31.Definition of globalization
  1)Background: Decline in barriers to the free flow of goods, services, and capital that has occurred since the end of World War II. Technological change.Three components of globalization:The economic globalization、 The political globalization、The cultural globalization。 (
  2)The economic globalization:With the development of science and technology, the economic globalization had been born and now it is developing in a rapid speed. (
  3)The political globalization: Political globalization means in the international political game, the contact and cooperation between the different governments have been deepening. (
  4)The cultural globalization:Cultural globalization is the process whereby information, commodities and images produced in one part of the world enter into a global flow that 'flattens out' cultural differences. (
  5)Definition of globalization:Globalization is an umbrella term for a complex series of economic, social, technological, cultural and political changes seen as increasing interdependence, integration and interaction between people and companies and also the countries in disparate locations.

  32.globalization as a challenge

  1)There are three challenges:economic、civilization、technique. (
  2)Economic challenges have two sides: Economic crisis Industrial restructuring. (
  3)How to deal with: Set up a stable financial operation mechanism, to guard against financial risks. Take more attention to sciences and techniques development. (
  4)Civilization challenge have two sides:The traditional culture of dilution、The influence of foreign cultures. (
  5)How to deal with: Take the essence and remove dreg. Promote cultural diversity. (
  6)Technique challenge have two sides:Backward scientific technology、The
technological competition at a disadvantage. (
  7)How to deal with: Education and Scientific system reform. To introduce and use of advanced technology. (
  8)Summary: As globalization deepens, our challenge will be more and more. Globalization is a challenge and opportunity. If we handle those challenges of good, we will infinite benefit of globalization.

  33.effects of Globalization
  1)Globalization influence:Industrial、Financial and Economic,Ecological 生态,Health Policy,Cultural . (
  2)Industrial:The emergence of worldwide production markets and broader access to a range of foreign products for consumers and companies.sweatshops 血汗工厂,Drug and illicit goods trade. (
  3)Financial:Positive :Emergence of worldwide financial markets and better access to external financing for borrowers.Negative:Financial crisis. (
  4)Economic:Positive :Realization of a global common market,based on the freedom of exchange of goods and capital.Negative:Economic crisis. (
  5)Ecological 生态:Positive:The advent of global environmental challenges that might be solved with international cooperation, such as climate change.Negative:The world's ecological capacity is simply insufficient to satisfy the ambitions of China, India, Japan, Europe and the United States as well as the aspirations of the rest of the world in a sustainable way. (
  6)Health Policy:spread some of the deadliest infectious diseases;difficult to maintain food security. (
  7)Cultural:Positive :he internet breaks down cultural boundaries across the world by enabling easy communication between people anywhere in a variety of digital forms and media.Negative:the United States, may overrun the other, smaller countries' cultures, leading to those customs and values fading away.

  34. Globalization and Economic development

  1.Economic Globalization is referred to the world economic becoming an organic economic unity by international trade、 capital flow、 technology transformation and provide service。
  2.Economic Globalization is the one of the most important character of world economy at this present age。 is based on market economy, It dominated by the developing country。
  3.Economic Globalization depend on advanced technology and productivity to get the aim that most profit and economic benefit。
  4.Nowadays multinational corporations have set up the chain of research,development,production,sale around the world.
  5.research and development in the US otherwise manufacture in china
  6.Globalization of markets Rapid increase in the international trade makes itself the leading role in the international trade.
  7.with the development of the electronic information technology , thousands of trillions of dollars of transactions can be achieved within a few seconds in the global financial institutions’ network.
  8.reason for China's economic high speed growth in the economic globalization process :Attracting and making use of investment to make up for the lack of domestic construction funds.
  9.Importing foreign advanced technology and facility to achieve the breakthrough in the technical area.
  10.study advanced management concept and learn from foreign experience
  11.Participate in International division of labor (国际分工) become a part of international production, which is Manufacturing .



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