Unit 1 一 .说 说
  1. 日常交际用语(对话)掌握 What day is it today ? It is Sunday .What can we do ? We can play football . Good idea .Let us go . What is it ? It is a pen . How much is it ? Two yuan .
  2. 一则小故事(短文) One day, a teacher took his pupils to a chicken farm to pay a visit. When they came near the incubator, chick just got out of its egg shell. 一天,老师带学生到养鸡场参观,当他们走近孵化器时,刚好一只小鸡破壳 而出。 "It's wonderful to see a little thing come out from the egg shell, isn't it?" the teacher said. “看见一个小生命从蛋壳里出来,岂不是很奇妙的吗?”老师说。 "Yes, sir." said one of the boys, " but it would be more wonderful if we knew how a chick gets in to its eggs hell before hand." “是的,老师。”一个男学生说,“可是,如果我们知道它是怎样事先钻进蛋壳 里的那就更奇妙了。” "Boy, why have you got cotton-wool in your ear? Is it infected?" "No, sir, but you said yesterday that everything you told me went in one ear and out the other , so I am trying to stop it." “孩子,你为什么用棉花塞住耳朵?它感染了吗?” “没有,老师。可是你昨天说你告诉我的知识都是一个耳朵里进,一个耳朵里出, 所以我要把它堵在里面。” 二.阅读
  1. 课本阅读 (
  1)单词 (
  2. 课后阅读练习册中的阅读题,掌握学习方法,提高阅读水平 三.收集
  1.身边英语 “KFC(肯得基)”、“Cola (可乐)”、“Push(推) 、Pull(拉)”、“Washing Room (洗手间) Apple red, apple round, apple juice, apple sweet, apple, apple I love You .Apple juice I love to eat.
课堂用语:Sit down, please. May I come in? Good morning /afternoon. Look at the blackboard. Listen to me . Who want to try? Well done. Very good. Please be quiet. Who’s on duty today? What day is it today?
  2.名人名言 (
  1).All for one, one for all. 人人为我,我为人人。?? [法] Dumas pére 大仲马 (
  2)Other men live to eat, while I eat to live. 别人为食而生存,我为生存而食。?? Socrates 苏格拉底 (
  3)Easy come, easy go. 易得者亦易失。 ?? Hazlitt 赫斯特 四.写写
Unit 2 一.说说 日常交际用语(
  1.日常交际用语(对话)掌握 日常交际用语 对话) 掌握 (
  1).What is the weather like today? It's fine. (
  2).Excuse me,can you tell me how to get to the cinema? Go along this street.You won't miss it. (
  3).Hello,is there Mr.Lee? Yes,speaking.
  4).Would you like to come to our Christmas party? I'd love to.What time? (
  5)Would you like some coffee ? No. Thank you! Yes,please. / Please.
  2.英语小故事 英语小故事 (
  1).He Knows the Answer 他知道答案
Teacher: Can you tell me anything about the great scientists of the 18th century? Student: Yes, sir, I can. They are all dead. 教师:你能告诉我一些有关十八世纪的伟大科学家的事情吗? 学生:我能,先生。他们都死了。 (
  2). Where do babies come from? 小孩从哪里来? I asked my father where babies come from. He says you download them from the Internet. 我问爸爸小孩是从哪里来的,他说是从网上下载的。 二.阅读 1 课本阅读 三年级上册 unit 2 五年级下册 unit 1 (
  1)单词 (
  2.课后阅读 课后阅读练习册中的阅读题,掌握学习方法,提高阅读水平 课后阅读 三.收集 名人名言
  1. We soon believe what we desire. 我们欲望中的东西,我们很快就信以为真。?? Chaucer 乔叟
  2. The darkest hour is that before the dawn. 黎明前的时分是最黑暗的。?? Fuller 富勒
  3. The longest day has an end. 最难过的日子也有尽头。?? Howell 贺韦尔 四.写写 主题:我的朋友 例文: 例文: My Friend My best is Lily. She has big, smiling eyes. She has straight black hair. She is pretty. Lily is helpful. She would like to help people . She is also very honest, so I can be live that she says Lily is very smart and she works hard. Lily and I will always be best friends.
介绍人物:长相 性格 品质 我们的关系
Unit 3 一.说说 情境对话 主动帮人和寻求帮助
  1.- Please let me help you. - No, thanks. I can do it. 2 .- Can I help you? - I want to go to hospital. But I can't. My leg hurts.
  3. - Excuse me. May I use your dictionary? - Yes, here you are.
  4.- Would you like a cup of tea? - Yes, please.
  5.- What can I do for you? - I'd like to have an English-English dictionary. 一. 读读
  1.名人名言 名人名言 (
  1).Time is money. 时间就是金钱。 ?? Benjamin Franklin 富兰克林 (
  2) .Early to bed and early to get up , makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. 早睡早起使人健康、富裕又聪明。 ?? Benjamin Franklin 富兰克林
  2.英语小故事 英语小故事 (
  1)Hello! I'm Zhaoji,my Englisnamis Larry.I'm teyears old,I'm grom GuangChanglu priraerryshcool. Now,I tell stery for youMenggu is littlboyHhas no familyHis sad .Bat hhas catIt casing One Saturday morning, hgoes to thmarket, thcat sings song"onlittle,tolittl,threlittlrabbits, four little, fivlittle, six littlrabbits, sevelittle, eight little, ninlittlrabbits,telittlrabbits." maridhorse, listeto thsong and buys thcat, Menggu gets thmoney, his very
happy. 翻译:嗨!我叫赵近,我的英文名字叫 larry,今年 10 岁了,在广场路小学 读书。 现在,我为大家讲一个故事:顾梦是一个小男孩,他没有家人,所以很伤心, 但他有一只猫,这只猫会唱歌。 一个星期六早晨,顾梦去市场,这只猫唱了一支歌: “一只小的,两只小的,三只小 兔子;四只小的,五只小的,六只小白兔,七只小的,八只小的,九只小白兔,十只 小白兔。” 一个男人骑在马上,听了这首歌,还买下了这只猫,顾梦得到钱,心里很高 兴。 (
  2)Little Robert asked his mother for two cents. "What did you do with the money I gave you yesterday?" "I gave it to a poor old woman," he answered. "You're a good boy," said the mother proudly. "Here are two cents more. But why are you so interested in the old woman?" "because she sells the candy." 好孩子 小罗伯特向妈妈要两分钱。 “昨天给你的钱干什么了?” “我给了一个可怜的老太婆,”他回答说。 “你真是个好孩子,”妈妈骄傲地说。“再给 你两分钱。可你为什么对那位老太太那么感兴趣呢?” “她是个卖糖果的。” 三. 课本
  1.小五 Unit 1 单词听写 课文阅读 表达方式 练习题
  2.小三 Unit 3 掌握日常简单交际用语 四. 写写 1 汉语提示 我是一名中国男孩,我的名字叫李明,今年十一岁,在五年级三班,张宏是我的 同班同学。
李明:嗨,Lucy:!这是你的蜡笔吗? Lucy: 不,它不是我的。是 Tom 的。 李明:嗨,Tom!这是你的蜡笔吗? Tom:哦,是的。非常感谢你! 李明:不用谢。 Unit 4 一. 说说
  1. What’s the weather like today ? It’s sunny .

  2. What would you like for dinner ? I’d like some fish and eggplants .
  3. What do you have for lunch ? I have potatoes,fish and some rice .
  4. Would you like some coffee ? Yes ,please . 二. 读读
  1.名人名言 名人名言 (
  1)All things are difficult before they are easy. 凡事必先难后易。 (
  2)the early bird catches the worm 早到的鸟儿有虫吃 (
  3)it's better than never 有总比没有好
  2.英语小故事 . (
  1)He Won Tommy: How is your little brother, Johnny? Johnny: He is ill in bed. He hurt himself. Tommy: That's too bad. How did that happen? Johnny: We played who could lean furthest out of the window, and he won. 他赢了 汤姆:约翰尼,你小弟弟好吗? 约翰尼:他害病卧床了。他受了伤。 汤姆:真糟糕,怎么回事儿? 约翰尼:我们做游戏,看谁能把身子探出窗外最远,他赢了。 (
  2)I Have His Ear in My Pocket Ivan came home with a bloody nose and his mother asked, "What happened?" "A kid bit me," replied Ivan. "Would you recognize him if you saw him again?" asked his mother. "I'd know him any where," said Ivan. "I have his ear in my pocket." 他的耳朵在我衣兜里 伊凡鼻子流着血回到家里。他妈妈问,“发生了什么事?” “一个男孩咬了我一口,”伊凡说。 “再见到他你能认出来吗?”妈妈问。 “他走到哪里我都能认出他,”伊凡说。“他的耳朵还在我衣兜里呢。”

  3)春节介绍 Chinese New Year Chinese New Year is coming and my family is very busy. It''s because Chinese New Year is very special and important. We must prepare many special things to get ready for this festival. First, will make a big New Year meal. Second, we will make “Good-luck wishes.” Third, we will set off firecrackers. New Year meal is delicious and we think that eating some will bring us good luck. A long time ago, Chinese people believed red color could bring our good luck too. And we set off firecrackers could frighten ghosts away. Chinese New Year is very popular between students. Because we can have a long happy holiday. 五. 课本
  1.小五 Unit 2 单词朗读 课文阅读 练习题
  2.小三 Unit 4 掌握日常简单交际用语 四.写写
  1.介绍自己 介绍自己 Hello,everybody. 大家好 My name's( ). 我的名字叫( ) I'm in Class( )Grade five of( )school. 我在( )学校 5 年级()班级 I'm tall(short).I'm ( )centimeters.我很高(矮),我()厘米。 I like English very much.我非常喜欢英语 Beacuse English is interesting.因为英语很有趣。 So my English is very good.所以,我的英语很好。 I acquire many award.我获得过很多奖项。 I hope that every of you will love me。希望大家能喜欢我。
I am a boy.My name is Jiajia.I am a pupil in Shenyang.I like English very much,and I like singing,too.I go to school five days every week. My school is not far from my home,and it is a nice school.There are 100 teachers and 1000 students in my school.There are 25 classes in my school.My Chinese teacher is tall, my English teacher is tall,too.I love them a lot.Welcome to my school.
Unit 5 一. 说说
  1.Can I help you ? The schoolbag is beautifui . How much is it ? 20 yuan please . Oh , It’s a little expensive .
  2.Look , I have a nice May I have a look ? Sure , here you are . It’s wonderful .
  3.Have some cake ,please . Thank you .Can I have some coffee ? Sure .Here you are . Thanks. You are welcome . 二. 读读
  1. 小范文 我喜爱的老师(My Favourite Teacher) Hello,my name is Steven. I have many good teachers, but my favourite teacher is Miss Li. SWhe is a very good teacher. She is very young, but her English is very good. She teaches us . English every day. Her class has so much fun.She sings
songs with us, plays games with us. We are so happy . And we learn English well. Our English are very very good.So I like her very much. She likes reading books and playing sports. After class, Miss Li often plays sports with us. We are very happy. We all love
her very much. This is my favourite teacher.She is a good teacher .I like my English teacher very much. What about you?Do you have a good teacher, too?
  2.英语小故事 (
  1)Mum and her seven-years-old son are watching a football match .Suddenly,the son asks his mum,"mum, why do many uncles play with only one football? Why don't their mothers buy one for each of them?" 译文:妈妈和七岁的儿子在看足球赛。儿子突然问妈妈:“妈妈,那么 多叔叔为什么只抢一个球?他们的妈妈为什么不为他们一人买一个 球呢?” (
  2)风和太阳(The Wind And The Sun) One day the wind said to the sun,"Look at that man walking along the road.I can get his cloak off more quickly than you can." "We will see about that,"said the sun."I will let you try first." So the wind tried to make the man take off his cloak.He blew and
blew,but the man only pulled his cloak more closely around himself. "I give up,"said the wind at last."I cannot get his cloak off."Then the sun tried.He shone as hard as he could.The man soon became hot and took off his cloak. (有一天风跟太阳说: "看看那个沿着路上走的人.我可以比你快让他把 披风脱下来.) ("我们等着看吧,"太阳说,"我让你先试.) (因此风尝试让那个人把披风脱下来.他用力地吹,可是那个人把披风 拉得更紧.) ("我放弃了,"风最后说,"我无法让他把披风脱下来."然后由太阳试试 看.他尽可能地晒他.不久,那个人很热就把披风脱下来了.) 三. 课本
  1.小五课本 Unit2 单词 课本 习题
  2.小三 unit 6 四. 写写 主题:我的房子 My House 范文: I have a house. It is big and new. There are eight rooms in it. They are a living-room,a kitchen,three bedroom,one study and two bathrooms. I watch TV in the living-room. I do my homework in the study. I have dinner in the kitchen. This is my house. I like it.
Unit 7 一. 说说 他是一个什么样的人? 外貌
  1. What is he like? 他是一个什么样的人? 外貌 他很矮很瘦。 He is short and thin. 他很



   Unit 1 一 .说 说 1. 日常交际用语(对话)掌握 What day is it today ? It is Sunday .What can we do ? We can play football . Good idea .Let us go . What is it ? It is a pen . How much is it ? Two yuan . 2. 一则小故事(短文) One day, a teacher took his pupils to a chicken fa ...


   株洲英语家教、株洲数学家教、 株洲英语家教、株洲数学家教、株洲家教 罗登老师 博钊 ABC 英语首席讲师。英语专业八级,声学英语创始人、原新东方、昂立英冠老师,《单词风暴》(西南 财经大学出版社)6 套系列编辑,并著有《科学发声练英语》、《思维导图学语法》、《奇妙故事记单词》系列培 训教材。 刘平老师: 刘平老师 博钊教育数学首席讲师。 博钊教育数学首席讲师 原黄冈网校老师。曾获得初中奥数省一等奖,高中奥数一等奖。教学经验丰富,对 高中数学有着独到见解,善于帮助学生梳理知识结构,构建知识体系 ...


   请英语家教 到广州凤凰家教网 广州英语家教价格标准(单位: 小时) 广州英语家教价格标准(单位: 元/小时) 小时 小学英语 25?30 初中英语 30?35 高中英语 30?40 英语口语 50-100 外教 100-200 教员来源: 教员来源:广州地区在职英语老师,以英语为母语的外国留学生,以 及来自广东外语外贸大学,中山大学,华南理工大学,暨南大学等高 等学府英语专业或文科专业优秀大学本科,研究生.精挑细选,口语 标准,语法清晰,善于沟通,家教经验丰富. 家教方式: 家教方式:上门一 ...


   由于教员的不同,长沙英语家教的价格有很大的不同.凤凰家 教网统计各类英语家教价格如下. 第一:外教.一般是湖南师大,湖南大学留学生为主,价格是 150 元 第一 每小时,可以几个家长一起合请. 第二:在职英语老师.现在在职老师做家教比较严格,价格是 60 元 第二 至 100 元每小时. 【和老师所在学校有很大关系,四大名校的一线老 师价格在 150 元左右】 第三: 以湖南师大, 中南大学英语专业研究生为主. 第三 英语专业研究生. 价格:50 元每小时.家教的距离有影响. 第四:非英语专 ...


   基本上不看短文内容仅看选项, 基本上不看短文内容仅看选项,2010 年高考有人竟然过了 100 分! 高考有没有瞬间大幅度提分的可能? 高考有没有瞬间大幅度提分的可能? 谁能让你不用花很多时间和心思学习,英语就能提高至少 20-30 分?要是真的话,简直 是白捡的分数!不仅如此,当你了解了高考真题答案的所有内幕规律,看到了绝密的解题招 式,就会豁然开朗。哇!原来也可以这么做题!你的思路因此将会被彻底打通,提高的分数 将不仅仅是 20-30 分!无论现在的英语成绩是 60 分,还是 110 分 ...


   第一册词组(共 26 个) 1.in English 用英语 2.how many 多少 3.a piece of bread 一片而包 4.four cups of tea 四杯茶 5.a pair of shoes 一双鞋 6.play chess 下棋 7.run after 追逐 8.play football 踢足球 9.be good at 擅长 10.on the basketabll team 在篮球队 11.scoot at the basket 投篮 12.the fir ...


   Unit 1 Where is your pen pal from? 单元知识讲解 一.短语: 短语: 1 .be from = come from 来自于2. live in 居住在--3. on weekends 在周末 4 .write to sb = write a letter to sb 给某人写信;写信给某人 5 .in the world 在世界上 in China 在中国 6.pen pal 笔友 14 years old 14 岁 favorite subject 最喜欢 ...


   基本上不看短文内容仅看选项, 基本上不看短文内容仅看选项,2010 年高考有人竟然过了 100 分! 高考有没有瞬间大幅度提分的可能? 高考有没有瞬间大幅度提分的可能? 谁能让你不用花很多时间和心思学习,英语就能提高至少 20-30 分?要是真的话,简直 是白捡的分数!不仅如此,当你了解了高考真题答案的所有内幕规律,看到了绝密的解题招 式,就会豁然开朗。哇!原来也可以这么做题!你的思路因此将会被彻底打通,提高的分数 将不仅仅是 20-30 分!无论现在的英语成绩是 60 分,还是 110 分 ...


   教学设计方案(一年级) 教学设计方案(一年级) 第一课时 【课题】 一年级生英语摸底测试 【教学目的】 了解该生性格特点,英语学习习惯,英语水平,发音情况等,找出该生不足,以便日 后能根据学生的学习情况有针对性地备课,真正做到因材施教,真正帮助学生解决学 习上的困难. 【教学方法】 1,通过摸底试题了解该一年级学生的英语学习情况. 2,提供简单的对话场景,指导孩子利用故事情景,展开对话,表演. 【教具准备】 1.摸底试卷(一年级适用)一份. 2.小学一年级英语单词一份. 3,简单情景对话(图 ...


   基本上不看短文内容仅看选项, 基本上不看短文内容仅看选项,2010 年高考有人竟然过了 100 分! 高考有没有瞬间大幅度提分的可能? 高考有没有瞬间大幅度提分的可能? 谁能让你不用花很多时间和心思学习,英语就能提高至少 20-30 分?要是真的话,简直 是白捡的分数!不仅如此,当你了解了高考真题答案的所有内幕规律,看到了绝密的解题招 式,就会豁然开朗。哇!原来也可以这么做题!你的思路因此将会被彻底打通,提高的分数 将不仅仅是 20-30 分!无论现在的英语成绩是 60 分,还是 110 分 ...



   农村初中使用新目标英语教材存在的问题与解决策略 【摘 要】面对新一轮的课程改革,英语教材与教学也进行了许多改革,从 使用新目标英语教材几个周期以来,虽然取得了一些成绩,但是也发现较多的问 题。我们在教学实践中积极探索教与学方面存在的问题,并分析存在这些问题的 原因,并尝试从教师方面和学生方面探索解决策略。 【关键词】新目标英语教材 问题 原因 解决策略 新目标英语教材,在编排上有很多新的思路,对我们师生都提出了许多新的 要求。对学生来说,单词量太大、知识面太广、所涉及的内容比较英国化、知识 ...


   英语六级 一、百分制分值分布 作文:15分 快速阅读:10分,每小题1分,共10题 听力长短对话:25分,每小题1.0分,共25小题 听力综合听写:10分,前8个单词每个0.75分,后三个句子共4分 仔细阅读A:10分,每小题2分,共5小题 仔细阅读B^C:15分,每小题1.5分,共10小题 完形填空:10分,每小题0.5分,共20题 翻译:5分,每小题1分,共5小题 二、大学英语六级作文评分方法细则解读   英语六级考试作文的目的旨在 ...


   客房英语常用例句 50 句 1、 Could you please show me your room card? 请问能看一下您的房卡吗? 2、 May i make up the room now? 现在可以清理房间吗? 3、 It is designed with French window so you can enjoy the view of the city. 特别设计的落地大窗,让您尽享这座城市的景色。 4、 You must be tired after the journ ...


   新视野大学英语读写教程第四册课文翻 艺术家追求成名,如同狗自逐其尾,一旦追到手,除了继续追逐不知还能做些什么。 1.a 艺术家追求成名,如同狗自逐其尾,一旦追到手,除了继续追逐不知还能做些什么。a 成功之残酷正在于它常常让那些追逐成功者自寻毁灭。对一名正努力追求成功并刚刚崭露头角的艺术家,其亲朋常常会建议“ 成功之残酷正在于它常常让那些追逐成功者自寻毁灭。对一名正努力追求成功并刚刚崭露头角的艺术家,其亲朋常常会建议“正经的 饭碗不能丢! 他们的担心不无道理。追求出人头地,最乐观地说也困难重重 ...


   无须复习,只要十天英语四级就能过!!!方法让你喷血!! 怕以 后找不到!!! 1、听力,有三种题型,dialogue(十个对话),passage(三个短 文),compound dictation(复合式听写,也就是传说中的段子题), 第一种每年必考, 后两种逐年交替, 其中考 passage 的次数相对较多。 最容易得分的是 dialogue 和 passage,只要记住一个超级技巧 即可:对话所述事情总是向不好的方面发展。举几个例子:比如对话 里 问 教 授 的 讲 座 lecture ...