Once upon a time there on a small island on which lived a happy, sad, knowledge and love, there are other types of emotion.
  ? One day, feelings that the island were about to sink, so we were ready to ship, leaving the island. Only love to stay, she wants to hold on until the last minute.
  ? After a few days, really want to sink a small island, and love would like to help.
  ? At this time, well-off after riding on a ship.
  ? Love said: "The rich, you can take me go?"
  ? rich replied: "No, I'm on board many of the treasures of gold and silver, not your position."
  ? love in vain to see a gorgeous boat, said: "Vanity, help me!"
  ? "I can not help you, your whole body wet and will damage my beautiful boat."
  ? sad over the love she would like to help: "sad, let me go with you!"
  ? "Oh ...... love, I am sad too, and want to stay for a while a person!" Replied sad.
  ? happy through her love, but she was too happy, and did not hear Love called her!
  ? All of a sudden, a voice: "Come! Love, I take you away."
  ? This is an elderly person. More than happy to find love, he forgot to ask his name. On land, the elderly walked away alone.
  ? Thanksgiving not love on the elderly, knowledge of an elderly person asked another: "Who is that helping me?"
  ? "He is the time." Replied the elderly knowledge.
  ? "time?" Love asked, "Why he wanted to help me?"
  ? knowledge of the elderly smiled: "Only time will understand because of how great love."
  ?  一天,情感们得知小岛快要下沉了,于是,大家都准备船只,离开小岛。只有爱留了下来,她想要坚持到最后一刻。
  ?  过了几天,小岛真的要下沉了,爱想请人帮忙。
  ?  这时,富裕乘着一艘大船经过。
  ?  爱说:"富裕,你能带我走吗?"
  ?  富裕答道:"不,我的船上有许多金银财宝,没有你的位置。"
  ?  爱看见虚荣在一艘华丽的小船上,说:"虚荣,帮帮我吧!"
  ?  "我帮不了你,你全身都湿透了,会弄坏了我这漂亮的小船。"
  ?  悲哀过来了,爱想她求助:"悲哀,让我跟你走吧!"
  ?  "哦......爱,我实在太悲哀了,想自己一个人呆一会!"悲哀答道。
  ?  快乐走过爱的身边,但是她太快乐了,竟然没有听到爱在叫她!
  ?  突然,一个声音传来:"过来!爱,我带你走。"
  ?  这是一位长者。爱大喜过望,竟忘了问他的名字。登上陆地以后,长者独自走开了。
  ?  爱对长者感恩不尽,问另一位长者知识:"帮我的那个人是谁?"
  ?  "他是时间。"知识老人答道。
  ?  "时间?"爱问道,"为什么他要帮我?"
  ?  知识老人笑道:"因为只有时间才能理解爱有多么伟大。"



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