Unit 6 Packing

  1.Packing containers Bag, usually made of strong paper, liner, canvas, rubber; Sack, made of jute; Carton,made of strong cardboard, or fiberboard with double lids and bottoms, fixed by glue, adhesive tapes, metal banks or wire staples.
Case, made of wood, battens Box, small case, which may be of wood, cardboard or metal, and may have a folding lid. Crate, a case, but one not fully enclosed. It has a bottom and a frame, usually open at the top. Drum; a cylinder-shaped container for carrying liquids, chemicals, paint. It is usually made of metal.
Bale, a package of soft goods, e.g. cotton, wool, sheepskin, tightly pressed together and wrapped in a protective material. Can/tin, a small metal container in which small quantities of paint, oil or certain foodstuffs are packed. Carboy, a large glass container protected in a metal or wicker cage with soft packing between glass and cage. Bundle, miscellaneous goods packed without a container, Container, a large metal box for transport, Pallet, a large tray or platform for moving loads


  3. Specimen letter-1 Dear Sirs, Thank you for your quotation of February
  15. We are working on it and expect to come to a decision in about a fortnight. As specified in our inquiry of Feb. 10, and also in our follow-up letter of the same date, the goods should be packed in sea-worthy cases suitable for a long voyage and well protected against dampness, shock, and rough handling. The seller should be liable for any damages to the goods and extra expenses due to improper packing and inadequate protective measures.
When you pack the goods please see to it that the package number, measurement, gross weight, net weight, the words "KEEP AWAY FROM MOISTURE", and the following shipping mark shall be printed with fadeless paint on each package: SITC/PITC 12V 400ZC The packing list in duplicate will indicate the gross weight, net weight, measurement and quantity of each item. Upon receipt of the letter, please confirm by fax that you will fulfill these packing instructions. Yours faithfully,
Words and phrases: Pack v.t. : put … together into a box, bag, etc. for transport or storing. e.g. Our trip scissors are packed in boxes of one dozen each, 200 boxes to a wooden case. It is our usual way to pack these goods in cartons. Packing n./v. e.g. The packing must be seaworthy. Please ship the goods in strong packing to ensure good condition on arrival. Package n. : parcel, bale, bundle of things, packed together e.g. The packages are intact (in good order, in bad order), The packages should be marked with the lot number as given in the order sheet.
Specimen letter-2 Dear Sirs, We thank you for your letter of May 16, informing us of your clients' comments on our packing. We have discussed the matter with the competent department here and wish to explain as follows:
  1.The cartons we use are up to standard and fit for ocean transportation. For years we have used these cartons in our shipments to many continental ports to the entire satisfaction of our clients. Moreover, the insurance companies have accepted such packing for WPA and TPND.

  2.These cartons are well protected against moisture by plastic lining. Thus garments packed in them are not so susceptible to damage by moisture as those packed in wooden cases.
  3.The cardboard used for making cartons is light but compact. It keeps down packaging costs and helps customers save on freight.

  4.Your clients' anxieties over packing are presumed. We are confident that the insurance company can be made to pay the necessary compensation for any loss or losses from pilferage and breakage caused by using such cartons. Please tell your clients that their fears are unwarranted. Nowadays, except for bulk cargo, nude cargo and huge machinery, most commodities are packed in cartons. To pack garments in wooden cases is obsolete. For future shipments, we are experimenting with special cartons, in which garments are hung on dress-hangers. These cartons can be containerized, so that the garments will not twist.
We highly value your comments, which will help improve our work. If you find any defect in our last shipment, please do not hesitate to let us know. We assure you of our cooperation and await your further orders. Yours sincerely,
Useful expression:
  1.We do not object to packing in cartons provided the flaps are glued down and the cartons secured by metal hands.
  2.If cartons are used, please supply each chemical in strong polythene bags to ensure protection from damp.
  3.When packing, please take into account that the boxes are likely to receive rough handling at this end and must be able to withstand transport over very bad roads.

  4.As the goods will probably be subjected to a thorough customs examination, the cases should be of a type which can be easily made fast again after opening.
  5. The cases used for packing our transistor radios are light but strong, They save shipping space and facilitate the storage and distribution of the goods.
1,由于商品将采用航空运输,应用结实的, 有填充物的纸板箱以保护商品免遭震荡和损 坏. 2,很抱歉我们不能接受你方采用柳条箱包装 的提议.我们建议采用结实的,防潮木箱, 这样可以经受海洋运输中的搬运. 3,如果货物由于包装不当而造成损坏或损失, 我们将要求补偿/赔偿. 4,当打开你方最近发来的30公斤货物的包装 后,我们吃惊地发现包装由合同中规定的聚 乙稀改为了牛皮纸,这样使我们很难和我们 的顾客解释接受你们的货物.
5,货物基本上要采用结实的木箱,并有金属 带保护. 6,货物和精细部件会用柔软材料包裹并稳稳 地装在薄纸板箱里,再装在木箱里,装的时 候要注意货物不可能在箱里面产生移动. 7,所有箱子上刷通常的标志,但是请从第 11号开始依次排号. 8,请用模板印刷麦头,字体4英寸高,并注 明毛净重.



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