The Republic of Ireland
Society and Culture
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Geographical Features
Low central plains surrounded by a ring of coastal mountains.
The longest river: the Shannon (379km) The largest lough: Corrib (168km
  2) The highest peak: Kerry (1,041m)
The Shannon Flows southward from the Shannon Pot to the Atlantic Ocean; An important waterway; Division of the west of Ireland and the east and south;
Bounded on the west by the Atlantic Ocean and on the north by the River Shannon
Climate Maritime temperate climate What are the characteristics Maritime climate? of
? narrow annual range of temperatures ? do not have the extremely dry summers of Mediterranean climates
Major cities
Dublin Belfast Cork Galway Limerick Waterford
Capital city The largest city Commercial and industrial centre Principal port
The second most populous city Historically and currently, a center of industry, arts, higher education and business
The second largest city “the Rebel County” The third most populous city
The third largest city in the Republic of Ireland The main economic region outside of Dublin and Cork
fourth largest city Ireland's Cultural Heart the Galway Arts Festival Vibrant lifestyle and numerous festivals, celebrations and events
Waterford Founded in 914AD by the Vikings
Ireland’s oldest city the Irish Republic's fifth largest city.
Early History Process towards Independence Republic of Ireland
Early 20th C
Ireland since 1990
Early History Scan the text and find out what happened in the following years: 7000 BC In the 6th century BC Around the 5th century BC In the 4th century BC AD 432 In the 9th century 1800
Process towards Independence Please work out a memorabilia for Sinn Féin.
Founded in the beginning of the 20th century. Became the country’s dominant political party in 19
  10. Supported the Easter Rebellion in 19
  16. Won 73 of 105 seats allotted to Ireland in the British Parliament in 19
  18. Set up an Irish parliament in 19
  19. Signed Anglo-Irish Treaty in 19
Founded in 1932 by Eamon de Valera.
In 1937, a new constitution was approved, under which, the Free States was renamed “?ire”.
Republic of Ireland
18, Apr. 1949, ?ire declared itself a republic. 1958-1963, Economic Expansion. 1, Jan. 1973, join the EEC. 1985, Anglo-Irish Agreement.
Ireland since 1990
The first female President of Ireland (1990-19
1993, Downing Street Declaration ceasefire 1998, Good Friday Agreement separate referenda in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
Basic law: constitution
The Legislature
The Executive
The Judiciary
Political Parties
traditional large scale New Zealand
Continental Europe
Great Britain
A place of emigration
What is the economy feature of Ireland?
Official languages: Gaelic (Irish) English
? Free public school system ? Well-known universities
? the University of Dublin ? National University of Ireland
Roman Catholic Protestant No Religious Beliefs


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   The Republic of Ireland Society and Culture Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Geography History Government People Economy Language Education Religion Geographical Features Low central plains surrounded by a ring of coastal mountains. The longest river: the ...

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