. He came over and gave the ugly duckling a big bite. The other ducks laughed. “Stop it. He is my good child.” said Mother Duck. The ugly duckling was very sad. Even his brothers and sisters did not like him. Mother Duck said to the ugly ducking. “You’d better leave them.”The ugly duckling left home. He came to a little house. An old lady, a hen and a cat lived in the house. “May I stay here?” asked the ugly duckling.“Yes, please stay with us.” said the old lady. The old lady was nice but the hen and the cat did not like him. The ugly duckling didn’t like to live with them. So he left the little house. It was so cold. The ugly duckling got frozen in the river. A farmer saved him and took him home. The children liked him but the ugly duckling was afraid of them. So he left them. Spring came. Trees were green. He saw the beautiful swans swimming in a pond.
He flew down to get close to them. “How do you do?” said the swans. “How do you do? Nice to meet you.” said the ugly duckling. “You are a swan and you are beautiful, too.” said the swans. Now the ugly duckling was very happy. The lamb and the wolf The lamb was drinking water from a river. The wolf came along. “You are drinking from my river. I’m going to eat you tonight,” said the wolf. “Why are you crying?” asked the lamb’s friends. ‘The wolf is going to eat me tonight .” said the lamb. “We cam help,” said his friends. At night the cat hid by the stove. The dog hid behind the door. The horse and the elephant stood behind the house. The wolf came to the lamb’s house. “It’s so dark. I can’t see anything.” said the wolf. “I’ll light a candle.” The wolf walked to the stove. At this time the cat came out and scratched the wolf’s face. The wolf tried to run out. The dog came out from behind the door, and bit the wolf in the leg. The horse kicked the wolf. Finally, the elephant threw the wolf into the river with his long nose. The lamb laughed with his good friends. The golden touch The king had a beautiful garden. He loved the beautiful flowers and the green trees.
But he loved gold more.He had a beautiful child. Her name was Mary. He loved Mary. But he loved gold more. One day a god came. The god asked, “What do you want?” The king said ,”I want gold. I want to change everything into gold.” “OK, you’ll have it.” said the god. The king was happy. He touched the table. The table was changed into gold. He touched his chair. The chair was changed into gold. He walked into his garden. When he put his hand on the trees and flowers, they were changed into gold. When he touched the food , the food was changed into gold. When he touched the cup, the cup and the water were changed into gold. He was hungry and thirsty but he could not eat and drink. “Daddy,” Mary came and said, “What happened to our flowers?” The king said ,”I have changed them into gold.” “Oh, no. Give me back my flower.” Putting his hand on Mary’s shoulder, the king said,”Stop crying, my child.” Mary was changed into gold, too.\ The king cried and cried .”Go away with the gold. Give me back my Mary. ”said the king. At this time the god came, “Are you happy, now?” asked the god. “No, I am not happy.” “Do you want more gold?” asked the god. “I don’t”
“Go to the rivr,”said the god, “Wash your hands in the river. Throw the water on all the things and your child.” The king washed his hands in the river and then threw the water on Mary. Mary opened her eyes. He threw the water in everything and changed everything back. “Do you love gold now?” asked Mary. “No,” said the king, “ I love the trees, the flowers, and you.” The giant’s garden The giant had a big house and a beautiful garden. One day the giant went to the mountains. The children went into his garden. They were playing in it. It was summer. The birds, the trees and the flowers were happy because the children were there. The giant came back from the mountains. He saw the children. He was angry. “Don’t come into my garden,” said the giant. The children were afraid of him. They ran out of the garden. Winter came. The birds flew away. The trees had not any leaves. There were not any flowers. There was a lot of snow in the garden. Spring came. Outside the giant’s garden, birds were singing. Flowers were beautiful and trees were green. “What is happening?” thought the giant. “ It is April. Why doesn’t spring come to my garden?” The birds said, “ We are not going to sing in the giant’s garden because there are not any children there.”
The flowers and the leaves said, “ We are not going to come out because the children are not there.” The giant was sad. It snowed. It was very clod the garden. One day the giant heard birds singing. He opened the window and saw birds , flowers in his garden. He saw children climbing the trees and playing games. A small boy sat under the tree. He was crying. “ Why is he crying? What does he want ?” The giant went into the garden. “There comes the giant. Be quick!” The children ran out of the garden. The birds flew away, too. The leaves fell off. The flowers died. Snow came again. The small boy did not run away. He was crying. The giant came. He put the small boy in the tree. The small boy smiled an kissed the giant. The birds came back. New leaves and flowers came out. The children went up to the giant and kissed him. The giant was very happy. Mrs Duck and Mr rabbit Mr. Rabbit said to Mrs. Duck, “ Will you come to work with me? I’ll give you money.” Mrs. Duck said, “ I will.” Mrs.Duck worked with Mr. Rabbit. She worked very hard. One day Mrs. Duck said to Mr. Rabbit. “ I want to go shopping. Please give me some money.”Mr. Rabbit said. “ I’m sorry. I don’t have any money now.” Mrs. Duck knew that Mr. Rabbit had the money. Mrs. Duck thought, “I must get the money out of Mr. Rabbit.” “ I’ve found a lot of gold by the river. Will you help me to carry it?” asked Mrs. Duck.
Mr. Rabbit said , “ yes, I’ll be glad to,” Then they came to the river bank. Mrs .Duck said. “ It is over there.” “ How shall I cross the river?” asked Mr. Rabbit. “ I can swim. Sit on my back, please.” Said Mrs. Duck. So they went into the river. In the middle of the river. Mrs Dcuk said “ Now I shall go down into the water. And you will fall into the water.” “I can’t swim. I shall die!” said Mr. Rabbit. “yes , you will die because you didn’t give me the money for my work.” said Mrs. Duck. Mr.Rabbit said. “ The money is in a box in my house. Take me home and I shall give it to you.” They went back to Mr. Rabbit’s house. Mr. Rabbit gave the monkey toMrs.Duck. Tearing the skin of a lion Some dogs found a dead lion. They began to tear its skin with their teeth. A fox saw them and asked “ Aren’t you afraid o f the lion?” “ No, we aren’t because he is dead.” Said the dogs. The fox said ,“ He is not dead. He is sleeping. Hearing these words, the dogs ran away. “Come back! Come back!” the fox cried out and laughed. The dogs even didn’t look back. A thirsty bird The bird was very thirsty. It saw a glass of water. In fact, the water was in a picture on
the wall. But the bird thought the water was real. It flew down very quickly to drink the water and struck against the wall. It had its wings broken and fell to the ground. A man saw this and picked it up. The woman and the goose A woman had a goose. The goose laid an egg each day. One day ,the woman said to the goose. “ I’ll give you more food each day. Lay more eggs for me, please.” So she fed the goose more food. But soon the goose got very fat and could not lay any eggs. The woman was angry with the goose and killed it. The lion and the bulls Three bulls played together in the field. They were good friends. A lion saw them and thought. “ they are my lunch. But how can I eat them if they stay together?” The lion got a good idea"I must make them hate each other.” He did so. Soon the bulls hated each other and would not stay together. The lion ate them one by one. The horses and ice One day two horses went to a river to drink. But the river was frozen. “Let me break the ice.”said the brown horse. The ice was so thick that the horse could not break it.. “Let’s do it together,” said the white horse. They struck the ice with their hooves. Finally they broke the ice and could drink the water. The horse and the wasp A wasp was on the back of a horse and stung him. The horse was angry. He kicked and jumped. “Go away.” he shouted.
“ No, I won’t “said the wasp. The horse was helpless. The horse begged. “ will you stop stinging me?” The



   The cat and the mice Many mice lived in a big house. They slept during the day. They played during the night. They lived a happy life. One day came a cat. He caught many mice. “What shall we do? What shall we do?” said the mice. “Let’s put a bell o ...


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   首尾句作文 首尾句作文是根据段首(尾)句续写短文。段首句作文也称主题句作文,因为作文题中 所给的段首句往往是段落主题句。 其特点是以题目为中心, 一般情况下将文章分为三个段落, 每段首句即为该段的主题句(topic sentences)。考生要按主题句的要求组织材料,提出 论据,用一些辅助句(supporting sentences)来支持或说明主题句,写英文段首句作文要 注意:所写的内容要紧扣主题,辅助句应围绕段首句续写。保证段内每个句子的内容与段首 句紧密展开各个段落,如:例证、因果、定 ...


   教学随感 握替换规律 , 先让他们认知一 些概念 , 对所学知识有一个系 统的联系 , 从会说一句到会说 两句相似的话 , 到说三句不同 的简短语 , 使他们具有初步的 表达能力 .然而 , 小学生年龄 小 ,所学知识有限 ,我们不能要 求过高 , 应该有一个适当的坡 度 , 要有大量的扎实的低层次 的说话 , 才能向正确的流利的 提高小学生 英语口语能力点滴 □赵忍珠 一, 循序渐进 ,降低说话难度 心理学研究表明 : 儿童在发音 , 动作 , 习惯等方 面的模仿力较强 , 可塑性很大 . ...


   为学生创设学习英语的小环境 ??在小学英语教学中发挥小组合作的作用 引言:小学英语新课程的功能已转变为??“Learn to know ,learn to do,learn to be .”教师从教学的主导者转变为学生发展的促进者;学生由独立学习转变为合作学习。教 师与学生的关系由教师为中心变为学生为中心。新颁发的《英语课程标准》要求,一改以往 的英语课程过分重视语法和词汇知识的讲解与传授、 忽视对学生实际语言运用能力的培养的 倾向,使学生掌握一定的英语基础知识和听、说、读、写技能,提倡体验 ...


   写作: 分钟, 15%) 写作: 30 分钟, 107 分(15%) 分钟, 10%) 快速阅读 15 分钟,70 分(10%) (写作与快速阅读卷一起发,一起收,所以这两部分在 45 分钟 写作与快速阅读卷一起发,一起收, 之内做完就可以了) 之内做完就可以了) 35%) 听力 35 分钟 249 分(35%) 仔细阅读(包括选词填空和篇章阅读) 分钟, 25%) 仔细阅读(包括选词填空和篇章阅读)25 分钟,179 分(25%) 分钟, 10%) 完型和改错二选一 15 分钟,70 分( ...

牛津英语8a wild animals reading

   初 中 英 语 八 上 《牛津初中英语》8A 牛津初中英语》 Unit 4 Wild animals Reading 初 中 英 语 八 上 简要提示 一、年级:八年级 年级: 教学内容: 二、教学内容: 8A Unit 4 Wild animals 课型: 三、课型:Reading 四、教学目标 1.知识目标 知识目标 1) 掌握并运用本课时的四会单词。 掌握并运用本课时的四会单词。 2) 理解并掌握描述熊猫外貌特性、它 理解并掌握描述熊猫外貌特性、 们所面临的危险以及采取保护措施的词组 ...